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Be.Interactive talkes about every interactive idea that roams the virtual world. I find my information in other blogs, forums, rss feeds and every other existing media.

Updated: 2015-09-17T07:34:02.146+01:00


Good news, new url and other platform.


Actually the good news is that I started to blog again after an off period of around 3 years, but not on this platform, nor with this url. I wanted to take it all a step up so I decided to go ahead with a WordPress blog, you'll be able to find the blog on

Never forget


"Some things were made to never be forgotten"

Advertising Agency: Submarine/HOUSE
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Daud, Nino Skeff
Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Rodrigo Daud

Too Drunk... Too Dangerous


Do you know the last INPES cocktails?

Created by EURO RSCG C&O

Write for freedom


Amnesty international writes for freedom.

Advertiser: Amnesty International
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Adrian Miller
Art Director: Gigi Lee, Jasphine Chew
Copywriter: Primus Nair
Country: Malaysia

Built to hunt


"The forest will get more dangerous. New Terios Pirsch. Built to hunt."

Advertising Agency: Cayenne Werbeagentur, Germany
Creative Directors: Andreas Ruthemann, Marco Obermann
Art Director: Roman Lukowski
Copywriter: Sönke Brehm
Illustrator: John Holder
Published: September 2008



"Smoking is the stupidest way to commit suicide. Quit Stupidity."Advertising Agency: Pragma DDB, Lima, PeruCreative Directors: Ricardo Chadwick, Alvaro Naddeo, Emilio DiazArt Director: Alvaro NaddeoCopywriters: Ricardo Chadwick, Alvaro Naddeo, Luben PetkoffIllustrator: Alberto NaddeoPhotographer: Marcelo NaddeoVia[...]

Diesel Porn blocker


Diesel recovers the porn blocker concept.
Very funny and I find the realization in paint very succeeded.
It's really a viral performance!

(object) (embed)

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Toby&Knoby
Art Director: Fabian Hinzer
Copywriter: Toni Selzer
Illustrator: Timo Hoyer
Additional credits: Tobias Deitert

Bush Story


"Maybe you've got a winner. Maybe you've just got a previous winner. See for yourself at the Ads of the World archive."

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Ireland

Kills bugs dead


It's really incredible to make something artistic with a product like "Raid"
Simply beautiful!

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Dragos Radulescu
Art Director: George Grosescu
Valentin Petridean: Illustrator
Copywriters: Dan Bondrea, Adina Stanescu
Strategic Planner: Oana Padure

Wake up!


I don't know Pramila but this concept is really good...
"Wakes you up for sure."

Advertising Agency: Inter Publicity, Mumbai, India
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Viren Kamdar

Google mobile phone.


Here it is the HTC T-Mobile Google Android.

Technorati Tags: ,,,

Stop Global Warming from Quercus.


A quite choking add from Quercus this organization acts by creating awareness about the environment problems that Portugal faces, and by presenting more environmentally friendly options. This campaign wants to point out the dangers of Global Warming, it’s signed McCann Erickson.

Technorati Tags: ,,

Microsoft Windows ‘I’m a PC’.


New commercial for Windows starring Vera Wang, Kevin Spacey, Bill Gates, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria,… . It all starts with the Mac vs. PC thing but shows the human site behind it all, great stuff.

Everything about Sex.


Sensoa (the Flemish expert organization on sexual health and HIV) launched a new site called to respond to any question a (image) young adult could have about sex or relations. I really like the design and functionality all though they should be more careful with the development cause there are some errors and dead links in there. There was one thing really messing up the site and the whole idea behind it “Bannering”. It’s really something you don’t expect on such a site, it should (image) be really all about information and not selling of visa cards or bank accounts. From my opinion it’s really tricking those young adults, I could expect such a bannering campaigns on portals, social sites, game sites or anything else but not on a site that gives answers on sexuality and tries to warn them about the dangers of it. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned but there are boundaries you should not cross.

When Vegetable can become a deadly weapon


Don't forget to wash your vegetables before eating...

Advertising Agency: AW Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Director: Roberto Rico
Art Director: Tonatiuh Arturo Gómez
Copywriter: Jesús González
Photographer: Harold González
Published: July 2007

Don't buy exotic animal souvenirs


Advertising Agency: LOWE GGK, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Kinga Grzelewska, Marcin Nowak
Art Directors: Giedymin Jabłoński, Maciek Trybek
Copywriter: Patryk Michon
Photographer: Igor Omulecki
Published: July 2008

Getty Center commercial & YouTube movie stops playing after 2 seconds …


On the fwa theatre I found this great commercial for Getty Center labeled “Heads”. Strangely enough this is just half the blog post cause on my newly installed Chrome browser it just didn’t want to play, after 2 seconds it just stopped running while it worked perfectly in IE. It seemed as if I found my first real Chrome bug until I began to search for a solution. It actually appeared to be a problem with the flash player and not the browser itself. The solution that I found was to install Flash Player 10 release candidate and uninstall the current version 9. Below you’ll find the steps that I needed to do to complete the job. 1. Uninstall version 9, you’ll find the uninstaller on this page you have to select the “Windows—Plugin-based browsers” 2. Close and restart your browser. 3. Install the flash player 10 from this page, you’ll have to install the “Plugin for Windows” 4. Go to the following page and it should say “You have version 10,0,12,10 installed” If you’ve followed the 4 previous steps you should be able to enjoy all your favorite YouTube/Dailymotion/… movies again Technorati Tags: Getty,YouTube,stops playing,2 seconds,flash player,chrome,firefox,install,Flash Player 10 release candidate [...]

Volvo gives the experience of your choice.


Today I went to the Volvo site to have a look at their offer and what I found their was for me the ultimate “getting to know” experience. The headline says “Find out about our new conditions in the way you feel most comfortable” and indeed this sentence says it all.


(image) You can have a look at their conditions trough an excel file, a word doc, a YouTube Channel, a Facebook page, … . Any way you want they actually got it. It’s all quite simple but again the experience is just great.

The Science of Sexy.


Dita Von Teese will launch a new line for the Wonderbra, to promote this line she created a spot where she looks for the sexiness Gen. You can also have a look at the according site where you’ll find more of the new line.

This woman is really hot cause her commercial goes straight into the viral video chart with after a few days 41,856 views and more than 30 blogposts.

Go Miniman Go!


Lego made this movie for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Miniman, It’s really nicely done and quite fun to watch. The also created a corresponding action site where you can find all kinds of fun things.

I made the switch.


After being an unconditional fan from Internet Explorer all along last week I made the switch to Google Chrome. What Firefox never could; Chrome did in a weeks. Why I changed, well quite simple it runs much quicker than IE, when you click on a link it immediately pops up, you don’t have to wait a second. Yes it does have less features and functionalities but for me it does everything I expect from a browser. Let’s see what the next version of IE brings and maybe …

Technorati Tags: ,,,

A second Gates and Seinfeld commercial.


While I wasn’t really a big fan from the first commercial they made I quite like the second one, it even made me laugh a few times.

Burger king Joe


Really nice vecto for Burger king...



Advertising Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Vincent Raffray
Art Director / Illustrator: Diya Ajit
Copywriter: Kris Richardson
Published: September 2008

A new Microsoft spot.


I’ve now looked at it 3 times and I still don’t know if I like it or not. One thing is sure everybody seems to have an opinion about the new spot from Microsoft starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.


Quite busy at Google labs.


After the whole Chrome launch from Google there was around the same period another launch which I was expecting for quite some time, namely the launch of Picasa 3 and the new Picasa Web Album.

First I installed the Picasa Web Album which had many new features but one seems special at first sight, the picture preview which runs smooth as hell and looks good.


Other features like the print screen, the movies and other stuff are more updates but still usefully.

Much more impressive are the name tags, on your web album you can easily tag all the persons that are on your pictures. You just activate the feature, it scans trough all your pictures and everybody is almost immediately recognized, one last check and tagging and it’s done. You can now browse trough your pictures with just a name and when you hover over a picture you can see the nick names on the picture. Again really impressive work from Google Labs, they keep on surprising me …


One thing I can say, if you got lots of pictures and you want an easy way of looking at them, categorizing them and even create a web album, I can only say one thing. Just install it and you’ll see you won’t be able to work without it anymore.