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Meditation and Yoga Point

Yoga and Meditation Point for Yoga Classes and Teachers for Benefits and Treatments...

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Decrease Blood Pressure With Meditation


High blood pressure is very common problem of people. Today’s life style and diet is as type that 2/3 people are affected from this disease. In their busy life they can’t do exercise regularly. So, people are affected by high blood pressure. If we want to control our blood pressure we must do meditation daily. Practicing transcendental meditation (TM) daily can control high blood pressure.

Meditation as Wonderful Inner Journey


Meditation is the only thing which is with us since our birth. It is present in our each and every breath. We can attain and become Master of our mind by following the process of meditation. Once we have attained the status of Master, then all the things will be done at their own and one will get the inner happiness, peace and everlasting bliss. So one must attain the status of being master by

Bounteous are the blessings of meditation


In our materialistic society, while making progress in the worldly pursuits, man has completely forgotten the other aspect i.e. his own real Self. He is oblivious about the real aim of his life to reach the main path-divine. He is not aware of who he is; from where he has come and where he is to go. He is not living within himself but is always busy thinking about others and thus he is deviated

Meditation for Satisfaction


Meditation cannot be marketed, it is given free, t is not a business. A Spiritual Master never indulges in commercialization of meditation.Meditation is the only religion of all human beings. Meditation is that arrow which moves in directions, introvert as well as extrovert (Just as the electricity can cool as well as heat up). Meditation is not a subject of doing. It is a process of being and

Importance and Benefits of Yoga


The reasons why Yogasanas have a preference over other systems of physical exercises are enumerated below:In other systems of physical exercise, the internal organs of the body do not get proper exercise, while Yogasanas give sufficient exercise to the internal organs of the body. Consequently, an individual can maintain good health and longevity of life. Only a small airy place and few

Yogic Postures Rules


Yogasanas are simple actions for keeping the internal and external parts of the body in good health. No activity can be performed well so long as the internal and external parts of the body are not in good health. The body and the mind are closely related. Both should be fully taken care of. Thousands of years ago, the people of ancient Greece believed in the principle ‘A sound mind in a

Tips to get Advantages of Yoga


To take the full advantage of Yogasanas, it is advisable to follow the following hints-For practicing Yogasanas, early morning is the ideal time. Before starting Yoga practices, the bowels and the bladder should be emptied. It is better to do Yogasanas after a bath because it makes the body light and active and one can practise Yogasanas with greater ease. If one wishes to take a bath again

Supine Postures Shavasana


Shavasana is also called ‘Mrutasana’. This asana is very useful n meditation, Pranayama, Japa, etc. This asana should precede her asanas. It should be performed at intervals and also at the ‘ This asana relaxes the muscles and the blood-vessels. Though this asana appears simple, it is one of the most difficult to master. ‘the practice of this asana aims at releasing the mind from the hody. This