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It's secret.

Updated: 2012-04-15T16:26:49.725-06:00


Site is Down for a bit


I'm having trouble with my web server, so the old domain has been forwarded to here.

In the mean time, I will be updating these links:


I've never heard of this stuff before. It's an anti-tick dewormer for cows. you can put it in their feed and it does all sorts of good things to them. It shares the same chemical chains as sand, but is derived from diatoms - anchient precursors to shellfish - aka plankton.
There's not much research out there on the impact of plankton on human diets. But I found a paper:
I think this fossilized version is just the same stuff silica microchips are made from.
It's good for humans, too. I might just buy a bag and try using it for a detox program.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> end of transmission


From: American Free Press:


BILDERBERG’S ATTEMPT TO FOOL the public into believing it had already met in Greece has been exposed.

We now believe Bilderberg will meet from Thursday, June 5 to Sunday, June 8 in Chantilly, Va., near Washington’s Dulles International Airport. The precise scene of the crime is the Westfields Marriott, 14750 Conference Center Drive, Chantilly, Va. 20151. 703-818-0300.

Plug the dates into their online booking tool. Yup - all booked up.

New Address




Red Ensign Standard, XXII




The Monarchist is hosting this issue of the Red Ensign Standard, and you should check it out.

Back by popular demand: The Tipping Point, Part II, the follow up to Part I.

Expand your personal blogosphere. Part IV


Through Ryanne's Video Blog I came across Amyville.

Check out Amy's post entitled: movin'. It's funny. That girl is crazy man. In a good way.

Also, here's some tips on becoming an early riser. No, the usual kind.

Mad props: Chandasutra via James Bow.


Every last one of ya.

Just give 'er


I think you should have a look at The Daily Dancer, a blog about a guy who has a passion to dance. I liked Eye of the Tiger the best.

Rad. Totally Rad.

Rant in A Minor, First Movement


The Globe & Mail is ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED that in some political ridings, the Conservative nominees are affiliated, not with Freemasons or some other shadowy Cabal, but SoCon Christians. Wow. Someone has been reading their Goebbels propaganda handbook. As one commenter asked:"If reporters who write about Christian fundamentalists taking over his party were to "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian, do you think they would let you print it?" he asked. "I doubt it."Oh, I'll print it.BERLIN -- Jewish Zionist activists have secured Communist nominations in clusters of ridings from Dusseldorf to Dresden -- a political penetration that has occurred even as the party tries to distance itself from hard-line Jewish Zionism.At least three riding associations in Freistaat, four in Rheinland-Pfalz, and one in suburban Hamburg have nominated candidates with ties to groups like The Learned Elders of Zion, a Jewish organization that seeks to corrupt our precious bodily fluids.But organizers say many more will be on the ballot during the next federal election, a feat achieved by persuading synagoguers, particularly new members of the Reich, to join the party and vote for recommended candidates.Some Jews argue that the selection of a large number of candidates from the Zionist camp is an unfortunate turn for a party that was accused in last year's election campaign of harbouring Jewish-ifluenced "Protocols." Now, the government sponsored folks at have been ranting and roaring about the Nazi Pope while conveniently forgetting that Paul Martin himself is a Roman Catholic who, in some form or another, pays homage to a Pontiff who used to be a Hitler Youth.It just doesn't add up. Or does it? Some people seem to stop just short of an open season on Evangelicals.Applying the same methods as above to THIS post by a fine fellow Non-Partisan/Alberta Blogger, the Calgary Observer yields the following arguement. It sounds like something Tommy Douglas himself may have said:"I hate to be the one to say, I told you so, but I told you so.The NDP has nominated openly gay people for a number of ridings. Not that there's anything wrong with homosexuality, but sexual identity and politics should not be mixed. Whatever an individual politician or candidate does in their bedroom really his or her own private business, but the problem here is that these nominees have come out and stated that they will no longer be ashamed of who they are and that they will pursue their political goals guided by their beliefs. "It's time we stopped apologizing and started defending who we are. The gay community in Canada, by and large, and socially liberal Catholics, are saying we have been far too gay and thus we have been of no political impact for far too long, on too many fronts." (Tristan Emmanuel)"Funny how you just have to change the name of the people to make everything all ok.Oh, wait, what if we again applied that same little word trick to THIS article by Mindless in Ottawa? Could you imagine if anybody had said this about Muslims? " How to Fix the Conservative Party:Here’s the thing. Canadians are scared of Muslims, that's just the way it is.Have you ever met a Muslim? Tell me, weren’t you just a little scared? Be honest.Unless you are a Muslim, in which case you are probably blowing a gasket as you read this, then you have at some point in your life been at least a little freaked out as you talked to a Muslim.I personally know many Muslimss, some I like, and some I think are so stupid they would just as easily have joined a al Quaeda if it had free AK's with the Q'uran.The Conservative Party is dominated by Muslims.Don’t even bother to pretend this is not the case. I’ve been to the nominating meetings where 100 dark guys with that glassy eyed look show up with their non liberated wives. Wives who look lobotomized and struggle to keep six kids [...]

Prairie Female Objectification


Kate from SDA. Hot or Not? Cast your vote HERE.

Bush league, Pro. Bush league, Pro.


Nice. Word Press is probably the coolest program I have seen. The new look is on its way.

Grandinite before and after MKBraaten figured out WP.

Conflict in the blogosphere


Warren Kinsella is pissed off about the Canadian Journalist Blog that just fired up and he has some choice words about the whole project.

Hey, in my mind, journalists can be bloggers, just as long as they keep their comments on.


Good thing he redeemed himself with THIS link. Maybe he's thinking about making the jump himself.

Way down in Kosovo


From Darren Barefoot comes some hilarious video footage of some Norwegian peace keepers in Kosovo spoofing the 80's hit Kokomo. Some might find it offensive; others downright hilarious. I just don't know what to say.


Scariest looking criminal. ever.


Whoa. Check THIS guy out. Thanks, Blog Quebecois.

Make yourself costly to govern


Jay Jardine and Polspy have come up with the idea of making ourselves "costly to govern". One commenter suggests mailing rocks to PMPM if the postage really is free.

Send rocks to:

House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Probably the best way is to do your part to ensure that the Liberals do not have another huge surplus to play around with; try to do as much purchasing from the "underground" or "informal" economy as you can. Taking production out of the "formal" economy means although there is still the same level of economic activity, not as much of it is in the formal sector where it is taxed.

Also, I would suggest forming your own local currency to put a dent in the inflation tax levied on all savings.

New Stuff


My blog has a new home on the web: my own domain at Blogger went down recently, and I thought I'd try hosting the blog elsewhere. With the account, there's some extra domains, so Alberta Blogs also has its own space. It's going to be huge.

Also, I'm venturing into a fiction-writing blog started by Breebop called Welcome to the Neighbourhood. I created a character named Wes who is based on all the transplanted British Columbians I have met out in Alberta.

Trouble on the blogrolls


Victor Marciano and the Calgary Observer , both members of the Blogging Tories and Alberta Blogs, have gotten into a bit of a tift concerning a theory about Belinda Stronach possibly being a Liberal Mole within the Conservative Party. Victor had some remarks about CO's theory, which I find interesting. Here you have Victor, who is somewhat of an insider, denouncing the theory altogether, calling it "nutty... tinfoil hat too tight - nutty". But he doesn't offer reasons why it's nutty. Nevertheless, it is an interesting theory, and you should check it out. The Calgary Observer has removed the Blogging Tories blogroll, but still links to Marciano vis-a-vis the Alberta Blogs blogroll. Let's hope they can stay linked through Alberta Blogs. If anything, it could serve as a test case that geography creates a tighter bind than political philosophy.

I would have flown the Alberta Red Ensign for the Queen


Geez. As Mr. Rempel points out, the Federal Government may already be funding an Anti-Western Separatist initiative by giving out free Canadian flags out west. In the area of the country that is most pissed off about Adscam (besides Quebec) the Feds might just be slapping up Canadian flags wherever they can in order to promote the facade of unity. For those of you with short memories, slapping up maple leaves throughout Quebec was the modus operandi of promoting unity in Quebec.

Rempel wanted to wave an Alberta flag as the Queen went by, because afterall, this was Alberta's Centennial celebration. But for some strange reason, the kiosk that was handing out Canadian flags did not have any Alberta flags available. Go HERE and read his post and see if your blood doesn't boil.

What irony. I for one, would have proudly flown my Alberta Red Ensign for the Queen, if there were such a thing.


Torstar Blogs Bilderberg


Huh. A while back, I commented that the Toronto Star would be unlikely to publish the fact that its CEO, Robert Prichard attended the 2005 Bilderberg meeting.

Well, as Antonia Zerbisias points out, they just did.

However, this was after the Globe & Mail reported the fact.

Pretty good, for a newspaper blog.

Now if only we could get Zerbisias to become a real blogger and turn her comments section on.

It would certainly take her off the MSM hitlist of Corporate Bloggers.

**NOTE** If you want to read the Globe & Mail Bilderberg article, go through Google News. Scroll down to May 23rd to find it HERE.

Expand your personal Blogosphere (Part III)


Breebop is trying to start a short-fiction blog of stories; I have signed up and am pretty pumped about giving short fiction writing a shot.

Also, check out THIS example of fine creative blogging that involves a mutant Tiger Mole, a gas-guzzler graveyard in winter and a blogger in the role of Pierre Trudeau. I give it a 10/10 for creativity in blogging. Amazing.

Also, if you are dummy and are new to blogging, you might want to check out Andrew's tips for making a great blog.

On being more creative


Via THIS post over at Breebop, I cam across an interesting post at the Gaping Void entitled "How to be More Creative". Just read it. There's a lot of wisdom borne from experience tied up in those words.

Getting to know the Liberal Spin-masters


Well, things are getting even more dirty. The Liberals, as reported in THIS National Post piece, are billing Canadians one million dollars to protect them from the Gomery stench. The Libs have set up a special "war room" to deal with the Gomery fallout; what's interesting is WHO is spinning the spin."Revelations from the inquiry, which is digging into the $250-million sponsorship scheme, forced the Liberals to set aside $750,000 in a trust fund to pay back money improperly obtained by the party.One memo to Mr. Himelfarb indicates the strategy office was set up almost immediately after the Martin government launched the inquiry in February 2004 upon the release of Auditor General Sheila Fraser's damning report on the sponsorship program.Dated Feb. 18, 2004, the memo describes "the intergovernmental co-ordination group" being set up in the PCO, the nerve centre of the federal government, under the proposed direction of bureaucrat Guy McKenzie. However, the summary and attachments are mostly blanked out, under section 23 of the Access to Information Act, due to "solicitor/client privilege."Guy McKenzie From the Canadian Press, February, 2004:"Fraser plans next week to hand the House's public accounts committee another list of people who authorized sponsorship transactions involving departments and Crown corporations.Also named Friday were Jim Judd, secretary of the Treasury Board; Ran Quail, former deputy minister of public works who oversaw the troubled sponsorship program; Pierre Tremblay and Chuck Guite, former directors of the sponsorship plan; Guy McKenzie, executive director of Communications Canada; Marc LeFrancois, president of Via Rail; and Christina Sirsly, a Via Rail vice-president."Translation: One of the people under investigation in the Gomery Inquiry is responsible for setting up the department responsible for de-torquing any Gomery fallout. Interesting.Ursula Menke"The office's operating budget now totals $1,068,000 after its first-year budget of $534,000 in 2004-05 was renewed for a second year, according to Hali Gernon of the PCO.Ms. Gernon said the office has a small staff of about "four or five" employees and since June 2004 has been under the direction of lawyer Ursula Menke, the former deputy commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard and inspector general of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.Claiming "solicitor/client privilege," the PCO did not release any of the meeting minutes or briefing notes of the co-ordinating committee in response to the Access to Information request made by Ottawa researcher Ken Rubin."Translation: Someone with CSIS ties is now managing the Psy-op to de-torque the Gomery Inquiry. However, to Menke's credit, she did, in 1993, detail how a CSIS report of its own activities was incomplete. I hope that she is able to report how the Gomery Inquiry is an incomplete investigation of Liberal corruption. Read more about Menke HERE."Menke's career in the public and private sectors has helped her to develop policy development and problem solving skills. Prior to joining the CRTC, she held such positions as Vice President, Council and Secretary General at the Metropolitan life insurance company. She was also Inspector General of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Senior Corporate Adviser in the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada, as well as Legal Adviser in the Department of Finance."So the Department of Finance might be her connection to PMPM.[...]

The end of Canada?


From American in T.O., I found THIS interesting analysis:

"I've been predicting it for years. And ever since I've been thinking about it, I've also thought--contrary to conventional wisdom--that it would be the western provinces, and particularly oil-rich Alberta, that would be the first to leave, rather than Quebec.

. . .

If the confederation comes apart at the seams, which I do genuinely expect within the next few years at most, BC and Alberta would thrive as independent countries. With a loss of revenue, Ontario would be forced into the impossible task of funding its socialism on its own, and I say that's for the best because it's probably the only thing that might force them out of that mindset."

Whoa. Read MORE.

Liberals bill taxpayers $1million to spin Gomery fallout


From the National Post:

"The Liberal government has set up a secret war room -- at a cost of about $1 million to Canadian taxpayers -- to handle the fallout from the Gomery commission.

Documents obtained by the Citizen through the Access to Information Act reveal that the rapid-response war room, which is in almost daily contact with the Prime Minister's Office and the government's top bureaucrat, Alex Himelfarb, operates out of the Privy Council Office.

The cost of the strategic office, which does everything from preparing answers for question period in the House of Commons to keeping the Prime Minister's Office abreast of testimony at the inquiry, covers the salaries of staff and expenses.

The war room and its cost came to light on the heels of last week's complaints from Justice John Gomery about officials exaggerating the cost of his inquiry."

Calgary-Edmonton Highway renamed - after the Queen


From the CBC:

"On Monday at a dinner with the Queen, Klein announced that Alberta was also renaming Highway 2 in her honour.

Alberta's busiest highway – which runs between Calgary and Edmonton – will now be known as Queen Elizabeth II Highway.

New road signs went up on Tuesday."

I will try to get some photos of these new signs. In the meantime, CLICK HERE to view pictures of Alberta's busiest transport corridor.

MSM Blackout: GG linked to Anti-Harper website


Read THIS and THIS.