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Ask MetaFilter posts by ROU_Xenophobe

Ask MetaFilter posts by ROU_Xenophobe

Published: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 18:51:09 -0800

Last Build Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2017 18:51:09 -0800


Cam for puppycam?

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 18:51:09 -0800

Looking for a camera for (ojala!) puppycam. Or is using an old phone really the best bet? Lord willing and the creek don't rise, Zhora the Vallhund is due in two weeks. We'll need a streaming webcam of some kind, for us (so we can keep an eye on them if we both have to be out of the house), for future owners, and, hey, for y'all to gawk at them.

Last time around we did this with a USB camera hooked to a laptop, which works but eh.

Our primary constraint is that we expect the channel to be active multiple hours at a time, so security-oriented cameras that record snapshots when they see movement are probably not for us.

Ideal would be a totally wireless solution that just talks directly to ustream or youtube or twitch or whatever. We have a default option here -- the ustream app on my old LG G2 phone. Tested and works, but at least with the current cheapo charger when ustream is active it discharges the battery a little faster than it can charge itself. Sooo probably not optimal, though IIRC original chargers worked faster because LG wanted it that way.

Second best would be a wireless camera that can talk to the living-room gaming machine, which we can just leave on if needs must, and then use the PC to stream to whatever service. Or, alternately, whatever custom webpage security-ish or nanny-cam-ish products might use, but not if giving out the link to see it would be a pain (ie if you have to be using a phone that's paired with it, etc)

I'd prefer to spend less than fiftyish bucks and products costing over $100 would have to be fan-fucking-tastic.

Anyone done something like this? We'd like for you to have the best viewing experience. Ta much!

Also, once again ojala, inshallah, lord-willing, LOOK WE'RE NOT TEMPTING YOU MR. MURPHY, if you are shooting distance to Buffalo there will be Visiting Hours for the little buggers once they are old enough to be interactive. Especially if you have a great big bushy beard or a shaved head or are really big or small or loud or any of the million ways to be Not As White As Us.

C is for aircraft, that's good enough for me

Fri, 29 Apr 2016 10:53:48 -0800

Naming multiple puppies, difficulty factor: Aircraft that start with C biscotti and I are planning another litter, this time breeding Zhora to Bert via the magic of FedEx and medical-grade turkey basters. I'll try to remember to post a link to the inevitable puppycam after there are puppies in the fall.

All their fancypants names will be Alkemi [something] LS, where LS is a Swedish abbreviation for long tail type (which they should all be because DNA). This is the third litter, so all the [something]s will start with C. We had considered a Culture litter for Banks, peace be upon him, but maybe telling people their dog is "Alkemi Cheradinine Zakalwe LS" is maybe not so great. So the new theme is aircraft, because aircraft are zoomy. We already have the following names listed:

Specific aircraft:
The ex-Hronish assault ship Clear Air Turbulence (Hey, it's atmosphere capable so close enough and it's a great name if the Magic Puppy we're hoping for is there)
Columbia (was thinking of the Apollo 11 capsule but the other one blew up soooo maybe not)
Columbine, Ike's AF1 (but the school shooting...)

Kinds of aircraft:
The entire set of NATO reporting names for transport aircraft

What are we missing? What are some other aircraft that start with C that one might reasonably call a dog (ie not "Cargomaster" or "Cookpot")? Especially, can y'all think of warbird nose art names that start with C? Double-especially if there are pictures of the nose art?

Como se dice "Gc"?

Sat, 26 Mar 2016 15:40:48 -0800

How does one pronounce the surname "Gc" that might originate in India? So the admissions office and other admins want all the departments to call the kids they admitted and gave a merit scholarship to, and, fine, I can see the value in trying to connect.

One of the people I contacted had the surname "Gc," or at least that's what's in the spreadsheet I received. I'm guessing from the person's first name that it originates in India, assuming it isn't a typo.

Anyway, does anyone know the proper-ish way to pronounce this? I admit that when I called I bailed and just asked for Firstname.

Toasty toques

Sun, 25 Oct 2015 22:35:31 -0800

Please recommend brands of toque, tuque, or watch cap for me. I could stand to have more toques to rotate around during winter so's I'm not putting one on that's cold and wet. What toques are the most bestest? I am not really open to non-toque caps unless I can wad them up into a coat pocket when I get to work. Things I care about in order:

(1) Toasty.

(2) Big enough for a big ol' melon and can maybe be persuaded to cover my entire ears.

(3) Cheapish. Up to maybe USD25 is okay.

(4) Plainer is better. I'm mostly not too concerned with fashiony stuff but have noticed that my usual winter ensemble, in combination with my cheery expression, says "Hi! I'm from the mafia and I'm here to kill you." So, fuck it, let's roll with that; available in black is a plus.

Living room gaming/htpc box

Fri, 26 Dec 2014 08:20:42 -0800

In which I make some queries regarding a gaming/htpc box for the living room. Santa brought newegg cards, so I'm going to start getting parts for a new gaming/XBMC box for the living room. Inevitably, I have queries. I'm grignr on mefightclub (because I'm grignr on minecraft) and asked the same question a while ago over there.

Basic goal is pretty self explanatory: a box. Which we use to sit on the couch and play games on the teevee -- falloutses, bioshockses, borderlandses, skyrim, probably AC unity and Alien: isolation when they're cheaper, maaaaaaaybe Civ3/4/5 or KSP and similar if we can find tolerable configurations to play them across the room. Also we might use it to play Old Skool games through emulators. Also also we will use it to stream movies what live on the NAS, and possibly for netflix if the Win8 interface is better than the PS3 one.

Constraint 1: Sssssssssh. Should be quiet.

Constraint 2: The PC will live on the same circuit that has a window unit in the summer, so power draw needs to be low. My goal is 200-250W under load.

Stuff I'm more or less sold on but am open to be told they're stupid choices:

*Video -- 750ti. Nothing else seems to come close for utility and power draw. Dunno which one has the quietest cooler tho.
*PSU -- Rosewill Capstone 450.
*Keyboard/mouse/controller -- Logitech K400 w/ touchpad, wireless 360 controller.
*RAM -- 8GB ddr3 1600, whoever is cheap and high-rated that day.
*Motherboard -- whatever LGA1150 is best-rated under $100 that day; right now that looks like an H97/mATX from ASRock or Gigabyte.
*Storage -- 250GB range SSD unless it makes more sense to just use an existing 7200rpm drive until I can afford a 500GB SSD.


*Fast i3 or slow (maybe 65W instead of 84W) i5? I had originally planned to swap the chip out for a broadwell one eventually but it looks like desktop broadwell is just disappearing so I might end up living with whatever I get until I can be arsed to swap all the guts out for a skylake mobo/cpu/RAM.

*Nanoxia Deep Silence (1?) or Fractal Design Define R5? Other quiet cases I should consider? Appearance-wise, a featureless black box is just great. No windows, please. Easily avoided or defeated external lights are a plus.

*Is there much point in a CPU cooler more expensive than a Hyper 212?

*Which 750ti?

Best reasonable practices for surge protecting a PC

Sun, 03 Aug 2014 16:00:33 -0800

Hey, electrical people! Do I want just a surge protector, just a UPS, a UPS plugged into a surge protector, or a UPS plugged into a surge protector plugged into a vial of unicorn tears that's been blessed by the pope, the dalai lama, and Lenin? So we just had lightning hit somewhere very close (possibly the tree out front), and had a surge zap the PC, router, and NAS. Luckily the PC's hard drives seem to have survived intact so no actual data loss.

So after I build the new pc, what's the best reasonable practice for surge protecting it? My electrician, Mr. Google, isn't clear about whether a UPS provides better surge protection than a good surge protector. While I can stomach shelling out $150-200 for a UPS, I can always find more immediately gratifying ways to spend that money. Obviously a UPS will also S some UP, but while that's nice let's only consider surge protection for now. I understand that no consumer level device will protect my stuff from the crazillion amps of a direct strike.

If a UPS, do I want to plug it straight into the wall or into a surge protector that will sacrifice itself for the more expensive UPS? Or is that something only the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would do, after starting a war on twelve fronts?

Restaurant delivery service in Gainesville FL?

Wed, 18 Jun 2014 18:43:45 -0800

So my sister just had her second wee tot and we thought it might be nice to get her and her hubs a gift certificate from one of those places where you can pick from Many restaurants and then little men bring you food. Google suggests there are more than one in Hogtown. Any recommendations or disrecommendations?

Seeking Team Canada / Finland / USA hockey shirts for tiny tot

Thu, 05 Dec 2013 21:02:22 -0800

I have a two year old niece. Her mom is American, her pop is Finnish, and her auntie biscotti is Canadian. I wanted to send her tiny little versions of the TEAM SUOMI and Team Canada and maybe Team USA hockey jerseys because (a) OMG the cute and (b) so her parents can dress her appropriately for Sochi. I can't find them, except for old versions of the US one. But I refuse to believe that Canadians and Finns do not want to dress their tiny tots in hockey paraphernalia, so I have to think these are out there somewhere. Can someone help me? My Finnish is limited to race drivers and the word "lansigootansmanpystykorva" so I can't really search on Finnish sites.

Efficient support of the author

Thu, 10 Nov 2011 08:59:34 -0800

cstross! jscalzi! Other fiction authors! What's the most efficient or author-preferred way to spend a given amount of money on his/her books? Kindles are neat, but they open the door to piracy through convenience, even for people who don't want to be assholes to authors.

So let's say someone acquired a copy of one of your novels illegitimately and wanted to make it right. As a simplifying assumption, let's assume that the ebook costs twice as much as a mass market paperback, and that a hardcover costs twice as much as the ebook. Also, the penitent knows that buying a used book supports used book stores, not authors. I've read the relevant post on Charlie's blog, but remain curious...

Do you do best when the penitent just buys the ebook? Would you actually do better, overall, if the penitent bought two paperbacks instead of one ebook? Or, conceivably, would you actually do better in the long term if the offender waited until his sin had doubled and bought a single hardback instead of two ebooks?

As a secondary question, is it best for the penitent to buy the actual book in question? Or would it be better to spend an equal amount on an older book that probably had already earned out, if the penitent doesn't himself care?

Mazda3 vs Impreza

Sat, 23 Oct 2010 13:19:46 -0800

Mazda3 vs Impreza for the long term? So it's time to replace the 97 Prelude. We've more or less narrowed it down to an Impreza (not WRX) or a Madza3 (not Mazdaspeed).

At the most basic level, we understand the tradeoff. The Impreza has AWD and marginally better crash ratings, the Mazda3 is more fun to drive and has a better interior. Overall we like the 3 a bit better.

What we don't know is what it's like to live with them for the long term, like 10 years. I mean, we know that by reputation the Imprezas are good forever, so we'll sort of take that as read, but we're wondering what people's experiences with the 3 (or, I guess, 323 too) have been as the cars went from shiny and new to a bit long in the tooth.

So... how have they been? Complaints especially welcome!