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Preview: Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State

Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key" Already Gone - Eagles

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The Coasts


Have you noticed that we have the most rights on the coasts, that when you move to the Midwestern or the Mountain states we start to face more oppression?The state of Washington took to gain steps forward,Senate passes conversion ban, transgender bullying billsQ13FoxBy Associated PressJanuary 19, 2018OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington Senate has passed a bill seeking to ban therapists from trying to change a minor’s sexual orientation.Senate Bill 5722 passed on a 32-16 vote Friday and now heads to the House. The measure would deem it “unprofessional conduct” for a licensed health care provider to perform conversion therapy on a patient under the age of 18.Under the measure, if the provider violates the law, they would face sanctions ranging from fines to license revocation or suspension.The Senate Friday also passed a bill meant to address transgender bullying in schools. Under Senate Bill 5766, which passed on a 30-18 vote, school districts must adopt or amend transgender student policies and procedures and develop a mandatory training class. The measure now heads to the House.So now Washington is caught up to California and Connecticut with passing the a ban on Conversion Therapy and anti-bullying laws.Now it is New Hampshire that needs to get caught up to the rest of the “coasts” they have Conversion Therapy and a trans non-discrimination bills that were pending.New Hampshire Speaker Casts Tie-Breaking Vote That Killed The State’s Gay Conversion Therapy Ban“I want all children to be able to grow up without being told that they should not be who they are.”New Now NextBy Dan AveryJanuary 12, 2018In 2017, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Connecticut joined the growing list of states banning conversation therapy for minors.Democrats in New Hampshire hoped to join their ranks, but two bans before lawmakers failed to pass by razor-thin margins this week. In fact, bills in both the House and Senate ended in ties, with House Speaker Gene Chandler stepping in to cast the deciding vote against each.Most lawmakers voted along party lines, though Rep. Brian Stone, a Republican in Northwood called the widely discredited therapy “an unethical practice that causes long-term trauma to children… It is neither efficacious in science nor in practice.”Other Republicans argued that the bill was unnecessary, as there’s no evidence anyone is practicing conversion therapy in New Hampshire. But Rep. Mark Pearson (R-Hampstead) insisted they should be allowed to do so.Now compare the New Hampshire vote to the Connecticut, in Connecticut the vote was unanimous in the Senate and only eight dissenting votes in the House.Umm... This is interesting.The Republicans say it is the law, while the Democrats say it isn't.The Dallas Morning News reported,Dallas County Republicans have filed a lawsuit to have 128 Democrats kicked off the March 6 primary ballot.The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County late Friday, contends that Dallas County Democratic Party Chairman Carol Donovan didn't sign the petitions of 128 Democratic Party candidates before sending them to the Texas Secretary of State's office, as required by law."The Election Code says the chairman, and nobody else, has to sign them," said Elizabeth Alvarez Bingham, a lawyer for the Dallas County Republican Party. "Carol Donovan is the chair. She was supposed to sign them. She didn't do it."The news stunned some Democrats after a lawyer for their party notified them of the lawsuit Sunday afternoon."We have assembled a legal team of Dallas' best and brightest Democratic election law attorneys," Donovan said late Sunday in a news release. "Though we are taking this case seriously, the Republican Party's lawsuit is not supported by Texas law. We will fight to ensure that all Democratic voters in Dallas County can participate in a fair Primary election."This is one case that I will be following[...]

What Does The Women’s March Mean?


Protests were held around the country on Saturday and there was massive turn outs at all the events, so what does it mean?

Protest marches have been a staple of our country since before the beginning of the nation, what makes the Women’s March special?

Well first off, the size of them. In Hartford it was a record breaking crowd of around twelve thousand people. It crushed the number of people who showed up for and against marriage equality; those rallies only had a couple of thousand people attend them.

Second, they rally had women, sisters, and daughters marching but it also had fathers, brothers, and sons. It also was multi-cultural with people from different religions, races, and socioeconomic status attending. It wasn’t monocultural.

Third and most important is that from these rallies more women are running for office.

At the march and rally yesterday I was at the CT Transadvocacy Coalition’s table all day and we handed out just about the literature that we brought, we had a constant stream of people stopping by and asking questions.

I brought my camera but I only took two pictures before the battery ran out. I was going to check the battery before I left the house but someone called just before I left and I forgot to check the battery.

One Bad Apple Doesn’t Make The Whole Barrel Bad


Does a hand few TREFs make the whole movement transphoblic?

Are Pussy Hats exclusionary?

Those two questions come to mind are reading…
The Women’s March was ‘made unsafe’ by TERFs’ transphobic signs and pussy hats
The Women’s March has sparked outrage with transphobic signs and exclusionary pussy hats.
Pink News
By Josh Jackman 
22nd January 2018

Feminist, pro-equality, anti-Donald Trump marches took place across the world over the weekend under the Women’s March banner, on the anniversary of the first of these rallies.

But they were dogged by controversy and accusations that they were unsafe for transgender people after a poster proclaiming that “TRANS WOMEN ARE MEN” went viral.
The hats are said to limit the idea of a woman to those who have vaginas.
So the first question does one sign in a sea of signs that are non-TREFs signs mean that the whole movement is anti-trans?

I believe the answer is no, one bad apple doesn’t taint the whole barrel. I have been to two Women’s March rallies in Hartford and I found not one transphoblic sign. And I found the opposite to be true, the Connecticut March organizers are very supportive of trans people they have included us all the way, with speakers and inviting trans organizations to come to their events to table. Saturday I sat at the CTAC table, at the vendor rallies last year we were invited to table at their events in Hartford and New London.

I doubt very, very much that the hats were the result of a conscious effort to exclude us. I believe that one person made a hat and another woman thought it was a great idea and it took off virally as part of the movement.

In Anyway Possible


The Trump administration has done everything in their power to demonize and marginalized. They stripped protection for us; they gave special rights to discriminate against us.'Not just about a cake shop': LGBT people battle bias in everyday routinesUSA TodayBy Susan MillerJanuary 16, 2018For the LGBT community, it is those everyday activities that can leave people feeling the barbs of bias, a new study shows — and many are being forced to rethink routines.Only 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws that protect people from discrimination in public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, according to the report released Tuesday by the Movement Advancement Project (MAP), a think tank that researches and analyzes state and federal laws with LGBT implications.And 54 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act and 28 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is no federal law that offers similar protections for LGBT people.And the administration has even gutted those laws. “People don’t understand the breadth of what public accommodations are and what they cover,” said Ineke Mushovic, MAP executive director. “It’s all our activities and daily lives when not at home, at work, at school.”That’s why if you live in Massachusetts you need to get out and fight to pass the ballot initiative,Do you approve of a law summarized below, which was approved by the House of Representatives by a vote of 117-36 on July 7, 2016, and approved by the Senate by a voice vote on July 7, 2016The article goes on to say that the opposition thinks,“Religious bakers, florists, photographers and others whose stories we are familiar with have not denied services to LGBT people because of their status as LGBT,” said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial spokesperson at Focus on the Family, “but because the services being asked of them forced them to violate their conscience by promoting or participating in something contrary to their religious beliefs.”The conflict comes from “the message, not the person,” he said. “In most of those stories, those religious business owners had a long history of serving, and in some cases even employing, LGBT persons.”Substitute “Black” for “LGBT”“Religious bakers, florists, photographers and others whose stories we are familiar with have not denied services to “Black” people because of their status as “Black”,” said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial spokesperson at Focus on the Family, “but because the services being asked of them forced them to violate their conscience by promoting or participating in something contrary to their religious beliefs.”That was the same argument that was used to justify segregation.Aryah Lester summed it up best…Said Lester, the Florida transgender activist: “People think we want to be treated as special. We only want to be treated as equal.”  I don’t usually quote comments but…Even years ago, people did not have a problem with LGBT doing what they want in the privacy of their bedrooms. We had a problem when they started trying to make it the norm, and started to recruit kids into their ranks.In other words they want to force us back in the closet as second class citizens. Once again substitute another marginalized people and how does it read?Even years ago, people did not have a problem with women doing what they want in the privacy of their bedrooms. We had a problem when they started trying to make it the norm, and started to recruit kids into their ranks.It sounds misogynous, if not misoneism.Then this comment from a man…Millions of gays, lesbians and bisexuals could have had job protection for nearly a decade now if the trans mafia hadn't killed ENDA because they couldn't be included.To me he sounds like a member of “GAY INC.” Hmm... maybe we can coin the phrase,  Trans-Exclusionary Radical Gays (TERG).[...]

Leadership Compared To Bumbling Along


It has been one year since the Republicans took control of the government; they control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.

What have they accomplished in a year?

They passed a god awful tax bill that hurts the middleclass and lower income people and gives a trillion dollar tax cut to the 1 percenters.

They stripped health insurance from millions of people.

They have refused to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they have refused to enforce the environmental laws, they have refused to enforce labor safety laws, they have gutted the consumer protection agency, and they have bent over to give anything that Wall Streets wants.

The administration has refused to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Children's Health Insurance Program expired in September 2017 and they never brought a bill to the floor to vote on extending it.

Trump has spent more time playing golf than any other president in history and he has made millions of dollars by visiting his own properties.

Trump has failed to appoint people to key government positions, there are still many ambassadorships that are still unfilled one year later.

Trump has contradicted himself so many times that he is like a flag flapping in the wind. He hasn’t laid out any clear agendas and he changes his position from hour to hour depending on the last person he talked to. He hasn't done anything except to undo everything that President Obama has done.

Trump has stripped all protections for LGBT people and he has given special rights for bigots to discriminate against us.

Trump has appointed judges who have said the Bible trumps the Consitution.

But most of all the Republicans failed to pass a budget when they had a whole year to do it. They structured the shutdown so that the military will not get paid this time. All they did was kick the can down the road… enough is enough. Pass a budget, stop the ban aids!

In Trump's own words in 2011 when the Republicans were posed to shutdown the government... "I actually think the president would be blamed." and in 2013, he said this about President Obama, "Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”

I give the Republicans Trump the grade of F for the year.

We Can Make A Difference


What Does The Women’s March Mean?

Protests were held around the country on Saturday and there was massive turn outs at all the events, so what does it mean?

Protest marches have been a staple of our country since before the beginning of the nation, what makes the Women’s March special?

Well first off, the size of them. In Hartford it was a record breaking crowd of around twelve thousand people, it broke last years record. It crushed the number of people who showed up for and against marriage equality; those rallies only had a couple of thousand people attend them. The Women’s March was an order of magnitude about anything for or against gun control or abortion.

Second, they rally had women, sisters, and daughters marching but it also had fathers, brothers, and sons. It also was multi-cultural with people from different religions, races, and socioeconomic status attending. It wasn’t monocultural.

Third and most important is that from these rallies more women are running for office.

This Is Amazing!


The Manchester New Hampshire newspaper the Union Leader is known for its conservativism when Nackey Loeb and her father ran the paper so I very surprised to see this.
Another View -- Anthony Colarusso: NH should protect transgender people from discrimination
By Anthony Colarusso
January 18, 2018

As Dover's police chief for the past 11 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of law and order in our everyday lives. As human beings, we all have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect. But as law enforcement, we’ve taken on an additional responsibility.

We are all called to protect and defend members of our community, and over the past two years, I have had the honor of personally advocating for the protection of the transgender community.

The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police (NHACOP) believes that fair and unbiased support for every member of our society is paramount to our success and safety. This applies to people of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities/expressions. Unfortunately, over the years, many minority groups, including the LGBTQ community, have endured increased rates of harassment, discrimination, and assault.

Right now, under New Hampshire state law, there are no measures that explicitly protect transgender people from discrimination in the workplace, in access to housing, and in public spaces like restaurants, shops, and government buildings.

There are thousands of transgender people living and working in our communities, but despite growing public awareness of and support for them, they still face disproportionate rates of discrimination, harassment, and violence in all areas of life.

That’s wrong. And New Hampshire lawmakers can do something about this. They can enact legislation to affirm the dignity of transgender Granite Staters and ensure their freedom and opportunity for all.
I bet Nackey Loeb is turning over in her grave.

If you live in New Hampshire I urge to contact your state legislators to support HB1319!

Being Outed!


Many times we are outed not by our own choosing but by someone forcing us out.

This is my story…

Back in 2007 I was working to on my testimony that I was planning on giving to the Judiciary Committee and as I usually do after my initial draft I let it sit for a day or two and then go back to proofread it. I repeat the cycle a couple of times to pick up any typos or grammar mistakes. In addition I also may add or delete anything to improve the flow.

So I brought it to work to touch it up like I did many times before. So I had it open in the background on my computer (you cannot see the screen from my desk unless you walk around behind me.).

Well that was a mistake.

One of my technicians came and asked me some questions so I opened the file that we were talking about and printed out the part we were talking about… but nothing printed out on my printer. Hmm… I tried it again but still nothing.

I looked to see where it printed* and I saw it was on the department printer. Hmm… so I changed it to my printer.

When the tech left I went back to the work I was doing before he interrupted me.

Well about an hour latter one of my techs came to my desk and threw two sheets of paper at me saying “Is this your shit!” and it was my testimony…OH SHIT!

I came up instantly with, “It is my cousin’s and she asked me to proofread it for her.

That was what I thought was the end of it… whew!

Well on June 29 I was laid off because they were closing down our division and slowly laying off the employees.

That night I saw a massive number of hits on my blog. Usually I have around 120 hits a day, well that day I had over 500 hits! So I looked at my web stats (you can tell only  the ISP that visitors come from like Comcast, Verizon, or other internet providers) and they were all from my former employer’s domain name! Whoa! What is this? How did the employees find my bog, I don’t use my last name or anything to connect me to my blog.

The next day I called up my friend in HR and she said my technician blabbed it all over the company!

Well a little while later the emails started coming in from work…

And they all were positive! A couple of days later I even received an email from one of my former technician who is a Jehovah Witness and is an elder in the church. He wrote that he just found out about my transition and he said he didn’t understand it but he knew me and new it couldn’t be bad. Wow!

Probably a half a year later one of my former technicians died and I went to his funeral and met many of my former technicians and engineers that I used to work with and I was nervous as hell so I went with my HR friend. As usual I had nothing to worry about, it was kind of weird standing around talking shop as Diana but other than that I had a good time (as much as you can have at a funeral).

Oh and my technician that spilled the beans, he kept far away from me.

This afternoon I am at the Women's March in Hartford.

Saturday 9: Jump


Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Jump (1984)


On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…
This afternoon I will be at the Women’s March in Hartford, followed by a birthday party so it might be not until tomorrow that I reply to your comments.

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) David Lee Roth does a lot of jumping in this video. He credits his flashy moves to his study with marital artist Benny Urquidez. Have you ever tried karate, judo, or jiu-jitzu?
Naw, too much like work.

2) Dave claims to be fluent in Spanish. Say something "en español."
Buenos días señora
I have to thank Google Translate for this answer.

3) Dave appeared as himself in an episode of The Sopranos, playing poker with Tony Soprano. Are you a good poker player?
I can’t keep a straight poker player face

4) Though known for his prowess on the guitar, Eddie Van Halen wrote the opening of this song at the keyboard when he was still new to the synthesizer. When do you recently venture outside your comfort zone? Was it a success?
Some time it is, but it is hard for me to leave my comfort zone.

5) Eddie's older brother Alex is the Van Halen drummer and his son, Wolfie, began touring with the band in 2007. Have you ever worked with a family member?
Kind of, back in the days when a lot of summer jobs were nepotism jobs, I worked for the state Department of Education and my father worked for the CT Department of Education. So he had a list of summer job openings.

6) Van Halen's first manger was Marshall Berle. Mr. Berle's uncle was Milton Berle. Does the name Milton Berle mean anything to you?
Yes and he has a very bad reputation in the trans community for his portrayal of Carmen Miranda

7) In 1984, when this song was popular, AT&T/Bell Telephone was broken up into 24 separate companies. Today, who is your phone provider?

8) Also in 1984, Michael Jackson was severely burned while filming a Pepsi commercial. Would we find any Pepsi in your kitchen right now?
You will not find any soda in my house at all.

9) Random question: Have you ever been so angry that you kicked or hit an inanimate object?
Sadly I have to say yes, it was one of those days when nothing went right and I got very frustrated and I threw the object and it broke (I don't even remember what it was now). I ended up sitting on the floor cross legged crying. Not a good day.

Update 10:00 AM

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Data Mining - Homeless Data


There is a lot of data out there about us that needs to mined, one of them is what is called the “Point-in-Time” Count or PIT where they count homeless people around the country. I took part in one count and I will like to do it again but this year it will be in the morning and the count is outside.The PIT count is mandated by HUD (at least for now) and it is done on the same day around the country and after the data is compiled it is reported to Congress.So what is the data on us?Well first some facts about the homeless in Connecticut from the CCEH…Key FindingsOn the night of January 24, 2017, 3,387 people were experiencing homelessness in Connecticut. This represents a 13% decrease from last year and a 24% decrease from 2007.The number of individuals experiencing chronic homelessness (long-term homelessness and living with a severe disability) has decreased, 60% since 2014, down 11% since 2016.Nearly 60% of those counted as chronically homeless were in the process of securing permanent housing.34 Veterans were identified in emergency shelter. This represents a decrease of 24% since last year. 14 Veterans were unsheltered – a decrease of 67% from last year.4,396 youth under the age of 25 were estimated to be homeless or unstably housed, including 269 counted as literally homeless in the PIT.392 families were experiencing homelessness, a decrease of 13% from 2016.415 people were unsheltered, representing a 38% decrease from last year.2017 now represents the lowest total ever in a statewide CT PIT Count for Individuals,Families, Veterans, and Chronically Homeless since the first statewide count in 2007Okay what about us?Another interesting fact is the quality of care given to youth under DCF care,Forty-three percent of homeless or unstably housed youth reported involvement with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) or Foster Care. See Table 16. National studies have shown that foster care and involvement in the child welfare system are significant predictors of future episodes of homelessness. According to USICH in the Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness: “Every year, 30,000 youth age out of foster care and 20,000-25,000 age out of the juvenile justice system. Most have limited options for housing, income, and family or other social support.”Okay what about us?DemographicsData collected from the 2017 CT Youth Count! indicate that the majority of homeless and unstably housed youth are 18-24 years old. Of the youth surveyed, 74% were over 18. Fifty-two percent were male and 43% were female. The average age of respondents was 20. Twenty-three percent of youth also identified as LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual). See Table 10 for more details.From the table…Gender:Male 52%Female 43%Unknown 2%Transgender 2%Genderqueer 1% The report goes on…Victims of Domestic Violence are people who answered “yes” to “Are you a victim of domestic violence?” or were in an emergency shelter or transitional housing project for domestic violence victims. Also, the calculation is only for adults who identify as Female or Transgender. Past data analysis indicated a high false positive rate when men were included in the calculation.While the national report to Congress says,Just under 61 percent of people experiencing homelessness (335,038 people) were men, and 39 percent (215,709 people) were women. Fewer than one percent were either transgender (2,092) or did not identify as male, female, or transgender (903).Homelessness declined among women but increased among both men and people identifying as transgender. The number of women experiencing homelessness declined by one percent (1,559 people), while the number of men increased by one percent (4,148 people) and the number of transgender people experiencing homele[...]

Two Countries Under One Flag


There are now two sets of laws here in the United States and we are on the cusp of being torn apart. All the news is concentrating on the utterance of Sh*thole counties but in the background the Department of Justice, Department of Education, the Department of Labor, the Health and Human Services have said that they will not enforce the laws of this country.The Department of Justice has issued a statement that they will not enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, while the Department of Education have said they will not enforce Title IX, the Department of Labor will not enforce Title VII, and Health and Human Services have said they will not enforce the Fair Housing law. All the agencies have said that they will defer to the states to enforce the federal laws. In addition the administration said they there are not going to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).Those agencies have also come with a policy that creates special policies that allow anyone to disobey any federal and state laws just by says these magic words… “it is against my religious beliefs.”Think about that for awhile.Trump administration creates new religious, moral protections for health workersThe HillBy Jessie HellmannJanuary 18, 2018The Trump administration has created new protections for health workers who have religious and moral objections to certain procedures, such as abortion or assisted suicide.The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced Thursday it will create a new division under the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) responsible for investigating complaints filed by workers claiming that their employers have violated their religious rights.The changes represent a major shift for the OCR, which in the past has primarily focused on enforcing patient safety and privacy concerns."No one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one’s deepest moral or religious convictions, and the new division will help guarantee that victims of unlawful discrimination find justice," OCR Director Roger Severino said at the announcement ceremony Thursday morning.You got that!Democrats and other critics worry the changes could restrict access to health care for some.“I am deeply troubled by reports of the unconscionable approach being considered by President Trump’s Administration to use the civil rights office at the Department of Health and Human Services as a tool to restrict access to health care for people who are transgender and women," Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), ranking member of the Senate Health Committee, said in a statement.Suppose you are dying of cancer in a hospice and the nurse comes to relieve your pain you are suffering and the nurse sees you holding hands with your spouse who is of another race. The nurse stops and starts spewing Bible passages and refuses to give you the pain medication. Then the rest of the staff also complains about you and the hospice says you are not welcome there and puts you out on the street and the nearest hospice that will accept you is twenty miles away.Connecticut governor Malloy said it best… “President Trump’s ‘Fake News’ awards as ‘fascist propaganda.’”In article in The Hill,In a statement Wednesday, Malloy praised journalists and rebuked the GOP for “challenging” the free press.“The modern-day Republican party seems to have taken a page out of the 20th century fascist regime propaganda playbook,” Malloy said. “The primary purpose of today’s theater regarding ‘fake news’ awards is to bully and intimidate members of an independent press who seek to report the facts.”On Wednesday, the Republican National Committee announced the “winners” of the “Fake News Awards,” which Trump has touted as a way to identify news outlets he claims have shown “unr[...]

Pitchforks, Tar, And Feathers


The assault on us never ends but there are some rays of hope.Once again the Republicans are again trying to dehumanize us…Delaware's transgender students: Separate but equal?Delaware OnlineBy Margie FishmanJanuary 17, 2018A proposed statewide anti-discrimination regulation, designed to protect transgender students and other vulnerable groups, has touched off an explosive debate in Delaware that threatens to derail the policy's implementation. The conflict pits Democrats against 14 House Republicans, conservative Christians against LGBTQ advocates, parents against school superintendents, local school boards against state educators, and the central Delaware NAACP against the state NAACP.Absent an explicit directive from the General Assembly, one House Republican has threatened to sue if the state moves forward.Of course the right-wing and white supremacist haters stepped in to stir up bigotry and lies into the debate,Almost immediately, Breitbart News and other alt-right media outlets seized on the most controversial piece of the guidelines, which would allow students to self-identify their race and gender at school –– regardless of their age, even if their parents object.And it had its effect with over 11,000 comments from around the country.Meanwhile down in Tennessee they Republicans introduced their annual “bathroom bill.”Group vows 'massive resistance' to retooled McCormick transgender bathroom billTimes Free PressBy Andy SherJanuary 18, 2018NASHVILLE — For just a little while Wednesday, it appeared that Rep. Gerald McCormick was giving up on a controversial bill the Chattanooga Republican introduced that resurrects Tennessee's transgender school bathroom controversy.McCormick moved on the floor to withdraw the measure, drawing attention from both Democrats and LGBT advocates who had criticized the measure that would have required the state attorney general to defend school policies from legal challenge or have the state pay their legal costs.But no, the issue is not going away, McCormick said in an interview, adding he plans to introduce a re-tooled version."We got another one coming in behind it which should be a little clearer," McCormick said, adding sarcastically that "plus, I wanted to give the Democrats time to introduce their own legislation since they're so opposed to this and in favor of men being in little girls' bathrooms."But he doesn’t have much support in the bill…More than 700 Tennesseans flooded McCormick with emails "telling him to withdraw the bill he ran," Sanders said. "And he's going to get that again from all over the state if he runs another one. It's going to be a lot of work to run this bill. I would hope that he will reconsider."We are not alone in his attacks,Meanwhile, action on two controversial bills left over from the 2017 legislative session has been delayed because original sponsors have departed from the House and Senate.One defines marriage as being between a man and a woman and directs state officials to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Obergefell ruling in 2015 that effectively legalized same-sex marriage.But all is not gloomy as the season.Glenbrook 225 residents express support for transgender student policyChicago TribuneBy Alexandra KukulkaJanuary 6, 2018A group of residents addressed the Glenbrook High Schools District 225 Board of Education Monday night and made statements of support for the district’s first transgender student policy as the board prepares to vote on the measure.At its December 2017 meeting, the board was presented with a draft of the policy, which states that its purpose “is to ensure that all individuals who identify their gender differently from their sex assigned at birth do not encounter discrimination based on that identific[...]



For many Americans we are only one paycheck away to being homeless. It you are trans you probably have one step out the door already. The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey reported that…
Even more concerning, nearly one-third (30%) of respondents have experienced homelessness at some point in their lifetime, and 12% reported experiencing homelessness in the year prior to completing the survey because they were transgender.
So when I see this bigotry my hair stands on end.
Exiting the program; Other churches step up as two suddenly leave Family Promise
The Daily Times
By Melanie Tucker
January 16, 2018

Two Blount County churches with a long history of partnering with Family Promise to help homeless families have ended those relationships.

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church and Broadway Baptist Church notified Family Promise of Blount County they will no longer serve as host churches. For the past nine years, these two have given homeless families a place to stay at their houses of worship. They have cooked meals and taken on other responsibilities with the other churches who take turns in the program.

But both recently inquired if Family Promise has a same-sex couple in the program. They were told there are two moms with three young children enrolled. A short time later, both sent messages saying they are ending their affiliation with the nonprofit.

When this happened, Kathi Parkins, Executive Director of Family Promise, sent out an email to the other participating churches, asking if some of them might be able to step up and cover the weeks now left vacant by the exits of Mount Lebanon and Broadway.

It didn't take long. Catherine Nance, senior pastor at Maryville First United Methodist Church and Freida Herron, Family Promise coordinator at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, volunteered their congregations to take on the extra weeks.
Somehow I don’t remember when I was in Catechism class do I remember an asterisk after…
For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?
Saying that it only applies to certain people.

They call themselves “Christians” but they discriminate… that is not the Christianity that I learned, I learned Jesus taught love and peace not hate and bigotry.

And thank you for all the churches that stepped in to help everyone with open arms.

I Think It Worked Too Well


There is a new study out about us, it is about eating and hormones…
Hormone therapy may reduce eating disorder symptoms in transgender people
University of Nottingham
By Emma Thorne
January 11, 2018

New research has shown that receiving cross-sex hormone therapy (CHT) can help to reduce the feelings of body dissatisfaction associated with eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia in transgender people.

The study was led by academics at the universities of Nottingham and Loughborough who recommend that clinicians working at eating disorder services should assess patients for gender identity issues and refer them to transgender health services to be evaluated for hormone treatment.
He [Professor Jon Arcelus, of the Institute of Mental Health, based at the University of Nottingham, and at the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health] said: “Young transgender people may restrict their food as a way to control their puberty, stop their period or reduce the development of breasts. Eating disorder professionals should consider the gender identity of the person when assessing a person with symptoms of an eating disorders.
For some transgender people, striving to achieve a masculine or feminine body shape can influence their eating behaviours, while in the case of transgender males (assigned female at birth but who identify as male) who are not on hormone treatment some may even restrict what they eat as a way of stopping menstruation.
Evidence from one previous study showed that eating disorder symptoms were found to reduce in transgender women once they had progressed through their medical transition. However, the study was limited as it looked at a small number of participants, only at transgender women and only considered the role of surgery, not hormone therapy.
I don’t know about you but I gained a lot of weight once I went on CHT and it is a lot harder to lose. I know a lot of other trans who fight the battle of the bulge every day. I was told by my endo that I might gain weight once I went on hormones and I did.

Personally, I feel one of our problems stems from being used to eating a “man” size portions and not gaining weight, now we have to “downsize” our portions.

Also according to the current medical wisdom we are more likely to get diabetes because of the weight gain and I did [There is also a history in the family of diabetes].

Okay, those who follow my blog know one of my pet peeves is calling Cross-sex Hormone Therapy (CHT) or as it is also known as Cross-gender Hormone Therapy [which I prefer] HRT. It is not HRT, HRT dosage can be a thousand time smaller than what we take. Why is it important not to say HRT when you are being wheeled into the ER with pains in your chest? Well having a blood clot in your lungs is less likely [I said “less likely” not that it doesn’t happen on HRT] if you are on HRT than CHT and they might not look for blood clots first if you say HRT. Personally I rather give them a list of the meds that I am taking then use "Cross-gender Hormone Therapy" because there is no one dose for us, we all take different amounts and medications for our CHT.

More Bad News Heading Our Way


Under the Obama administration an executive order said that hospitals and other healthcare facilities that receive federal funding  could not prevent same-sex partners from visiting their partners. Well the current administration is about to issue an edict.
Administration to shield health workers who refuse to perform abortions or treat transgender patients
By Dan Diamond and Jennifer Haberkorn

The Trump administration is planning new protections for health workers who don't want to perform abortions, refuse to treat transgender patients based on their gender identity or provide other services for which they have moral objections.

Under a proposed rule — which has been closely guarded at HHS and is now under review by the White House — the HHS office in charge of civil rights would be empowered to further shield these workers and punish organizations that don’t allow them to express their moral objections, according to sources on and off the Hill.
Roger Severino, the Trump administration appointee who now leads the HHS civil rights office, has repeatedly stressed that strengthening conscience protections for health care workers is a top priority for his office.

The pending rule, which could be released as soon as this week, has been described to POLITICO as establishing a new “division” of the HHS civil rights office that would conduct compliance reviews, audits and other enforcement actions to ensure that health care providers are allowing workers to opt out of procedures when they have religious or moral objections.
This is what I fear.

You get in a car accident say down in Florida and the EMTs come rushing up to your car, stop when they see that you are trans, turn around and walk away saying we don’t help freaks, it is against our religion. So as you are bleeding out they find EMTs who will help you, and they rush you to the nearest hospital.  As they wheel you into the ER you hear the doctors saying “get ‘IT’ out of here this is a religious hospital."

Sound farfetched? Not if these rules goes through. This will probably override non-discrimination state laws; I see it end in a battle in the courts.

The Elephant In The Closet


I remember when I first joined CT Taransadvocacy Coalition (CTAC) back around 2003, the director at the time was looking for a shelter for a trans woman who was a victim of domestic violence and the trans woman was from Massachusetts and no DV shelter would take her in, she eventually went to a New York City shelter.Brutal murder highlights intimate partner violence in transgender communityNBC NewsBy John Paul BrammerJanuary 13, 2018Police say Steele-Knudslien, 42, was found stabbed and beaten to death in the home she shared with her spouse, Mark Steele-Knudslien, in North Adams, Massachusetts. Her husband was charged with her murder and pled not guilty on Monday, but according to police, he had previously admitted to killing her after an argument.[…]"A lot of the murders that have happened over the last few years have been domestic violence or intimate partner violence," Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality told NBC News. "Unless we understand that, we can’t really help or address it."Loree Cook-Daniels, the policy and program director at FORGE, a Milwaukee-based national transgender advocacy group, said, “We don’t have complete data ... but based on what we do have, we think up to half of the murders of trans people are murders by either partners or dates.”One of the traits of DV is that some of the victims have low self-esteem, many also fear of having no place to turn for help and feel helpless.The website Psych Central says,Again, the victims often have some common characteristics. Women who are victims of domestic violence often:Abuse alcohol or other substances.Have been previously abused.Are pregnant.Are poor and have limited support.Have partners who abuse alcohol or other substances.Have left their abuser.Have requested a restraining order against the abuser.Are members of ethnic minority or immigrant groups.Have traditional beliefs that women should be submissive to men.Do not speak English.Trans people are not exempt from DV and we have another common trait, we are trans and feel that no shelter will take us in.A couple of years ago I did training for a DV shelter in the eastern part of the state because they just took in a trans person who fled spousal abuse.It happens to us!If you know of someone that you suspect is a victim of DV here are some things that you can do…12 Things Everyone Can Do To Help Victims Of Domestic ViolenceOdyssey OnlineBy Ann Liles CoxOctober 26, 20151. Know the warning signs.Learn the tell-tale signs that someone has an abusive partner. Maybe your friend is constantly checking in with her partner before she'll go anywhere or spend even the smallest amount of money. Maybe your co-worker's spouse always finds ways to shame him in public. There are many clues you just have to know what to look for.[…]3. Don't pressure them to leave.There are so many reasons why a victim of domestic violence might stay in the relationship: fear for themselves or loved ones, lack of resources, and love for their abuser are just a few. As strange as it sounds, pressuring a victim to leave could actually make it less likely that they'll ever get out of that situation. If a victim of domestic violence has finally summoned up the courage to open up, pressuring them to leave might frighten them back even further into secrecy. Not only that, but you are becoming yet another person trying to control them, and that's the last thing they need. Refraining from judgement is one of the most important things you can do for someone in an abusive relationship.Some of the other 12 tips are…4. Help them develop a safety plan.5. Find different ways to support t[...]

Could This Help Us?


There is a lot of research out there on us, I think we are becoming the new “in” research studies. I think many researchers are now studying gender dysphoria causes and outcomes.
This Test Could Change How You Transition
Trans people need to be evaluated for BRCA genes. Here’s why. 
The Advocate
By Jacob Anderson-Minshall
January 5, 2018

A study unveiled at the 36th Annual National Society of Genetic Counselors suggests transgender individuals should be aware of their family history of breast cancer and consider getting tested for the BRCA gene mutations before they make decisions about medical interventions.

Having an elevated risk of breast or ovarian cancer could impact when trans men and women choose to start hormone treatments as well as which gender-confirming surgeries to undergo.

The lead author of several case studies, Rosalba Sacca, a genetic counselor from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, argued in a written statement, “Some healthcare providers are afraid to ask relevant medical questions of their transgender patients because they fear it may be offensive. But awareness and testing are important because they may impact their decisions.”

Mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have been shown to increase cisgender women’s risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and so doctors recommend that cis women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer undergo genetic testing to see if they have the mutation. Unfortunately, those providing trans people with health care frequently avoid such conversations.
So have you had a mammogram?

Since I am over 60 I have it done every year, and because my gender is “F”, I do not pay anything and if you have a “M” on your ID you probably still get it covered by your insurance.

Down In Texas There Are A Number Of Trans People…


…running for for office. I think in the largest state in the contiguous U.S. they have the largest group of trans people running.
Out Smart Magazine
By Lourdes Zavaleta
Posted On 05 Jan 2018

Bathroom bills, national successes fuel unprecedented slate.

As a child, Jenifer Rene Pool was picked on mercilessly. She was small in stature, and relied on thick eyeglasses due to poor eyesight.

“Classmates would grab my glasses and throw them around to each other,” the Houston transgender activist recalls.

“I hate bullies. Everyone should be treated fairly,” Pool adds. “This is the premise of our national Constitution, and for the most part, the Constitution of the State of Texas. It is why I have decided to run for State representative in 2018.”

In 2016, Pool was the first openly trans person to win a party primary in Texas, becoming the Democratic nominee for a Harris County commissioner’s seat before losing in the general election. This year, she is among five openly trans Texans running for office, which is by far the most ever.
Vanessa Edwards Foster, cofounder and president of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC), is running as a Democrat for the Congressional District 27 seat held by U.S. representative Blake Farenthold (R-Corpus Christi), who announced his retirement last month amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

In Texas House District 94, Democrat Finnigan Jones is running for the seat held by incumbent State representative Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) who is rabidly anti-LGBTQ and authored legislation in 2017 that would have defined “sex” as the “physical condition of being male or female.”

Jones is the co-founder and executive director of Trans-Cendence, a Fort Worth-based nonprofit that supports and provides resources for trans people. He hopes his campaign will show trans youth that they can one day run for office, too.
In Texas House District 29, Dylan Wilde Forbis is running for the seat held by incumbent State representative Edward Thompson (R-Pearland), another bathroom-bill supporter. Forbis leads Queers with Careers and Trans Living Anthology, two LGBTQ support groups that allow queer people to share their testimonies.
Pool, meanwhile, will face attorney Adam Milasincic in the March 6 Democratic primary in Texas House District 138. The winner will take on incumbent Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston), a bathroom-bill supporter who received a grade of “F” on Equality Texas’ 2017 Legislative Scorecard. Pool says she is running in part because Bohac had no Democratic opponent in 2016.
I wish them all luck, it is going to be a hard fight to win with the way the Republicans have gerrymandered the districts in Texas to block out Democratic candidates.

I meet Vanessa Foster at Fantasia Fair a number of years ago and have been friends with her on Facebook for a number of years.

Hmm… Very Interesting…


Back when I started hormones back in 2004 as the standard back then I had to have a letter from a therapist in order to begin hormones after a three month evaluation.

So I went for my first appointment, so here I was sitting in an overstuffed leather chair and I was doing a word association test, you know that is where the therapist says “Big” and you respond with the first word that pops into your head. Well I started giggling and the therapist asked me why I was giggling and I said “This is so Freudian.”

So how did Freud view homosexuality?

Well of course this is leading into an article that I read on a Facebook newsfeed…
This advice by Freud on how to cure a gay child might surprise you
Pink News
By Joseph Patrick McCormick 
12th February 2015

Some assume positions on controversial issues such as gay “cure” therapies evolve over time. This letter from Sigmund Freud written in 1935 may debunk that.

The famed father of psychoanalysis an amazing and eloquent response to one parent’s concerns over having a gay child.

In the letter he writes that being gay ” is nothing to be ashamed of”, that it “cannot be classified as an illness” and names Plato, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as “several of the greatest men”, who were gay.

Continuing, he considers the case of whether he could make the child into a “normal heterosexual”, but instead of “treatment”, recommends “analysis”, to “bring him harmony, peace of mind”.
In the letter that Freud wrote he said,
Dear Mrs [Erased],
I gather from your letter that your son is a homosexual. I am most impressed by the fact that you do not mention this term yourself in your information about him. May I question you why you avoid it? Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual function, produced by a certain arrest of sexual development. Many highly respectable individuals of ancient and modern times have been homosexuals, several of the greatest men among them. (Plato, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, etc). It is a great injustice to persecute homosexuality as a crime – and a cruelty, too. If you do not believe me, read the books of Havelock Ellis.
Wow! He didn’t say “Lock him up!” or that “He is damned and going to hell!” he goes on to say,
By asking me if I can help, you mean, I suppose, if I can abolish homosexuality and make normal heterosexuality take its place. The answer is, in a general way we cannot promise to achieve it. In a certain number of cases we succeed in developing the blighted germs of heterosexual tendencies, which are present in every homosexual in the majority of cases it is no more possible. It is a question of the quality and the age of the individual. The result of treatment cannot be predicted.
So even Freud was against Conversion Therapy!

So maybe the New Hampshire legislature should consider Dr. Freud’s views on the effectiveness of Conversion Therapy and reconsider voting to ban it.

What I Am


For me I find it amusing how so many people don’t get me being attracted to women. I get this blank stare which is usually followed by then why did you transition if you are attracted to women?
I’m a lesbian and a transgender woman—and those two aren’t mutually exclusive
The Daily Dot
By Ana Valens
January 12, 2018

It was sometime during my first half-dozen dates with my girlfriend when I first became conscious of my body as a queer one. We would hold hands, walking through Manhattan, cuddling up against one another on the subway. But if it was late at night, our interlocking fingers would separate within seconds. We never knew who we were sharing the streets with when it was dark. Because when you’re a gay woman, signaling your queerness can be an invitation for violence.

I had been thinking what my body meant as a trans body for a long time. I knew I looked like a woman to the rest of the world, and I certainly had the secondary sex characteristics to prove it. But I felt caught in an endless feedback loop: knowing my body was a woman’s body but still struggling to fully accept myself as a woman.

Thinking of my body and my identity as a “lesbian” strangely helped me to solidify my relationship with my womanhood. During those first few months of dating my girlfriend, I really began to own the term. There was the fact that I was seen as a lesbian, much to the approval of other queer people who walked past us on the street. Then there was the fact that I was a trans woman in a relationship with a trans woman; it didn’t matter whether I had breasts or a penis or looked feminine from hormone replacement therapy. I was a lesbian. We were queer women. We knew each other’s bodies for women’s bodies.

But for some trans women, calling themselves a lesbian remains an uphill battle. And even now, I still struggle to accept that I can be both a transgender woman and queer. Sometimes, it feels like “lesbian” isn’t my word to use.
I hang out with a lot of lesbians and as far as I know they are accepting… but would they date a trans woman? That is the question.
This is because lesbian women are primarily seen as attracted to cisgender women. The L Word shows lesbianism as purely cisgender, more often than not shrugging at trans experiences, and indie faves like Blue Is the Warmest Color put a spotlight on cisgender lesbians while completely avoiding trans ones altogether. Sometimes, it’s even cisgender lesbians themselves who are pushing the point of view.

“I am a lesbian who doesn’t want to date trans women,” one Reddit user wrote on on r/offmychest, a subreddit for anonymous confessions. “If you’re pre/non-op, you have a penis, and I’m not into penises. If you’re pop-op, you have a neovagina, which is not, in my eyes, identical to a natal vagina.”
That is the thing, I know that they accept me as trans but do they accept me as a woman? That is the million dollar question.

So What Else Is New?


Surprise, the Catholics don’t like us. [Maybe I should say that the clergy do not like us.]I don’t think that will surprise anyone, here is what the Catholic website has to say about us.Transgender issues next battle in culture warsLetter from US religious leaders comes out calling transgender identity a 'false idea' that is 'deeply troubling'National Catholic ReporterBy Heidi SchlumpfJanuary 13, 2018In December, while the rest of the country was debating tax reform and net neutrality, four Catholic bishops and 16 other conservative religious leaders issued an "open letter" about transgender issues, firing a shot in what has become the next major culture war issue after same-sex marriage.Not surprisingly, progressive Catholic groups — including New Ways Ministry, Call to Action and Dignity USA — denounced the document, while traditionalist Catholic websites and media supported it. Lost in the battle were transgender people themselves."It's like we're collateral damage in the culture war," said Hilary Howes, a Washington D.C.-area Catholic and founder of TransCatholic, a ministry to transgendered people. "It's painful to have people think of us in this way."It’s about the children. Why does it always boil down to “The Children” I know of many trans children who transitioned and they have turned out okay, while those who are forced to live in the wrong gender have a lot higher suicide rates.The bishops and other signers warn that children are harmed when told they can change their sex, "sowing confusion and self-doubt.""Parents deserve better guidance on these important decisions, and we urge our medical institutions to honor the basic medical principle of 'first, do no harm,' " the letter said.Sorry guys you are wrong. Those who are sowing confusion and self-doubt are you guys sticking to the ridged gender binary that are causing harm.In a statement, New Ways Ministry called the December open letter "dangerous because it distributes false information which can lead to attitudes, policies, and practices which will do physical and emotional harm to transgender people, a community already with a high risk of becoming victims of hate crimes."Then we have the moms… the millions of moms who are in a tizzy over us,‘One Million Moms’ Is Furious That Scholastic Is Selling Books About Transgender Kids“Scholastic is not safe for your child,” the conservative anti-LGBTQ group warned parents.Huffington Post Queer VoicesBy Carol KuruvillaJanuary 12, 2018A conservative “pro-family” group is trying to rally mothers against the Scholastic Corporation for publishing children’s books that honor diverse gender identities.One Million Moms, an advocacy group that has largely focused its efforts on condemning progressive ideology in the entertainment industry, on Wednesday aimed its sights on Scholastic, one of the world’s largest publishers of children’s books.In a post on its website, One Million Moms took particular issue with one book, George, a chapter book intended for kids in grades 3 to 7. Written by the queer activist and author Alex Gino, George tells the story of a transgender fourth grader. The 10-year-old hopes that by playing Charlotte in her school’s upcoming production of Charlotte’s Web, she’ll finally get her parents and teacher to look past the gender that was assigned to her at birth and accept her as a girl.George, which was published by Scholastic in 2015, was praised by critics as a “profound, moving” book. But One Million Moms doesn’t thin[...]

Only Ten Days Into The New Year And Already Two Dead.


This year is starting off another brutal year for trans people.
LAPD investigating apparent murder of LA transwoman Viccky Gutierrez
Los Angles Blade
By Karen Ocamb
January 11, 2018

Late Wednesday, TransLatin@ Coalition founder Bamby Salcedo announced the death of the group’s friend and client, Viccky Gutierrez. The Los Angeles Police Department has not yet officially identified the burned body found in Gutierrez’s apartment as the young trans Latina, but Salcedo and Gutierrez’s friends are certain it is her.

LAPD spokesperson Officer Drake Madison told the Los Angeles Blade that the LAPD’s West Bureau Division and the LA Fire Department responded at 3:15 am Wednesday morning to a fire in a multi-family house in the 1700 block of South New Hampshire Boulevard in the Pico Union district. The flames were contained to the attic and a single unit on the second floor of the two-story, 116-year-old building.

“One person was found dead inside,” KTLA reported, “and officials believe the death may be suspicious.” However, “no further details on why the death was suspicious were given.” KTLA also reports that arson investigators are talking to witnesses and looking into the source of the fire. The other families escaped without injury.
Ask why Salcedo suspects murder, she says: “her body was burned so we think she was murdered before they got there. It’s not confirmed—police are still investigating. But one of her closest friends, Cristy—who comes from the same small town in Honduras—had dinner with her that night and said she was okay.  So there is a lot of speculation—we know the danger we experience everyday. We think it’s possible she was killed before they burned her apartment. She was completely unrecognizable. People kept calling her cell phone and she didn’t answer. It was late at night and her neighbors were sleeping and no one heard her screaming. So my assumption is that she was dead or unconscious before she was burned. That’s why I’m 99% sure she was brutally murdered and burned to death.”
Sadly at this rate we will surpass the record number of trans people murdered last year.

Stop the Hate!

Saturday 9: Piano


Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Piano (2013)On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…I think that I have a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I just find it hard to get up and do things that I like doing, I even skipped the photo club at the senior center yesterday. It has been exceedingly cold and snowing this season so far and yesterday and today it has been pouring so it is another day stuck inside.Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.1) As she sings, Ariana muses about the songs she could compose on her piano. Do you play the piano?Nope I don’t play and musical instruments, I can’t keep a beat and being tone deaf nor do I sing.2) She compares love songs, saying there are sad ones about how hard love is, and happy ones that make you want to dance. What's your favorite love song? Is it sad or happy?"To Sir With Love"It is happy, the opposite of the way I’m feeling right now. width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>3) Ariana's mother always told her that they took her name from Princess Oriana in the 1988 movie Felix the Cat. Who is your favorite cartoon character?Donald Duck, he gets frustrated so easily.4) Ariana's favorite board game is Monopoly. What's your favorite board game?Oh that is an easy answer… Backgammon.But I also like Qwirkle and Mexican Train Dominos5) She relaxes by baking. When you feel keyed up, what do you do to relax?Right now sleep.6) She is a huge Florida Panthers fan, even though once, as a little girl, she got hit by a puck. Now that the NHL season is underway, how's your favorite team doing?Nope, I don’t follow sports. Now if you asked my brother’s family they all would say the Bruins.7) In 2013, when this song was popular, the NHL reached an agreement with the players union and averted a strike. Have you ever belonged to a union?Nope, I was always management but I support them 100%8) Also in 2013, Pauline Philips died. Ms. Philips was better known to millions of readers as "Dear Abby." At its height, her advice column appeared in 1,400 newspapers across the country. Do you still read a printed copy of your newspaper?No, and that reminds me to cancel the paper copy and only subscribe to the electronic copy.9) If you could get the answer to one question about your future, what would that one question be?Will I find a mate before I die.Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone's responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!"[...]

It Is Hard


When I do diversity training one of the things that I talk about is how when we transition everyone around us transitions also and for our parents they go through a grieving process. Today’s post is about that process, however, I think that the article portrays it in somewhat of a negative light.Transgender man reveals mum's struggle with 'loss of daughter' and how she fainted after seeing his 'swelling'Karen and her son Lucas, who are starring in ITV documentary Transformation Street, opened up about his decision to undergo transgender surgeryMirrorBy Kyle O'Sullivan & Hayley Minn11 JAN 2018A transgender man has revealed his mum's struggle with the 'loss of her daughter' and feelings of 'grief'.20-year-old Lucas, who was born a girl but has been living as a man for two years, opened up about his decision to undergo transgender surgery.Speaking on This Morning, Lucas said: "When I first came I was very scared, more so about losing my mum. I wanted to show people there is help out there, the process isn't as hard as you think."Karen admitted her foundations were rocked when Lucas explained he was transgender and struggled to deal with the 'loss' of daughter Lauren.She said: "It took me a year plus to even use the name Lucas. Even writing cards I'd just sign it from mum. Then I put the initial L. But I couldn't actually write Lucas - it took a long time."Karen described it as a 'grieving process' which is still ongoing but she stood by her son's side throughout.I try to point out through my training that it is very hard on our parents and siblings, for our parents they have a choice to make to either support their child unconditionally or to disown them. Either path is hard.It take time for us to transition and it also takes time for others to adjust to our transition, it is something that we have to remember, all of our lives we have fought with our gender dysphoria but for our family this is entirely new to them and it takes time to coop with our transition.It is up to us to decide on when it is long enough; my advice is to cut them some slack especially if they are trying but I also understand how hard that is for us.Speaking to camera, she says: “Boy or girl, I still love him, that doesn’t change. It’s kind of like a grieving process for Lauren. And then I have to think, I’ve got a new son.”My last bit of advice; don’t burn your bridges.I know of trans people who thought that they lost their family but their families eventually came around. I even know of one couple who split up after her transition only to come back together again.Updates on the other day’s post about trans people changing their birth certificates…‘Legitimate’ to make transgender people get full sex reassignment to amend Hong Kong ID, court hearsGovernment lawyer refutes claim the requirement is inhuman or degradingSouth China Morning PostBy Raquel CarvalhoPUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 JanuaryComplete sex reassignment surgery is a “legitimate and sometimes necessary medical treatment”, the Hong Kong government argued in court on Wednesday, rejecting claims that requiring transgender people to undergo it before amending their local identity cards was cruel, inhuman or degrading.“It’s a legitimate medical treatment practised by doctors around the world, including in the public health system in Hong Kong,” said Stewart K M Wong SC, for the government.“It cannot be described as inhuman or degrading. That [...]

New Flash! If You Live In New Hampshire…


The hearing for the gender inclusive non-discrimination bill is scheduled for January 31st!

The bill does have bipartisan support with both Republican and Democratic legislators sponsoring the bill (the full text of the bill can be read at the link of the bill below)…

AN ACT prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity.

SPONSORS: Edward Butler (d)
Yvonne Dean-Bailey (r)
Jeb Bradley (R)
Karel Crawford (r)
Brian Stone (r)
Jeff Woodburn (D)
John Fothergill (r)
Philip Bean (R)
John Reagan (R)
Stephen Darrow (r)
Daniel Innis (R)
Carolyn Gargasz (r)
Erin Hennessey (R)
Martha Fuller Clark (D)
Charles McMahon (r)

COMMITTEE: Judiciary
The hearing will be held in LOB 208 at 1:00 PM.

My guess is that if you want to testify or submit testimony you should contact Freedom New Hampshire.