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Who switched on the light?

Updated: 2018-01-15T16:37:21.220Z




Erics at the Everyman with Shan is so much better than I'd hoped. Recommend it to anyone. Who'd've thought it, me enjoying a musical! Left the new wheels at work and hopped a train into town. Ran round after laces, cable ties and a new Trio card which necessitated a new startled ferret photo.

Big adventure of the day today was taking the wheels along the prom mto Aigburth station. I am so unfit it is unbelievable...... Then home, No Mercy for jumper and stuff for Cal in anticipation of the Dad and Lads cub camp this weekend.

New Set o' Wheels


(image) Long time no post. In a bid to avoid the whole Jon Beast thing to be mean with the old go juice and because I've remembered what trains are for in the last few months, I've joined the PCT's bit of the Cycle Scheme. So having recieved the requisite voucher yesterday and nipped to Picton Cycles, I am now the fattest and unfittest cyclist in town. So if you see a puffing heap of fluorescent yellow it'll be me. Cycled to the station at Hunts Cross this morning via Ducky Pond, past a Moorhen and Heron (both looked down their beaks at me) and arrived there breathing heavily. Onto the train and off at Brunswick and onto the bike and into work. Latter bit felt a bit easier. Truth be told I'm suprised how unfit I am.

Gugug and Stuff


A weekend of trying to avoid whistling 'Limehouse Chinese Laundry Blues'. Interupted by the discovery of these wonderful things: Gugug - Psychotic Reaction (object) (embed) Gugug - Blitzkrieg Bop (object) (embed) Gugug - You're Wondering Now (object) (embed)

Almost Killed You


Billy Bragg is 50, when? Aaaargh! I'm getting old..... 'Mr Love and Justice' the new album plays at me. Fine it is too. Thing is when I think of Mr Bragg I see the geezer on a stage at Battersea Park as the GLC disappeared. People just don't age in my head. The curse of IIS strikes again as does FoI. Aaaargh!

Learning Experiences


Permissions, it's all to do with read permissions. Paranoia leads to the odd change.

Less Swearing


New Fade site up and running. Yipee!



Oh, non-existent deities, I delve into PHP and MySQL and have small victories in that both get installed and function. Can I get them to talk to each other - can I heck as like. However in the space of an afternoon I make more progress than IT in over 12 months...... final mile and new Fade site will follow.

Right now


Wanna scream at industrial relations books.....

Aaaarrr! Swash my Buckles


My pirate name is:
Black Morty Vane
Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
part of the network



Off the booze, the coffee, the chocs. Booze feels difficult right now. Pissed off with tea. Would chomp a toffe crisp with some haste. So Ribena it is then!

Sore froat


Sleep looks good.



Blink's on the blink. I have a request for a review pre-refusal so not got a scoob how that works. Mevin is in. Train is interesting on return home because it is running late as a result of passenger illness. Becomes a bit of a recurrent theme, Cub's is cancelled due to ill leaders.

Get Monst to work and then plan on relaxing at home.

Jimmy the Hoover


Empty Cal's Room, Clean, Fill Cal's Room.

Hiding in the Bunker


Major disagreements between Monst and Cal today. I'm due to be tidying's the saest option! Deposit the pair of them in Woolton to get the boy's glasses repaired. End up watching darts as I clean the bedroom - weird.

A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil


The other place features on Heriot-Watt's Internet Resources Newsletter 158. Cor, that's posh it has an ISSN! Cheers to Roddy, Catherine and Marion for the plug.

If you're not familiar with it I am of course referring to the Fade Library blog which had been taking up my blogging time recently. It's loads less scurrilous than here and seems to be going well.

If you hadn't realised the new years resolution is to try and get a daily post here. Been neglected for too long, been a bad blogger. Must try harder.

I Ain't The Walrus


The heating remains sick but is getting better I think. Here's hoping our lodgers will have gone by Monday.

Day goes by without major events, get to chat to some fine people.

Return to Siberia


First day in and as reported to me yesterday by Helen the heating groundfloor Reggie is still knackered. Worse than that the penguin family that are inhabiting the library right now seem to have invited a nuclear outfit of polar bears to join them. If a Walrus moves in too then I'm off.

Wake late so car to South Parkway and then train to Reggie. No sign of the Ushanka.

The heating (or lack of... if you prefer) engineers appeal to us to let them do some welding. We're up for it, we could crowd round and get some heat and apparently it's needed to complete the heating repair. A risk assessment holds it up. The suggestion that the risk assessment should read, welder = sparks = fire risk = be wary when you do it ain't good enough. Fairy Nuff. The Walrus may arrive anytime tomorrow. We arrange for everyone else to be elsewhere while I hold the fort. With any luck the heating will be fixed tonight and I'll be in a version of the tropics..... Not gonna put the 'Toucan perch available' sign up just yet.

Work wise, a tickle from the pre-crimbo sexual health gig we did (how can you compete with a Durex stand?) brings work and cold cure advice that matches my usual advice (currently being put into practice with some Bushmill's 1608). The folk at Halton sort some stuff for me as a result. Do a little blog wrangling. FoI is busy. Chat to the Queen of Mortality (usual sick level of conversation which amuses the pair of us) who helps me sort a nice man from the Beeb. Sorts the request. MEN raise their head above the parapet and the Liberals get in on the act to. Some blog advice to Sue. Chat to the other end of the St Halton gig too. So good to chat to some fine folk while sorting stuff.

Meanwhile back at home Monst sorts the decs and does a stunning clean up job on downstairs just leaving the kitchen to me. Shove on some Seasick Steve and sort it.

Paisley Underground


It's kinda inevitable, it's my age, nostalgia kicks in. Good stuff. Not a starting point but an early marker I feel. D-day is good. Spend the day keeping Cal amused. We discover the delights of Mahjong, it wastes the day nicely. Snow is forecast, one of the more bizarre outcomes of the cold snap and my public transport experience is I have an Ushanka on order. Bet it arrives post cold weather. Still my ears will be warm as a result..... when it does. Yet to begin 'Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks'. However 'Fallen Idle', 'We All Live in a Perry Groves World', have been consumed and I'm 4/5ths through 'Berlin Soldier 1945: An Eye Witness Account of the Fall of Berlin'.

Happy New Year and All That


Hootenanny.... Rab C. .... Monst at work calls, world explodes with fireworks, Bicycle Kid and the Lemmings piss me off .... usual start to a new year then. Resolutions.... bah! Still feel rough following traditional Christmas cold.

Chickentown and Clutches


Into Reggie and the phone leads me to Evidently Chickentown. (object) (embed)

Monst calls me. Chickentown calls me. Monst is upset as I fling a blogging gig Tracy's way and apparently ignore her down the phone. Scab a tenner off the poor unfortunate Nicola because I haven't a bean on me and the wallet is at home. I'm told it's down to fog in Brizzle, and the arm flapping ain't happening. I arrive marginally early following a stressed up drive. Fog has lifted by curtain up. I return towards the Mersey, scab a free parking situation as the machine refuses to eat the money borrowed from Nicola (makes it easy to give it back mind!) and get to the Rocket and conduct an experiment in non-laxative, laxative impact as I break down at the Rocket. Not a good spot to be in, with a huge artic right behind you (I'd say up the jacksie but despite the fact I'm often called to vocalise with it, it ain't that big - honest!). Call the RAC. They come, looks like my clutch is going, 'Ooh! Er...Missus'. Dysfuntional in the afternoon as a result. Ring garages an relieved that the some demanded is not as bad as I imagine!



I'm still alive - just!



Saturday Airport, curry (bizarre pint as I wait, during which strange patriotism is exhibited around me). Call from the airport to celebrate free scran. Rugby World Cup Final is wallpaper and brings memories of Tom. Early to bed. Sunday 'Control' at FACT. An interesting venue, an interesting film. I see it in the box and wasn't prepared for the array of two seater sofa type things in there. Very bohemian, reminded me of something I think I read in the Godfather. OK the movie was a cheery exercise in the life and death of Ian Curtis, 'er maybe not. Mind you that doesn't make it a bad film and the fact that at no point didn't I want the hanging to happen earlier has to be a good sign. The lack of rustling sweet wrappers was a good guide to the quality of the film. Sure it has great music but that is to be expected but on reflection I'm getting confused about Ian Curtis the real person and the screen versions. It's a bit like Tony Wilson, if I think of him at all, I see Steve Coogan mentally. Wierd. So unhappy in a joyous sort of way I head home. Cook a fine meal, watch shite TV, finish my news bash. Feed the cat. Open a bottle of beer. Sort an answering service.

Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee


Wednesday JY visits me in the library to inform me I have a flat tyre. Blogger is playing up so I'm behind on the news. Aaargh! Shit day and it's only a coupla hours old. The new Mrs Hicks informs me of a venue for tyre repair. I go fetch a new bottle of tyre gunk from the garage, pump up the tyre, get alarmed as I hear the air escaping but it hold out for a fair while pre gunk. I finish the news. Gunk the tyre and head to the RR, NC and Mrs Hicks recommended Jetyres. They replace it with minimal fuss and just charge me an arm leaving out the leg. Other than that the day consists of me learning more about waxing than I care to know about. Still if anyone knows what a Las Vegas Brazilian is that's beyond my informants knowledge. It all sounds like the sort of torture your local inquisitor might dish out. Finally locate the Mark Gardener album 'These Beautiful Ghosts' for download over at United for Opportunity. Don't have time to listen to it as I eat a ruby as I download because the family need picking up from town from Beauty and the Beast. Don't even have time to transfer it to Johnny Notpod (I eventually get a listen on Friday and it's beautiful an instant fave). Thursday Day off to get Visas at the Consulate General down in Brum. I have a cunning plan, catch the first train out of South Parkway that heads that way. The alarm cat wakes me early, too early. I catch up with some stuff I'd recorded, reset the alarm cat and fall asleep. The alarm cat wakes me 20 minutes before I'm due at the station. No probs, tumble into the car and head off to my fave local station. Grab a coffee from the trolly dolly and the jobs a good 'un. The great book disaster. I have on my person 'Jude: Level 1' which I finish before arrival. Curses, don't have time to buy another book before heading to the consulate so grab an Indie. Have a Manchester experience on the way to the consulate that is rescued when I see an advertising hoarding that I recognise. Get up to the consulate to find myself at the back of a significant queue. The bloke ahead of me is back from the previous day, he tells me that they ran out of tokens. No probs, I think that'll have been sorted by today, they just need to nip to the local cheese counter and blag some. 9.30 and the queue starts to shift. Then this bloke comes down the queue after about 10 minutes to tell us that they've run out of tokens an unless you are travelling in two days it's time to go away. So I leave, ring home to a frosty reception from Monst. She isn't impressed - she hasn't wasted a days leave. So mightily pissed off I go back to New Street via the Central Library (I need a bog, and am quite impressed by the Cafe Library in the gaff). Hungry I sort a ham and cheese toastie and coffee at New Street. Then discover I have around an hour to wait for a train so sort new books in terms of a biog of Joe Strummer, some low life sub-victorian sci-fi and another of the Conn Igguldon books that I've been enjoying but not certain why - if you want a list there in my current reading on the Fade Library Blog right now). By the time I'm back at the station I still have time to wait. So off for a pint of the black stuff. Train home. I get a massive welcome at home, no note of apology for the wild goose chase just the comment that I was meant to stay in Birmingham to sort it the following day. Ring work, check I've nothing on. Fill the car with petrol he[...]

Odd Blog


Lace, corporate induction, groups are too large, the Bish Bunker has horrid acoustics. Helen plays a blinder. Lesson learnt, in future smaller groups and make the CG folk work for a living. Build a fair trade sugar inspired Zebra trap at Reggie. Any stray Zebra down by the Mersey will be lured into the library. Positive vibes in a direction that needs them right now.