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Published: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:10:58 +0200

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A warm welcome from / TURKEY. Our dedicated team of professionals is proud of the exceptional quality of the holiday transfer services and prod [...]

Palaces and Gypsies
Bucharesti, Romania
Wednesday, Aug 03, 2005 [...]

Transylvania, Romania
Saturday, Jul 30, 2005 [...]

The painted Monastries
Bukovina, Romania
Thursday, Jul 28, 2005 [...]

European Tales: Interrail trip around Europe, a lengthy tale
I came careering down the piste at speed and skied slap-bang into some chap who stopped right in front of me. At the time I wasn't aware that I'd broken my left collarbone... following two weeks of immense boredom I was on the verge of insanity, a [...]

Romania Travelogue - Wednesday 9th June
At last this morning we found a great breakfast awaiting us. Our hosts, the extended family of Petre surpassed our humble expectations by heaping a table with the following goods; cornflakes and muesli, boiled egg, luncheon meat, salami, tomato platter, c [...]