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Jewish conservative commenting on what makes news each day, and on the stories that catch my fancy

Updated: 2018-04-21T05:44:45.616-04:00


Pompeo and Circumstance


I hope Mike Pompeo gets confirmed as Secretary of State. When he was in Congress and would make appearances on TV, I would always stop to listen. He's intelligent, has a great resume, and he's a good choice. If the President nominating him were anyone but Donald Trump, the Democrats would vote to confirm him.

Lots 'o Links


It's time for the weekly news and culture links of the week, thanks to the reliable folks at Betsy's Page, Larwyn's Linx, and Maggie's Farm!  I also like the Hot Mic column at PJ Media.

I was happy to hear that Rudy Giuliani has joined Trump's legal team - he's a good man.

Barbara Bush: A Real Lady


When I read only yesterday that Barbara Bush had stopped medical treatment, I hadn't even realized how ill she was, so her death today came as a shock to me, and probably to most people.

I had always admired her and had enjoyed reading her memoirs. She was a lady in an era devoid of ladies.

Thinking of the Bush family tonight, especially her soulmate George H.W. You can't think of one without the other.

Lots 'o Links


Check out this week's news and culture roundups at Betsy's Page, Larwyn's Linx, and Maggie's Farm!

Bonus: I think California's status as a sanctuary state and a socialist state is proving too much for them, and they are cracking up. Here's their latest brilliant idea:  "Here’s an idea that wouldn’t survive the laughter in most U.S. communities. But this is California and more specifically, Los Angeles. So, local government is moving ahead with a plan to move some of the county’s exploding homeless populations off the streets and — wait for it — into your backyard."  Wow! I guess that means people will now be able to relieve themselves in your yard rather than in the streets!

Allies Against Evil


Here we go:  "Trump: US strikes on Syria, along with UK and France, are ‘now underway’. Huge blasts reported in Damascus as president says US response to chemical weapons attack will be 'sustained'."

Obama's "red line" has been crossed too many times, and at last we're responding!  I hope Russia and Iran are paying close attention tonight.

Strong and Beautiful


This is a touching story: "A group of female Holocaust survivors has enjoyed pampering 'makeovers' ahead of Israel's annual Holocaust Remembrance Day this Thursday. Seventy survivors, a number representing this year's 70th anniversary of Israel's independence, were treated Monday to manicures, hairstyling and make-up as art of an event titled 'Beauty Heroines.'"

They are beautiful inside and out.

(If there are any female Nazis unfortunately still alive, no amount of makeovers could ever possibly alter their ugliness.) 

Alliance Against Syria


Trump was right in describing Assad as an "animal. Now he and our allies had better bomb all the facilities in Syria that contain the poisonous gas he is using against his own people -- and hopefully bomb Assad himself in the process. You see him in a dapper suit and tie while his people suffer and die; you see the photos of the destruction and the ruins, and you wonder just what it is he is holding onto.

Masters Moments


I was sorry it wasn't Tiger Woods rather than Sergio Garcia who made an unbelievable 13 on the 15th hole today. At least the ESPN announcers were more restrained and more professional than the NBC and CBS commentators, who sound more like a cheering section. Listening to them, you'd swear that the only reason to watch any golf tournament is to see Woods. Sometimes I think they must get paid a bonus every time they mention his name, which is far too often for my liking. Recently, NBC actually asked other golfers if they were hoping Woods won if they didn't win.  I was hoping someone would give the right answer, which is "No".

The golfers I'm rooting for are Mickelson, the ever-smiling Kuchar, Zach Johnson, and Spieth, and it'd be a vindication for Spieth to win after having lost so dramatically to Danny Willett (currently tied for 55th place.) Also, you can't help cheering for Tony Finau after his combination hole-in-one/dislocated ankle.

Can the fans please stop bellowing "In the hole", "Ba-ba-booey", and other exclamations? I see that anyone shouting "Dilly dilly" will be thrown out, and if so, good riddance!

Lots 'o Links


Check out these dependable bloggers for this week's news roundup: Larwyn's Linx, Maggie's Farm, and Betsy's Page!

Look at the violent border riots that Israel's having to deal with: "Ten of 16 Palestinians killed in violent riots on the Israel-Gaza border have been identified by the IDF as known terrorists. The IDF published a graphic showing the terrorists, which includes several Hamas operatives. The riots, organized and incited by Hamas, include some 30,000 Palestinians who have attempted to storm the southern border." And of course, it's all Israel's fault!

Caravan of Trouble


I don't blame Trump for being angry about the caravan of illegal aliens travelling through Mexico to our border.  If they try to cross into the U.S. and aren't stopped, despite all the advance warning, I think it will be the Republicans who will be blamed and the Republicans who will lose at the polls.

Argus Hamilton Quips


I just couldn't help laughing over this particular item in Argus Hamilton's latest column"Uber agreed to pay damages for one of its self-driving cars, which killed an Arizona pedestrian that darted suddenly into the street. It's no safer with people driving. On Tuesday a Florida woman drove her car into a swimming pool, but in her defense she had the GPS set to Teddy Kennedy's voice."

Lots 'o Links


Get ready for still more interesting reading thanks to Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx!

Also at Maggie's Farm, see a different version of The Last Supper.

The Holocaust Continues - In France


This sounds sickeningly familiar:  "There have been 11 anti-Semitic murders in France since 2000 but the killing of an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor in her Paris home which echoed that of another elderly Jewish woman in Paris, has left the community in France particularly shocked and scared.

On Tuesday, two people were charged with the brutal murder of Mireille Knoll, an 85-year-old French Jewish woman, who was repeatedly stabbed and whose body was then set alight in a crime being treated as anti-Semitic by French police.

Knoll, who managed to flee a mass roundup of Jews in Paris during World War II, was found dead Friday in her apartment in the east of the French capital, where she lived alone.

This violent murder which has echoes of a similar case from April 2017 in which Sarah Halimi was also killed in her own home in the same 11th arrondissement of Paris."

The Holocaust never ended for these brave women, and for so many other survivors.

The Nazis who murdered Madame Knoll should be executed as quickly as possible.



What a betrayal by the Republicans! Trump ended up passing that horrendous spending bill he had threatened to veto, and now we are finding out what's in it, as Nancy Pelosi once said. If he had had better advisors in the White House, and if the Republican "leadership" had done its job, this bill would have been vetoed. Better have the government shut down than pass such a liberal monstrosity.

Once again, unsurprisingly, the Republicans have just self-destructed and thrown away the power they won in 2016. What a terrible shame.

Renaissance Dances


I heard this music on the radio today and liked it instantly. It's five Renaissance dances by Giorgio Mainerio, someone I'd never heard of before.

Lots 'o Links


Celebrate the end of the week with lots of interesting posts at Larwyn's Linx, Betsy's Page, and Maggie's Farm!

I was glad to hear that three people I admire have joined the Trump Administration: John Bolton, and Victoria Toensing & Joseph DiGenova.

The Lack of Decent Behavior


Dr. Walter Williams hits the nail on the head when he writes, " Our problem is a widespread decline in moral values that has nothing to do with guns. That decline includes disrespect for those in authority, disrespect for oneself, little accountability for anti-social behavior and a scuttling of religious teachings that reinforced moral values." Indeed, it wasn't always like this.Our problem is a widespread decline in moral values that has nothing to do with guns. That decline includes disrespect for those in authority, disrespect for oneself, little accountability for anti-social behavior and a scuttling of religious teachings that reinforced moral valuesRead more at ownership is not our problem. Our problem is a widespread decline in moral values that has nothing to do with guns. That decline includes disrespect for those in authority, disrespect for oneself, little accountability for anti-social behavior and a scuttling of religious teachings that reinforced moral values.Read more at[...]

Lots 'o Links


It's been another news-filled week, and you can relive it here thanks to Larwyn's Linx, Betsy's Page, and Maggie's Farm!

Bonus: Here's this week's Yiddish Vinkl by Harold Ticktin

Hillary Clinton: The Sore Loser Tour


From National Review: "Hillary Clinton reverted to a familiar pattern in attempting to explain her 2016 election loss during a speaking event over the weekend, arguing that Trump won white women because of their tendency to vote according to the preferences of their male family members and professional superiors. Democrats 'do not do well with white men and we don’t do well with married white women and part of that is an identification with the Republican party and an ongoing pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should,' Clinton argued at the conference in Mumbai, India."  Where does she get this stuff from?

Richard Nixon, who knew about losing, said, "You've got to learn to survive a defeat. That's when you develop character."  She hasn't developed it yet, and making excuses in a foreign country certainly won't help.

Farbissener Farrakhan


Louis Farrakhan is back in the news, this time claiming that we Jews control the FBI.  This career anti-Semite is now 84 years old, and you'd think by now he could find something else to talk about, like Social Security or old age pensions. Let's just hope that when he finally does see those "divine spaceships", they will all be manned by Jews!

Lots 'o Links


Celebrate the end of the week by reading all the news at Larwyn's Linx, Maggie's Farm, and Betsy's Page!

Morons and the Matzoh Factory


Here's some Passover tsouris that just infuriated me when I read about it.  "Several dozen residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, are demonstrating this week against the Satmar community and its Matzah factory, which they say is causing severe air pollution that harms their health and quality of life.  With Passover only three weeks away, Satmar's matzah factory is working diligently to provide the ultra-Orthodox community of Brooklyn and the surrounding area with strictly kosher matzah (hand-baked unleavened bread), but the non-Jewish residents of the neighborhood have voiced serious complaints." 

How's this for petty whining?  This has to be a first: blaming the Jews for matzoh-related pollution!

Lots 'o Links


Lots and lots of links, in fact.  Start off with Betsy's Page, followed by Maggie's Farm and Larwyn's Linx.

Bonuses: Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus column, and the Jewish Book Carnival!

Oh Man!


Oh brother! The speech police are at it again: "Purdue: ‘Avoid’Words with ‘Man’ in Them".  Katherine Timpf reports:  "A writing guide at Purdue University advises students to avoid words with 'man' in them — such as 'mailman' and 'mankind'— in order to write 'in a non-sexist, non-biased way.'"

It's not a non-biased way, it's an unnatural way! I have never uttered the word "chairperson" and never will. These fools might be offended by a normal, inoffensive word, but most of us are not. They really must hate men to make this nonsense such a priority. 

Lots 'o Links


Read about Billy Graham and the rest of this week's news at Betsy's Page, Larwyn's Linx, and Maggie's Farm.

And there are some good bonus links at American Digest and The Morning Briefing.