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Attacker of Russian radio host diagnosed with schizophrenia


MOSCOW (AP) -- A Russian radio station says the man who stabbed and seriously wounded one of its journalists has been diagnosed with schizophrenia....

Office of rights group in Russia's North Caucasus torched


MOSCOW (AP) -- Masked attackers on Wednesday torched the office of the prominent Russian rights group Memorial in the region of Ingushetia, the latest escalation of tensions between the activists and officials in the North Caucasus....

Russian government considers boost to social spending


MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's economic adviser says the government is considering a possible boost in social spending....

Big freeze: Russia's Yakutia sees near-record cold spell


MOSCOW (AP) -- People living in some of the coldest places on earth are hunkering down as temperatures fall to near-record lows that are even defeating thermometers....

Russian pollster s


MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's main independent polling agency has stopped publishing results of opinion polls on the upcoming presidential election, fearing legal repercussions....