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Ruby & Stella dresses


OK, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've blogged... I'm really not very dedicated to this am I?!  I'm still here, still sewing, just very slack at taking photos of what I make and posting them... I've been busy sewing for my little twin girls... they're 2 + 4 months now and so I can make size 3 dresses for them.  There are so many more options starting at size 3... very exciting! Firstly we have a dress from Happy Homemade Vol 5.  I love it.  Chambray from Tessuti bought for me, last Summer I think.  Anyway, they will get loads of wear out of these.  I love it and think I'll be making more.  Here is a McCalls I think... a great little pattern, and again I'll be making more - great for Summer!  My first attempt at the Oliver + S bubble dress - I've been wanting to make this for ages but didn't have the pattern.  Thank God they released it as a downloadable one... it's so cute.  I'm thinking of some trim maybe across the bottom of the bodice, like Christy's :)  Here is another one I've been dying to make for ages... I've seen so many lovely ones online... it's the Appoline from Citronille.  So cute... Love Liberty of London fabric.  Another Oliver + S one... unfinished as yet.  I've got cute red flower buttons to put on the front.  It's a size 4 though, so it's a bit big.  I didn't want to buy the smaller size pattern just for the size 3. I've been sewing lots of other things too... but I have no photos... how do you all do it?! I seem to have this problem, I see things that other people make, I love them, so I make them.  Then I don't like them...  Like the Renfrew top.  First one I made was too small, so I made the bigger size, then it was too big... so I haven't worn them.  I've made about 3 dresses for Winter but haven't worn any of them... Does anyone else suffer from this?  I think I need to stick to kids clothes...  And Summer dresses for me, I love a Summer dress made by me... in fact I live in them in Summer.  I have loads of fabric ready for Summer dresses, so I really need to figure out how to take photos of myself... Thanks for reading, sorry for being so slack, Sam :)[...]

Sewing sewing sewing...


Well I'm having all sorts of trouble with these photos... I can't seem to move them to where I want them, so sorry for the jumbled order... Firstly here are my 3rd pair of Puppet Show shorts from O+S, I love these!!!  I have made a little chambray pair which are gorgeous, and another denim pair with Liberty trim... my girls look very cute in them!  They come together so quickly and easily and they're so cute!! Here is a little Liberty top, the Ice cream social one, my first one, well I had to make two, but I've been slow to jump on this bandwagon... another great pattern from O+S...   Here are some bad shots of dresses I've made/making for myself... The first one is Vogue 1236 unfinished... I saw a photo of Princess Mary in a dress made from this fabric on the Tessuti website and I've tried to do something similar... the fabric is very light though and I'm not enjoying sewing with it.  I've lined it and with a belt I think it will be good.  The 2nd one is a copy of another dress I saw on Tessuti blog McCalls 6027 - my photo is terrible, I'm sorry.  It looks great on and I might even make another one I think... it was an easy pattern to make and it fits me like a glove! :)Here are a couple of dresses for my daughters.  Again, I'm sorry for the bad shots.  A couple of blouses for Ruby & Stella... both O+S... The first one needs the buttons and button holes done, I keep putting them off.  Perhaps I should go and do it now!   Some more shorts from O+S for a friend's daughter... The denim ones with Liberty trim for my girls... Another dress for my girls... not great photos, but they are very cute on them... They're not very good models! :) So there you go... my sewing efforts over the past little while...    I've also been busy buying patterns, something I do way too much of!!  I've bought quite a little collection of Citronille patterns, as well as some vintage dress ones for myself.  I also have a pattern from Christy that I need to make up.  I've got quite a few dresses for myself that need to be made.  I just need more time!   I'm such a slack blogger.. I should have known I'd never have time to post... but I do enjoy sharing my sewing efforts with other sewers (and of course seeing what you're all up to!).  Thank you for reading. Sam [...]

Sewing for kids...


Well I've been sewing like a mad woman... it started with a little dress for a friend's daughters 5th b'day party... I was really happy with the result: Then I started making shorts... and it seems I can't stop!  :)  These are for a friend's son who is a good friend of my son... These are for my Johnny: So what do you think? And there's more to come!!  I'm like a woman possessed... I need to stop!   I think I'm on the last pair... Next is dresses and tops for my little girls and then I can make dresses for myself without feeling guilty!! :)   I'm really looking forward to that... we've been having lovely weather in Sydney... makes me want to sew Summer dresses.  [...]

Quilts and cushions


I must start with a big thank you to Susan, little betty and Andi - thank you so much for your feedback.  I really appreciate it.  I've only ever hand quilted all my quilts before - I have made a few for babies of friends.  I have a new love for machine quilting!!  I love how the cotton shrinks and they go all crinkly.  I'm not sure though that you wouldn't have any tips for me Andi??  You do such amazing work!!  I love your quilts.    On a roll with the machine quilting....  A UFO in the cupboard that I had started hand quilting but decided I didn't really like it all the much so hadn't got far with it... got it out and within days it was quilted and bound!  Finished quilt!  Now what to do with it...   ???   I tried the other way I'd read about of starting and stopping - 1/4 inch of sewing with very small stitches.  I didn't like it - I prefer the other way of burying your threads.  It's much neater.  How do you do it?? This is Stella's quilt - exactly like Ruby's but with pale pink binding.  I love all the Liberty fabrics with the Japanese and a bit of Heather Ross... my faves... And, because I've had some of these panels for years... I finally made some cushions!!!  The top one I just bought the other week, but the others I've really had for years... I have way too many projects in the cupboard undone!!! Finally here are my beautiful girls... going in for a kiss and a cuddle - they are so cute!!!  I am so lucky. x [...]

My first attempt at machine quilting!!!


Well this is my first attempt at machine quilting... I think I did ok??  I'm not sure about my tension and my starting and stopping technique but I'm pretty happy with it.  I love the verigated thread, it's cool!  I have 2 to do, for my girls, and I started these quilts back when I was pregnant.  The girls are now 15 months old... so I finally bit the bullet and realised they were never going to get hand quilted, so I had to do it by machine. I feel sad that I've given away so many quilts to friends who had babies that were hand quilted and my own babies have machine quilted quilts... but I just don't have the time or the energy with 3 kids now... I'm tired! I'm having a particularly bad time of it with the kids at the moment so it felt great to get this done so quickly - now I just have to hand sew the binding down, which will be very relaxing actually, I'm looking forward to it.  And to machine quilting the next quilt too!  It's so quick I can see why people choose it over hand quilting.  If anyone has any tips on machine quilting I'd love to hear... I really winged it!  Thanks! [...]

Sewing clothes...


I've been busy with the Tova pattern and I love it!  I've seen it made up by others and had to have some of my own.  It is such a lovely pattern to make... it's so easy and comes together so well.  I have already made two and I'm half way through my third, with fabric ready to make a fourth.  I will have to leave it there, otherwise I might be known as the Tova lady...  I've also been busy with dress for friends' daughters birthdays.  This is another pattern that I love!!  I can't wait to make it for my girls - I just need them to start walking!  :)   It's from a Ottobre magazine and it's called the Babushka Doll dress.  I think I'll be making quite a few of these! My little girls turned one recently - 4 May 2011.  We had a little party to celebrate.  I can't believe I've had twin daughters for a year... it has gone so quickly.  I still remember the day they told me I was having identical twins.. wow.  I said "Oh my God" for about a week!!   It was such a shock, but having always wanted 3 children I felt very happy.  We are so lucky!!!!  They are just wonderful and as exhausted as I am, I am also very happy.   Ruby on the left and Stella on the right. I have another milestone approaching too... my 40th!  Shhhh!  :) Sam x [...]

Dresses, dresses and more dresses!


Sorry for the photo overload... I've been too busy to put these up...  Some dresses I made for Summer:   A dress I made for a friend's daughter's 4th birthday. Carly asked me to put up some photos of my daughters christening day.  Unfortunately I don't have any good shots of the girls wearing their gowns and bonnets but these are the best I could find. I hope they help you.  I found the pattern to be very easy and I loved the end result! My gorgeous babies sleeping.  Ahh peace!  :) How lucky am I?! I've also been busy making bags but they're selling before I can take photos!  I will take some photos and post them soon. Sam x[...]

Vogue 8380


I love this dress!!  It's so cool and comfortable to wear that I live in it these days...

I have to make another!  :)

Dress love....


I love wearing dresses in Summer, do you?  Especially now after 3 children and some extra weight - dresses can be very forgiving!  :)  Firstly, one I made for Christmas Day (above).  I loved it, until I sawe this photo of it from behind... not so happy with it now.  I love the fabric, and the pattern, although I had to take it in quite a lot in the sides for it to fit me.  It's a Simplicity Threads pattern - 3678 view A.  The pattern was great and I look forward to makign it again, this time with fabric that doesn't require lining... It made the dress bulky where it was gathered I felt.  This next one I started with a Burda pattern after seeing it made up and liking it Black-eyelet-seersucker-maxi-dress.  Nicole's looks great and I thought I'd make it and make some changes to the straps etc... but it just didn't look right.  Here's me holding it closed at the back to take the photo.  I'm just not happy with the bodice, so I found another pattern, Butterick 5181 - and made that bodice instead.  I am so much happier with the finished product and now live in this dress!  It's so cool and comfortable to wear.  I'm going to make another one with just one layer of skirt... Then this one... I had an idea in my head and it actually turned out how I imagined - when does that ever happen?!  Mmm... It's just a bit too tight as I took it in on the sides because I'm on a diet and plan to lose 7kgs... it just means it's not terribly comfortable right now, but it will be.  I love how it turned out.   The fabric is from Tessuti and so is the lace.  One of the lovely women helped me choose the lace. Now, unfortunately I don't have a great photo of this one yet... I have to ask my husband to take some.  It's such gorgeous fabric, again from Tessuti, and the pattern is one that I saw made up and feel in love with - Simplicity 2360.  I love it, although after reading some reviews after making mine, I should have added 1 inch to the length of the bodice.  It's so comfy to wear though, and I think looks great.  I will have to get a better shot, sorry! So, as you can see, I have been very busy... and still have more fabric in the cupboard for more dresses!  It's just finding the time to make them.  My husband isn't very supportive of my sewing, he's seen how much fabric I have stashed and has done some sums in his head - he's not happy.... is your husband supportive of your sewing?  I wish mine was.  Eventually I'd like to get to the point of sewing things with my HUGE stash and selling them, maybe when my babies are a bit bigger... I am so blessed!!  :)[...]

Vogue 8380


I've finally made it!!  I've had this pattern for years and the fabric too.  I've admired other people's versions of this dress and now I can say I love it too!  It was a very easy pattern to follow, it's lovely to wear and I think I'll definitely be making another one!  The cotton is from Tessuti.  It is lovely and cool for Summer in Sydney.  Sorry about the photo - I'm home alone (well with 2 little 7 month old girls) so it's the best I could do for now - I really don't think it does it justice...  I am very excited about it though, it's been a while since I've sewn something for me to wear and the fact that I finished it this morning and am now wearing it is a good sign! 

Next I really want to tackle some dresses from the Japanese Sewing Books.  There's a few I've been admiring of other clever chicks so now I'd like to try it too.  I just need some tracing paper and I'm off....

A visit to Tessuti on Monday and way too much money spent means I've got lots of lovely fabrics now... it's just a matter of choosing which fabric for which pattern!  One will definitley be another of these 8380's. 

Sam x

Kaffe Fassett and Dr Seuss...


Well I've been busy lately sewing again!  And loving it! This Dr Seuss range caught my eye on flickr and I knew I had to make a quilt for Johnny, who's almost 3.  I am quite happy with it, although I must say I had so much trouble calculating how much fabric I needed to frame each picture, I kept getting it wrong.  I'm blaming it on mummy brain!  It's not a great shot but I didn't have anyone who could hold it up for me. Another thing I fell inlove with recently was this quilt and I've already started making one!  I've never been a Kaffe Fassett lover but I just love this quilt, it's so rich and wonderful, I hope mine turns out as good.  I've got these 8 blocks plus another 50 odd I think... 144 in total to be done - it's the biggest projet I've ever taken on.  I'm very excited about seeing it finished. My girls are growing up - 6 months on the 4th of November.  They've started solids and are loving it! They really are such lovely babies and every day I marvel at how lucky I am!   :) Sam x[...]

Oliver + S


I have many Oliver + S patterns, some bought over a year ago and many bought since my girls were born, but I had not made any of them until recently.  We had our girls christened last week (photos to come) and I suddenly realised that after the church they would have to take their gowns off but had nothing cute to wear!  So I whipped up these little skirts... The pattern was great and I look forward to making them more skirts.  The fabric was $1 from Spotlight and I'm not that keen on it but I figured it was a way of testing the pattern.  The fabric was too thick to do buttonholes - I did a few but kept having to unpick them so I just sewed the buttons on the front!  It was a very easy pattern and I can't wait to try some more Oliver + S patterns.  I then decided I had to make the sandbox pants that I'd had the pattern to for over a year!!!  Here's my model - sorry for the picture quality.... Again, I found the pattern to be brilliant, so easy to follow and just a great little pair of shorts made up.  He'll be getting more of those for Summer!!  Last week I also whipped up these little shorts for him - my pattern and fabric I had in my stash... Front BackHere is one of the quilt top for the girls - finished except for trimming.  I've also finished the backs - pale pink with a row of the squares from the front.  Now I just need to baste the three layers together - a job I hate... but I really want to get onto the hand quilting and get them finished for them. They're really lovely, the photo isn't very good, sorry.  I love the Liberty fabrics I've used.  Anyway, it would seem that I've got my sewing mojo back and now that the girls are getting a little easier to handle I'm able to sew more.  Here's my three little munchkins... How lucky am I????  I really do think that every day!  Even when I change three pooey nappies in a row!  :) Sam x[...]

The Christening gowns


Here is the Christening gown... one of two!!  Almost finished... and I'm really happy with how they've turned out so far.  I'm going to make bonnets out of the lace too.  As you can see from my little model, Stella, the girls don't have any hair so hopefully little bonnets will make them look a bit more like girls!  :)
The lace and silk is from Tessuti's and the pattern is Simplicity 5813.  I lowered the neckline at the front a little, lined the whole dress and put in an invisible zip instead of buttons.  They're a little big on them, but the Christening is still a couple of weeks away so they should be ok.  I will need to take some better photos!!  I've never sewn anything with lace like this and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to sew with.  They're my first dresses sewn for such a momentous occasion, have you sewn anything for a special day?  I'm sure I'll be sewing many more with two girls! 

Next thing I have to do is finish their quilts!

Sam x

Ruby and Stella


Well these are our girls!  They arrived very unexpectantly (at 35 weeks and 5 days) on 4 May 2010 at 10.47 and 11.31pm weighing 2.26 and 2.28kg, Ruby Jane and Stella Maree.  Identical girls, we are absolutely thrilled!!!  There were in the hospital for 2 weeks and it was a tough time when I was home and they were not, but we got there.  I was lucky enough to have the birth I wanted - both naturally with an epi.  It was an amazing experience actually and I feel a little sad that I won't be doing it again!   They are 3 & 1/2 months old now, I have been very slack indeed, or very busy indeed!!!  I will try to post more often now! Here's my last photo of me pregnant, at 35 weeks... I was so ready to pop, I felt like there was baby everywhere!!!  Which there probably was! I haven't had much time to myself since the girls came along, but I am so happy!!  I am in the middle of making them quilts, but still quite a way to go... they're mostly Liberty fabrics that I'd been hoarding waiting for a daughter (or 2 ha ha) to sew something for.  I'm planning on doing a 4" white border and then a bright pink and another colour for the other quilt binding, with hand quilting... when, I'm not too sure!  I'd like to get them done before Summer.  We're getting the girls christened in October and I'm going to make them Christening gowns which I'm quite excited about... I will post some photos when I do them.  I'm hoping to find some fabulous lace at Tessuti's. I hope everyone is doing well, I love reading everyone's blogs, even though I don't post much, I'm very jealous of all the projects everyone is doing, and hoping to have some time soon to do some things myself.  This really didn't take too long so I really should post more often!  Sam x[...]

Half way...


Firstly a belated Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year's.  I've been reading everyone's blogs but I'm very slack with comments... I will make more effort with comments in 2010.  I really appreciate the comments I receive so I do need to make the effort for others.  Especially as I enjoy their blogs so much!  Well we're more than half way now...  I had my 19 week scan a week & a half ago and everything is looking good, which is such a relief!!  I still can't believe there are 2 babies growing inside me. I'm not as big as I thought I'd be yet which makes it more unbelievable...  This photo was taken at 19 weeks - 1 & 1/2 weeks ago and I'm probably bigger now - I feel like I grow every day - but I'm still not huge.  We have chosen not to find out the sex of our little id twins, but of course we're hoping for girls (we already have a 2 year old boy).  I was looking at Corrie's blog last night and thinking that if these are boys I'll never have a little girl to sew for... I'll be so sad.  I have so much fabric in my stash that is special to me and that I want to make something for my daughter(s) one day... I really will be quite upset to not have a daughter...  but of course it's all decided already so we'll get what we've got!!  :)   Of course the most important thing is that they're healthy though, so I will be ok with sons, just sad for my sewing... there's only so many shorts you can make!  :) I haven't been doing much sewing, I've only just started to feel normal again since about week 18-19.  The all day morning sickness was just terrible.   I'm still quite tired and a bit nauseous in the mornings, but I'm much better!   I did make a dress for myself that I have half finished... I tried it on and I need to take quite a bit of length off and make the sleeves shorter.  When clothes don't go well I can lose interest sometimes... which is what's happened... I really need to get it finished though.  And I really want to have some machine quilting lessons, I'm itching to do another quilt but the hand quilting, although lovely, takes sooooo long to do!   I'd really like to make 2 boys and 2 girls quilts that I love for my twins before they arrive!  God knows how I'll get anything done once they are here.  Although Corrie is very inspiring I'm just not sure I'm that much of a superwoman!  You're a star Corrie!  :) I wish I was better with my blog too, I apologise for probably being the most boring blog you read... I just don't seem to have any time anymore... And I'm starting a job tomorrow so I'll have even less time!!  I'm gonig to work 5 days this week, then drop back to 2 or 3 days after that till the first week of April.  I hope I cope with it ok... I haven't worked for over 2 years!!  I thought it would be a good opportunity and could set me up with some possibilities for the future.  We'll see how it goes... anyway, I'll give it a go.  Thank you all for your inspiration, there are so many talented women out there!!  I look forward to seeing more incredible work this year!! Sam x[...]

Big news to share....


It's not very clear... but that's twins!!!!!!  After a year of trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant, we've finally got some happy news to share!!!   We had our routine 7 week scan and saw a heartbeat and were elated, but then I had a bit of a scare at 9 weeks and begged for a scan... at the scan the nurse found two babies!!!!!  I was so shocked!!  And I had to ring my husband and tell him as he couldn't come with me.  It's still sinking in I think.

I've been waiting for the 12 week mark to share my news, and then I've been so sick and tired I just haven't had time to post....  I can't believe I'm pregnant with identical twins!! How exciting!  Also very overwhelming...  I am hoping for girls, as I already have a little boy, but I really just hope for 2 healthy babies to make it to full term!   Having twins means increased risks of lots of things, and as they're sharing a placenta there is also twin to twin transfusion syndrome to worry about, but I'm going to be positive and hopefully have a drama free pregnancy and birth!  I've been feeling incredibly tired though, and nauseas all the time... hopefully this will pass soon though, as I'm now 14 weeks along.

I haven't been doing any sewing to share... I did make a cute little dress for a friend but I forgot to take a photo - pregnant brain!?

Anyway, I am very excited about our fabulous news, and hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to do some sewing soon!!!

Sam x

Dress and skirt


Today the postman delivered a little package of fabric I bought recently from retromummy, with my favourite little lollies - Fizzers, thank you!! 

I forgot to take any photos, but I've already made a skirt with some of the fabric! 

And another halter neck dress in a cute little Denise Schmidt print.  I remember a friend of mine telling me how her 3 year old daughter loved a halter neck dress she bought her because it showed off her back!!!  Ha ha... too cute.  So, I thought I'd make some....

Both available in my shops.   More to come....

Sam x

Halter neck dress


A halter neck dress in a size 3.  100% Japanese cotton, a lovely soft cotton, with elastic back and a tie around the neck.  So cool for Summer...  Available in my shops.

More to come....

Sam x

Three Bananas


Three Bananas - I've finally come up with a label I'm happy with.  It has meaning and it's cute... exactly what I was after!  My Dad always called us the three bananas (I have 2 brothers) and I plan on having 3 bananas of my own so there you go!  I've changed my store but I'm still in the process of changing etsy.  I'm also starting a new blog so I'm not sure how that works, but I'll let you know.  If anyone has any tips that would be great!

A babushka doll appliqued on a linen cushion cover... what do you think?  I've used some of the gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood ribbon!  And another skirt.  They're on my etsy shop and shop..

Sam x

Polly's quilt


Polly arrived on 090909 - isn't she lucky!  She is the first little baby for my good friend Kate in Melbourne.  I am so excited for them, I'm sure they will be wonderful parents and she'll be a beautiful little girl! 

I'm so excited to have this finished and on it's way down to Polly!   It will arrive tomorrow, so I hope Kate likes it!

I really need to learn machine quilting though - this hand quilting takes SOOOO long!!!  It is beautiful though!

Sam x

Another day, another skirt! :)


It's great to have the world back to normal here in Sydney today... yesterday was quite strange!  I was busy sewing - a pair of shorts not yet finished and this little skirt for a 3 year old girl.

It's in my etsy & madeit shop.

Yo yo makers arrived yesterday and I can't wait to make some hair clips and other things....

Sam x

Another little skirt...


Another little A-line skirt for a 3 year old girl - this time with a little babushka doll feature.  I love this cotton denim, it's lovely lightweight and soft...

Again, available in my shops.

I've got some ideas for skirts that I'm going to try out.  I don't have a daughter to model but I'm hoping little girls will like what I've got in mind.  I really need to find myself a 3 year old to model my creations!  :)

I'm off to sew while Johnny sleeps...

Oh here's a shot of him at the park the other day.

Sam x

One for the girls...


The weather is so lovely here in Sydney, it's great to be out and about in the sunshine with my little boy, he's growing every day and just love the park, especially the swing... I love seeing the joy in his face.  It makes me happy!  :)

A cute little A-line skirt for a 3 year old.... lovely lightweight cotton demin with a Japanese cotton lilac flower print gathered at the bottom edge.  Ahhh....

Available in my etsy shop and shop....

Sam x



More shorts....  some people thought the 'traffic jam' shorts looked like pyjama pants so I hope these look more like shorts?  What do you think?  Personally, I like them.  I'm going to put them in my etsy shop.

Now, back to more sewing...

Sam x