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Preview: Design Quote Job Site News

Design Quote Job Site News

news for web design and graphic design projects.

Updated: 2018-03-06T00:50:52.798-08:00




Lots of updates happening. Watch for announcements and the 2014 Year in Review.

We have launched new Designer Dashboards for 2015. And have added new points awards for reviews.

We are launching a new design student program.

Check out the 2014  Review for web design salaries and graphic design salaries.

Crowdsourcing Logo Design Infographic


New Live Support Chat Upgrade


We have upgraded our live customer support interface for designers and clients.

It makes it easier to chat with out customer service staff!

Login to use the new interface.

Win a new Notebook PC from Compaq


Attention Designers, Writers and Programmers. WDI is giving away a Compaq™ Presario Notebook PC to promote their new directories.
Just register for free on one of the participating sites to enter.


The contest eligibility period will run from March 31st 2011 through May 1st 2011. Details are available on the
WDI Homepage ( The grand prize is a new laptop computer. The second and third prizes are $250 and $100 credit
packages from design quote ( ) that designers can use to get fresh verified sales leads.

Portfolios are coming!


Soon we are adding in a new feature that will allow designers to upload a image file that shows the work done for a project from DesignQuote. Designers will be able to add a brief description along with their screenshot or photo.

We will also allow the client to leave a comment/testimonial about the project as well as a link to the site the project relates to. Designers will be able to add a link back to their homepage and to the project.

We will link this portfolio page from the original RFP page (we will remove the budget info first).

We will be selecting certain portfolios to be featured on our home page.

Look for this new feature to go into beta testing this May!

Happy Thanksgiving! Design Lead Sale - Recession Rebate 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Designers!

Do you follow us on twitter?

*** Buy Two Leads Get One Free! *** This week only! *** 2009 Recession Rebate! ***

First buy any 3 leads on DesignQuote from Moday 11/23/09 to Sun 11/29/09 and receive one of those leads free. Simply buy 3 leads, then email designquote with the subject "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" and list the RFP numbers 3 leads you purchased. Then we will reimburse credits back into your account worth the value of the lowest lead. For example, if you buy one lead that cost 5 credits, and two leads that cost 3 credits. We will add 3 credits back into your account. It`s just that easy! Mon 12:00AM 11/23 EST - Sun 11:59PM 11/29 EST

Login to your dashboard for details!

New one slot web design leads and email alerts


Today a DesignQuote designer submitted the following question. I realized that many of our designers may have been wondering the same thing, so I decided to post the QandA here.Question:I have noticed something strange happening for the last couple of weeks. I get an email alert for a job and underneath the original email is a list of "More recently approved projects:" and there is a list of RFQ's. They are all in numerical order and usually they are all for the same price range and in each case, they are only looking for a single bid. I never get an individual email reporting those RFQ's. I've been with DQ for several years and I've never seen anybody ever ask for a single quote. So here are my questions. 1. Why am I not receiving emails for those single bid requests?2. Are those jobs real, or are you just getting spammed with fake jobs? They seem fake because of their similarity to each other and the fact that I don't receive email alerts for them. Please advise.Response:The single slot leads are from a new web-design-lead-provider we have partnered with. We are testing routing some of their lead inventory through DesignQuote. They limit leads to 5 designers. They are giving four slots to their existing customers (designers) and then giving one slot to DesignQuote. - The reason you do not usually receive an email alert about those leads (and probably many other leads in your price range) is because of the way our email alerts work. When a lead is approved, the alert system sends alert emails in groups of 200 emails every 5 minutes. The order we send emails is based on how many credits are in your account - whoever has the most credits gets the first email, the next highest gets the second, etc. ( as described on the alerts page ) You currently have 14 credit(s). This puts you at number 232 on the email notification list. Which means that 231 designers have 14 or more credits in their account and receive emails before you. There are currently about 2500 designers who have specified instant alerts for projects over $1000 - so when we post a $1k+ project the system queues up about 2500 emails to be sent. We send the first 250 emails immediately then wait 5 minutes (to give the mail processor time to process those 250 emails) and then we check the RFP slots. If the project has not sold out, we send the next 250 emails, wait 5 minutes and check again until the project sells out or everyone has been emailed. Once a design project sells out all the remaining emails are cleared from the queue and those designers are never notified about the project. So the reason your not receiving alerts for these projects is because the project sells out before it gets to you name in the alert queue. The clients are actually getting 5 bids, 1 from DQ and the other four from non-DQ designers that get leads from our partner. In order to make our alert emails more informative, we add in a list of other projects with similar budgets under "More recently approved projects:" - The partner RFP numbers are in numerical order because we process them in batches as they come in, one after another and they get sequential RFP IDs. The partner prequalifies the leads checking their phone and email so they get approved and posted as soon as we receive them. So if several partner leads get approved they are queued and might appear under "More recently approved projects:" before the alerts are even actually sent for those specific projects. The mail-bot checks all open projects every time it sends a batch of emails. We are currently beta testing this partnership it will change in the future. We just started the partnership 3 weeks ago (the first week of November) which is why you just started seeing the one slot leads. We are collecting data and feedback from our designers to make sure the quality of the leads we get from our new partner meet t[...]

Art Institute


DesignQuote was recently mentioned in the Art Institute Alumni newsletter Freelanecing Ins and Outs:

Been Busy Expanding quotes to Photography


We are building a new platform for DesignQuote, to start we have launched Photography Quote which features jobs for freelance photographers. We have photography jobs for protraits, weddings, commercial photography, band photos and more.


Once we get the new system complete we will be migrating DesignQuote into the new platform which is much easier to use and more flexible.

Happy New Year


Happy New year ffrom - We posted over $4.5 million worth of Projects in 2008! We have a lot of great new improvements slated for 2009.

Get Design Quote Project Alerts via Twitter


If you want to get the most immediate notifications when new projects are posted, just follow our new twitter feed:

You can follow the feed and get instant notifications when new projects are approved instead of waiting for the emails.

There are lots of third party applications that let you integrate our feed into your instant messaging software or sms.

Here is a site that lists several apps you can use to incorporate into your desktop or whatever software you use (msn, desktop widgets, etc.)


Web Design Jobs :


DesignQuote has added another partner: Web Designers Directory

Web Design Jobs :

New Designer Dashboard


We have streamlined the designer dashboard to make it easier to sort and view leads. Login and check it out.

New 35 Credit Bundle!


35 Credits for $150!

To help announce the new option we are throwing in anextra 3 free credits for the $150 option.

Thats 40 credits for only $150 - Hurry this sale ends tomorrow Friday 7/18/08

PhotoshopDisasters: Irish Independent: That Must Be Some Distinctive Nose


PhotoshopDisasters: Irish Independent: That Must Be Some Distinctive Nose


Design Quote Leads Policy


DesignQuote was designed by a web design company with over 12 years in business. We determine the validity of a lead (whether or not its bogus) based on the same criteria we use from a customer that contacs us directly.When we deal with a client we often meet or speak with them and the create a ballpark proposal, sometimes we never hear form them again. This is usually because they picked a different firm and do not want to have to tell us the bad news, so they just avoid it. Other times we will spend hours creating proposals only to have the client come back and say they lost the funding, or something else came up and they have to put the project on hold. This is a normal part of business, and it doesn not mean that those clients were bogus clients.DesignQuote is different from most sites in that we allow you to pick and choose the leads you want instead of forcing you to take every lead. We have guidelines that determine if a lead is bogus, and if a lead is found to be bogus you will receive your credits back.Designquote sells sales leads. Leads are NOT guaranteed jobs, they are sales leads and you are competing with other designers and dealing with "potential" clients who may or may not end up purchasing services.We contact the client multiple times and verify their email and phone number and ensure they are actually looking for a designer.How validity is decided:A lead is NOT Bogus if:The client picks another provider outside of DesignQuote.Reason: The lead is valid, the client was looking to hire a designer, all designers had an opportunity to contact the client and make the sale.The client decided to put the project on hold, or decided they could no longer do the project for whatever reason.Reason: Sometimes customers change their mind or have internal problems that prevent them from doing the project. They may contact you later if they decide to start the project again. Keep in contact with them and you may still get the contract.The client received your bid or had some correspondence with you, then never contacted you again and chose another designer.Reason: The client is usually talking to several other designers, during these contacts the client may pick a winner for the project and not notify you directly.A lead is MAY BE Bogus if:The client never responded to any contact you made with them. Reason: Sometimes customers change their mind or have internal problems that prevent them from doing the project. They may contact you later if they decide to start the project again. Keep in contact with them and you may still get the contract. If you suspect that the lead is bogus create a bogus report on your leads page.A lead IS Bogus if:The client never responded to any designers and does not close their project. Action: DesignQuote customer support will investigate the lead and try to contact the client and get the results of the project, if the client does not respond after several attempts the lead will be marked as bogus and all designers will get their credits back. If you suspect that the lead is bogus create a bogus report on your leads page.StumbleThis blog is for Design Quote News. Browse Graphic Design Jobs and Web Design Jobs at[...]

Website Upgrade $1001 - $2500


Website Upgrade
RFP Budget: $1001 - $2500
Project Start: 2008-02-23
Requests 7 Bids By: 02-16-2008
Deadline: 03-21-2008

Bid on This Design Project

We create awnings for businesses. We need to upgrade our existing website.
Hiring Providers:Nationwide

Bid on This Design Project

Include a new product, and add downloadable pdf files....

This designer project lead is from

Graphic Design: Marketing Package $1001 - $2500


Graphic Design: Marketing Package
RFP Budget: $1001 - $2500
Project Start: 2008-02-11
Requests 5 Bids By: 02-13-2008
Deadline: 03-31-2008

Bid on This Design Project

1. Logo: Provide 6-10 concepts to choose from. Multiple revisions. 2. Business Cards Provide 3 concepts, 2 designs, print 500 x3 agents 3 concepts due by Mon., Feb 18th. On Wed., Feb 20th we will give you our final decision. 3. Listing Flyer Templates Provide 4 concepts, 2 designs can be used in MS Publisher, 4 concepts due by Feb 28th . 2 designs chosen by Wed., Mar 5th
Hiring Providers:Statewide

Bid on This Design Project

4. Buyer/Seller Brochure Design and Investor Brochure Design Concept meeting by Wed., Mar. 5th Final design due Mon., March 24th 5. Pre-Listing Packet/Listing Packet (less than 10 pages) Concept me...

This designer project lead is from

Graphic Design: Skateboarding T-Shirts Under $100


Graphic Design: Skateboarding T-Shirts
RFP Budget: Under $100
Project Start: 2008-02-04
Requests 8 Bids By: 02-12-2008
Deadline: 02-18-2008

Bid on This Design Project

Snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding company. Need someone who can think outside the box and has some remarkable designs.
Hiring Providers: Worldwide

Bid on This Design Project

One or two designs. I want it to be unique, a different style....

This designer project lead is from

1 PAGE Flier Design Need a professional look Under $100


1 PAGE Flier Design Need a professional look
RFP Budget: Under $100
Project Start: 2008-01-30
Requests 8 Bids By: 02-06-2008
Deadline: 02-01-2008

Bid on This Design Project

I'll give you a 2003 word document, I need a graphics person to make the text, and background images look stylish, professional and eye-catching. I need this done as soon as possible so please contact me by e-mail and I'll send you the word document.
Hiring Providers: Worldwide

Bid on This Design Project


This designer project lead is from

Flash Programming for Job Market Website $501 - $1000


Flash Programming for Job Market Website
RFP Budget: $501 - $1000
Project Start: 2008-02-09
Requests 8 Bids By: 02-01-2008
Deadline: 03-07-2008

Bid on This Design Project

We need about 5 main pages to be designed in flash. Design is really important to us, thus I will need to see portfolio of your work. Here are some links to website designs we like. and
Hiring Providers: Worldwide

Bid on This Design Project

So please have the eye for doing gradients, drop shadows, glass and mirror effects. I myself can open illustrator and add drop shadows, but we need someone who has that skill. We prefer designers who ...

This designer project lead is from

Logo Design: Funny Hat Patch $100 - $250


Logo Design: Funny Hat Patch
RFP Budget: $100 - $250
Project Start: 2008-01-27
Requests 8 Bids By: 01-30-2008
Deadline: 02-07-2008

Bid on This Design Project

Funny logo design for a hat to be manufactured. The logo must be innovative, use graphic representation and be hip to be worn on a baseball cap. The logo needs to be designed as a PATCH that will be sewn on the hats. Take size into consideration as well as no more than 6 colors total.
Hiring Providers:Nationwide

Bid on This Design Project

The logo is for ______ "the original swedish weiner" Is is a double meaning obviously so be innovative in the design and not outright vulgar...think oscar meyer but with a funny twist. It needs to inc...

This designer project lead is from

Web Design: Executive Search Firm $1001 - $2500


Web Design: Executive Search Firm
RFP Budget: $1001 - $2500
Project Start: 2008-02-04
Requests 7 Bids By: 01-29-2008
Deadline: 03-02-2008

Bid on This Design Project

Seek full modification of a Template Monster template. Will be looking to replace all photos in template. We have photos to use. Will need to incorporate our business logo into template. Website will consist of four primary pages but likely ten HTML pages in total. Will need two CGI forms. Not an ecommerce site. The four major pages would be: Home For Companies For Candidates About Us Home - would obviously show links to the other three key pages, and also to the Current Positions Available- page and the -Business Links page mentioned below.
Hiring Providers: Worldwide

Bid on This Design Project

For Companies would have information about our services, and would link to some documents like PDFs of our Fee Policy, Positions Recently Completed, as well as to other pages with information of inter...

This designer project lead is from

Corporate Identity for an IT Outsourcing Company $501 - $1000


Corporate Identity for an IT Outsourcing Company
RFP Budget: $501 - $1000
Project Start: 2008-01-26
Requests 7 Bids By: 01-28-2008
Deadline: 01-28-2008

Bid on This Design Project

we need the following: 1- Company Name 2- Logo & Theme 3- Design for Business Cards
Hiring Providers: Worldwide

Bid on This Design Project

we have an initial company name, but we are looking for a better name. out company is specialized in providing outsourcing services for other cooperates like: programming, designing, data entry, websi...

This designer project lead is from

Web Design: Insurance Agency $501 - $1000


Web Design: Insurance Agency
RFP Budget: $501 - $1000
Project Start: 2008-01-31
Requests 7 Bids By: 01-24-2008
Deadline: 02-27-2008

Bid on This Design Project

Nothing fancy, just informative and professional. We will probably need about 4 pages. No major functionality will be needed.
Hiring Providers:Statewide

Bid on This Design Project

This was actually started by a friend, but they have never completed it. We will need the graphics. This will be to advertise our company and services. ...

This designer project lead is from