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Chavez Touts Socialism in Inauguration


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Invoking Christ and Castro as his socialist models, President Hugo Chavez began his third term Wednesday by declaring that socialism, not capitalism, is the only way forward for Venezuela and the world....

Analysts Hit Venezuela Nationalization


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Investors spooked by President Hugo Chavez's nationalization plans rushed to sell off Venezuelan stocks Tuesday, while U.S. officials and financial analysts warned that increasing government control in the power, telecom and oil sectors is a mistake....

Venezuela Seeks Retraction From OAS


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- The government demanded Saturday that the Organization of American States retract its criticism of Venezuela's decision not to renew the license of an opposition-aligned television station....

Venezuelan Teen Detained in Hacking Case


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- A 17-year-old has been detained by Venezuelan authorities after hacking into multiple government Web sites and posting playful photos of President Hugo Chavez and his close ally, Cuba's Fidel Castro....

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Chooses New VP


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- With the selection of a political newcomer as his new vice president, President Hugo Chavez moved forward with changes to his inner circle and laid the groundwork for reforms aimed at confronting problems from corruption to crime....