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Catering palm beach Starting a Catering Business

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:01:42 GMT2010-02-17T19:01:42Z

If you have a passion for food and enjoy being around large groups of people, a catering business may be the perfect vocation for you. While a catering business does involve an extensive amount of physical labor and endless hours over a hot stove, the rewards can far outweigh the challenges.

Although it's not necessary to have a culinary degree, you must be familiar with food safety and handling procedures, food preparation techniques, and food presentation. As you may be aware, eating food begins with the eyes, therefore it is crucial for you to possess the ability to present your food in a pleasing-to-the-eye manner. Not only must your food look good, it must taste even better!

Most importantly, you need to believe in yourself and get started with enough information to succeed. So, start by researching on the internet or by visiting libraries. Make sure you do a thorough research on licenses, certifications and registration requirements before you invest your time, energy and money to your catering business.

The first thing you will want to do after conducting research is to organize your information and create a business and marketing plan. If you aren't familiar with these documents, type in "business plan" or "marketing plan" at your favorite search engine. You can find everything you need online or at the library. The Small Business Association (SBA) offers a wide variety of publications and classes for budding entrepreneurs. The website is located at

Once you have developed your business and marketing plan you'll be in a better position to obtain financing from a lending institution or private investor. When you start your own business, you will be required to invest some of your own money into the venture. A good rule of thumb is to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Starting your own enterprise is a dream come true. In the beginning you are going to have to multitask. Apart from catering, you will have to conduct other jobs like marketing, answering the phone, customer follow-up, accounting, stocking, etc.

Although owning your own catering business is a highly rewarding experience, you should be prepared to work long hours and be available to work weekends and evenings, at least until you are well-established.

Owning a catering business requires a great deal of stamina. Not only will you be preparing the food, you will also be required to deliver it, set-up serving tables, serve the food, tear everything down, and clean all the equipment.

Most times of the day, you will be up on your legs. Catering jobs require you to stand for long hours. You may have to work hard for as long as 12 to 15 hours each day. You might have to serve for catered events at odd locations. It is important to remain calm and positive through all the rigors.

Work is never really "work" when you enjoy what you do, no matter how challenging it is. While it can be stressful and rarely give you any personal time, your investments from every category, be it money, time or energy, will be highly rewarded with great profits and satisfaction.

Catering Palm Beach

Top Catering Palm Beach

Top Catering Palm Beach

Gary Pearson is an accomplished author.

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Catering palm beach Event Catering Essex - Great Food For Any Occasion

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:01:33 GMT2010-02-17T19:01:33Z

There are many different kinds of catering companies but event catering Essex contains many companies that specialize specifically in event catering. There are many events that can use catering such as weddings, holiday parties, anniversaries and graduation parties.

By using an event catering company you will not have to deal with cooking or clean up but can enjoy your party with the knowledge that the food will be fantastic.

If you want to use a catering company then you need to do this first. Great catering is hard to pull off at last minute as most companies may already be booked. There are many options you can chose from as you can just order finger food, a sit down meal or a buffet style meal. The types of food you want to use as well as the amount needed will be the main factors that will affect the price.

Make sure you receive quotes from several different companies when you begin your search for a caterer. Some important questions to ask include getting information about the chef's credentials and experience. You should also sample some of the food that each company prepares so you can make sure you like it. If certain aspects of the menu are not desirable you can always see about changing them.

There are many event catering companies in Essex and Dine in Style is but one of the many companies in the area. They offer many different types of catering for events as well as packages for the holidays and even BBQs. They specialize in events such as weddings and corporate functions but also do a lovely job on smaller events.

Another cater that offers some special packages is Paul's catering, a family run company. You can get full Hog roasts as well as buffets and BBQs for your event.

Catering Palm Beach

Social Catering Palm Beach

Social Catering Palm Beach

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Catering palm beach Purchasing Catering Equipment on the Web

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:01:24 GMT2010-02-17T19:01:24Z

Sourcing catering equipment can be a stressful task. Buying online can make it easier, but only if you choose the right vendor. This article helps you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a vendor for your catering equipment need.Selecting the right supplier of catering equipment is a important decision, one not to be taken lightly. You will want to make sure you are dealing with an honest company, getting a good deal and the best equipment for your needs.Until relatively recently there were only two options available to enable you to select a supplier of catering equipment: call them on the telephone or go and see them in person. This isn't always reliable as you cannot see the equipment on the phone and visiting a company many hours away isn't very practical. Once again the internet has come to the rescue, with on-line shopping, or e-commerce, it is now possible to inspect product images and specifications, compare deals and research suppliers all without leaving your desk.Not all on-line retailers are the sameSo now we have established that selecting catering equipment on-line is the way to go and far more efficient than the old methods, we still need to ensure we select the right supplier and the right equipment. There are several things to look out for when visiting a potential supplier's website.Does their website look professional and business like? Rather like a physical shop or showroom you can tell a lot about the business you are dealing with by how their website appears. You wouldn't buy an expensive piece of equipment from a dodgy looking shop with misspelled signs and dirty shop floor, nor should you from a company with a dodgy looking, messy and badly designed website.Does the website display prices? Many businesses use their websites as little more than on-line catalogues, displaying products but giving away little information. These companies hope that you will be tempted by the pictures to pick up the phone and place an order. This is an old-fashioned way to run a website. These days people expect the website to work much harder, they expect to see multiple images, full descriptions and lists of benefits. Any supplier of catering equipment not doing this on their website is either lazy, afraid of disclosing prices or simply out of touch with how the modern world does business.Does the website allow you to actually buy on-line? Setting up an on-line shop takes a bit of time and money so only companies that are serious about selling on-line will go to the trouble. If a supplier has a well thought out on-line store or e-commerce shopping cart, as they are sometimes called, you can take it a sign of professionalism and good business practice. If the on-line store is packed with features like customer reviews, comparison, wish lists and order tracking you will know that this company means business and is likely to be reliable. And good on-line store will also make life easier for you the customer and that is always a good thing.Shop aroundOnce you have selected a vendor of catering equipment that fits the bill in terms of having a professional website that allows on-line purchasing it is time to compare. If you have a short list of potential suppliers the deciding factor will probably be price. You might think that location should be a factor too but it needn't be if the price is low enough. For example if you are based in Sydney and looking to buy a cake display for your cafe you might be tempted to use a Sydney based supplier, but what if a firm in Brisbane meets all the criteria listed above and offers the cake display at a price that is lower even when shipping is taken into account. I know what I would do.So, in summary, choose a supplier with a great web presence including a fully featured on-line store and, of course, low prices and you won't go far wrong.Catering Palm Beach Corporate Catering Palm Beach Corporate Catering Palm BeachAmbassador Catering Equipment is Australia's leading on-line retailer of high quality catering equipment[...]

Catering palm beach European Castle Wedding Are The New Fad

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:01:15 GMT2010-02-17T19:01:15Z

It seems nowadays that couples looking to get married in a romantic setting are choosing to do so in castles. Perhaps the thought of long ago days of chivalry and romance are the influence for this trend towards Wedding Castles. Flowery gowns and medieval settings add to the overall aura and feeling of turning back the hands of time.

Fortunately, with the trends being what they are, castles all over Europe are now available for private wedding ceremonies. You can tie the knot in countries such as England, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married in Italy in a castle near Rome. The only drawback? You or your wedding planner have to make arrangements months ahead of time since the waiting lists can be quite lengthy.

Castles began as wooden forts to house a garrison and help defend against enemies. Eventually, they transformed, with the influence and rivalry from other countries, into the magnificent stone structures we are so familiar with. They were able to support a whole army for long periods of time, and often were self sufficient in food as well. Animals, vegetables and fruit were all cultivated or grew wild within the castle walls.

These medieval castle weddings can be as simple or as elaborate as time and resources allow. From a simple ceremony in a castle chapel, to a reception filled with music lighting and entertainment all period appropriate. None of your wedding guests will soon forget the castle setting with jugglers and mimes, mugs of grog and mead, and all in a whimsical European setting. Some even go as far as to hire actors to dress and speak appropriately to add to the magic of your special day.

It was not uncommon for medieval feasts to be up to six courses. There are quite a few meats, vegetables and fruits to make up the perfect menu for your special day. Keeping in mind that most people eating at banquets back then did so with their fingers, the choice of napkins and glassware may go far in authenticating your event.

Why not wow your guests into a whirlwind wedding that none of them will ever forget? Wedding castles are all the rage, and with so many options to chose from, can transform your modern wishes into 12th century magic.

Catering Palm Beach

Cheap Catering Palm Beach

Cheap Catering Palm Beach

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Catering palm beach Proper Planning for Your Wedding Reception

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:01:07 GMT2010-02-17T19:01:07Z

If you are the typical person you probably have never hosted an event that involved more than a few dozen people. However if you are going to be hosting your own wedding reception then you are going to have to learn how to seriously step up your game.

You need to determine your budget for your reception and also the amount of guests you think will attend. Remember not everyone who attends the wedding will attend the reception. If you only have a set amount to spend on the reception then take this amount and the number of guests you will have and find out what sort of venue you can rent and also the type of food and drink you can serve.

Use your budget and number of guests to find out if you can afford an appetizer table, a buffet, or a sit down dinner. If you have the money you may want to add to the amount you are willing to spend to get what you want. Be sensitive to the fact that some guests will have special dietary needs and so ask about alternatives to the planned menu.

If you are having your wedding in the afternoon you may not even want to serve a dinner as that is early for most people. Find out from your vendors what most people do for the time of day you are having your wedding. Remember when planning the menu you will have different people with different dietary needs. Ask the caterer about how he can meet these needs.

Be sure and inquire about the costs of drinks at your reception. Depending on what you choose this can add greatly to the cost of the reception. The most expensive option is a fully stocked open bar. If you cannot afford this ask about a bar that serves only wine and beer. An even cheaper alternative is bar that offers only setups. Some people will offer a fully stocked bar but guests must purchase their own alcoholic beverages. You will also need to find out if liquor can be served at the venue you select.

One of the biggest costs for a reception can be the drinks. If you are going to have an open bar along with a champagne toast you need to get the costs for this early on as it will materially affect your reception budget. Depending on finances you can have a full bar with all major wines and liquors or you can serve just wine and beer. You can also have the guests pay for their liquor or offer setups and have them bring their own. Irregardless of the option you choose be sure to find out the policy for alcohol at your venue.

Also do not be afraid to negotiate. There is generally no such thing as a set price when it comes to wedding vendors.

Catering Palm Beach

Corporate Catering Palm Beach

Corporate Catering Palm Beach

Terry Hudson is a wedding planner and author and operates several websites that offer wedding chair covers and also wedding favors.

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Catering palm beach Renewing The Menu To Improve Your Mobile Catering

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 19:00:52 GMT2010-02-17T19:00:52Z

When spring comes, it means it's time to prepare ourselves for the new season and refresh our mobile catering businesses to hit the festival circuit one more time. Fill up the tires, check the oil and slap on a new layer of paint, and you're ready to go. All vehicle maintenance is mechanical, but your customers aren't. Take their needs into consideration when you develop this year's menu.In order to keep long lines of customers threading out from your mobile catering business, you're going to have to keep them happy by producing a menu they'll warm up to. The only way you'll stay in the black is by taking their needs into consideration, so make sure you're up on what's new and that you address these changes immediately.The society in which we live is constantly changing, their tastes so fickle that what sold well last week won't necessarily be all the rage today. To put things in perspective, McDonalds opened its first store in 1940, serving primarily hamburgers and fries. Over the past sixty nine years, they've expanded their menu to include an assortment of shakes, desserts, chicken, fish and pies, even going so far as to incorporate salads and low fat alternatives for the veggie-conscious population of today. On top of all this, most fast food providers include calorie counts of each of their meals to help weight watching customers.These changes are made all the more relevant to your mobile catering business thanks to the intense desire for organic and ethnically diverse food of today's consumers. Even McDonalds has eliminated trans fat and are reducing the amount of grease and oil they are using in their food. These differences help provide mobile catering companies with exciting opportunities you can't afford to ignore.With such a wealth of options available, mobile catering companies must take care to pick the right items for the right clientele. Buying too wide a selection of food will result in loads of food left unsold, while the popular items will sell out rapidly. Another problem you'll be faced with is that each customer will demand more time from your employees. This can result in a major economic drain on your mobile catering finances.What can you do to temper the cost of expansion with consumer desires? Try buying items that have long shelf lives and require no real preparation. Good examples of these items are yogurt, fruit flavored and otherwise, and prepackaged energy bars. These menu items taste wonderful and require no extra work on your part, and to top it all off they're healthy foods that will keep your image positive and promote a healthy slant to your mobile catering company. This can be great for mobile catering companies in this day and age, where health is so very important.It's an absolute necessity for you to cater to your customers' desires, whether you're working at a festival or a fair. That being said, don't change just to change; if your customers would like something new, then by all means give it to them. Make sure that the changes aren't just good for your customers, but a substantial success to you.Catering Palm Beach Corporate Catering Palm Beach Corporate Catering Palm BeachMobile catering ventures must improve their menus every so often to take advantage of new trends. For the best results with your concession trailer, consult your customers and show them you care about their opinions. Armed with this knowledge, pick up a few of these items to tack on to your menu today from authentic food dealers for genuine, tasty meals!Catering Palm Beach: Cheap Catering Palm BeachThis article, the best article ever, kindly provided by[...]