(image) Channel surfing, came across an old West Wing; I gave it a watch to see what changed. In the first five seconds it was clear. They used to do acting, very good acting. The scenes, the sets, the actors, all worked together. And they had some great actors. They still have most of them, but not the drama, none of the giggles as they hit your truth bone, over and over.

Wired: "By nature, musicians are thieves."

Anonymous: "Only steal from the best."

Newsweek: "Only patent attorneys populate the quiet hallways."

Here's the picture of Dick Cheney that so many are talking about.

NY Times: "Microsoft is turning up the volume in the portable music business. And Mr Gates makes no secret that he expects to beat Mr Jobs in that market as convincingly as he did in personal computers."

John Robb says his kids use Skype for most of their phone calls, and they found it on their own, and price has nothing to do with it.