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Johnson party of seven

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Atlanta Weather Update for Jan. 11, 2011


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The REAL housewives of Knox County...


First of all, I am going to start this one off by saying that I am an awful, horrible soul. Its out there on the table so there is no need talking about me behind my back. It is what it is.This morning when I woke up, I stumbled into the kitchen (to pour myself a cup of wait... that's Dolly's gig) to get a cup of coffee and low and behold, there it was. A sink FULL of dishes surrounded by dirty dishes on the counter top that wouldn't fit into the sink. The kitchen table was a mess- cereal spilled all over it, chairs pushed out, apple peels and a peeler just sitting directly on the tabletop. Are you kidding me?!Let me back up a bit and tell you that I FINALLY got to so out to dinner with my yayas to celebrate CHRISTMAS last night. I say finally because that just proves a point that Momma's extra curricular activities always come last. I had not been with the girls since well before Christmas and I was so looking forward to relaxing and catching up. I woke up with a spring in my step ready to clean up the house after coming off a long week full of snow days and little children who had been home from school making messes on said snow days. I was ready to reclaim my house. This brings in the "keeping it real" part of my blog.I actually took pictures of my mess (or at least some of it) because now that I am blogging again, it seemed "blog worthy". So here you go- Here is the glamorous life I lead. Don't be a hater. You too can lead this life. I will divulge my secrets to you. All you have to do is ask.Notice the organic types of food a Real Knox County Housewife serves her family. Hot dog buns and Diet Mt. Dew.This is the chest in my foyer. Its the first thing you see when you come into my house. Yes- it is stacked with mail that I haven't gone through in weeks. If I owe you money, chances are that your bill is somewhere in there and I will get to it. That is if it doesn't snow again.yep- that's a lot to go through and I keep putting it off...This is a shot off my back deck. Two bowls that are STILL sitting there as I type. This picture was made like three days ago. Mary Lawson and her friend made snow lemonade (whatever that is). All I know is that they were outside and entertaining themselves so I would have let them taken the living room sofa outside if they had asked. Nonetheless- bowls still there.Dirt on the floor where little miss prissy plays.This is only a sampling of her toy mess.And the twins room. uggh! The twins. You have no idea how messy they are! AND there's two of them!Stacks of clean laundry to put away that most likely will never get put away and will end up back down the laundry chute, some still mud room. yes. that is a Santa Claus that hasn't been put up yet and now that I glance over my shoulder, he is still sitting there waiting to be put up.ML's roomThis just might be my FAVORITE! This is David's "hunting room". Also known as the hamster room. The storage room. The "gun" room. I am proud to say that it doesn't look like this anymore because I got tired of waiting on him to clean it up so I did. Lets just say that I have no idea where I put anything and I am not responsible for lost or thrown away items. You should have done it yourself.And my computer table. Those wires are out of control and kids toys strewn about and there's my trusty Starbucks and my bottle of wine for night time facebooking. Don't you judge me.mud trail.and the grand finale- that is our sled that was left in our neighbor's driveway. Here's the kicker... we don't even know them. Never met them. They just moved in like two days ago. They hate us already, I'm sure of it.Back to my story. So, I wake up ready to take my house back over. I clean and organize up to the very moment I have to leave. Scratch that, GET to leave.All that you see in those pictures was straightened and put back in order. My sweet husband (who is a saint) had to work all day so as he walked in the door, I tagged him in and I left feeling accomplished and like I could really relax and enjoy my time with my frie[...]

Eat sweet buggy!


(image) eat little one....(image) She looks so grown up- sitting at the bar eating chocolate cheerios. She is so precious. She wakes in the morning and says ," I hungry, Mama". We go through the ritual every morning. I make her breakfast. She eats like two or three bites then says she wants to get down and "go play". I go through the ritual every morning praying that this will be the morning she REALLY eats. And she will... someday. I just know it. For now, I will take those three bites that she gives me. I will call it a victory. Poor little bug has come a long way and I am proud of her.

Losing a friend...


Yesterday, Mary Lawson and I had the honor of being with Browning as he took his last breath. As heartbreaking as it was, it was also (strangely) very precious. Browning is now cancer free, pain free, allergy free and electric collar free. He is free to run the gold paved streets of heaven and I know he is having a ball.The rest of us on the other hand.... not so happy. Browning was our first FAMILY pet. ML has had many different animals that were hers but Browning was ALL of ours. I never have been a huge animal person. I mean, I like most animals just fine but I have never been animal crazy like some friends are. They are just a lot of work and quite frankly, I have plenty of work to do around here already. We had talked about getting a dog and I knew that "for the kids", I would go along with the idea. I wanted a Golden Retriever because they are such a picture perfect dog. You know, the husband, the kids, the house, the picket fence, the Golden on the front porch. That's what I wanted. I knew he would be pretty in our family pictures and that was how I made my decision. It was easy to convince David that a Golden would be the best dog for us because he had a Golden as a boy who was his best friend. Annie Dog was always loyal and was a good dog so he was sold. Now, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy but my practical side knew that I could not have a puppy in the house. I checked into the rescue here and next thing I knew, they were coming out to do a home study to see if we were good enough for them. If we were capable of taking care of a dog. I guess when they saw that we take care of five kids, we could handle a dog so we were approved. We told the lady that we wanted a blond female. That was the picture I had in my head that would look good on the Christmas card. She said she would call us back and let us know when our dog was ready. She did call but she said that she had found a red male that she thought our family would love. There was an adoption fair being held at Petsmart and this red male would be there. I agreed to go but I wasn't feeling the love. We gathered the kids in the car that Saturday morning and went to meet the red male, Keegan. I walked in and saw the lady we had been talking with. She led us to the dog and I have to say, it was love at first sight. He was beautiful! He was HUGE and I knew he was OURS! We took him for a walk around the store or should I say he took us for a walk. Think Clifford the big red dog. Keegan (later named Charles Browning by us) never had good manners. He would plow over anything or anyone to get to where he wanted to go- just like a Johnson kid. We all agreed that we wanted this 85 pound beast. We gathered supplies and loaded him into the car. He fit right in. He was a maniac. He would get out the front door and he would run as fast as he could! You could usually find him down at Mrs. Mobley's under her carport eating her cat's expensive high dollar geriatric cat food. I know he always was very sorry even leaving her a bag of the same cat food on her porch step with a note saying that he had borrowed some of the cat food and wanted to replace it. We finally had to get an invisible fence to keep him in the yard and away from Mrs. Mobley's carport. With all that said, Browning was a good dog. The best. He made this cat loving girl become a dog lover. He never once had an accident in the house. Even in his last hour, that sweet baby tried to stand up to get to the door to throw up. He was loyal and fun and we will miss his sweet crazy ways. I'm not sure if we will ever get to a point where we will not be looking for him as we drive up to the house. Time will heal our hearts but we will never forget what a good boy he was.He is now buried in the backyard of the house we are going to be buying soon. The owner is a good friend of ours and was gracious to let us lay him to rest there. There is an empty place in all of our hearts but we will never forget the l[...]

My new Years Resolutions


I have a resolution for 2011. A few of them actually. I have NEVER made one but this year I have a few- or maybe its several.

The first one being to lose weight. blah blah blah... That one is a given. I am so sick of food right now that one seems like it will be easy.HILARIOUS!

My second resolution is to blog. iI used to be so good about it but life got in the way and I figured it was more important to actually take care of my family rather than just blogging about taking care of my family. The thing is though, the other day I visited the 'ol blog and realized its like this great scrapbook of my life and I LOVED it! Even if nobody reads it, it is still a record of memories and quite frankly, I had forgotten many of the things I had blogged about! And the fact that Santa brought me a new Mac for Christmas makes it all the more fun! So I guess this means that my children will all look like they are homeless again but at least I will have record of it!

Along with that is the resolution that I will keep Caringbridge updated as well. That one is tough as we are in this "holding pattern" waiting on Hutton's new heart. Not much to say about it really...THANKFULLY. She is doing quite well and thriving. I try my best to not take these good days for granted because when you are in the throws of it, you LONG for a nice status quo day. I realize that as soon as we get the call, life is going to SUCK for about six months (if we are lucky). My family will be torn apart and poor little Hutton will have to endure so much. My brain can't "go there" right now. God will get us through like always but it will still be painful.

My last and most important is to read the complete bible this year. I have never done that before. I realized when my kids would come home and tell me something that they learned in bible and I would say, "thats not in the bible!" and they would show me that it was, it was time for me to get with it. I cannot fail at this goal because I would be letting someone really important down so I will prayerfully attempt this commitment.

So... here's to 2011. Could be a life changing year. Praying for all my friends out there for a joyful year. Life is hard. I have just learned to accept that but in the pain, I find JOY. It must be a God given gift because I can't explain how you could find JOY when you are waiting for a heart for your sick baby.




At what point do we get used to it? Thought by now, I would be a pro. I am not. Same feelings of butterflies and uncertainty that I felt over two years ago are as fresh as the day is long. This one feels particularly raw.Just got the final confirmation of Hutton's reconstructive surgery. David and I will be taking Hutton to Philadelphia on February 28th with surgery planned for March the 4th. Although we have been praying for this date, reality has now slapped us square between the eyes as we prepare for a very long March. I got an email from our favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. Montenegro who is now a beloved friend. When I read the words which I am certain meant no harm whatsoever, my heart dropped to the floor. She said, "so- you have to be up here for five weeks? You better bring the sunshine. March can be a long month.". Uggh. DREADING IT!For anyone curious, here is the plan: We arrive in Philly on February 28th and will be staying at my sweet friend's penthouse (I just like saying that I have a friend with a penthouse). I thank God for my sweet friend Stephanie. (I need to blog about her. More on her later). On March the 1st, she has an appointment with the airway specialist, Dr. Jacobs. We have a few appointments scattered on that day with various departments. On March 4th, Hutton will have her trachea reconstructed. The surgery will consist of an incision on her lower side to remove a piece of rib cartilage. Then there will be an incision on her neck where they will be doing the actual reconstructing using the rib cartilage to open up the airway nice and wide. She will be intubated through a tube in her nose and on the ventilator for a minimum of 4 days. Its been a long time since we have seen our baby intubated and on a vent. At that point, They will extubate her and send us to the floor. That in itself is huge for us. We have only stayed in the CICU at CHOP. Everyone (and I mean everyone) knows our precious Buttons there. The CCU is the "step down" unit where the kids go who aren't as sick. What the?! Seriously? As exciting as that sounds, leaving all the Doctors and the nurses who know us so well is so unsettling to me. I will still have my sweet Steph and Dr. Montenegro checking in on us I am sure but I think it will feel so lonely over there. Hutton gets the royal treatment in the CICU. Everyone over there is her biggest cheerleader. The good news is that I think I heard somebody say that we will score a private room. Shoot me now if we don't.David will be staying in Philly until after her surgery but then will be returning home to tend to business and four precious children who will be waiting for their Daddy. Please say a prayer for everyone involved in the care of our children while we are gone. I am sure that they will be having flashbacks to August of 2007 when we left for what was supposed to be a month and five months later returned home to Knoxville THANKFULLY with a baby sister. The twins have a hard time putting their emotions into words and can seem angry at times. Mary Lawson is a walking basket case and poor old Cooper J. tries his best to be the man of the house and keep it all together.I am going to try my best to blog here and update caringbridge as often as possible as well as facebook. I am so very thankful for my friends and family who help me keep it together during these times. What would I do without you?![...]



Just wanted to take a moment to give THANKS to The Lord for all our blessings. He is so good and we are so grateful for each and every life experience He has given us. My prayer for each one of you is that you will be thankful for the big and small things and that we would all realize that even in the hard times, we should give thanks.(image) I hope that each one of you has a special Thanksgiving surrounded by people you love. I will be and I am so excited!


Philly is calling...


Pure, sweet, innocent...

Does this look like a sick baby to you? Its easy to forget. I got the sobering call from CHOP that reminded me yesterday that she does, in fact, have a lot of issues still. Issues that we will be dealing with head on come January 7th. Issues that I PRAY can be dealt with in January. Until then, we will continue to remember where God has brought us from and praise him for blessing us with this perfect little gift.(image) Hutton continues to get stronger everyday with her walking. She is so afraid of falling that she just won't let go. A hard lesson to learn for us all.

(image) And just in case you had any doubts about how strong she is, don't know if I mentioned it to you but Miss Buttons had H1N1 and recovered beautifully. God is so good. Cooper, on the other hand landed a stay at East Tennessee Children's Hospital and was very ill. We are all on the mend and ready for the holidays.Thanksgiving is here this year and David and I are so excited to host it this year. Thank you to all our friends for praying for our sweet baby. Please be praying that she will be ready to have reconstructive surgery on her trachea and we can then get her much needed Fontan. xoxo

Monkey Baby


Hutton's third Halloween was- well.... WET! She had so much fun though. She was the cutest Monkey Baby and we had a blast riding in Daddy's truck pulling all the trick or treaters around on the hayride. So FUN! Just have a few pictures to share.
(image) Mary Lawson as Hannah Montana and Hadly as Disco Dolly...(image) This was pretty funny. Cooper J ( who was recovering from a nice long hospital stay) dressed as a big fat lady. Look at Hutton next to him laughing! She thinks Cooper is so cute!
Reagan was dressed as some sort of Winter girl. It was a really cute costume and soooooo her!(image)
Mimi wanted to be a "china girl". She is a little obsessed with China and I am pretty sure that she secretly wishes that she were adopted from China like some of her friends.
(image) And one final picture of Hutton.(image)
We had fun but I could have done without the rain. The kids didn't seem to mind. Happy fall ya'll!

coming clean...


I have a confession to make...
Look for it...(image) take a closer look~
(image) Do you see it? FACEBOOK. There! I said it! My name is Jill and I am addicted to facebook. Sorry for the lack of updates. If you are my facebook friend than you are VERY updated on whats going on around The Johnson household. I am going to TRY to do better. Starting now-
We are actually on the tail-end of swine flu. Everyone has had it except for me and Cooper J. Yes- everyone. Miss Hutton has it now. She is doing really good. Praising God for it all! I had been consumed with fear of her getting it. I surrendered it to God. I knew it was out of my hands. God has been there every moment of her life and I knew he wouldn't leave us now. He is soooooo GOOD!
Hutton gets her braces for her legs tomorrow! I can't wait! Looking forward to chasing her around this house!Oh - the things I took for granted with my other four kids. I will post pics!
David's business is picking up. He is finishing up the S&W Grand downtown and the big opening is this weekend. Its a historical restaurant here in Knoxville and is quite the buzz around town. I will post pictures of the party as well.
Mimi and Reagan have lost their top two teeth. Double CUTE!!! I will post pictures.
Cooper broke his arm and had to have surgery. He is now cast free and already back at football. His next two games are against Austin East and Fulton. Double YIKES!
ML just started Sharks. I will explain later. Lets just say she is THRILLED to wear the uniform even if she isn't competing.
I am... NOTHING. Same ol' same ol'. Loving my days with Hutton. We get the big kids off to school and its playtime! She is my love.
Okay- stay tuned for all those pictures I promised you~ ;)
I leave you with the most beautiful Fall mum I have ever seen.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!



Saying goodbye to The Big City. Hutton and I will leave Philly tomorrow without a plan. sigh. It feels different leaving this time. We usually leave on "good terms"- temporarily fixed and ready to get back to Knoxville to tackle everyday life in the Johnson Party of Seven household. We are in a holding pattern. The thoughts of the months ahead are sickening. I am exhausted already. It is such an honor to be her mama. I will do anything and everything that needs to be done to save her but the truth is, its not up to me. Its not up to Dr. Gaynor or Dr, Rychik, or Dr. Bremer, or even Dr. Jacobs. Hutton's future rests in the palm of The Great Healer. We will continue to praise Him for where he has brought her from and pray for another miracle for Sweet Buttons.
Looking foward to seeing what God has in store for our little family.



Okay- I have been trying to put all our beach pictures in order and downloaded here on blogger and it is taking me FOREVER. Wish I was a little bit more computer literate but sadly I am not and Cooper and ML are at Nana and Papas for the week so nobody can help me out. I have a feeling that most of you don't care what order they are in or the fact that I have no poetic words to go along with each photo. I am pretty sure you just want to see a cute baby in cute bathingsuits- sooooo... here goes!Our house was incredible! This is the first thing you saw as you walked in the front door.This is a shot of all our flip flops.Maggie was running along the beach- doing her very best Bo Derek. We did a little bit of this-Oh! This was cute! Merri and Libby-Skipping along the beach into the surf. It was HILARIOUS.Just wanted to show you how Hutton spent her time by the pool. We put a baby pool by the big pool and then put her in her Bumbo chair to make sure she didn't tip over. She loved it. She loved watching the big kids jump in and splash her a little. So sweet.Had to put this one in because her little tounge is so cute!The guys went golfing in Wild Dunes. This is Gary, Jim, and David.David and Cooper J. Then they did a little deep sea fishing. Cooper did a lot of this-But they did manage to reel in this- Cooper was excited when Tristan made it into town.Cooper and his Daddy. Oh- this was FUN! The girls went to Mt. Pleasant to our friend's resturant. Stephen graduated from highschool with all of us girls. The guys stayed home with the kids. We came home to a little of this-Gary B. on his gutair Look at these cuties. This is Merri's son, Garrett and his friend Adrian. These next ones were made on our staircase at our house. First born to least...Then we have The Murray kids- Dylanand Maggie.Mimi Kate and Hutton Button-Naptime! Mary Lawson and Hutton.Pretty Shannon- we nicknamed her Eva.Jack HoltShannon making the little ones help her out with a little decorating project.Taking a nap on the beach. Is there anything more inviting?Cooper doing a little skim boarding. Rea, Dylan, and Mimi KateSleeping in her Daddy's arms.The girls.The guys. Ummmm! This was the night we did a low country boil.Merri and JIm pouring it out on the table.Buttons.Breakfast.Hutton with her backpack on. It holds her food pump. Drinking a juice box. Cooper J jumping for JOY!Hutton's first time having her toes in the sand.Jim and David with their baby girls. Mag- pie and HuttonHutton playing with Daddy.Mommy sneaking in some sandy sugar.Hutt and Maggie building sandcastles.Cooper J.- I LOVE this boy!I have more to share but its going to have to wait! We had such a wonderful time and felt blessed to be able to go to the beach this year and even more blessed that we got to go to the beach as a family of seven. Hutton did sooooooo great! Praising God for all his blessings![...]

Isle of Palms


(image) We are here- vacation! Every moment is being soaked up. Sweet memories. The kids are having so much fun. Hutton is adapting to a new routine of no routine. We have been setting up a little plastic pool for her with a Bumbo chair inside to prevent her from falling over. She LOVES it. I can't wait to get her trach out so she can get in the big pool. More pictures to come- for now its back to the beach!



Cooper Hayworth JohnsonFaithful- full of life- mature- immature-sweet- heart of gold- prays like no other- FUNNY-follower of Christ-precious soul- helper-friend-big brother-son- grandson- nephew- cousin-everyone loves Cooper J... and no wonder-Take a look at this sweet face. He is not a baby anymore. He is in Middle School. My first born baby... Oh! Its so true what they say about them growing up too fast.I blinked. He is in Middle School. What happened? I can't tell you how very proud I am to be his "Moma". He turned eleven and graduated from Elementary school all in the same month. It was almost more than this Momas heart could take. I am so happy about the young man he has become. I wish you could all hear him pray. That boy can PRAY! This is the last Elementary School Chapel for him. Sigh. His very last Elementary Field Day. Here he is hanging with his buddies... playing ball. I LOVE his friends too. He has done such a great job choosing friends. They are all "good boys". I love them. I am proud of his decision to be all he can be. I am proud of his contagious smile and laugh. I am proud of how smart he is and how quick witted he is. I am proud of how hard he tries to please The Lord. I am proud.Happy Birthday Sweet Love! You will always be my favorite son! You are something special! Now.... You didn't think you were walking away without seeing pictures of Buttons did you? So BIG and so SWEET! I could kiss her lips off her face! [...]

My Easter Blessing


Sweet Baby Bunny...

I couldn't resist. I realize its kinda mean to dress your kids up in outfits so that you can get a laugh but I couldn't help myself! Seriously- have you ever seen anything so stinkin' cute in your whole life? Me either.

What could be more cruel? How about forcing them to come face to face with a 5 foot 2 inch bunny with eyes bigger than my head? Yep- pretty darn cruel but so darn funny! Relax friends- I took her away as soon as she started to really cry!

(image) From the look on her face, all was forgiven on Easter morning when Hutt got a look at her basket! Priceless!


Hope you all had a great Easter. I will add more cute Easter pictures later- hopefully tomorrow.



"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your words are wonderful, I know that full well My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. " Psalm 139 (13-16)
I have five children. My first four were born with little drama. We were a family of six for five years. Never planning on any more children, we were sailing. I have read these words many times before. They were written on birth announcements and I believed every single word with all my heart. God MADE them all. He formed them, "knit" them together. Cool! I have to say that these verses took on a whole new meaning when I found out that Hutton would have a bad heart. Among my pleas to God, I would hear, " PERFECTLY MADE" being whispered in my ear. PERFECT. Hutton is a perfect creation of God. Hutton's terribly disfunctional heart is a perfect creation of Gods. It was a surprise to us but I rest knowing that none of it was a suprise to Him. Just like Hutton sailing through her stage 1 and 2 surgeries was no suprise to Him either. Her days have been planned and He is holding his precious lamb in his hands. She has the perfect heart that was intented for her made by HIM. How special that is. Tonight I am thankful for her perfect little nose, her perfect little toes, her perfect little smile, and her perfect little heart. Thanks be to GOD!

Mean girls


Hutton and Maggie Dean Murray. Bffs...(image)
These two are so stinkin cute and oh so mean! Oh so sweet and oh so fiesty! Best friends they will be. Sweet sweet blessings from a sweet sweet Jesus.

Gods provisions-


Tonight as I sit here typing away at my laptop in my bed, I can hear the beautiful sounds of Jack Johnson through the monitor. Hutton is tucked away so sweetly in her bunny bed and the rest of the crew is settling down for the night. The music is more than a tool that we use to lure Hutton off to sleep. It IS HER. Its Hutton. Just like the sweet smell of vanilla. Its not just the flavor of her formula and the sweet sweet smell of her. It IS her. So many things that trigger emotions in me that remind me of HER... my miracle.I am assuming if anyone is still reading this blog after my "little break", you also read caringbridge and know that Hutton was recently in the PICU with Strep throat and a respitory virus. Bringing us crahing back down to reality that we have a sick baby. A baby that was SERIOUSLY ill with strep throat. A baby that, as I sat in her hospital room, I wasn't sure if she was strong enough to get rid of this nasty virus she had. I don't know WHY I wouldn't think that she wouldn't be strong enough. This sweet baby girl is the strongest person I have EVER known. She kicked it in the rear and came home. A few days later... sick again- back on oxygen. I feel so helpless. I am so tired. I can't imagine how tired she must be.This post isn't about me. Its not REALLY even about Hutton. Its about how God has provided for us every single time. I have been an emotional wreck today. Most likely because I am sleep deprived. The weather was NASTY today. Flooding rains. Hutton had a doctors appointment. I soooo didn't want to get out but it was her cardiologist appointment and I knew she needed to be seen. So off we went and as soon as we approached the office building the heavens opened up and the rain poured. In my head, I keep saying, " this is the day the Lord has made. Let us REJOICE and be GLAD in it. REJOICE...REJOICE....REJOICE. Not working. Just being honest here. So here we go, in the pouring rain with a baby, a stroller, a diaper bag, a suction machine, and don't forget the oxygen, to see Dr. Bremer. Did I mention that Hutton is soaked with puke?Well, she is. Now for the part of God's sweet provision. Dr. Bremer! Oh- how we LOVE her! She was who God provided to me today to keep me from jumping ship. Don't worry! I don't mean jump ship as in abandon my family or take my own life or anything silly like that. I just mean... jump ship EMOTIONALLY. You know- have a breakdown. She is a very gentle, soft spoken woman. Its kind of weird to say "woman". She looks all of 22 years old. She is BRILLIANT. So smart. She has NEVER doubted Hutton. To me, that means she has never doubted God. I am thankful for that. You see, while ALL of Hutt's doctors are brilliant and capable, they can only do so much. It is all in HIS hands. I feel sorry for the doctors who don't know that. Can you imagine taking on the responsiblity of life or death? Me either. Everytime Hutton goes into surgery, we place her in sweet Lisa Montenegro's arms and give her a kiss. It is a powerful moment. Powerful because we are REALLY placing her in God's arms and PRAYING that the outcome will be what WE want it to be. That His will is what we have prayed for. For the most part, I am doing great. Hutton is doing WONDERFUL and I am so excited and down right giddy about it. Other days, I see no end in sight. I see no end to her suffering, no end to her being trach free, no end to suctioning, no end to surgeries, no end to her refusing to eat, no end to her not walking like most babies her age. I just remembered another one of God's sweet provisions for me today. It came in the form of a grandmother and g[...]

ValentiMes Day!


Happy late Valentines Day. Here are a few pictures of us celebrating! David took me to Nama for sushi. It was sooooo yummy! I am already craving it again! We had so much fun Jim and Shannon Murray went with us. Nana and Papa held down the fort at home! The kids had a good time! Nana made a special desert for them- CHOCOLATE FONDUE! Needless to say, the kids were in heaven! Me and my sweet Valentine! I just noticed how cool the building in the back looks. David built it! That makes it even cooler!=)The kids were out from school on Friday so they had their parties on Thursday. They were so excited to exchange Valentines with their friends from school.This is Reagan and her pre K teacher. They had on matching shirts. So cute! Mimi and her Bff ,Taylor Dunn. These two are so cute! They are like an old married couple. They can't stand to be apart and they love each other to pieces but they bicker all the time! Mimi Kate chowin' down on a mini heart cake that her mama made for the class. So domestic! Ha!!!!The fifth graders have a party but Cooper doesn't really want me around. I did HAPPEN to see him in the hall and snapped this cute picture! Of course I have to put a plug in for my friend Emily. All the super cute tees are Lawson and her friend Bella! They got to watch a movie after they passed out their Valentines to each other.Mimi and Taylor at a birthday party about a month ago. It was a zoo party.They are soooooo sweet!These are just some cute random pictures. Hutton is so happy!This is a picture from chapel at school. Reagan got to do the honors to the bible. She did such a great job. I was one proud Mama![...]

The sweet Princess


Just wanted to share! Isn't she precious. Her bed is fit for a princess! That she is!!!

Looking back on Christmas


Just wanted to post a few pictures from Christmas. Nothing witty to say about them. I hope you can see what a great Christmas it was for us. It was PRECIOUS! Especially since we had this little gift home with us...Hutton in front of the tree in her Daddy's rocking chair. Christmas Eve lunch at The Hyatt. David's family has been doing this for 31 years. This year was the first that we were joined by The Dunns.The kids. The Johnson's, The Baum's, and The DunnsNana Johnson and her good friend Violet. She has been a faithful prayer warrior for Hutton and she just has a special place in her heart for her. So sweet! Mary Lawson on Christmas Morning showing off her new laptop and desk.Cooper got a PSP.Mary Lawson with her china dollsMimi and a game-Reagan helping Hutton with her stocking-Mary Lawson Waiting to open presents-Hutton with her favorite toy from Santa- A Jenny Jump-up This is at David's parents. We played "dirty Santa". This is ML explaining the rules to everyone.The Babies- Hutton and RebeccaFilling our plates with all the yummy food that Nana made. Amy, Rebecca, and AlanDavid's cousin, Leah. All the little kids LOVE her! Uncle Alan and Hutton spending some time together.Samuel and HuttonMimi and HuttonBaby New Year- Hutton Button JohnsonThis is our little family ringing in The New Year.The Murrays- Jim, Shannon, Maggie, and Dylan Mimi and Dylan passed out BEFORE midnight! Sweet memories.[...]

Johnson Babies


Mimi (6), Cooper (10), Mary Lawson (8), Reagan (6), Hutton (15 months)
Aren't they precious? We think so. Heres to saying goodbye to 2008 and looking foward to what 2009 brings! Thanking God for his many blessing this year! Love from The Johnsons

T'was the night before the night before...


We had the pleasure of being invited to The Sapps for the night before the night before Christmas. We had so much fun. Santa came! Can you believe it?! The night before Christmas Eve? Wow! We felt so lucky to be there! I loved these pictures that April D took. I forgot my camera! She did a great job I thought!
(image) The whole family!

(image) I must confess that I LOVE crying Santa pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!(image) The mamas! Aren't we something else? Who is the tart on Santa's lap?! Just Kidding April! You know I love you! I have tons of pictures from Christmas that I want to share but it will have to wait! This house is a wreck! I love Christmas and we had such a good one! Hutton was precious and so were the other four babies! Can't wait to share!

Here comes Santa Claus...


Tuesday night we had big plans. I mean BIG- at least to the kiddos. We went to see The Big Guy. Let me start by saying that I usually have a picture in my mind of what special times like these will be like only to turn to David midway through and say, "why do we bother?". Ususlly never turns out like I planned. Somebody is mad or gets hurt or fighting breaks out. Well- I am so happy to say that my vision was not ruined and it was a FUN night! It started out at Build a Bear. The heart support group took all the cardiac kids and their siblings to build a bear and let them each build their owm bear and get an outfit for it. What a TREAT! Then, they took us on over to eat pizza! The kids were in heaven! So fun! We decided that since we were all at the mall, we should go ahead and do the whole Santa thing. Here is the whole gang!Cooper J isn't too big for Santa. Reagan telling Santa she wants an orange bike. What?! Orange?!Mimi was a little shy. She told him she wanted a Baby Alive.Sweet Mary Lawson told Santa she wanted world peace. Just kidding! She wants some new Uggs!I was surprised that Hutt didn't cry. I was a little disappointed. I LOVE crying Santa pictures!Here is HUtton with a bunch of bears.It was so much fun. We are soaking up memories of Hutton's first Christmas at HOME! Its going to be a good one this year! [...]

Thanksgiving 2008


Good food- Good Company- Good times!This year was a very laid back kind of year at my parents. It was such a great day and we had so much fun. Here are a few images of what our day was like....Cooper J and my nephew, PatchMe and my big cuz, Chrissy, and my big sister, Jeanie My nephew, Jack lovin' on Hutton Button David sitting down for some YUMMY food!Reagan Elisabeth chowin' down!Mimi Kate got a leg!Daddy and my Uncle NorrisOma (my mom) and Mimi sharing some Thanksgiving LOVE!Mary Lawson gets a hug from GG Dot! So PRECIOUS!A Turkey induced coma-and finally.... whats Thanksgiving without a little football?!We sure had a lot to be thankful for this year. We have had Hutton home in Tennessee for a year now. We have been blessed with many things but realize that family and friends is what its all about! Hope you all had a good one![...]