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Philadelphia greasing light poles to stop fans from climbing


PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Workers in Philadelphia are greasing light poles in a bid to prevent fans from climbing up them after the NFC Championship game....

Buzz off: Ohio college want vultures to leave campus


GRANVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- An Ohio liberal arts college is hanging effigies in trees and using pyrotechnics to move destructive vultures off campus....

Dozens dressed as Tyrannosaurus rex descend on public square


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- His name means "king of the tyrant lizards," but sometimes Tyrannosaurus rex just wants to party....

Russian police face the unexpected: crocodile in basement


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) -- Russian police had an unexpected encounter while searching a house in St. Petersburg - a crocodile in the basement....

Cops: Maine man punches self in face to avoid sobriety test


BELFAST, Maine (AP) -- Police in Maine have accused a man of punching himself in the face three times to avoid a sobriety test....

Paper cup allegedly used by Elvis Presley up for auction


TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A paper cup allegedly used by Elvis Presley six decades ago in Oklahoma is up for auction, and bids have already surpassed $1,200....

Headless chickens found in Connecticut courtroom


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) -- Authorities in Connecticut are investigating the discovery of two decapitated chickens inside a courtroom....

Christie criticizes reports of his airline security handling


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- Chris Christie is disputing reports suggesting he tried to get special treatment that he enjoyed while he was governor....

Umbrella mistaken for weapon causes hospital lockdown


KIRKLAND, Wash. (AP) -- An umbrella sparked a scare at a Seattle-area hospital after it was mistaken for a rifle....

Customer complain that gas station swapped diesel, gasoline


WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) -- Some Maine drivers say their vehicles were damaged when they purchased fuel at a gas station where the diesel and gasoline were in the wrong pumps....