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Andrew Cochran interviewed me at the NextMedia conference at Prince Edward Island in October last year. It's a 22MB MP3 file.

BBC: "Al-Qaeda has allegedly said it carried out the Madrid train bombings, the country's interior minister has said."

NY Times: "Google can be useful as a starting point to research or for superficial inquests," said James H. Billington, the Librarian of Congress. "But far too often, it is a gateway to illiterate chatter, propaganda and blasts of unintelligible material."

Larry Lessig will speak at the 92nd St YMCA in NYC on March 23.

Record highs in San Francisco today, high 78. Geez Louise. It'll cool off in the next few days with highs in upper 60s. Guess I don't need to pack the warm clothes! ";->"

Stephen Abrams: "We're in a room full of Lisas, but the world is full of Barts."

Steve Outing: "We've added an RSS feed for E-Media Tidbits."

Over 200 people registered for BloggerCon II, April 17, Harvard Law.

NY Times: "United States chip makers and computer manufacturers, along with foreign computer makers, have opposed the plan, saying that it would amount to an unfair trade barrier to require companies to comply with two vastly different approaches."

Law Tech Guru: "A unified specification that adopts the best of both standards while maintaining backwards compatibility is an incredibly good idea in my book."

Michael Watkins: "It becomes increasingly obvious that 'we was had' on Iraq, because we had faulty intelligence, or manipulative interpretation of it by the administration."

Wired: Bush Site Unplugs Poster Tool. "They sure smell like old people."