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Spiritual Growth for Jews

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By: Judy Resnick

Tue, 23 Oct 2012 09:35:38 +0000

Missing those gems from Ruby and Jaded Topaz!

By: Ron Coleman

Sun, 21 Oct 2012 15:53:00 +0000

Why doesn't this guy write posts like this on this blog any more? He was good!

By: Mr. Cohen

Sun, 07 Oct 2012 15:52:25 +0000

Kav HaYashar, Chapter 95: A correctly constructed sukkah is a throne for the Holy One Blessed Be He and His Shechinah.

By: David Linn

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 17:27:58 +0000

Ruby, Now, you've cornered yourself. We'll be expecting that write up any day.

By: Ruby

Mon, 23 Oct 2006 16:34:43 +0000

Beautiful post! In continuing with the lulav theme - "I picked up my daughter, swung her around, gave her a big hug and a kiss, and secretly thanked her for her unintended lesson." - conjures up images of doing na'anu'im with her while saying "Hodu LaHahshem ki tov..." I also have a family vacation story that inspired extra focus and sincere thanks to Hahsem, but it is too long for a "reply". Maybe I will write it up someday...