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Sat, 18 Apr 2015 22:32:16 GMT

Da da da da da caring

A few items:

1) music?

2) outgrown Chicago

I feel crazy

Tue, 02 Dec 2014 21:55:36 GMT

I feel crazy. I have too much stuff. My apartment is too large. I spend all day cleaning. The sofa is dirty. The cushions are sagging. There is too much dust under the sofa. There is no place to converse. We've decorated around the television. I am too tired to play a game. Please do not ask me to play a game. My Christmas decorations look like ass. My Christmas decorations make me crazy. My storage is too heavy to discard. We have too much stuff. I have too many magazines. I don't want to throw away my magazines. I threw away all of my clothes from college. I miss my clothes my college. I saved a few things, wide green khaki cargo pants, a few tiny flourescent tank tops. I used to wear this?, I thought. I must have been a miniature person. My bedspread was covered in mold. We don't have any storage in our kitchen. Our apartment is too large. There are too many hidey holes and not enough shelving for books. We bought a bookshelf for books that has stuff on it instead of books. We only have two drawers in our kitchen. We need a pantry. We need more drawers. I do not exercise. I should only drink juice. I spend all my time cleaning. I am too tired for everything. I am tired of cleaning. I want to go on vacation.

You were all just here, waiting for me

Wed, 04 Jun 2014 01:45:51 GMT

The cat doesn't know the time it takes
to pick up the food bowl
and put it back down.
The cat doesn't know how much time has passed
when we leave the house
and return to the house,
to carry one sound to the next.
It could be hours we were gone. It could be minutes or days
we stood in the hallway
before we finally returned


Sat, 20 Jul 2013 19:07:02 GMT

When you get that itch to watch Zoolander, as we all do sometimes, it's best to just give in. YouTube clips, even of the movie in its entirety, were not satisfying my Zoolander needs, so I went ahead and bought the whole shebang on Itunes in HD. It took FOREVER.I couldn't believe it took that long to download Zoolander. Apple said Zoolander would be available immediately. It absolutely was not available immediately. In fact, it took over twenty minutes and forced me to watch the whole of O! Brother Where Art Thou instead of just the first hour. So I finally got ahold of Zoolander and sat down to enjoy it. The movie opens with a really solid ten minutes of world-famous male model Derek Zoolander being interviewed. The below short film is what sparked my interest in seeing it again. What I like the most about this clip is that Ben Stiller, in his finest role to date, sounds exactly what I sound like when I am fake-interviewing myself. When I am alone, which is often, I narrate my actions to an invisible camera, sharing my hopes, dreams, habits and personal preferences, always inane. The less interesting, the better. I did this alot when I was little, but I'm not against a meandering self-interview while doing the dishes. The short film that started it all. The movie has alot of brilliant little details, Hansel's Tommy Hilfiger ad, the skulking DJ, Will Ferrell's hair. One of those is the fact that Darek can't "turn left" while modeling. In fact, he's even failed to perform on what he describes as "left-handed runways." I was recently at a safety inspection for the sale of a building. We learned we'd need to put handrails on the staircases. We discussed our options for installation. The list agent Marlene kept saying, " I thought you only needed to install handrails on stairs going down. I thought the rule was only for stairs going down." Nobody said anything. No one asked any follow-up questions. The property did not have an escalator. Only on stairs going down, Marlene? Going down?Anyway, the left-handed runway thing reminds me of that. Darek does not turn left the whole movie. The building was being inspected by a man named Will. It was written on his shirt. Will was, and probably still is, an extremely tall, extremely sweaty man. The house did not have central air and the ceiling fans barely beat back the oppressive heat. As Will ducked under a low archway, my client Mike joked, "This house wasn't made for you." "That's the price you pay for greatness," Will gasped, gripping his clipboard, sweat pouring down his back, soaking his clothing so completely it appeared that he wasn't sweating at all, only that his shirt was a darker color. Whenever I see such sweaty men, I look for a wedding ring. If I don't see one, I think, Ah-ha! No surprise there. If I do see one, I go through a range of emotions. Is he this sweaty at home?, is my first thought. Obviously they have central air, and that helps, but how much central air would be required to absorb an ocean of sweat?Then, Was he sweaty when they got married? How did he wear a suit? Who is his wife and why would she allow this to go on for so long?Will did have a wedding ring, a sturdy gold halo almost swallowed by his thick finger, announcing to the world that at least one woman had found him to be an acceptable life partner. He later asked my age, qualifying the question so as not to seem rude. "About what age are you, if you don't mind me asking?", as if a general range would be an acceptable response.I was wearing a blue dress and heels. I assumed I looked very young and pretty that day, so I answered. "Thirty." I am barely thirty. But the number did its work."No kidding," Will said. "I thought you were alot younger. No kidding."He turned to Mike. "And how old are you?" Although Mike was buying a house, Will clearly thought we were teenagers, when in fact we are just normal people not ravaged by time and sweat."Twenty-nine," Mike said.Will then told me I reminded him of his daughter and [...]

There's a time and a place for Twitter.... and this is not that timecats

Wed, 08 Feb 2012 05:49:04 GMT

I own one cat. Her name is Luxe. I grew up with cats, mostly black and white. My mom claims my first cat was named Feathers -- and I do remember encasing some furry black object in various laundry hampers -- but the first cat I picked out was Bebop the black and white cat. Bebop, like so many indoor/outdoor cats, unfortunately disappeared. We still don't know what happened to that beautiful black and white cat.I've had Luxe for five years, since moving to Chicago. She is a Christmas cat because I got her at Christmas. Tiny Luxe enjoyed sitting under the Christmas tree and on top of the lap of the life-sized stuffed Santa thing we own and all animals look hilarious surrounded by holiday ornamentation, so when I do try to remember her birthday, those are the landmarks I recall. I am responsible for Luxe care -- buying the food, feeding her the food, cleaning out her box, and arranging for pet care if I can bear to leave her home alone when I go out of town. I live with my boyfriend, Eliot, and I'm sure he would be open to feeding Luxe, but I have forbidden it, because I feared she was getting a little paunchy and potentially overfed. The vet called it a fat patch, so now sometimes I call her Fat Patch, though she is not technically an overweight cat.Luxe the cat is alone during the Superbowl. When she's alone, she sleeps. I know this for a 100% fact. When I was little, I thought my cat disappeared when I left the house and re-appeared when I came home. Now I know she just sleeps. Sometimes she watches us leave. We live on the top floor of a 3-story walk-up. She watches us walk out the door and all she see are the stairs. I know she wonders, "Why are they standing on those stairs all day?"Luxe lives to escape. She is an apartment cat, but she's really a willful, outdoor cat, and would love to live outside. We do not let her out (she is NOT allowed out at ANY time) but of course, the screen door occasionally opens and she pokes her head around our legs and her eyes are wild with longing. Luxe lives with two people, Eliot and Kristin, Kristin and Eliot. We are her mommy and daddy. We are not married. Eliot tried to resist the distinction for awhile -- and called himself "Uncle Eliot" but I thought that was fundamentally silly; clearly, we are her parents. I am a real estate agent so my life and Luxe's life are tangled up together. I'll drive into the loop in the morning and sometimes I won't be home all day, but when I do come home, Luxe meets me at the door, chirping. Our pet-sitter called her a squeaky mouse. When I'm home, using my computer, she drapes herself firmly in my lap and is difficult to move. I retrieved Luxe over a Christmas break from a shelter without Eliot's permission. She's a Tortoiseshell American house cat. When Luxe was little, her favorite activities included sleeping on our heads, sleeping on our expensive World Market laundry hamper and scratching at it, and racing around the apartment in an uncontrolled way. She is young for her age -- five -- and still wants to chase after toys, hurling herself at our bed and the walls. We feed Luxe about a half-cup of food twice a day, usually in the evenings. She'll also get some food in the morning -- and meows very aggressively until this happens -- but I will not be bullied. I don't reward meows with food. The feeding ritual is very important to Luxe, far more so than the food. She expects her bowl lifted and shook around, and I make a big show of it, even if I don't actually put food in her bowl. She'll rub at my legs and show great affection. She considers feeding time "her time" and has expectations that I will watch her eat. Usually, I'll indulge this desire before I go to bed. She gets very anxious when her food bowl is empty but is not an overeater. We don't have to monitor her and leave food in the bowl. We store the food in a plastic Container Store bin by the food dish and store the bag of dry food itself in our hall closet. This keeps the food[...]

Movies to watch tonight

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 00:17:53 GMT

SO -
I totally have no idea what scary movie to watch tonight.
I know what I WOULD watch if I hadn't seen these before. Here are my recommendations for good movies, best of the best, for HaLloWeEn:

1 - Fright Night - Campy eighties vampire movie that is like the funnest of the fun.
2- Carrie - Loved the book, love the movie
3 - The Orphanage - gaaaaaaah this movie is so freaky. It has everything, mysterious noises, spooky children, a mystery to be unraveled. I'm too scared to remember much of it.
4 - The Haunting - Classic black and white creeper. A bunch of a strangers at a haunted house. Put it in the maybe pile
5 - Rocky Horror Picture Show - MEH? I loved it. I hated it. I have too many adolescent associations with it. Good movie.
6 - The Others - Solid slow burner. Really loved the cinematography.
7 - Halloween I - I think I want to re-watch this.
8 - Scream - OMG, remember Scream? This is actually a good movie.
9 - The Ring - gughghgh I can't even watch this movie, too disgustingly creepy
10 - Jeepers Creepers
11 - Shaun of the Dead - I LOVE the zombie apocalypse!

This kind of turned into a top ten list. but it's not. it's a top fun list. Someone suggested Rear Window -- I've never seen it. I was also investigating The Legend of Hell House.



Sun, 06 Feb 2011 04:08:21 GMT



MILLION DOLLAR IDEA. who knows how to program apps?


Sun, 30 Jan 2011 07:21:44 GMT

All my life, I believed that the person I was meant to love was misplaced, put somewhere else, on another shelf. Not accessible. Not that they didn't exist, but that they existed in another time and place. Maybe in a past life. Sometimes I don't know how honest I can be. I am as honest as possible. I have nothing left to give away and don't care, anyway. It may be displacement or some odd type of snobbery, believing your soulmate is out of reach. All my life, I wanted to be somewhere else. I didn't know where that was, only that it is not here, and that here is not home and I am so sorry but I remember home and this is not even close.

This is for my dates, Sam and Aaron, Two Dates - getting sexy

Mon, 24 Jan 2011 04:32:52 GMT

Get sexy to this song before our date:


Sat, 22 Jan 2011 16:53:15 GMT

I'm going to see Gang of Four!!!! Does anyone want to be my date?

How To Tie A Tie

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 21:13:28 GMT


Mon, 06 Sep 2010 03:50:49 GMT


you will enjoy this with me, lovers

Sun, 20 Jun 2010 02:31:38 GMT

Thu, 17 Jun 2010 02:59:13 GMT

Tosh - such a douchebag


Fri, 04 Jun 2010 00:13:07 GMT

I almost never wear pink. Or yellow. They just don't work with my coloring. I'm an Autumn. I look good in greens, browns, reds and grays. However, in college, I dyed my hair blonde. Suddenly, nothing but pink looked good.

Similarly, I just got a haircut. I now have shoulder-length layers and some loose bangs. For some reason, with this hairstyle, I realized that I had the desire to put the new hair into pigtails. So I tried. Just once -- around the home. It looked... good. Sensible. Something about the cut made pigtails an attractive option. But once I began, I couldn't stop.

I am 27 year old grown-ass woman. And I began to see pigtails everywhere. Are pigtails back? Were they ever in? Can a grown-ass woman wear pigtails?

In other Might Make Me Gay news, Katy Perry sure is fun to look at.


Wed, 02 Jun 2010 23:18:16 GMT

I'll show YOU who can watch Doubt.

Mon, 24 May 2010 05:49:49 GMT

I don't really like Hot Chip.

The rules of Capitalization

Sat, 01 May 2010 21:24:55 GMT

RULE 1 - Capitalize the first word of the sentence.
RULE 2 - Capitalize the Key Concept in the sentence.


Living and Leading by our Core Values every day!
Providing WOW! Customer Service
Demonstrating a Can-Do Attitude
Showing Flexibility in any situation
Focusing on Results Orientation
Being clever or resourceful - Adroit

"The Rules of Quotes"... WHEN TO USE QUOTES:

RULE 1: Use quotes to demonstrate someone is talking.
EXAMPLE: "I can't wait to grill out," she said.

RULE 2: Use quotes if you're not sure about something OR are feeling sarcastic about its legitimacy.
EXAMPLE: Extensive "Credentials"

RULE 3: Use quotes to place special emphasis on a concept OR for text on any type of sign.
EXAMPLE: "Now hiring"

grab some history

Sat, 01 May 2010 17:12:08 GMT

er·satz (rzäts, r-zäts)
Being an imitation or a substitute, usually an inferior one; artificial: ersatz coffee made mostly of chicory. See Synonyms at artificial.
[German, replacement, from ersetzen, to replace, from Old High German irsezzan : ir-, out; see ud- in Indo-European roots + sezzan, to set; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

Sat, 01 May 2010 13:17:24 GMT

pants "strongly encouraged"

dessert or disaster"knocks you down"

Sun, 25 Apr 2010 06:45:58 GMT

kanye west reminds me of my cousin.

he's white.

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 02:59:35 GMT

Kristin Bird, well-suited to locations of great beauty.


Sat, 13 Mar 2010 18:38:49 GMT

Jon Stewart has a French Bulldog. He let it slip during one of his nightly broadcasts.

But then, I read up -- and apparently, he (also?) has two pit bulls -- Shamsky and Monkey -- not nearly as good, in my opinion. Also, I don't care for those names.

French bulldogs have short, muscular cobby bodies. (Don't even TRY to tell me cobby is not a word, spellchecker. It is SO a word), much like the persian cat. Persians (aka Flat Faced Kitties) have cobby bodies and tiny skeletons, despite their mountains of soft fur. In fact, most of their weight is in their flat, flat face.

Anyway, I have to run to Banana Republic, but just in case you don't like to read, here is this post in pictures:


New word: Busholethe end of music

Sat, 13 Mar 2010 18:22:01 GMT

Def: Bus that is behaving like an asshole on the road.

Use in sentence: "That bushole cut me off."

Thoughts about Celebrities

Wed, 10 Feb 2010 01:43:07 GMT

John Mayer - Objectively hot!