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My own private thoughts and ignorance about the canals and waterways. (And no-one else's, except as quoted.)

Published: 2012-08-17T09:27:58+01:00


Grandma Briefs blogs granny buttons


What is it about grandmothers and buttons? Grandma’s Briefs is a lovely blog from America, from a self-described “long-distance grandma navigating the waters of grandparenting”. Yesterday she wrote a piece called ‘Granny’s Buttons’, in which she described the two tins...

Liquid history in DC


"The Thames is liquid history", wrote some bloke I can't be bothered to google. When it comes to old waterways stories, we Brits tend to think we have the market cornered. Maybe, we think, just across the English Channel, the...

Roadside shrine gives me a towpath maintenance idea


Several weeks ago a young man was knocked off his scooter and killed on the busy A38 dual carriageway, opposite the entrance to Streethay Wharf boatyard. Another dark day, another sad death, another bleak statistic. I was (fortunately) late to...

Great Mug of Ware


I'm sitting at my home desk, enjoying tea from a mug branded 'IWA Ware Boat Festival 2007'. It's not mine; I stole it. Well, I 'salvaged' it. And I've always felt a little bit guilty about this. The last time...

Catching President and Kildare on their way to London


Over the last month, boats have been travelling to London for the upcoming Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Three weeks ago I was enjoying a relaxed Sunday morning inside Granny Buttons at Streethay when a whistle tooted very loudly as a...

Granny Ainsworth's Button Bags


American author Jim Ainsworth has written a charming piece on his blog, entitled Granny's Buttons. He records how his wife retained his mother's old spare button bags after she died: My wife Jan spent a great deal of time caring...

Granny loses bid for place on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant


Dismay! I learned yesterday that Granny hasn't been accepted for a place on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant , the 1,000-craft procession down the river on 3rd June 2012. I was quick off the mark to apply, six months ago....