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Published: 2007-04-18T18:05:18+10:00


Web counting tools 'need change'


The way web audiences are measured could be ripe for an overhaul, according to two separate reports.

Bloggers reject 'code of conduct'


Outrage abounded in the "blogosphere" on Tuesday as a pair of internet luminaries lobbied for rules of behaviour in the lawless world of online commentary. Internet publisher Tim O'Reilly, credited with coining the phrase "web 2.0," and Wikipedia founder Jimmy...

The confluence of Web 2.0 and marketing strategies - 'Friend, Not Foe'


A relevant piece of the emerging influence of Web 2.0 and the changing face of marketing There's no question about it--Web 2.0 is taking the world by storm. Consumer-generated reviews and forums. Blogging. MySpace. Viral marketing. Brand marketers are scratching...

icWales - Employers missing out on blog business benefits


COMPANIES which have hidden behind advertising and public relations must directly engage with their customers by using new internet opportunities, one of Wales' leading internet experts warns. icWales - Employers missing out on blog business benefits.

Anemic growth for podcast listening


The Corporate Podcasting Summit in London this week may have gotten off to a downbeat start after a research presentation by Tom Webster of Edison Media Research. Quoting from the yet-to-be-released "...

How to Create Your First Blog


How to Create Your First Blog Blogging has opened website creation to almost everyone, as it takes very little know-how to get a blog up and running. Every service business can benefit from blog technology. Few other marketing strategies provide...

Why Search Engine Optimization is Crucial for Your Small Business » 10e20 - Search, Design & Social


In many instances small and mid sized business owners are not 100% sure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the right solution for the online marketing needs, when in fact, there are very few instances where SEO is not a...

Podcast audience has increased by over 70% in six months


According to researchers at the Pew Internet Project (PDF), the audience for podcasts has increased by over 70% in six months.

The long tail lives: Universal sells 250,000 out-of-print tracks


All hail the long tail—Universal has just announced the first results from its own experiment with making niche products available online, and it turns out that the strategy works. The long tail lives: Universal sells 250,000 out-of-print tracks.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers


Set up your blog so that each post gets its own permanent URL, or permalink, and its heading becomes part of its permalink and page title. Write descriptive, keyword-heavy headings, and be sure the homepage and all archives have links...