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Knitting Kris

Knitting, Spinning, and Chatter

Updated: 2018-03-05T17:07:33.543-05:00


The Seven Year Scarf


This scarf has been on the needles for guessed it, seven years!
Is this the knitting equivalent of the seven year itch, or proof that we all get bored with our projects from time to time?
Why seven years?  I'm not sure I can answer that question.  I like the scarf.  I bought the yarn at least seven years ago at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.  The yarn is a beautifully dyed wool blend suitable for sock knitting, bordering on a sport weight yarn.   I started the scarf, and ripped it out about a year ago and restarted it, but I can't recall why.   Anyway, it ended up in the bottom of one of my bags again, neglected.

Segue to three weeks ago when I was packing knitting for a cruise trip we were taking.  Pack for an entire week of knitting on a cruise, where there is no chance of buying forgotten materials or yarn?  Sent me into a whirlwind.  But I digress.  I managed to pull out this scarf again, thought it was easy enough to be mindless travel knitting, and into my carry-on it went!
This week I have finished the scarf.   Seven years of being on the needles is ridiculous to even contemplate.
The pattern was simple.  Too simple?  Maybe, but I knit stockinette socks all the time with no problem.   The yarn?  I love the finished product and how the yarn played with the pattern.  No strange pooling or striping.  It isn't the softest yarn I've ever knit, but a nice soak should fix that.   I can't think it was that either.
I used a standard 16" circular needle from knit picks.  Metal needles with nice sharp points.  Sliced through K2tog without issues.  No problems there either.
I just can't figure out why this particular scarf spent years on my needles.  I think I'll stop trying to analyze it, and wrap it around my neck.  It's delightfully long to wrap several ways.
Here's hoping I can wear it in good health for at least another seven years!
As promised - crappy (and faded, not a filter) iPhone photo of the scarf, taken at my desk while at work.

And here's a snap shot of a project I'm currently working on:  Loop Shawl by Casapinka.

A New Start


A new year poses a new start for all of us.  I haven't made any specific resolutions in my mind, but I have been thoughtful about the process of evaluating where I've been, where I am, and where I want to go from here.  Now, that's a little broad.  I know.  It's okay.  I can live with it for now (says the woman who thrives on lists).

That being said, I do want to blog more often.  Don't laugh.  I know it happens every year.  My true problem, as I've mentioned in the past, is that I am not a great photographer.  I don't own a camera, save my Apple devices.  But I will forge onward, and  hope you'll forgive my less than perfect photos.  Deal?

2014 was a great year for knitting for me in terms of new friends, or maybe old acquaintances becoming new friends.  We have a weekly knitting group now that I value so much!  I eagerly look forward to knitting with them each week, and they inspire me in my knitting.  My knitting is actually better because of them.  I tend to finish more projects, and knit projects that I may not have considered in the past, save for their encouragement.  We've traveled to festivals, and plan to do so again this year.  I can't wait!

So, while I know it's with great caution, I am going to say "Welcome Back!"   I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.  A journey does start with a single step (or shall we say sock).

Christmas Socks
STR medium weight yarn.
US # 1.5 (2.5 mm) needle.
Colorway - HollyDay

Just Keep Knitting


I keep knitting on my WIP's to get them finished as part of Stashdash 2014.  Yet, it seems as though I'm going nowhere quickly.  Is it possible that I'm knitting on too many projects at once?  

I did finish these socks (they were started last year in October 2013).  I'm not really sure why I never finished them.  They are all of my favorite colors.  Sometimes I start a relatively plain sock (though hand knit socks are never plain to me), and it becomes a bit boring to me.  The yarn was nice.  I knit it on size 2.25 mm (US #1) and got a nice fabric with it.  I knit it with a picot edge - which is a cool way to add a little pizazz to your knitting (in my opinion).  The knitting was mindless and good for times when I didn't want to focus entirely on my knitting.  But they just didn't fly off the needles.  

Now that they are done, I like them, and I like the fit.  But I think I need a bit more of a pattern or something to distract me.  Or not.  Sometimes I think I over-think this knitting thing.  
Knitting is more than a hobby or craft to me.  It is a love that calms my spirit and fuels my creativity.  I'm so glad I'm a knitter.  

STR socks in Medium Weight, unknown color way (Mill End).  
2.25 mm (US #1) needle
385 yards down, 5,083 yards to go.  
Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting!  

A Time For Everything


 As much as this is a knitting blog, there are times when events in my life compel me to write a little more about my private life.
I am the oldest (certainly not the best looking or the smartest), grandchild on both sides of my family.  Up until two years ago, I was blessed to have all four of my grandparents in my life.  A couple of weeks ago, my Papa passed away.  He had been in ill health for quite some time, but had been able to be at home with my Nana until the last six weeks kept him in the hospital and rehab settings.
     Losing Papa has been hard for the family.  I used to live with my Papa and Nana while my parents were in college.  I'd stay the week at their house, and spend the weekends with my parents.  While this was difficult for my parents, especially my mother, it was a huge sacrifice for both my parents and grandparents.  I was actually the lucky one who benefitted from it all.  I received so much love and care from both my parents and grandparents during that time and throughout my life.
My grandparents were so supportive of my family.  They attended concerts, athletic events, church activities.  We spent most Friday nights and Sunday noon times at their house for dinner.  We took vacations together in their motor home.
I can credit so many things in my life to my Papa specifically.  He is the one who taught me how to ice-skate.  He taught me how to play badminton in the back yard, and could still beat me well into his 50's, clearly a feat against a seventeen year old (PS-we are a bit competitive in our family).  Papa loved gardening, and always raised and stored many fruits of his labor every year.  He taught and shared in my canning process many years.
One of my favorite memories is hearing my Papa sing.  He had a beautiful tenor voice, and he sang for the church choir and weddings.  As I grew older and more accomplished on the piano, I was able to accompany him on the piano when he sang.  I have many fond memories of our performances together.  In older years, we shared many goofy gifts at Christmas time.  It was always our mission to find funny gag gifts for each other each year.
While I know in my mind that Papa enjoyed a life well lived and loved, we miss him so much.  My heart hurts especially for my Nana who was his wife for over 65 years!  What a great legacy he has left our family!
                         (September 1998 - my wedding day, his 50th wedding anniversary)

5K Stash Dash


I've tried to participate in stash down programs in the past.  What is stash (ask the muggles - or non-fibery people)?Stash is the yarn in your posesssion - no matter where the storage location.Some of you might not know what a stash down program is, or some may wonder why a knitter might be willing or excited about participating in such an event.Here's the deal.Knitter and spinners like yarn and fiber.  Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) we purchase yarn or fiber that we might not feel a need for at that exact moment, but it inspires us.  So we purchase it with no intended purpose in mind.  You might have problems believing this fact, but honestly, it happens more than you think.  I know very few knitters who do not possess more yarn or fiber than planned projects.Sometimes we save yarn that we just can't bear to knit with because we haven't found the perfect paring of pattern and yarn.  Or maybe we are finishing other projects first before we are knitting that special skein of yarn we own.There are many ways to use stash yarn.  You can knit it.  You can trade or sell it, if you no longer like it (Let's face it - yarn and fiber are sometimes like clothes - sometimes your taste changes and you no longer love that clown barf color you purchased when you started knitting 10 years ago).  You can gift it, you can donate it.  Right now, I prefer to knit or spin it, so I have joined two of my favorite podcasters - the Knitgirllls, who are doing a 5K Stash Dash knitting event - beginning on May 23, 2014, and ending on August 7, 2014.  So between this time, the goal is to knit or spin 5K of yarn or fiber from your stash.  How much is 5K of yarn if you are not a metric person?  Great question!   It's 5468 yards!  That's a lot of knitting and spinning!You might be wondering how anyone could knit or spin that much yardage during the time allotted, considering that the average plain hat usually takes up about 100 yards.  There is a caveat that you can include yarn, fiber, or projects that you have been working on from before this period, but have not finished.  To see official rules for this event, please visit Ravelry, and the Knitgirllls group.  This is a great motivation for me to finish a couple of projects that have been "on my needles" for way too long.I've have been knitting blanket squares for probably over 5 years on and off for a Log Cabin Square blanket.  This is a very portable project, and you can make it as big or as small as you would like.I'm using this project for part of my stash dash goal.  I figure if I can finish it (I only need to knit the squares together and sew the blanket together), I can get quite good yardage to complete this task.And the best part?  I will have my awaited blanket finished in the end.My husband made me a beautiful shelf years ago, and my father-in-law added a beautiful dowel to it to display this blanket.  It's time for it to be done.  This next photo is my favorite square.  My next job is to arrange them in some sort of order that I can  begin to block them and knit them together.  I am thankful for the inspiration and motivation to finish this project.  I forgot how much I love it.What are you enjoying this weekend?[...]

Mother's Day in Review


We enjoyed dinner out at one of my favorite local Italian restaurants on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday and Mother's day.  
Sunday we went to church, where all the Mothers received beautiful long stemmed roses.  
Sunday lunch was a picnic at our local ice cream shop.

I had afternoon drinks on my Mom and Dad's deck, and Mom surprised me with a gorgeous shawl pin in Denim blue, and a Willow Tree Angel (Mom's gift is the trip to Maryland Sheep and Wool each year).  

I got to spend some of my afternoon on my deck, spinning some merino and silk from Hobbledehoy Fibers.  I love her fiber so far - this is my first spin with it, but it is incredibly soft and look at these colors!  

I am still learning my Lendrum DT spinning wheel.  I have yet to name it.  Do you name your wheels?  I have never come up with a name for my Ashford Traveller. 

This Lendrum is a beautiful wheel, so pleasant to spin on.  I plug in my Pandora on the Indie Folk Singer-Songwriters channel and away I go.

And I'm almost finished with this little spot of knitting - a Woven Cowl

It's knit in, you guessed it, The Plucky Knitter yarn.  It's primo worsted in the Edwardian colorway.
I got great little buttons for it from Melissa Jean at Maryland.  I love handmade.  How about you?

Podcasts and Peeps


Okay, maybe I was a little adventurous in hinting that I would post every day about our Maryland trip.
I'll be a realist in that I don't have time every day to post here, though I would like to post more often.
I dream about doing things like starting a podcast or running a yarn shop, but I figure the first goal is to establish a regular routine, and a blog is a good place to start.
Maybe I'll consider weekly posts.  I have to be honest.  The photography (or lack there of) is really is hard for me to accomplish, and is what holds me back from posting more often.

But enough about my procrastination habits, let's talk today about podcasts.  Do you listen to them?  Do you watch them?
Since my love of knitting (and now also spinning), I have long loved media around the fiber community.  So these days, I find myself listening to podcasts on my drive to and back from work, and also watching a few while I knit at night.
TV and radio are at times less appealing to me.  I try to tell myself this is not a sign of my advancing age, but I really do think my age contributes.
Please don't get me wrong in that I never watch TV or listen to radio.  I do.  I just prefer to control the content a little more than even the prime time stations do.  So, I have turned to podcasts.

Now, I bet you are wondering how this whole conversation (because reading a blog or watching/listening to a podcast is like a conversation too) relates to knitting and Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I'm getting there, wait for it.

One of my favorite video podcasts is the Knitgirllls.  They are two talented fiber girls who put out a weekly podcast.  They are best friends that used to live together and knit together, but now they live states apart.  So they put out a podcast together, and it's amazingly fun to watch them while I knit.
Anyway, I got to meet both of them at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, and they were so kind.
Here's a picture of us together - which I'm sure they don't remember, but I surely do.
They took time out of their festivities to spend with their viewers, and I was extremely grateful.
Leslie is on the left, I am in the middle, and Laura is on the right (as you look at the picture - reverse it if you are anatomically oriented).
Anyway - in case you are interested in watching them - click here!  I highly recommend it.

Now, as much as I love the virtual world of knitting, I love my local knitting peeps even more.
Here's a shot of us prior to entering the festival on Saturday.  I must say that my Mom and my Aunt are missing from this photo, but they were with us too!   I love spending time with each of these ladies at our knitting group each week.  They make me laugh, they inspire me to be a better knitter/spinner and crafter, and most of all, they are awesomely cool and smart.  

Maryland 2014 Friday


Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (always the first full weekend in May) was amazing as usual!

This year we took two festival newbies, and it is indeed incredible to see the festival through their eyes.
We left for the festival on Friday morning.  First stop was at Starbucks for a little fuel (as if our excitement wasn't enough)!
Then, a new stop this year, initiated by our newbies!  The Coach factory outlet.  We had a grand adventure there, and a special coupon savings!
We arrived at PF Chengs in the early afternoon, and after a delicious meal, did some more shopping after that at Sephora and BestBuy.  We picked up cheesecake to go at the Cheesecake Factory.  YUM!
We finally arrived at our hotel at 4:30pm.
We unloaded the cars, took a wee nap, and headed to a local establishment for supper.
There we met a waitress who made RBF (Google it) look like something pleasant.  But the food was great, and the company fabulous, as we met up with our friends from Virginia.

After dinner was a trip to the local liquor store for some adult refreshments.

We found this bottle of wine (though we did not purchase it) and had to laugh!  Adrienne, however,  found some Moonshine cherries!
Off we went to the lobby to knit, and plan for Saturday.

Since this is a knitting or spinning blog, how about some related goods?
This is 4 oz. of a merino/silk fiber braid from Hobbledehoy Fibers.  It's color is called Butterfly Wing.
I purchased it on Saturday of the festival.
It is currently being spun on my new Lendrum DT spinning wheel, which I really love.

I'll write more each day about our adventures, and slowly reveal my beautiful purchases.
Hope your Monday was wonderful!

Fall Back to Knitting


As much as I would like to post more regularly, it does get crazy around here.I've tried to pinpoint what distracts me from writing posts for the blog. I don't think it's the writing, really I don't. There's my own personal problem of failure to finish things. And by finishing things, I don't mean not knitting them. I have at least 10 projects that are knitted, but need some finishing touches, like blocking and weaving in ends. Those are the things I dislike about knitting, which is odd. I guess it means I'm not destined to be a seamstress, huh? I actually think it's the photography aspect that keeps me from posting on a regular basis.I am not a photographer, and that is a problem, my friends. My husband is a great photographer, yet he is not so much interested in photographing knitting. So, until I can convince him that knitting is a worthwhile subject, you will have to endure my iPhone photographs.I must admit that it's a big challenging at times to get good light and angles, even with a point and snap phone!Esjan Shawl - Design by Stephen West. Knit in The Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted. A Low Brow hat, also in The Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted. Yes, Plucky is my favorite yarn!Some socks knit from deep stash in Autumn House yarn, and promptly delivered to my Nana, who lives in them. I love it when people appreciate hand-made!And finally a fun knit.....Knit picks Felici self-striping yarn. I know, I know. It's a strange choice for a yarn snob like me, but they were fun, and the price was right. Who can argue with $7 knitted socks? Not me.Happy Fall! It's knitting season again. Hallelujah![...]

Summer Knitting


I am a knitter who knits all year long, though I must admit that it is more difficult for me to find the "appropriate" time to knit during the summer.  The warmer weather makes it a little harder for me to knit as much as I'd like.

I like to do smaller projects during the summertime to combat the warmer weather, and my affinity for knitting with wool.  Socks are the perfect project for summer for me, but I had lost my desire to knit socks, possibly because I just couldn't reconcile how beautiful the multicolored yarns looked in skeins with how they knit up into socks.  I'm not a big fan of flashing or yarn pooling, which seemed to happen a lot for me with variegated yarns I had previously purchased and knit.

But I found some great needles - some 9" circular needles to just simply knit in the round for the leg and foot of the sock (the biggest portions).  This makes knitting vanilla socks even more simple than my preferred method for knitting socks - magic loop....
I do however, still knit the heel and toe on magic loop needles.

To recover my sock mojo, I started by knitting my Nana a pair of socks for winter.  She loved them!  I knit her plain vanilla socks, and since then am on my third pair this year.  This is about a pair every other month, which is pretty good for me with our busy schedule, and way better than not knitting socks at all.

Here's the current pair on my needles:
Vanilla Socks:
Yarn - Into the Whirled (75% merino wool/25% nylon) - LOVE this base.
Color way - Abercrombie
Needles - US #1 (2.25 mm) for the leg and foot, US #0 for the heel and toe.
There is a little pooling happening here, but not so much that I can't tolerate it.  As of tonight, I am almost done with the toe.  And I'm the kind of knitter who immediately casts on for the second sock, which is an unusual trait in sock knitters.

Here's hoping you enjoy the week ahead, and that the weather allows for some knitting time in the outdoors!

Knitting Update


There's knitting happening here.

That's Spighe di Grano.   It's a small shawl that had been waiting awhile to be blocked.  I decided to try and do just that last week, and I succeeded.  It's a simple knit in gorgeous colors -  Skein yarns BFL sock, in her famous "Static" colorway.
My Ravelry project page has details to help your sort through my personal modifications to the pattern. Follow the link above.....

I've also acquired a new little project bag.  How could I pass up this bag with knitting sheep on the fabric?  Too funny and whimsical.  It came from a new, small, local yarn store in our area.
The bag is made by a local Pennsylvania artist, so bonus all around in supporting local companies.
And I'm on the verge of finishing another small shawl - details in upcoming posts!  It's knit with a beautiful merino/nylon/cashmere blend from Three Irish Girls yarn.  YUM!
Here's hoping everyone is enjoying summer.  We look forward to warm weather this week in PA.  That means the last softball game, swimming, and knitting at night.  I might even get in some knitting and spinning on my front porch.  Bring it on, I say!  Happy knitting to you and yours!



Tomorrow the Summer Olympics begin in London! I've always been an Olympic "junkie" - staying up late to watch the competitions, walking around with red eyes for two weeks, sleep deprived, but totally hooked on the stories that accompany the games.

Simultaneously during the Olympics, members of the Ravelry community partcipate in their own competitions during this two week period - they sign up for knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving events that are named after Olympic competitions, but pertain to fiber. Ravelers form teams that resemble Olympic teams for competition in each event. Medals are awarded at the end of the time frame too.
Honestly, it's not meant to make fun or in any way mock the true Olympics, but rather helps to celebrate this time period of unity among the nations.

This year, I've done it. I've gone a little overboard with my project. I've gone and ordered my first spinning wheel (sure to be a distraction), and I've committed to knitting a small blanket for the competition on Ravelry. The blanket will be knit in yarn by The Plucky Knitter. It's her awesome Primo worsted weight yarn - a luscious blend of Superwash Merino Wool and Cashmere - stunning and soft as butter running through my hands. I wound it into center pull balls tonight on the ball winder.
Not one skein gave me fits - they wound up nicely onto the winder. FUN!

You can see the lovely colors and skeins of yarn for my blanket below.

Wish me luck! It will take all my effort to knit this in two weeks! I'm knitting blocks of solid colors (but in different knitting patterns to keep things interesting).
I'm so excited to start - unfortunately, I won't be home exactly at 4:00 for opening ceremonies tomorrow (which is when you are allowed to officially start your project), but I'll be home as soon as I can, and my needles will be clicking!




It's on its way! Can you guess what it might be?
Here's a hint.......



I find myself searching a lot these days.
Searching for inspiration, meaning, joy, laughter, purpose.
The weather is beautfiul, but my mind certainly is not keeping up with it.
I went on a walk tonight, and honestly it does help me feel better, clears my head, and is generally a good thing.
Sometimes, my husband and I walk together, just the two of us, and I look forward to that time.
I know I'm in a different phase of my life now. I suppose some would call it a mid-life crisis. Others would call it a crisis of faith (I'm really struggling in that department, so I might have to agree with them). Really, I'm thinking it's more of a, "Let's take stock and reassess," period of time.
No matter what you label it, I'm hopeful that it is just what it seems to be, a crossroads. As I journey through it, I hope that I'll find a little bit of this:

Hats Off to a New Year


Slightly late, but better late than never....

Hats off to a New Year.



Project details on Ravelry.

When You're Not Looking


Life happens whether you're looking or not.....This late summer we enjoyed some grapes at a local winery....the girls just wouldn't stomp them though, no matter how much we encouraged them to do so....They did settle for posing for this picture with me (they still like me enough to do that, thankfully). We had some unexpected things happen.....Some pleasant and beautiful. Some, while not unexpected, brought complications that were. Thankfully, we're closing the whole premature birth chapter in our lives, with this closure of the feeding tube fistula, post-operative infection, and fainting episodes when little girls are cleared too early for regular activities.....I've had time to knit, and it has been a simple pleasure that's provided much comfort during these crazy and uncertain times.Summer WindGuernsey WrapAll the WaterTurn A SquareYarntini HatSugared VioletsAll project details can be found here.No matter the journey, it's always evolving, changing. Sometimes so quickly, we can't keep pace. It's then that we need to slow our hearts and minds, take a deep breath, and close our eyes. It's all under control. Even when we're not looking......[...]

For the Love of the Game


For the Love of the Game
Pattern: Dream Stripes, Raveled.
Needles - US #8
Yarn - Madelinetosh DK in Tern and Tart

It's a lovely knit, and I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
Photos courtesy of my loving husband, who has amazing talent.

Striping It


It's all shawls here, all the time. The latest one on the needles:
For the Love of the Game, so named because I started it at my daughter's softball game this weekend.
It's a simple striped shawl with a lace border - go ahead. Click on the link. I'll wait.......and the bonus - it's a free pattern!
It has nice design features, with my favorite center increase - the M1R and M1L surrounding the center stitch. I only like this increase when there is a purl back row, as in the photo below. Beautiful.
The yarn is the exquisite Madelinetosh DK, so it's thicker than the previous shawls I've been knitting (not that you've seen them). The colors are Tart (Red) and Tern (gray). The amazing amount of depth in the dyeing process never ceases to amaze me, and this shawl pattern showcases this yarn feature well.
I also broke out the new signature needles in size US #8 - circular. I really didn't think signature could improve on their older versions (three of which I purchased last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival), but they did - this cable is amazing. So flexible, and well, those stiletto points are amazing.
So, I'm off to continue working on this shawl. It's been a bit addicting, and yet, relaxing as well......and my porch is calling me too!



It's an emotional week, with my oldest graduating from high school. To add to all of that emotion and work, I decided to knit a baby gift instead of buy one for a baby shower at work this week. I felt like I had a homework assignment, albeit a good one. I'm not sure why I impose these kinds of deadlines on myself. So without further ado, and very quickly, I might add, PRESENTING:Sophisticated Baby (Baby Sophisticate....Raveled). Yarn: By some strange chance of luck I found an acrylic (oh my goodness, my hands twinge at that word) yarn at Michael's. I'm not sure what I'm doing in the yarn section at Michael's, but that's another story for another day. When gifting my knitting, I'm also never sure whether the parent would appreciate a wool sweater that wasn't knit with superwash wool, so I knit this in, wait....I can hardly wait to tell you. I hate this advertising scheme....but it was.....Vanna's Choice - in the Harbor Mist color. It ALMOST resembles hand-dyed yarn, and it's super soft, without the wacky, scratchy feel of Red Heart. I used less than 2 skeins for the larger size, and the only modifications I made were to change the method of the raglan increases. I used a knit-into-the-front-and-the-back of the stitch instead of the backwards loop cast on. Much nicer and easier to complete the yoke. The buttons were a great find at.....Walmart. $1.50 - amazing!Needles: US #8 Addi Turbos. Love them! The other beauty - I knit this sweater, wove in ends, sewed the buttons, in... three nights, with some nights not really knitting that much at all. So it's quick, and I'm a slow figure it out. Most people knit this little beauty in two nights.There are complaints on Ravelry that the finished object runs a tad small, and I tend to agree. The larger size yielded me a sweater I'd consider to be about 3-6 months, maybe a little larger. I didn't do gauge, as it's a baby sweater, and well....I am nothing if not lazy at times with my knitting. So, as I send MY baby off into the big wide world, it's bitter sweet for me to knit a baby sweater for an expecting Mom who is just beginning her journey. [...]

Kickin' Cancer to the Curb


You've heard me talk about my friend (my age, which you all know now is 40 years old, although I think she may still be 39), who is battling breast cancer. She has completed her treatments and is now on her way to a brand new life. A life, I might add, that she is not taking for granted, and one that she lives to the fullest.
Last night she had a fund raiser event for the Avon Breast Walk, in hopes of someday finding a cure for this horrible disease.
Breast cancer affects approximately 1 in 8 women in their lifetimes. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.
Part of my right to passage when I turned 40 years old, was to get my first mammogram. It was a bit scary, and a bit complicated, but I'm here to say that it's SO important to have it done yearly. Don't neglect your mammogram because you are scared (even if you have a valid concern, like a lump). There's always someone who will go with you to get your mammogram done. Don't neglect your mammogram due to cost. There's lots of free clinics out there that provide mammograms at no cost to women. And remember to check your breasts monthly. Know your own body! Let's kick breast cancer to the curb, not only for our generation, but for the next to come!
Stats - Hooter Hat (knit with the owl cable as the focal point).
Size 8 bamboo and addi turbo needles.
Yarn: Debbie Stoller's Bamboo Ewe - in Pink of course!
Pattern: Heavily modified form of a combination of hat patterns. Contact me if you want the exact formula I used.



Milestones....I've reached a few in the past months while I've been away from the blog. I've turned 40 years old. Just typing that number makes me cringe a bit. Saying that you are 30-something never bothered me in the least, but 40? It bothers me a bit. People start saying things to me, like, "Well you don't look like you're 40!" What exactly do they mean? People whose children play sports or sing in concerts with my children haven't turned 30 yet. This is amazing to me. It's not as if I feel any older with turning 40. For Pete's sake, it's only a couple of days over 39. But the mental stigma of turning 40 is throwing me for a loop, and I find myself questioning myself and my life more and more. But then we move onto the next milestone that has me feeling older than....well....39 years old. My oldest daughter is graduating from high school. This year, my "I'm not wearing a dress, or anything that doesn't involve pants and a t-shirt-type of gal, surprised the socks off of me (unfortunately, they weren't wool socks), and went not only to the homecoming dance (in a dress, no less), but also took a date, who was a friend of hers, to the Senior prom. Shocking. To celebrate this most momentous occasion....I thought she needed a knitted accessory. Now, in case you haven't been reading this blog long at all, you may realize that I'm not good at knitting deadlines. Work deadlines- no problem. Knitting ones....yikes. I'm almost always knitting something last minute on Christmas Eve. Well, this was different. My baby was going to the prom, she had a thin-strapped gown that though she loved, I could tell made her a little bit uncomfortable. SO....after she decided that she wanted to participate in the prom, we went dress shopping. True to her form, she chose the first dress she had tried on. I should just listen to her when she says, "This is the one, Mom." Instead, we searched for a couple of hours,sighed way too much, and grouched a bit throughout the mall hallways. It all ended with, "I told you that was the one, Mom." So, we got the dress. I came home and dug through my pink yarn for the precious knitted accessory I was dreaming about. Now, lest you think I'm an organized knitter, and stash all of my pink yarn in one place.....I shall put you at ease. There's pink yarn (and yarn of any color) stored just about everywhere in my house. But fear, not! I suddenly remembered that I had bought some sale yarn (who doesn't love sale yarn) at a shop in Tennessee years ago (probably about 4 years ago), and decided it might be a perfect fit. It even had some silver in it (There was also silver in my daughter's dress - go ahead. Click on the photos, I'll wait - find the little circles of silver in the material?). It was not the softest yarn I've ever knit with, but by gosh and by golly, it did match her dress pretty well, and to its credit, it did soften just a smidge with washing. Then came the horrible decision of what design to knit for my jeans-wearing, t-shirt-loving gal.....I searched my again, lest you think all of my patterns are in one place, rest assured, they are not. I searched and found this pretty butterfly tattoo shawl that I posed (graceful way of stating that I showed it to her without getting my hopes in an uproar) to her. She loved it. So I gregariously began knitting her shawl. I finished it way before the prom, but neglected (as per my usual) to block it until the week of the prom. The night before t[...]

Two on Tueday


Two pictures on Tuesday, and two posts in a week (obviously, I'm starting the week out on Sunday).
First of all, let's give a big hats off to the Packers for their big win on Sunday. It's exciting to see a new team win something big every now and then. I'm not much of a football fan, so I wasn't really into the game that much. In fact, after the first quarter, my friend and I spent the rest of the night booking our beach house for our summer vacation. :) YEAH!
But onto the knitting, because if you're one of the few people who read this blog, you are probably here for the knitting, right?
This is a picture of my Balustrade project (unblocked). It's a super large cowl knit in the pretty, pretty yarn of The Plucky Knitter.
It's knit in superwash merino wool, and I used almost all of the 410 yards in the two skeins. It's a fabulous dark gray color (it's hard to capture anything, especially color, on camera this time of the year). I'm unsure of how to block this cowl - leave me some suggestions in the comment section if you're able to recommend anything at all.
This knitting was pretty fast, but I got distracted a lot by other projects. The lace on this project was not hard to knit, but I did have to pay attention, especially during the middle section. The outer portions of lace were easy to memorize. I even found myself correcting an error with a yarn-over involved, and I don't think I batted an eyelash. That's progress for me (and of course, insurance that I will screw up royally on my next project, and be unable to fix it, what with knitting karma and all).

In the wings, my husband has been patiently waiting for a hat and fingerless mitts out of this yarn. The yarn is Madeline Tosh (old worsted) in the Field colorway. I think the hubby wants to blend into the winter background with it. The color of the yarn matches the blueish/gray of the past week or two here in the woods. I'm not minding the weather so much this winter, possibly because I'm so busy with my new job and trying desperately to keep up with the family's activities. (image)

So, we've come to the conclusion of my Two on Tuesday post. Enjoy your week.....I'll try to show you blocked pictures of the cowl at some point, and I've got another Two on Tuesday surprise awaiting you - I've finished two pair of socks! YEAH ME!

The Sunday Afternoon Post


Nana's scarf, a project from long ago. I finally finished it these last couple of days. It's knit in Brooks Farm Merino wool, so it's nice and soft. Nana picked the colors, and I knit this simple pattern from the Yarn Harlot.. This pattern seems to work really well with variegated yarn, and handspun.

I can't stay long, as it's Super Bowl Sunday, and we have a bunch of people coming over to watch the game. Me, I'm just looking forward to the friendship and the food!

Here's wishing you all enjoyment during the game tonight! And as a Pennsylvania resident, I feel compelled to shout - "GO STEELERS!"



I can't decide.....start a new project, or finish some of the myriad projects on the needles? Wouldn't it be great to finish the two (or maybe three) pair of socks on my needles? How about those two, whoops, three lingering scarves? Wouldn't I like to finally finish that Noro blanket?
Hubby is begging for his hat and gloves.....Mittens - I gotta have a pair. It was -3 degrees on the way to work yesterday. And there's that shawl pattern I wanted to cast on yesterday.
And I have to block three, possibly four finished shawls, and a cowl.

Oh, I give up. I can't focus on the knitting. Apparently I have knitting ADD.
But, I need a picture for this how about a photo of my salad? This was Friday night's dinner last week. Tonight - Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese, and I'm going to make a knitting list (after the laundry, the dishes, the kids' homework, yada, yada, yada......)!(image)