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Last Build Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 22:12:05 GMT

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Tue, 23 Jun 2009 22:12:05 GMT

I've officially had enough.

Two weeks ago I was talking to the owner of the company I work for and he mentioned that I could do the painting at work if I had nothing to do. So I thought about it and it sounded strange to me because I'd already lined up painters to do the job and they were all set to do it but I needed the work so I thought why not.
I went and bought painting gear and paint on the company account and set about painting the house.
Yesterday (tuesday) I got a phone call from the other owner asking why I was invoicing for painting so I said the other guy had said to do it to which the other owner denied saying and then he told me that I can do the painting but they are only going to pay the contract price minus the price of paint and materials......which leaves me screwed. I can't paint this place without doing it for free basically.
If he'd said at the start that I could paint it but I'd be doing it for the contract price I would of gotten my painters to do it.
It may sound like I should of known but these guys are notorious for making stupid money related decisions so I thought they might be trying to help me out because work has been slow.

So now I'm stuck painting this house for free and still have the rest of the job to do.....well I did have the rest of the job to do....I've decided that I've had enough and after I paint the place and finish the work I've quoted for the architect I'm out....fuck them....they can get someone else to come finish this place.

anyone need a carpenter? will work for food....

Happy Easter

Sat, 27 Dec 2008 14:25:36 GMT

Merry Xmas (Xmas because it pisses my dad off hehe)

hope y'all had a great day or two.....we're over yonder in WAland so it's been different this year.....people getting eaten by sharks and the like

one thing that remains constant no matter what side of the country we are on is that Luca got spoilt rotten by all and sundry......I've been stealing her lollies and eating them because they are bad for kids and I want them more.

been here a week now and haven't been able to get a chance to go fishing but all that will change tomorrow....I'm hunting me a great white MWAHAHAHAHAHA.....or some bream....whatever bites first.

merry xmas to all and to all a good night/day/mid afternoon/that time just before the sun comes up and the horizon is kinda glowing/yesterday


Wed, 07 May 2008 06:17:11 GMT

today I bought a $42050 ute

it'll be here in two weeks.....very exciting stuff

hello Debtsville

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:46:48 GMT

got my tax cheque back today :)

now the car can finally get serviced and then I can get a trailer put on it so I don't have lug my tools around with me constantly and I can cart stuff around on the racks I'll be getting with it

tis all very exciting

Fri, 21 Mar 2008 22:21:10 GMT

happy birthday Peta,

I hope you have a great day and gets lots of stuff

Fri, 29 Feb 2008 08:56:03 GMT

going to get another tattoo tomorrow

it's from a book I love....well lots of books really

2007....the year that was

Sat, 29 Dec 2007 23:21:59 GMT

Well then, the last year has probably been the second biggest year I have ever had (after 2005 when Luca was born) with loads of stuff happening.where to begin....hmmm.....Well I started working by myself this year and it's been ok, I don't mind doing it all because I now finally have confidence in what i can and can't do. At the start of the year i was shitting myself and drove my old boss mad by calling him about ten times a day to clarify things but it's all good now. I also started up my own company for work purposes and this year I intend to expand it from being just a contractor based company to actually quoting jobs and doing my own work with it. I've even made a logo....Luca's growing up so fast and it sucks because i only get to spend time with her on weekends and when I'm on holidays and I love ever minute of it so I don't want her to grow up....she's my little girl not my big girl. She's saying more stuff and is strongly independent of us so her development seems to be coming along nicely.I'm a married man now. I stir Melinda up by saying that the wedding was just a $13000 lunch but it wasn't really, I had a great day and I am use to wearing this ring now.....I don't really feel any different about our relationship but oh well, I got to go to Fiji so all is good.Melinda's had a shit of a year, her lung has collapsed twice and she's been referred to the transplant team at St Vincents as well....but they think she's not ready to go to that step so they've told her to come back in six months and they'll re-assess.I'm a fully qualified carpenter'm so over it....not so much over the work but definetely over working for people.....well working for Dean....he treats me like I'm his labourer still and it drives me mad....I need a break I think so I'm looking into going to work with a mate of mine on an architectural job for six months....we'll see what happens.We did pretty well out of christmas this year.....Luca got a pet turtle that she named 'frog', Melinda got a tripod for her camera that she's been going on about since I gave her the camera after our wedding so she was happy and I got a BBQ so I'm happy. But the lawn mower has shit itself so money will need to be spent soon on fixing that.Now for some pictures.....Luca needed to be woken up at about 9am so that we could get her to open her presents and we could get christmas under way.we've made it to mums and the annual whinge fest that is kids opening presents is off and running.These pictures are out of order but oh well....this is Melinda opening the books I bought her on photoshopping images....she's nuts for that crap.Luca looking cool in her new sunnies and hat.Being the genius that she is, Melinda bought Luca some maracas and a drum kit for christmas this year so our life is full of music now....lovely.Well that's this year wrapped up....only other stuff to happen were that I bought Melinda a car and we looked into building a house but realized how bloody expensive all that is so we gave up on the idea.Merry New year and happy christmas....I'm going fishing....[...]

Sat, 29 Dec 2007 22:40:11 GMT

Merry Christmas you bunch of miscriants

I got a little helicopter and as soon as i can stop it spinning out on the ground I'll come pick you all up.

Hope your holidays are happy and safe(safer in Gregs case) and that a fat break and enter participant gives you stuff and doesn't take stuff instead.

Fathers Day

Sun, 02 Sep 2007 09:04:29 GMT

had a lovely day thanks for asking, went over to mums and punched Michaels friend for scaring Luca then went and saw Melinda in horsepiddle. I got spoilt by me because I bought me some new cricket shoes for fathers day......they are very sexy....just wish they weren't Parramatta colours.


Wild Weather

Sat, 09 Jun 2007 22:57:41 GMT

It's a bit wet and wild here at the moment. Here are some pictures of our drive around yesterday......

In this picture I have circled the jetty I use to fish off. It normally has a 1.5 - 2m drop before the water. We saw some guy fishing here from the car park. (North Entrance Jetty)

This is some lady out the front of her house, Melinda wanted to take a photo of her but i think she was pissed off that people kept taking photos and not helping. (North Entrance)

Lots of trees are down all over the place. I've missed three days work now because of the weather, one day from rain and two more because the power is out and I can't use my tools. (Forresters Beach)

These stairs lead to the beach at the Entrance, usually they aren't so wet and you can normally see beach near them. That sand in the back ground is North Entrance beach and is covered with pelicans. (The Entrance)

The Entrance is sinking into the hell that it came from......tis a sad day.

It's freaking cold and very wet and the wind won't let up.....I'm going to be fixing bloody leaks all week now.

Sun, 29 Apr 2007 11:06:03 GMT

I got married yesterday

strangely enough so did Melinda


funny little world

year end wrap up......M.A.S.H. in the background

Fri, 29 Dec 2006 06:21:20 GMT

It's hard to make comments on this past year without first venting about the past week.

Melinda's mum and partner have invaded our family christmas and are staying with us for two weeks. This may not sound like such a big deal but every two years I look forward to spending christmas with my family and spending my two weeks off bumming around with my brothers and swimming in mum's pool......but this year has been invaded by the people we go to Perth to see every other two years so now my two weeks off is ruined. They haven't stopped fighting since they got here and haven't stopped driving us mad.

Ok....the rest of the year.

It's been a great year, watching Luca grow up has been awesome, hearing her little voice has been awesome, seeing her first steps (although coaxed by a KFC chip) has been awesome. I've just plain loved being a dad. It's been tough at times when Melinda went into hospital and all that but we survived and we will keep surviving next year and the year after.

We're a happy little family, we just love spending time together and have a great time doing it.

Melinda and I are finally going to get married (although we've done everything already so whats the freakin' point?) in april on Julies birthday so that Melinda can feel like she is involved. It'll be a small affair with immediate family and close friends (more people then I wanted but oh well I'm told it's not my day) with a nice dinner after it. I wanted to get married on a cricket pitch but Mel has other ideas for some reason.

Work is picking up, I'll be working by myself next year so I should be making a shit load more money which will be good. I am quietly shitting myself because I've never worked by myself before but I have been doing this job for 3 and a half years now so it should be ok.

Cricket once again has been great fun, even more so this year because we got rid of the grumpy bastards from last year so everyone has a great time.....we still lose but it's a fun loss.

TAFE is still going.....and going.....and going......I had to repeat the second year because i missed too much last year when Luca was born and I was broke at the mid year break and couldn't afford the fee's to keep going....but second year is done now so one more year and I'll be a fully fledged chippy.

Well that's pretty much the year in review, same old same old really.....bring on next year and the new challenges it brings.....should be fun.

Some pictures......

Luca playing on her new swingset that Santa bought her......well a jolly fat man did atleast.....well a fat man atleast

Luca playing with the noisey bells her Gramps sent her......bastard lol

Luca getting pissed on bubbley at christmas lunch at Nannies

Our little family at Christmas lunch

update....well finish really....

Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:04:40 GMT

Just got back from the hospital. Dad's surgery went well, he went in before we were ready really, they told us he'd go in at about 1pm but he went in just after 11am and they sort of just wheeled him away with no fan fair or anything, but I think that made it easier on mum and me because it wasn't drawn out. We went and got something to drink then went and waited in the appropriately named waiting room. The doctor doing the cutting and dicing came out about 12:30pm and told us that all had gone well, they'd sent the biopsy to the lab and it showed no signs of cancer but they don't know what cause the growth yet and will have more in a few days.

It was a huge relief, I was convinced that dad had asbestosis because of his work history. But now we're left with no answer to him getting sick really. He lost about 15kg's last year from his already small frame and the doctors thought this was the reason but now we're still in the dark.

When we went to see him in the ICU he was pretty out of it and kept falling asleep. It was funny because the only thing on his mind was mum leaving enough in the bank to pay the Crisco bill LOL

In other news, I'm addicted to the Simpsons figurines being sold at Coles and associated merchants. $2 bastards.

Luca whimpering

Sun, 23 Jul 2006 20:51:00 GMT

Played my first game of poker for money on saturday. David organised for us to go to mums and play with eight people putting in $5 each. I was first out lol was a good night though, all I could think of was though was that I wanted to be home with my family.

Luca was going crazy when we got home from mums last night, she was running around every where saying 'nose nose nose NOSE' lol she's a funny little bugger.

Dad goes under the knife tomorrow, last night you could see that he's trying to be strong but really he's shitting himself. He wouldn't leave the kids alone, just wanted to hug them all the time, but they don't know what's going on so they were getting a bit upset by it. Alison told Kaleob about it and he thought about it for a minute and said 'will poppy still be able to live with only part of his lung?' dunno how Alison reacted, she is a psycho after all.

I'm going to go down to the hospital tomorrow so that mum has someone with her if the worst case scenario does eventuate. She kept saying I can't afford the time off, which is true, but some things are more important than work and all the rest of that shit that stresses me out.

Thu, 13 Jul 2006 07:32:42 GMT

What the hell is this tool bar above me? I never asked for it and I don't want it

David (my older brother) wants me to go play poker at the RSL club near mums place on thursday nights because i keep beating him and Michael (other brother) when we play. He thinks I could be their ticket to a prize lol

Dad got offered a redundancy on tuesday after coles closed down his work, the papers and tv news have been trying to beat it up as being a bad thing done by coles but dad told me that the workers were warned about the closure ages ago if they didn't lift productivity but they're such a lazy bunch of bastards they got closed down. Dad's shitting himself though, he was going to retire in three years time any way but he needed that three years of work so he could pay off the majority of the house before he did, now he's looking at using his superannuation to pay it off then redrawing on the house loan and living off that in retirement. It's all been made worse by the finding of a growth on his lungs that he has to go to sydney to get removed in a few weeks. Has been an interesting time for dad lately, he also took his first flying lesson that Jaki (oldest sister) and I gave him for his 60th b'day. Mum said he took off ok but went off the runway when he was taxiing lol.

my feet are disappearing

Wed, 12 Jul 2006 07:24:33 GMT

I'm sinking
I want to swim
my arms fell off
can't swim
can't paddle
can watch fish
here fish fish fish
glug glug down I go
I wonder how long it takes to drown
my feet are numb
it's dark down here
nice though
very ummm blue
head is dizzling
can't proper think
glug down glug go

the do do di do do do dum di dum

Mon, 10 Jul 2006 08:15:18 GMT


this one was taken a while ago but I love it so I posted it


tried to get her to walk towards me but the simpsons were on in the computer room so she got distracted and fell on her arse


easter bunny baby


an oldy but I look cool so I put it up


all in and I wiped the floor with them lol

Jeez I'm lazy

Thu, 06 Jul 2006 23:47:44 GMT

Firstly, sorry Greg I forgot your birthday, happy birthday mate, hope ya had a blinder.

I actually left the house and did physical activity yesterday, the first in a week. I mowed the lawn.... well half of it...had to leave the front so I'd have something to do today lol

I've read 7 books in the last 7 days. It has been an exciting time.

Luca said her first non mum mum dad dad word the other day, she said 'at' meaning Jack our dog. Tis close enough for my liking. She seems to want to walk everywhere as well, any chance she can get she wobbles along taking one step every five seconds and then falls on her arse. I'm suprised babies don't constantly have bruised arses.

She was watching me mow the lawn yesterday and was fascinated by Jack, problem was when ever I went near them Jack would spin around to face me with his tail wagging and whack Luca in the face lol lucky he hasn't got long hair, she would rip him apart.

She loves being outside, pity Mel doesn't. Once she starts day care she'll be outside more often, when we went and had a look at the ladies house who'll be looking after her she had it all set up out the back for the kids to play.

I've told Mel that we're going to have to become a meat and two vege family rather then pasta and mexican food all the time. Our food bill this week was $207 and we just can't afford to spend that much every week, after we spend like $70 on Luca's nappies, formula and food there has to be cutting back by us on the crap we buy. We are poor and I don't want to be. Mum and Dad always just served up sausages and chops all the time and they fed seven kids, an uncle of mine and themselves and still managed to buy a house....tis time to change our ways.

damn matrimony

Sun, 02 Jul 2006 10:49:14 GMT

Dean sent me a text message today "Hi All, Kate and I tied the know in port douglas today"

It's given me the shits, not because they got married, they were always getting married and they're both great people. It gave me the shits because he never told me that that was what the holiday was for. I can see why I just don't understand why.

I knew they were going to do it at a registry but I thought we were good enough mates for him to fill me in. It's like when I found out Kate was pregnant four months after he'd told his family and stuff.

I dunno what to do, suppose I'll just say "congrats" and get back to work.

Tis a funny old relationship we have, we work together every day and have done for three years and before that we spent every day at TAFE together, so it's not like we are just casual work mates, I'm the only person he see's at work and the only one he works with. I thought we were better mates than this but oh well.

Might just be a storm in a tea cup.

spoinkBob Evans, Don't you think it's time

Thu, 29 Jun 2006 23:02:40 GMT

Finished reading 'Tomorrow when the war began' yesterday. It has it's moments but over all is a bit unbelievable, which is ok in a book but it tries to pass itself off as being as real as possible. Starting the second one today when I need to use the throne.

Had Luca's 'interview' yesterday, Luca beat up the other kid and made her cry but then she kissed her nose and was happy with that. She interacts funny with other kids, when we go to my sisters she'll beat up my nieces and steal their toys but yesterday she sat there and let the other kid take the toys she was playing with but she still beat her up *shrugs* she's only one and I already don't understand her....bring on the teen years!

It feels strange posting on here, but I'm going to try and do it as regularly as I can because I always feel guilty for reading other peoples journals but never giving anything of my own.

Greg, I'm a contractor for an awning, extension, whatever you want really company. It's nature of the beast that construction goes through quiet periods and then picks up, I've been lucky and have teamed up with a guy who does better work then anyone I've ever worked with so we're always the first ones to be allocated new jobs. It's good work, I get to do a bit of everything in carpentry so that helps in respect to my trade certificate course. The owner of the company is a wanker though, too much money not enough sense. But that's all bosses I've ever had.

two days in a row.....oooooooooohThe Cure, Bloodflowers

Wed, 28 Jun 2006 21:37:20 GMT

Today is the first day of my involuntary holiday. Joy.

We're going to an 'interview' with the woman who we're going to dump Luca on on fridays today, we're suppose to check out her house and see if she's a suitable candidate for baby rearing duties. She knows Mel so that'll do me lol.

I'm sick of being poor. Just noticed all the bills sitting on the desk here and realised we have no money to pay them so we'll have to run the 'pay or we'll cut it off you poor bastard' gamut and see how we go. Tis the same situation every month. I just don't make enough money to keep me in the manor to which I have become accustomed.

just pretend I always update and no one will be hurt...

Tue, 27 Jun 2006 21:26:50 GMT

Went and saw the dirty three again on friday night. Was a good set, he's a funny bastard that fiddler of theirs. Mick gave me the shits by buying the tickets because he just buys them and then asks if I want to go so I feel guilty and say yes even though I can't afford it.

On a funny note some charity tried to feed me when I went to give them the loose change in my pocket lol thats not good for the old self esteem when strangers think you look like a bum!

Luca's nearly walking, the most she's taken is three steps in a row before face planting but it's a start. She was saying dadadadad when I woke up this morning like she knows that after her big sleep I get her up in the morning and feed her.

Works been sucky lately, they have no jobs, no one has any jobs, the building industry is dying so look out for a recession soon, no one has any money and interest rates aren't helping the matter.

Mel's been struggling lately, getting breathless and the like. Her doctor doesn't seem too concerned though so we'll see if this round of antibiotics helps her out.

We're going to start Luca in day care soon for one day a week, will be good for her and for Mel and also makes Mel going to doctors appointments without me a lot easier. We can't afford for me to be taking days off a few times a month to take her to them unfortunately.

Mel's sick of me watching soccer. I know I never watch soccer and it does give me the shits watching the wussy bastards take dives but i think if you're going to watch soccer then the world cup is probably the games to be watching. Plus it's better waking up and watching the end of a game then watching Kochie on seven....he's really starting to annoy me.

Fattest Bastard

Wed, 03 May 2006 08:26:30 GMT

I've decided to apply to be on the Biggest Loser V2.0.

My boss thinks that I need to put on another 15kg's if I want to win it but it's not about that. I need to change my life if I want to be here when I'm fifty.

I'm canvassing opinions.

What do you all think?

my baby is soooo much better then your of my soul....and bum

Tue, 07 Jun 2005 11:27:05 GMT

what a fucking champion

three days after she's born she has a hole in her heart......two hours later she's over that.....four days after birth she has jaundice.....for half a freakin' day!

she's fighting off everything they throw at her and saying "that the best you got you bastards!"

I'm in awe of her.

How can such a small person be so bloody resilient.

Bring on colic I say.....she'll have it for two hours max.

They took her out of ICU today because she no longer needs help with her breathing because her 31 week gestation lungs are breathing by themselves!

now they are just waiting for her to learn to suckle so they can feed her with a bottle or a boob and she'll be ready to go home

Mel has some catching up to do if she doesn't want me looking after this kid by myself lol

Luca you little is soooooo proud of you!

he he he dad *giggles*