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Published: Fri, 26 May 2006 8:31:44 +0200

Last Build Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 8:31:44 +0200


Information for Visiting Yachts

The Port of Christmas Island and the community welcomes visiting yachts to call at Flying Fish Cove, and make use of the fine new deep water moorings each installed in 30 metres of water

* Thr [...]

Christmas Island Territory Week Community

Territory Week has been celebrated since 1958 and commemorates Christmas Island becoming an Australian Territory.

The Island community comprised residents of Chinese 75%, Malay 15% and Europeans 1 [...]

Useful information - Australian currency

As there are no ATM machines on Island, it is advised to bring some Australian currency if arriving during the weekend. [...]

Useful information - TV/Radio
Christmas Island recieves Golden West Network (GWN)- a commercial TV network broadcast from West Australia as well as ABC & SBS & WIN TV. As stations are broadcast through a satellite service, interference may occur due to rainfall. Many residents [...]

Useful information - Telephones

There is full STD access by phone or fax to & from the Australian mainland. All Telstra facilities & services are available to island residents. Christmas Island numbers are listed in the "Great [...]

Useful information - Water

Water is pumped from several springs and underground streams. The water is treated and supplied in accordance with West Australian standards and is tested periodically by hospital staff. The water is safe to [...]

Useful information - Electricity

The island electricity (consumer voltage 240V, 50 cycles) is generated by deisel plants in the power station located on the island. [...]

Useful information - Education

The Christmas Island District High School provides education from pre-school level through to Year 10 secondary level. The school is staffed by teachers from the Education Department of Western Australia and [...]

Useful information - Postal services

You should not miss a visit to the Christmas Island Post Office as they have a range of unique Christmas Island stamps & philatelic items and provide "Australia Post" postal services. The Chris [...]

Useful information - Quarantine

Christmas Island is an island with some unique endemic species of wildlife. It is also free of many pests and diseases that are found in other parts of the world. Quarantine is the border agency charged with [...]