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Aini, Aina and My Twin

Anything about me and my family - Mattsofi, Kartini, Aina, Aini and My Twin

Updated: 2014-10-05T12:26:46.834+08:00


So near but yet so far.


When I woke up yesterday, all the new DNS setting propagated and I ended up with non functional address for my other blog

*Sigh* .. Finally, I have made up my mind. I have downloaded WordPress, and I will host everything on my very own server. Hahaha. There goes another customer of blogger and here I come WordPress. Within half and hour, I managed to set up everything on my local server.

I have uploaded test page to my server. At the moment, all the blogs are still in I will move them (and I mean ALL of my blogs including this one) to my server.

Firefox vs Internet Explorer 7 - Different Behaviour


Follow up to my DNS screw up earlier, I notice that FireFox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 behaves differently when it comes to interfacing with the DNS.

In FireFox 2.0, this is what I get when I tried to access my web server

And this is what I get in Internet Explorer 7

Now, in Firefox, what I get is the placeholder page in It is the default page if you have not set up or upload any other page yet. While in IE7, the screen is the default placeholder for Apache web server in Fedora Core. My server is actually a Linux server running Red Hat Fedora Core. So, IE7 obviously right in this sense. I am so sure why Firefox does not give me the right page. It am really confuse. Again, I am not so sure if my DNS setting is correct or not.

The only different is that I have set up a proxy in Firefox. While in IE7, it is direct connection. On personal notes, I do use Firefox 2.0 heavily and IE7 is just for checking the output of my web pages to make sure that all I do is at least compatible to these two major web browser.

I messed up my DNS again ....


It is the second time in 2 months that I messed up my name server again. Everytime I add a new domain, everything just goes hair wire ...

The first time when I shifted my first domain from Yahoo! Small Business to, everything just does not work. I have to recommission my new server after just 14 days. Luckily, I don't have much yet except all the files from my previous shared hosting server in Yahoo!.

This time, it happened yesterday. I add in new domain, and every domain just pointing to each other. I am not sure whether what I did was wrong or right. It takes several hours for the DNS to take effect. Ha ha ha.. poor me. But I am learning. Being an impatient species, I just keep changing the setting .. Now, my domain and is actually pointing to server where my free web hosting account is located. It actually should point to my server where the rests of the domain and DNS is located..

The problem is, for each of my domain, I would have one sub domain named blog pointing to my blog in Somehow, it does not work the way I wanted..

Hopefully, everything would be fine soon. As I am moving this weekend, I will be off line for several days until the telco shift my phone and my broadband to the new location. Well, it is just next block to where I am staying now. But, it might take days before the technician come to fix it.

It really scared me because I still have another domain, yet to be moved from Yahoo!.. It is just a domain park server. Now, it is pointing to my server fine. When I need to shift it in June, only then I will worry. Hopefully, I am already good at managing my name server by that time.. Again, wish me luck !!!

I am on the move !!


I will be shifting house again this coming weekend. It is just another block in the same housing complex. The reason - bigger room and more space. I have been working on my dining table for the last few months or so.

There are more and more projects coming in. I have used half of my dining table for my work stuff - smart card reader, reference book, several wires, blank DVD etc. So, I need special room for my own office at home. Now we are talking about a real SOHO.

Thanks Allah for all these. I am also expecting twin baby in late April or early May. So the space is really justified. I also have my wife's twin sister moving in to safe cost and to help her around after my twin delivery.

Electronic Toll Collection System - Revisited


On August 2006, I was contracted to develop a new toll collection system for one of the highway in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The last time I did the toll collection system was in 2000 working for one of the Government Link Company (GLC).

This time, I was working for one of the Scandinavian company. It has been a long time since I left the field and working in a cozy office cubicle. It was tough for a start but at the end, the project was completed on time successfully. All 4 lanes was up and running just before new year.

Soon after that, a contract for 2 additional lane was awarded by the project owner and of course I was again called in for the project. This time, it was quicker than I anticipated even though there are several major changes required to be done as the lane configuration was different. Also, the equipment used were different. These new lanes installation were completed few days ago just before Chinese New Year.

Cashing on VoIP


Voice over IP (VoIP) is moving into the mainstream of latest adopted technology. There are more and more providers start to offer the service either paid or free. Yahoo and MSN already has one. Well before that Google Talk is also available. Don't forget Skype which has become a defacto reference for VoIP services.

Going into corporate world, I have been working on my own version of Instant Messenger and all other related technology stuff (File Sharing, VoIP, Voice Message, SMS service etc). The product codenamed Universal Communicator will include email client. As the project is highly confidential, I could not disclose much except that the application will be available very soon. Wait for the announcement later.

This is going to be my baby for the many many moons to come. Wish me luck !!

Happy New Year to a new Server


Happy New Year !!

I am on a shopping spree for a new server for my web site. I hope everything will be finalized by this week. I have been on Yahoo web hosting for the last 3 years or so and it was really easy to maintain. The customer service is great. However, at a cost of USD11.90 per domain account, it is pricey. Well, if I only have one domain, it would have been fine. However, I will be registering more domain soon. Already have additional one, while the third one is on paper already. At USD11.90 per month each, that would be quite a burden to me and not very cost effective.

Three different domain would cost me close to USD36.00 per month. With a virtual dedicated server account, I could have all the bell and whistle for my web sites at a much cheaper price per domain. And I could have virtually unlimited domain parked or active on the server. Another thing is that I could have virtually unlimited sub domain and direct manipulation of domain name server (DNS). Yes, I would have my own DNS, email server and other stuff. It is going to be fun to learn Linux server.

Well, of course the maintenance would be tough but some how, I would learn a lot more. I will announce the domain name very soon. The first not so successful domain get some income from Google Adsense and other affiliate program. I did not make much but it is enough to cover the hosting cost. That is what I want. Cover the cost first, work harder and make profit later. Good huh ?

I will be working on my eCommerce project soon. Actually, it was started but was abandoned mid way due to some technical and financial constrain. Since I will be having my own server, the idea just pop up again. Along the way, I have sorted out the technical constrain to my eCommerce project. I have one or two software products which will be available as download from my web sites soon. And finally after spending almost 2 decades on programming, I will sell a software product. More on this later when I release a beta version.

Everything works as plan and hopefully, this new year will be a good year for me and my family - not to forget my juniors.

MOVED: Volvo S40 Classic and all related stuff



I have moved all the S40 blog to new space here. Only after a few days, google has done a good job of archiving the content. So, I really apologised for the inconvenence cost.

Volvo S40 2.0T B4204T3 blog has been moved.

Arrival of Aina Safiyah


(image) This is Aina just hours after delivery. She was healthy and was born measuring at 3.3kg with slightly darker in complexion. There was not much complication except that her sister Aini refused to sleep on that night.

Umrah 2004 - Medinah and Mecca


In 2004, my company was very generous to sponsor long serving staff to Umrah during the fasting month Ramadhan. I was a great pleasure for me to accept the offer bcoz it has been my dream one day I want to go to Mecca for Umrah and Haji.In the first photo was (from right) myself, Kamal, Nik and his wife. The photo was taken when we were at one of the historical site in Medinah. At the back is the graveyards of Mujahideens died during of the great war between Muslims and Kafirin. The Muslims led by our great Rasulullah Muhammad S.A.W lost the war simply because the Muslims Mujahideens failed to adhere the advice by our Rasullulah.This photo shows some of us on the bus during excursion around Medinah. I was right at the back of the bus - my favourite place. Generally speaking, Medinah is quite small compared to Mecca. However, the town is full of stories and history. At the end of the outing, we were brought to one of the famous market for shopping. Medinah is so famous of dates and other dried fruits like At-tin and Zaitun. Not to forget other dried nuts. The famous "Kurma Nabi" cost about RM25 per kilogram. Malaysian Ringgit and Saudi Riyal is almost the same value. So, you can really shop in Medinah and Mecca using any currency. The traders accept Malaysian Ringgit as it is. Also, most of them speak Malay as the second language. The reason is very simple. Other than Arabs, other nationals that come to Arab Saudi and spend a lots of money are Malaysian and Indonesian. And ironically, Malaysia and Indonesia shares the same language. Very interesting ..After 3 days in Medina, we are getting ready for the real stuff. Doing the Umrah in Mecca. The photo shows the group right in front of the hotel Anwar Movenpick just around the corner from Masjidil Nabawi. Everyone is in their Ihram waiting for the bus. Its is going to be a very long journey back to Mecca and the time is approximately 4 hours.The next photo shows my Egyption boss Khaled posing at the corner of the hotel. Right behind is Masjidil Nabawi where out great prophet Muhammed S.A.W lies in peace. One more point to note that, Muhammad spirit is alive everywhere in Medinah. You can see that every body is calm and very friendly. One of the traders hug me as if I know him for many years. Every body is well behave. It was really amazing. You just don't appreciate it until you go to Medinah and stays there. I could tell you that the feeling is different. Mecca could not beat Medinah on this sense.If you have the chance to go there, don't forget to visit Rasulullah tombs. It is the best place in Medinah. Right in the mosque where you perform your solah. Wake up early well before Fajr prayer and go to Raudhah and do your sunat prayers. It is a small area in the mosque where it is used to be the original mosque during our great prophet Muhammad time. The area ia marked with light carpet and you could notice the different. It is just next to Rasulullah tombs. The area is between the "minbar" and the tombs is noted as one of the garden in paradise.[...]

My Daughter Aini Syafiqah - First Few Days of Her Life


My eldest daughter Aini Syafiqah was born just after midnight on 16th September, 2003. Being childless on my previous marriage (12 years), the moment I saw her, I could feel that my tears ran down my cheek. I was very happy to see how beautiful she was. Weighted only 2.73kg, she was kind of small. Nevertheless, it was the happiest moment in my life.

The first week was horrible to her experience. She was diagnose to have jaundice and the reading nearly touch the upper limit where one would need a blood transfusion. I was nearly broke as my fiancial position was not good at that time. I have decided to sent her to Putrajaya Hospital. She was born in SJMC having the best doctors to attend to her and her mum.

While the charges was huge different, so are the technical knowledge between the pediatrician in both hospitals. For blood test in SJMC, they only need to get only fews cc of blood. You know if you take out the internal part of a Kilometrico ball pen, that is the size SJMC keep my daughter's blood. The blood was taken at the toe and not at the back of our palm as in Putrajaya Hospital where some *litres* of blood needed every morning for testing. The doctor probably around 20++ years old, while the pediatrician in SJMC was double the age. Just imagine that! Poor government.

I week later, she was released from the hospital but the jaundice keeps on until few weeks before showing sign of receding. I was relief. These are some of the photos taken by poor quality hand held device digital camera.

See...I told you she was beautiful and still is... :D


New Dream Job as Senior Software Engineer


1997 Asian financial crisis was the biggest hurdle in my live. I have no option but to close down my newly set up software business. I was a very tough time but I manage to go thru it chewing every bite of its bitter experience.

During that period, I manage to land several small projects and they are enough to meet my end needs. Once the project completed, I spend most of my time at home developing software for one of open source project on the internet.

Lucky enough, my beloved BMW E30 still went strong and did not give me much problems. It was a huge relieve knowing that most beemers give lots of problem. Somehow, I have lost the pictures of my E30. It was a good car but somehow the reliability was not that I would admire.

One night in September 1998, I received a phone call from one of local company specialising in IT solutions. I was surprised when the manager ask me to send my resume by the next morning. I never apply for a job !. She got my contact number thru one of my friend. To cut the story short, I started working for the company in October 1998.

I was very happy because I always want to work for a software warehouse but it was very difficult to get one. The main reason was that the economy was not that good. Secondly, my background was in Civil Engineering. I designed highways and not computer software. During old days, managers are sceptical about the idea of non IT graduate doing computer programming. It was a different story in US, Australia and Europe. So, at the end, my dream come true. Very happy and relieved.