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Music and culture from Marc Geelhoed in Chicago.

Published: 2008-11-16T21:59:54-06:00




Please update your browers, RSS feeds, Google Reader pages, and any other services you use to locate DecSimp, because DecSimp is heading to WordPress. The new URL is A few bugs remain to be stomped upon, but I hope...

All-time greatest line used by a homeless man to cadge spare change from passersby


"I am not carrying a pistol."---homeless man on Michigan Avenue between Van Buren Street and Jackson Boulevard, November 11, 2008, 8:45AM.

When the going gets gruff


I had the following exchage with my eye doctor's assistant, an older guy in this office located in the Chicago Board of Trade at Jackson and LaSalle, as I was looking at glasses frames yesterday. Optometrist assistant: "You need some...

The eternal struggle


In the summer of 2005, Illinois' then-Senator Barack Obama joined the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to narrate Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait. The concert took place in Millennium Park's Pritzker Pavilion on September 11, and was conducted by William Eddins. The audio...

Faster faster


You want this nail-biting election over, I want this nail-biting election over, and Sviatoslav Richter wanted the nail-biting B minor Bagatelle by Beethoven to be over. Enjoy. And go vote if you haven't, though if you take political direction from...

He made us better


"Where are you from?" "I live in Chicago." "I love Studs Terkel." I've lost track of the number of times I've had that conversation, or one similar to it, with someone I recently met. To those who didn't live here,...

Now in its third season


I was busy in September. I missed the three-year birthday of this blog, which launched on September 7, 2005. Thanks to everyone who's read it and returned, and written to take issue or say they agree. It's gonna be great...

An expert opinion on Doctor Atomic


New Yorker staff reporter and author Steve Coll (Pulitzer-winning Ghost Wars, The Bin Ladens) also keeps a blog called "Think Tank" at the magazine's site, and weighed in recently on his evening spent watching Doctor Atomic at the Metropolitan Opera....

Sibelius the progressive


As is so often the case, Alex Ross started it. He claims to hear Queen's "We Will Rock You" in Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man. Fair enough. Bryant Manning, here in Chicago, claims to hear another classical antecedent...

Berlioz and the painful sham


"The Damnation as we have it, and as Berlioz himself described it, is 'an opera without decor or costumes.' It is an opera of the mind's eye performed on an ideal stage of the imagination, hardly realizable within a framework...