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(image) Then I thought my cell phone or camera could do that for me. It could be beaming my contact info. Then I had a better idea. What if his camera, as it was taking the picture, also broadcast the bits to every other camera in range. My camera, sitting in my napsack would detect a picture being broadcast, and would capture it. (Or my cell phone, or iPod.)

Personally I think this idea is as good as Checkbox News or HyperCamp, neither of which have been done yet, btw. ";->"

Kevin Marks says wifi is the way to go.

Five years ago today: "Lots of non-Internet stuff going on."

(image) I think today is a big milestone in that I didn't remember to look at the calendar until 2PM, and I had to go back to the archive page to be sure I had the day right. I am so not a smoker that I didn't even remember to mark the day until well past lunch.

Vlad: "I'll probably be the only one to make this comment, but it's about time someone noticed the awesome jobs Progresso and Campbell are doing with the gumbo soups."