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You are invited to BloggerCon II, on April 17, 2004. ";->"

Eric Raymond rants about user interfaces. "You have to think about what the actual user experiences when he or she sits down to do actual stuff, and you have to think about it from the user's point of view."

Michael Watkins writes from inside Harvard Business School.

NY Times: "Students who tracked their lies for a week reported telling lies in 15 percent of e-mail messages, compared with more than a third of phone calls, 25 percent of face-to-face conversations and about 20 percent of instant messaging chats."

Mark Pilgrim: "I work for IBM now." Congrats.

Builder.Com shows how to parse the News.Com RSS feeds with PHP.

Rogers Cadenhead: "Does anyone still wonder why amateurs are creating their own media?"

It's getting to be time to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up. My fellowship lasts through June, and then it's on to new things. I don't even know where I'm going to live. Most of my posessions are in storage in the Bay Area. I have a nice car, and except for the TV everything I'm carrying fits in it. Not sure I can handle another summer in the northeast. Where should Uncle Davey go? Yehi.

(image) Yesterday's bit about Bill Gates and computer science is getting lots of pointers and comment. Either you hate it or love it. Funny, it's the kind of thing I'd say over coffee, a toss-away line, said then forgotten. On the Web, it reverberates and bounces; offending many, inspiring others. This is some kind of medium, and it's always changing.

Mark Mascolino is generating RSS feeds for WBUR's radio show, The Connection.

Four years ago today, a picture of Tim O'Reilly talking with Jeff Bezos on the phone. Bezos was explaining how his one-click patent works.

(image) One year ago today I wrote about my friend Lessig. It's not a word I throw around casually. I think of friendship the way tennis players think of a game. I hit the ball over the net. My friend hits it back (the best he can). I hit it back (same thing). Now in some cases, the other guy deliberately hits the ball into the net. That's not much fun. Then there's the guy who you hit the ball to, he catches it, and runs off the court with it. And then there's the guy (the anti-friend, or enemy) who puts a stick of dynamite in the ball, then hits it back so it can explode when it hits my racket. I hate when that happens! ";->"