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[upcoming reddit change] Switching from RSS 2.0 to Atom 1.0


Update: This change has been rolled out as of about 26 Jan 2016, 14:30 PST In the next week or so I'm going to switch our RSS support over to Atom 1.0 Huh? RSS and Atom are syndication formats read by programs called feed readers or aggregators. You can access the RSS feed for any reddit page by adding .rss to the end of the URL, like this or this. reddit also has special authenticated feeds for things like inboxes. We've had this support for a really long time: the oldest reference I can find is from 2006. Why the change? RSS has poor support for HTML content, which has opened us up to potential XSS vulnerabilities in the past. Atom has better client support than RSS these days We claim to return RSS 2.0 but we are actually using a hodgepodge of different versions of RSS with some random Atom tags thrown in, which confuses clients. After this change the feeds should fully validate, which should fix some weird client behaviour Atom has better pun support and a wicked cool icon Everything is made of atoms What changes? If you're using a feed reader with Atom support (most of them), nothing. The URLs will all be the same and everything will just continue to work as if nothing happened. If you're using a really ancient client that doesn't support Atom, the RSS feeds will stop working for you. You might get weird errors or it might silently stop updating. The ghosts of ancient articles may haunt your dreams, begging to finally escape this world. Try updating your client. If you're using RSS as a poor man's API and parsing the response yourself, the output format may not work with your program and you may need to update it. If this is you, I'd recommend switching to the JSON API instead, or doing the feed parsing with a library that supports both. But you can also just update your program using the examples below. Irrelevant technical details: I'm using the Atom XHTML type for blocks. It's really hard to find a good listing of which clients support this format vs the HTML format that's more similar to RSS's style. XHTML is more technically convenient for the way I'm generating them, but if you know of an obscure client that doesn't support it please speak up. I tried to maintain the article GUIDs across the change, but it's possible that some items may appear updated or unread, even if you'd marked them read in your feed reader. This should only happen to items that are in the listing during the change. It shouldn't affect simple link listings much but may affect feeds from search results or comments pages. It's a one-time thing, so just mark them read again and you'll be fine. What does it look like? Here's an example of the change so you can update your clients if need be Before: The last bastion of Free Speech admins, anything goes. last bastion of Free Speech new Reddit CTO is now permanently banned, [...]

[How to] Add mail icon to status bar when receiving reddit notification


First, get Simple RSS through the AppStore, or another RSS reader with push notifications. Then add this repo: Then in the settings go to OpenNotifier and add the RSS Reader and set it with the mail icon. Optional: Change the mail icon to red through PhotoShop.

submitted by /u/BeastJesus to r/jailbreak
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Good article/commentary sites, blogs & podcasts 2017? (RSS feeds preferred)


EDIT: Join us on Discord chat (毎日英語と日本語) for informed discussions about Japanese and group readings of short stories and novels! What sites do you all read nowadays? Let me know and I'll edit them into the post for easy reference. Everyone knows NHK News Web Easy, but there are bound to be others. Easier reading NHK News Web Easy: Grandaddy of easy-reading sites Matcha Easy: Travel articles with many photos 和タのC (wa-tanoshii): Easy general articles with many photos Intermediate-fluent reading Has both Japanese and English articles, many of them very well written and translated Matcha: Travel articles with many photos RocketNews24 Japan (English site): Our favorite RocketNews24, purveyor of all manner of random news and tidbits, in Japanese The Huffington Post Japan: All manner of news and popular topics, from Japan and abroad. Also see,,, and for short articles Naver Matome: Massive Tumblr-like platform hosting user-made listicles consisting of quotes from tweets and articles. Covers everything The Bridge: Articles (English too) covering startups and technology in Japan Gendai Business: Articles running the gamut - try the Culture section Articles oriented towards the business/career crowd 社説比較くん (, Google cached page: Gathers newspaper editorials (社説) on various topics Z TOKYO (RSS feed): Bilingual online magazine on different Tokyo-ite citizens and culture, with some other topics in the mix as well (thanks to u/QuantumFishsticks) Audio / Podcasts Many are listed in the Japanese Podcast and Streaming Audio Thread at the Koohii Forums Your Smile Town (RSS feed / MP3s, iTunes): Lighthearted, episodic radio comedy-drama following two people visiting various Tokyo neighborhoods, easy to follow Bilingual News: Casual discussion of news in both English and Japanese, adult themes (thanks to u/no_detection) Suntory Sunday Waiting Bar Avanti: Bite-sized 日常会話 about interesting topics with new guests each episode, has the atmosphere of a chic Tokyo bar (thanks to u/climatewarrior) Soko☆Ani: Relaxed podcast about anime, enjoyable and easy to follow (thanks to u/TigersMilkTea) (I'm intending to put these sites and podcasts into my phone RSS reader, so sites with RSS feeds would be great.) How can I effectively follow all these sites? You can use RSS (a content subscription system). Many sites offer their content as RSS feeds. You just need to put the RSS feed URL into an RSS reader app and you'll be able to read articles from that site. Get the URL from the RSS icon on each site. Articles from many sources will be conveniently accessible from a single app, and you can even look up words if you have a suitable dictionary addon or app. For Android, here's a good, simple, ad-less RSS reader: SpaRSS. Throw in a few RSS URLs from the sites above that have RSS feeds. Then you can look up unfamiliar words using a popup dictionary app (Popup Japanese Dictionary, Aedict Reader Popup) or by sharing text to a dictionary or analyzer (Dokugakusha). Remember, reading a lot is one of the fastest ways to develop your Japanese. Read 100 articles and you'll be miles ahead. EDIT: Join us on Discord chat (毎日英語と日本語) to read, discuss and ask questions! Advanced and native speakers are around to consult too. submitted by /u/creamyhorror to r/LearnJapanese [link] [comments][...]

How to get notified about Dominion availability!


I know a lot of you are upset that Riot doesn't shout from the rooftops whenever Dominion is open, so here are a few steps to make it a little easier for you.

They said it'll be posted on the Announcements forum, so go here. There's an RSS feed of that forum, which you can subscribe to in Chrome by hitting the little orange RSS icon that pops up in the address bar (for this you might need the RSS Subscription Extension. Select the Announcements link (they'll give you a choice between two feeds), then select Google Reader as your reader. Here is a direct link to the RSS feed if you need it.

Then, get Google Reader Notifier for Chrome if you don't have it already. There's also Google Reader Watcher for Firefox, Google Reader Notifier for Windows, and Reader Notifier for Mac.

This way, you'll see a notification next to your address bar (or your taskbar, or somewhere else, depending on which notifier you got) whenever Riot posts an announcement. You can simply click once on the notification icon to check the title of the post, and then open up the link if necessary (again, this is referring to the Chrome extension).

To make sure you get updates as soon as possible, go to Options for the Chrome extension and set it to refresh every 5 minutes (or 10, or 15, or 30, whichever works for you). 5 minutes should be short enough, as they announce the Dominion windows a little while before it opens.

Hope this helps someone... I'm sure there are options for other RSS readers, but since I use Google Reader I have no clue what else is out there.


EDIT: Added a link to the RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome, I thought Chrome came with it by default... sorry! Also added info on how to make the reader update as often as possible.

EDIT2: If you want a way to get notifications by e-mail, limpits provided an explanation here. As for SMS, I haven't tried any of these myself but a quick Google search gave me PeekFeed and Pingie. For the RSS URL, use this:

submitted by /u/kiwiness to r/leagueoflegends
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The UV Map, Flying saucer icons and RSS Blunder?


After my old thread of contacting RSS about the £500,000 gathered no attention, i wanted to bring up a comment made in the thread that intrigued me but i dont think people acknowledged.

Thread for ref -

/u/Ghosticus It's almost been a week and no one is stressing the importance of "3 UFO Parts". I feel like that's a huge blunder on R*'s behalf. This entire subreddit is under the agreement that the UV Map shows almost (if not) all of the UFO Part locations. But we just had an employee specifically state only three are marked on the map. 

So ; Is he right in saying that was the consensus of UFO Parts on the UV Map? If so, what was support talking about with possibly the only strong claim in the entire ticket?

submitted by /u/were_z to r/chiliadmystery
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List of system files containing useful icons resources I discovered so far


For anyone who needs a wider choice of icons, as from title, here is what i discovered:

  • shell32.dll - Default selected file (before win10)
  • imageres.dll - Majority of modern Windows icons
  • DDORes.dll - Devices
  • setupapi.dll - Other devices
  • pifmgr.dll - Old MS-DOS
  • moricons.dll - Very old programs
  • compstui.dll - Old style color composition
  • connect.dll - Network icons
  • pnidui.dll - Network types and quickbar animations
  • themecpl.dll - Painted screen & RSS
  • user32.dll - Warnings
  • Vault.dll - Various vaults
  • wdc.dll - Performance
  • WorkFoldersRes.dll - Business (from win8)
  • desk.cpl - Another painted screen
  • telephon.cpl - A telephone
  • PhotoScreensaver.scr - Screen with bubbles
  • wusa.exe - Installation disk
  • wmphoto.dll - A singular photo
submitted by /u/Microeinstein to r/windows
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Moderation Logs now Public on /r/Morrowind


Hello everyone. I'm not sure if you've been attentive to some of the recent goings-on with regards to some popular subreddits - there has been a fair amount of concern with subscribers of those subreddits about improper use of moderator abilities. So in order to show a sign of good faith, as well as perhaps to demonstrate to other subreddits how easy it is to do, /r/Morrowind now has a publicly accessible form of its moderation logs. They can be viewed with an RSS reader (modern web browsers have some limited function in this respect) by loading up this link. We've also put the link in the sidebar. Some technical details - feel free to skip them: The way this works is pretty straightforward, and any subreddit can do it without using third party websites, subreddits, or special scripts. I created an account named /u/publicmodlogs and it was added as a moderator to /r/Morrowind with only the "access" permission (edit: requires NO permissions), so all that the account can do is view the mod logs, ban list, and approved submitters list. Then, while logged into that account, I navigate to the moderation logs page for the subreddit, click the icon for the RSS feed that my web browser (firefox) provides me, and then publish the url for that feed here. The reason we use a separate account for this instead of our own is that the url contains a string of letters and numbers that is unique to that specific account, and can be used to view other private information about it, like its mail inbox. If the account were given greater permissions on the subreddit as a moderator, it could also be used to view things like mod mail, spam filtered items, etc. but since it does not have permissions, those are not visible publicly through the account. Since the account is not used to conduct private conversation via mail, isn't used to vote on content in reddit, then there is nothing lost if links to those are public. This can be done with any account, there's nothing special about /u/publicmodlogs, it's just the one we're using. Resetting the password on the account nullifies all previous links to these feeds, so if you do accidentally share one of these links from your own personal account, reset your password and you should be fine. Those of you with a more technical bent may find the json version of this data interesting. If you find a way to use this data in a more pleasant to view or convenient manner, please let us know so that we can share it with others. Now this RSS feed will not show the full logs; it only goes back a short ways. Unfortunately that's the limitation of this method. However, those who are concerned about potential misconduct will now have this available as a tool to better assure themselves and others about the way mods use their abilities. As far as I'm aware there haven't been any sort of dramatic issues about our conduct as moderators here (most of our content is about an awesome game most of us enjoy, not really highly emotional politics), but it still seems like some may appreciate the greater transparency. That's all. Have a lovely day. - Mumberthrax submitted by /u/Mumberthrax to r/Morrowind [link] [comments][...]

[Reposting]How to set up an "Adventurer's Log" that retains more than 10 entries


In the sidebar, click Create your own subreddit Name it whatever you like (I suggest using your reddit username). Set type to Restricted (or Private). Uncheck the option to allow inclusion in /r/all. If you want to have your chathead as thumbnail (instructions later in this post), set Show Thumbnail Images to on. Set the other options however you like. Click Create. In a new tab, go to the Adventurer's Log page. Type in your RS display name and hit Search. Go to the Activity tab, and click the RSS feed icon on the right In a new tab, go to If This Then That. Create an account if you don't have one already. Activate this IFTTT recipe. Paste in the URL of your Adventurer's Log feed from Step 4, and write in the name of your subreddit from Step 2. You will be prompted to connect IFTTT to your reddit account, if you've never done so before. EDIT The link no longer works, make your own recipe using these details Optional: If you set your subreddit to Restricted instead of Private, you may wish to block all comments in your subreddit. If so, set up AutoModerator. Then, paste this into the AutoModerator config page: --- type: comment action: remove message: Your comment was automatically removed. Comments are blocked in /r/{{subreddit}}. And then send AutoModerator the update message. Make sure that AutoModerator has at least "wiki" and "posts" permissions. Optional: If you set your subreddit to Restricted instead of Private, you may want to add this CSS to hide the vote buttons: /*Hide vote arrows*/ .arrow, .midcol .score {display:none!important;} /*Widen numbering*/ .rank {margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;} What this will do: IFTTT will use your reddit account to make a post in your personal subreddit whenever a new entry appears on your adventurer's log. Example: Note that if you change your RS display name, you will need to update the RSS feed URL in your IFTTT recipe. Edit: Here's how to make the reddit post thumbnail be your chat-head: From your adventurer's log, right-click your chat-head and Save Image. Open the image in in an image editor. MS Paint works fine. Select All, then click Resize. Resize the image from 100x100 px to 50x50. In your subreddit, click Edit Stylesheet. Use the tools at the bottom to upload the file from step 2. Name it avatar. You should see something like this when you're done. Paste this into your stylesheet: /*Modify thumbnail width*/ .thumbnail {width: 50px} /*Avatar linkflair*/ .linkflair-avatar .thumbnail img {display:none;} .linkflair-avatar .thumbnail {background: url(%%avatar%%) no-repeat;} Click Save. Paste this into your AutoModerator config page (/wiki/config/automoderator), replacing username with your reddit name. (Note: make sure that the indenting stays the same. The --- should be the only thing on its line, and the subsequent lines should start with 4 spaces each. Do not use the Tab character) Edit: for compatibility with New AutoModerator after its integration into reddit --- type: submission author: [username] set_flair: ["","avatar"] Click Edit Flair in the sidebar. Set link flair position to anything other than "none" If you need to retroactively add the chathead to any posts, click Edit Flair in the sidebar. Under Link Flair Templates, add "avatar" as a CSS class and Save it. Then go to your post(s) and apply the linkflair. If the thumbnail isn't displaying, enable thumbnails in Subreddit settings. If you wish to track multiple RS accounts: Use this recipe [...]

What are the best RSS add-ons?


I recently switched from Chrome, and I must say Firefox does just about everything better. The only thing is, Firefox's RSS reader doesn't notify me when a new item has appeared in my feed.

Chrome's RSS reader used to have a little icon that told me how many updates were available on the feeds I followed, and live bookmarks doesn't seem to have that feature.

submitted by /u/alien6 to r/firefox
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RSS icon in locationbar (Nightly)


Any chance to move the RSS icon in locationbar with userchrome.css code in Nightly?

submitted by /u/happysurf to r/firefox
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[SMT] A universal way for websites to show users if their ISP is throttling their service to that site.


Websites like Netflix, Hulu, etc should put a "Connection Test" link on all their websites.

It would be ideal if it was a universal icon, that looked the same on every website. Like the RSS icon or Bluetooth logo--pretty much the same icon everywhere.

The test would show a side-by-side comparison of a speed test to both the given website's domain AND an independent speed test server, so the user could easily determine if they are getting less-than-expected performance.

It would be really great to show the average, recent speed test results for all users--sorted by ISP. It would just seem like a fairly simple way for content-providers to share data on how their sites are performing per-person and per-ISP.

submitted by /u/delhux to r/SomebodyMakeThis
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