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New Releases Oblast: 3D grafika

Published: Wed, 27 May 2015 11:52:03 +0200


Free 3D Video Maker

Thu, 06 Mar 2014 13:35:00 +0100

(image) Free 3D Video Maker. Now you can make 3D video all by yourself!

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Wed, 03 Jul 2013 15:54:00 +0200

(image) RTOPO is a 3D software for editing 3D points, triangulation, isolines, cross sections, etc.

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Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 4.0.0

Thu, 14 Mar 2013 11:57:00 +0100

(image) Be your own architect with Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 4 and plan single rooms, apartments or entire houses including gardens, complete with furniture and appliances.

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Google SketchUp for Mac OS 8.0.15157

Thu, 30 Aug 2012 11:35:00 +0200

(image) SketchUp is a design software from Google, to create complex 3D objects.

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blender 2.64 Test Build 2

Fri, 10 Aug 2012 10:50:00 +0200

(image) Offers everything you would expect from a professional 3D Tool.

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Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 3 3.0.1

Wed, 01 Aug 2012 12:30:00 +0200

(image) Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 3 combines easy handling with professional cutting-edge CAD functions.

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Packmage CAD

Tue, 26 Jun 2012 13:04:00 +0200

(image) Packmage CAD is a free corrugated and folding carton box packaging design software, it offers a cost effective solution for carton packaging box template design.

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TopoLT 10.4

Wed, 16 May 2012 12:32:00 +0200

(image) TopoLT is an application offering tools for both 2D and 3D applications. It's functionality is useful for all those who design topographical or cadastral plans in digital format, develop 3D terrain models and contours, fill and cut volume calculations, image geo-referencing and automatic printing.

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ExposCAD 11.0

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 15:54:00 +0200

(image) ExposCAD is a great exhibition stand design software.

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UDK February 2012 Beta

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 11:20:00 +0100

(image) Experience the power and potential of Unreal Engine 3 on PC. Create lifelike scenes and fantastic worlds with the same toolset used to make Gears of War and Infinity Blade.

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ZModeler 2.2.6

Fri, 27 Jan 2012 15:15:00 +0100

(image) With ZModeler you can draw 3D models for several games.

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Kubotek KeyView Free! 11

Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:10:00 +0100

(image) Kubotek KeyView Free! is the free viewer that enables you to open, measure, analyze and markup STL, IGES and DXF files.

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Kitchen Design Software 3.1

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 09:08:00 +0200

(image) Kitchen Design Software is a technical kitchen design software which allows you to draw different room layouts, floor designs for modern kitchens in less time.

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Wings 3D 1.4.1

Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:00:00 +0200

(image) Free Wings 3D makes complex 3D modelling easy.

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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 1.0.0

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 15:52:00 +0200

(image) Ashampoo Home Designer Pro is the 3D planning software for your home decorating dreams.

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MachStudio Pro 2

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 00:00:00 +0200

(image) StudioGPU's MachStudio Pro reinvents the 3D visualization production pipeline by putting the power of real-time graphics processing at your fingertips.

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Blender (64-bit) 2.58

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:47:00 +0200

(image) Blender (64-Bit) offers everything you would expect from a professional 3D Tool.

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Google SketchUp 6

Sat, 12 Feb 2011 06:51:00 +0100

(image) Vytvořte si velmi snadno trojrozměrný model svého domu, bytu, kusu nábytku... prostě čehokoliv!

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DAZ Studio 3D Bridge for Photoshop 1

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:10:00 +0100

(image) Začleňte si vaše DAZ Studio 3D modely do svého Photoshopu.

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PRO100 5.06

Sat, 27 Nov 2010 13:37:00 +0100

(image) PRO100 je profesionální 3D software pro projektování nábytku a návrhy interiérů s okamžitou trojrozměrnou vizualizací scény.

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