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The Googleplex Goes Hollywood with “The Internship”

Sun, 02 Jun 2013 18:26:56 +0000

During the months I spent researching In the Plex, I often encountered the term “Googliness.” It was kind of a puzzle from Lewis Carrol. You can’t understand the company unless you grasp the meaning of this term, but of course the term means nothing unless you have a sense of Google’s essence. “Googley” is also […]

Auto Erotica: Google As A Car Porn Haven

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 21:14:35 +0000

As I tell it in “In the Plex,” on the day of the Google IPO in 2004, director of engineering Wayne Rosing addressed an all-hands meeting.  In his hand was a baseball bat. His message to Googlers was that even though lots of them were going to be pretty rich that day, he would not […]

There is a Google Data Center in Finland. There may not be polar bears.

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:40:38 +0000

    I produced what I hoped was a nice and accurate account of my visit to the Google data center in Hamina, Finland. It included some anecdotes about the local fauna. Specifically, a story about a moose that got on the property before the fencing was completed, and a team laying fiber that encountered […]

Marissa Mayer and The Color Purple

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 15:23:19 +0000

I was at, of all places, Facebook when I heard that Marissa Mayer was Yahoo’s new CEO. (The person who broke the news to me, a former prominent Googler, almost burst with joy upon realizing that I hadn’t heard yet. “I can’t believe I’m the one who gets to tell you this!” said that FB’er.) […]

Notes from Weather Underground: a Paleo-Google Enterprise Gets Bought

Tue, 03 Jul 2012 12:18:26 +0000

On Monday, the Weather Channel snapped up its key rival on the net, a company called Weather Underground. Millions of people go to, the newly purchased sight, but never type on those letters. Weather Underground is always one of the top search destinations for queries about the weather in various locations, and people have […]

Is Microsoft Surface The New Perfect Thing?

Tue, 19 Jun 2012 19:25:31 +0000

Yesterday Microsoft announced a new device which is claims is both a tablet and a PC. I’ll probably post more about Surface later, probably on But in the meantime I’ve been watching the video of the launch. This was a very unusual event for Microsoft. The guys from Redmond were totally unselfconscious in picking […]

Impatience is a Virtue: Year One of Larry Page’s Reign

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 19:53:54 +0000

It’s been a busy couple of days at Google. Three pieces on about the company, two of which dealt with Larry Page’s one-year anniversary. The first is an essay on Larry Page’s anniversary as CEO. Number two is a report on the latest from the company’s shoot-for-the-moon skunkworks, Google[x]. Project Glass is Google’s long-rumored […]

Google, April 1, and the Trouble With Tricks When You Know They’re Coming

Sun, 01 Apr 2012 14:36:53 +0000

April 1 is Google’s high holiday.  Since its earliest days, Google has pulled pranks on its users.   Once, as I relay in my book, Sergey Brin even tricked employees into thinking that shares of the company would soon be revalued, causing some to borrow money to buy their options immediately.  (Google had to square up.) […]

Driving Mis(information) Daisey: Theatre, Journalism, Truth and Greed

Sat, 17 Mar 2012 14:35:26 +0000

  OK, I know it’s not Google.  But here are some thoughts on the Mike Daisey thing. A theatre monologuist is not the same as a non-fiction journalist. The former is more like a roman a clef novelist, entitled to reengineer the pesky truth to shape a talk into a play. The latter cannot entertain […]

Who’s Got the Silver? Khan Academy gets Google’s First Employee

Thu, 09 Feb 2012 17:27:19 +0000

  Google’s very first employee—hired when the company was still working from its founders’ Stanford dorm rooms—is out of there. It came out today that after fourteen years at Google, Craig Silverstein would leave the company to work for Khan Academy, an educational startup that is itself a child of YouTube. Craig was known for […]