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A Time To Say Hello


Hello All!I have been away so long now, and have missed all of you.I came very close to posting in October...It was the last time I had tea outdoors...what a beautiful shower of sun!Today's weather is not sunny, nor warm, lol.Being the middle of December already, the cold, dark days seem just right.  I had some "cold, dark" days this a health way.I am happy to say I am on the mend,just still need to be very careful and patient.What helped me through this timewere my dear family, friends and when I was able,some crafting.  Many of you sent me messages or cards of caring words,I appreciated each and every one very much! Thank you all! (Creating really is good for the soul)Dianne Buckley from the UK made a beautiful Jane card for me where she painted her own version of Jane. I have used her artwork on the front of this years Jane ornament. Thank you Dianne!Thirty years ago I made these same ornaments with each family members birth date on it. It was simple to do with Jane too.  Happy Birthday Jane!And happy birthday to my youngest sonAustin!(we haven't unpacked our ornaments yet,but when I find his ornament I will take a pic to post) What a delight to be back in Bloglandia!I am hoping to be able to continue posting. This is a very busy time of year for most,For those of you celebrating Christmas...Merry Christmas : )For everyone, I WISH YOU JOYHugs to everyoneTerri [...]

Tea for Two-wish you were here


Hello All!Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!I have tea for two today, one for me and one for you....If only it could be!Would you like the rosey Rosina?Or the fruity Paragon? We are having Chamomile tea today...would you like cream or sugar?How are you doing? How is your family?I have had a rough two weeks,but tea with you will help : )Tea time helps me focus on the positive. It must be the quiet moments.Sometimes it is the little things that cheer,little bits of beauty,roses in creamers,unexpected hugs. How do you cheer yourself up? Chatting with you is good medicine : )Wishing you the very best week possible!Hugs,Terri[...]

Sunny Morning Tea


Hello All!Welcome to Teacup Tuesday!Martha says it is #314!Wow!she is Sharing Joy today.   The sun was pouring in the kitchen window this morning,creating such a warm glow and feeling of coziness! It was the perfect time for tea...and a quiet moment...  This is a lovely trio given to meby the same friend who gifted the cup I shared last week.Dianne is more than generous!Thank you again : ) I am having Organic English Breakfast tea...MmmmmmI wish Dianne was here to sip tea with : )But sadly we live an ocean apart. Not unusual with all the worldwide friendshipsBloglandia has made possible.Thank you Bloglandia! This tea cup was made by Mintonand the pattern is Penrose. It is a lovely bone coloringwith very pretty blues. Dianne picks out beautiful tea cups! Simple linen napkins laid in a new found china dish. tiny bits of delight enrich our beautiful natural environmentand increase our present moment joy...New found sugar and creamerlovely, even better in "person"shine in the morning light.  It is good to have such quiet lovely moments!and wonderful to share these moments with all of YOU!: )How are you doing this week?Are  you having some moments to be quiet and enjoy?(sometimes seems impossible doesn't it?) Any creative projects going? I am still working on my glitter houses,and also crochet, quilting (need to bind doggie quilt)and flower drying. Oh! And I painted the wicker chair I found...I am dreaming up a cushion now....Dried dill(microwave) My first time trying hydrangea,they were from the grocery storeand a little bruised here and there.The pic does not show their beauty. I had not tired the microwave technique for drying flowers,and I leaned a few things quick!One-the paper towel texture can show up on your flowers, lol!two-the packet comes out really really hot!three-freshest in morning is best, after dew dries off.You just put your flowers inside a piece of folded watercolorpaper or other absorbent paper,then layer a few layers of more paperon both sides of the folded paper. Find two sturdy pieces of cardboard for front and back coversto squish it all down and hold it tight. I used three rubber bands to secure.Then pop the packet in the micro for 1 min.(laid heavy ceramic dish on to hold down) You may need another 30 sec or so depending on thickness and moisture.I am having fun and my husband said"you finally found a use for your micro".Wishing you all a beautiful week!Hugs,TerriI am joining in Sandi, Bernideen, Ruth, as well as dear Martha for tea today.(their names are their links)Thank You! [...]

Tea and Lace


Hello All!Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!(I apologize for my very wonky post!Randomly odd photo sizes and text!oh my! lol!) Two things I love,  Tea cups and laceYou can not have too much of either!lol! This beautiful tea cup from a dear friend is extra cheery!Artwork on china : )Lovely tea!Blossom tea......curvy romantic edge Love this sweet cup.I find all sorts of ways to use these bits of lace in my creating.Cards, tags, collaged books, pillows, jewelry..... Sometimes I dye the laces before using them...A happy birthday card...And a general card.Sometimes, like tea cups, just looking at the lace is lovely : ) I do not have a huge collection,but enough that I began decorating band boxes to hold them.Will I ever not love lace? Maybe,But I know I will always love tea time : )YES! ************Last week we made a Pinterest recipe for the 4th, Summer Vegetable Tianby Ready for the oven,potatoes, zuchinne, tomato, onions and garlic...oh, and topped with cheese and plenty of fresh thyme.Everyone enjoyed itand it was simple to make. I was surprised at how light and tasty it was. Thank you Bugetbites for sharing!I am having some issues with Blogger's compose windowwhile posting. It is not keeping with the code and seemingly doing what it pleases with photos andword spacing. Anyone of you having these kindsof issues lately while trying to post?Wishing each and everyone of you a truly lovely day!Thank you for all your comments last week!It was wonderful being in touch with you all again : )I am sorry I don't have a linky this week.Maybe next week.Martha is having tea today so please go visit her and she her lovely china too. I am also joining Sandi, Ruth and Bernideen for tea.   Thank you ladies for hosting tea each week!(names are links) Hugs,Terri     [...]

Tea on the Fourth


Happy Fourth Of July!

Tea time today was extra special...

Besides lovely tea...

We had a patriotic trifle : )
red, white and blue.

The best part of today was being with loved ones.

wishing you all the very best of days...

Martha has posted this week, 
so I have visited her : )
I am also joining Bernideen,
Ruth, and Sandi
Thank you ladies for hosting tea!
(Their names are their links)



Hello All!It is Tuesday again, so that meansit must be time for tea : )Sitting down to a cup of tea and a good book,or a good movie...(watching old Miss Marple shows lately)is a pleasure. A pretty tea cup and a cookieis extra luck. Even just one gluten free cookie is a treat : ) I have chosen warming drinking sunshine to me : )This old favorite tea cup of mineis by H&CThe green stamp is Charles Edward Haviland's company,he was one of David's sons.The red stamp has been added over the glaze.It shows that someone bought this cupin Richmond, Virginia. The Haviland backstamp appears to be fromaround 1885 to 1900, but I am not sure.Do any of you know this backstamp? A few weeks ago I found this lovely yellow plate.I love the swirly shape of the edge, and how the points rise up.  The colors are intensified due to the fantasy filterI am playing with tonight. The actual coloring is a bit less intense,but really lovely. And it is another Haviland,I have not looked up the date yet as I seem to have misplaced my china backstamp book. This lovely wicker chair was only $30!It is in fine shape.I am dreaming of what to make for the seat and pillow....Tea time is a good time for feeling lucky.Each time I sit down with tea,I find myself thinking about howbeautiful life is. Here is my little cottage, now with a roof!Thank you all for stopping by for tea today!: )I loved reading your comments two weeks ago,thank you for all of them!May you all have opportunity for Joy this week! It is lovely to "see" you!Hugs,TerriI am joining Sandi for tea,Joining Bernideen and Ruth as well. (their names are links to their blogs)Thank you so much for hosting ladies!Martha is away this week, I wish hera lovely time![...]

Unexpected Beauty


Hello All!It is lovely to be back with you for Tea Cup Tuesday!I have missed so many teas with Dear Marthaand all of you, that I feel fortunate to be here with you today.How is your spring? Summer is just around the corner : )  I spotted this small group of dishes sitting on a Goodwill shelf. It was the coloring that drew my eye. Hard to capture on camera,but they are a lovely blue/green coloring.  I do not normally see china like this at my GW.   Only one tea cup set...  They seem a little bohemian to me with the unusual coloringand the interesting burgundy detail around the edge. The orange flowers and some parts of other flowers are actually raised bumps of paint.  I will not be drinking out of the tea cups though,they have seen better days. Maybe they are this cracked and worn because some one loved them so much they used them every day. I am sure I can find a good spot for them, or a use for them that will suit...and add beauty at the same time.Maybe a bird's nest inside one,or turn them into a bird feeder?  They brought a smile to my face, so I brought them home : )From the two backstamps we can see that this pattern is called "Chelsea Sprays".What a sweet name. There are many Calyx Ware patterns by Adams.I have seen many online but have not seeChelsea Sprays. It is Calyx Ware and was made by the Adams company of England.They are a very well known old company. This is plate's backstamp, it is a bit more clear.--*--*--*--My family is doing a little better and we are encouraged with our increased health lately.We have found a new protocol for ourgenetic disorder and it seems to be actually working!Fingers crossed as this is just one of manymany protocols we have tried. We appreciate so much all your prayers, cards and good healing wishes!  Since Easter, I have been doing a little crafting,some new glitter houses, a painting and latelyI have been working on a new Jane Austen ornament.There are lots of steps to making a glitter house,I begin with a picture of a house I love and then try to make a paper mock up.  Here she is with some stucco.Now she had a chimney!Coming along..... She is actually almost doneand I will share her closer to Christmas.I named her Brambly Cottage,But I am not sure it is the right name for hernow that she is all pink.  I am working on the Parsonage next and she is half way done.   It is quite fun working on Christmas craftsin the June heat! lol!    I am visiting as many tea parties as I can today : )Martha and I got to catch up on the phone last week,and it was a delight to speak with her and hear her good news.I am hopping over to  Sandi's for her No Place Like Home party,then to Bernideen's for her BTTCG party and of course over to Martha's place for Teacup Tuesday 310!   Thank you very much for stopping by!A candle to remember the many who just lost their lives in Orlando.  My heartfelt sympathy to those who are grieving.Hugs,Terri [...]

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


This is the time of year that that I arises from the Earth,trees burst into bloom,and the birds sing just about as happily as one could imagine.Sitting outdoors and sipping a cup of teais a lovely way to be present with Spring.This dear old cup has a feeling of age and wear...Which I love. And I don't mind the crack. It has seen many springs. You can't buy or hurry age, or takes time.It is this that gives the cup a real feeling of value. Maybe like have just turned 57 years old,(this cup is much older though...) I have some years behind me and wear and tear.The years have been full and surprisingly not what I expected when I looked forward at the age of 20.I thought I knew exactly what my life would look like.Ha!  But I have learned, and one thing I know for sureis that appreciating the beauty of the Earth,and of all Earth's inhabitants, brings me joy.  So this Easter I am appreciating the natural springbeauty all around me...and I am appreciating my family and friends.There is an old saying..."friends are the flowers in the garden of life"(I would add my family in with friends) They certainly are beautiful.This is the only mark on this cup.  I have no idea of it's age. Do you? lol? ...wishing each of you of beauty and love... Thank you for coming by for tea!Hugs,Terri   [...]

Feeling Blue


Hello All!Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!Interesting that we think of "feeling blue" as describing feeling down or depressed.Blue seems to be so cheery, doesn't it?Especially when paired with white. How about a cup of teawith me? I have set up our table with two blue tea cups,One for you and one for me : )We have pretty blue napkins today,a gift from Dorthe, thank you!Two oatmeal cookies for you,one for  me...Made by my husband,he is a sweetie.Which tea cup would you like to use today? (chamomile tea today, I hope that is o.k.)   I love both so pick away : )The best part of having tea,can be sharing it with a friend.We could chat about the weather,or family,what we are passionate about, or what we are creating lately...(may be the same!) It is the last week of February, can you believe it?I have  been doing a little painting,a little sewing and a littlepapercrafting.How about you? I hope you and your loved onesare all well.I hope my blue and white teahelps cheer your day as well as mine : ) Thank you for stopping by for tea!I enjoyed visiting with you.Martha is hosting T.T.and has already begun decorating for Easter.She has some lovely tea cups today to share.Thank you Martha  I am joining Bernideen's BTTCG blog partySandi for No Place Like Home.And Judith for Mosaic Monday.also, with Ruth for Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Thank you for hosting ladies! (for some reason this part will not enlarge!)Hugs,Terri   [...]

Valentine Candy


Hello AllHappy LOVE Day!Today I am sharing eye candy, The only kind I can have, lol.  I cherish this sweet trio from Martha, Being a gift of love, it makes it perfect for Valentine's day. Rosina and romance go hand and hand with this lovely rose set.Pink and white, very Valentine to me!Roses of the softest blush pink....and matching tea cup....lovely! Pink, with gold trims.... Rose bouquets...sigh...Pink beauty, soft and romantic.Rosebudsand below... the sweetest Valentine cup I own,filled with warm aromatic English breakfast.   How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being an ideal Grace. I love thee to the level of everyday's Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight. I love thee freely, as men strive for Right; I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise. I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints,--I love thee with the Breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. Elizabeth Barret Browning  May the LOVE we share todaymultiply!Thank you for stopping by for tea!Wishing you all the best day possible.UPDATE:Martha was unable to post T.T. this week, She and her son are in need of prayersand healing wishes as he is experiencing more health issues.Our hearts and love go out to them both!          I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home.And Judith for Mosaic Monday.also, with Ruth for Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Thank you Ladies!  Hugs,Terri [...]

Cottage Mugs


Hello All!How about switching it up this week...from tea cups to tea mugs.These two were bargain finds,and are cheery all on their own.A scoop of spearmint and a scoop of peppermint...A good magazine to help one dream of summer gardens!a bit of local dreaming...I wouldn't mind staying at this cottage!or up in that room above the hollyhocks...Tea brings moments of respite,and silly Mugs with such lovely images really dospark my imagination!Thank you for stopping by for tea today : )I love that you did! I wish you all a good day!Hugs,Terri Martha has the linky for Tea Cup Tuesday, I will be heading over to visit her and see what gorgeous china she shares.Thank you Martha!     I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home,and Bernideen's for BTTCGhoping to be able to link to more if I can...    [...]

Quiet Tea


Hello All!It is time for tea once again. January has been very interesting,with wild weather and cozy dark days. I hope those of you that were in the storms pathare all safe and warm. Today the sun came out and all the icicles were dripping sparkling water.These days are good for reading...A vintage find I have re discovered, was an entertaining companion on a chilly afternoon.  The title was certainly apropos! Two days a storm has kept us indoors.A surprise awaited within the pages,a small card with a name.... Sitting down with a warm cup of oatstraw tea,I opened the book once again to seewhat kind of story it contained,and found it was a collection.  I wondered about the card,did it belong to the owner of the book?  I checked the front inside cover and, yes, there was a signature! It is hard to read though,maybe Allie Werkman?It is much easier to read the card...Ivan Epperson.Such handsome script! Hmmmm,Did Ivan give Allie the card? Did she allow him to call on her?Maybe they married...Maybe they were never able to satisfy their longing for each otherbut remained true in their hearts...from a distance? lol! This book is a collection of poems by John Greenleaf WhittierIt is named Snow-Boundbut contains several other poems as well as a very long preface.Snow-Bound was very well acceptedwhen published in 1866.It is a narrative poemabout a week during which he and his family were snowed indue to a 3 day storm.  John earned $10,000. John was surprised. Imagine that for a narrative poem in 1866!I will admit I had not heard of him before.Have any of you?He fought very hard to abolish slavery. "Unwarmed by any sunset lightThe gray day darkened into night,A night made hoary with the swarmAnd whirl-dance of the blinding storm, As zigzag wavering to and froCrossed and recrossed the winged snow:And ere the early bed-time cameThe white drift piled the window frame,And through the glass the clothes-line postsLooked in like tall and sheeted ghosts."(a sampling of Snow-Bound)The lovely cup that I sipped from?A beautiful filigree Collingwood cup. This is one of my all time favoritewinter tea cups. Thank you for visiting!Martha has the linky to Tea Cup Tuesday,and I am on my way over to visit her.Thank you Martha!  I am joining Ruth,  Sandi  for tea,and Judith for Mosaic Monday.Thank  you for hosting ladies! Wishing you all,where ever you are,the best week possible. Hugs,Terri    [...]

Welcoming Tea


Hello All!Here it is already the 11th of January!I welcome in this new yearas well as welcome all the goodthat may come with it.A warm cup of tea is a lovely way to welcome the coming days...This thistle tea cup is holding nutritive plantain tea. Do any of you drink plantain tea? Once a week or so I enjoy this herb...Plantago Major LTo me it tastes very earthy,and I have acquired a taste for it.  Earlier this past year I made this house on a round box.I used some scrap paper to cover the base,and it is topped with a doily.The house is made from scrap cardstock and bits of flat toothpicks and twigs.There is a light inside too. Creating this was very enjoyable.I had that little reindeer for a long while,and he finally has a home.May this year bring creative momentsthat feed the soul. I have not chosen a word yet for this year,have you?Nor have I set any resolutions...If I have a goal it would be to experience the present moment more often each day... Thank you Martha, for hosting Teacup Tuesday when you can! Thank you also Sandi, Bernideen, and Ruth hosting their lovely tea parties.  Thank you so much for visiting!Hugs,Terri [...]

A New Year, New Chances


Hello All!Happy New Year! Thank you for all the warm holiday wishes : )It is already 4 days into 2016How is it going for you so far?lol?We had a cozy yet unusual Christmas for a number of reasons.One being quite warm weather,mid 70s! mixed with torrential rains.It cooled off by New Yearand today we had flurries...But we managed to keep up our cheerno matter what the climate.There are so very many reasons to be thankful.So many reasons to LOVE. Tea, chai, herbs and spices and festive mugshelped us feel more like it was a winter holiday. This mug looks as if came out of a 1950 dime store . She is sitting on a sweet little crochet hot pad someone made long ago.Speaking of long ago...once in a whilemy grandmother would give us each a dollarand take us to the dimestore to spend it.That was an exciting day for us! lol.Do you remember the dime store?   Chai always warms you up from the inside out.Cardamon,cloves,cinnamon,milk,honey and tea...simply delicious.  It even warms the heart.Wishing YOU and the entire worldPeace and Joy...each country each city each familyeach person.I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,and Judith for Mosaic Monday.Thank  you for hosting ladies! Thank you for visiting!Hugs,TerriOh btw..This year I am excited to be joining Misty Mawn in her classMisty Mawn is one of my favorite artistsand I was thrilled to find that again this year she is offering class!All her classes are so very creative andexplore so many mediums. She even shares creative cooking. Yum all around. : )Do you have creative plans for 2016?  [...]

Merry Christmas


Jane Austen's Birthday


Happy Birthday Jane!Jane was born on this date in 1775.Her writings give us insight into a world we will never visit in person...but delight to visit over and over through her words.I could not choose a favorite of Jane's stories...Thank you Jane.Thank you for your life and for sharing your wonderful stories with all of us! You may have seen a Jane themed Christmas tree I had fun making two years ago.I add to it each year. I thought I might offer a Jane themed craft in honor of her birthday... Follow this linkto see post about Janeand the tree.Here is one of the first ornaments I made about Jane,and some instructionsin case you are interested.Winter BlessingsI tried to recreate it as best I could.I didn't' have all the same supplies.  1 cardstock strip 1 1/2" x 12"Score it at 1/4"...ishFold on scored lines and glue the ends.punch two holes at top,usually opposite of seam.Lay in small hoopor anything close to 3"Press it down,(you might need a weight to keep it down)   Give it some glue in the centerto begin to coax it to stay.put a weight on while you get the other pieces ready. Jane image: 2" vertically and 1 1/2" wide. (I  Googled "Jane cameo images" ) Circle to frame the cameoapprox. 2 1/2".adhere silver glitter to it. (This circle here has a scalloped edge) Use a piece of script for a 2 1/2" circle on the back. I used a print of a letter Jane wrote I found a Jane cameostamp to put on the back. Here is the front with allthree layers front,and two layers back. Adhere them in place.  Add some glittered snowflakes,pull ribbon though holes at topand make a loop with knot.Choose a saying and create a banner with the sentiment.I really snowed this one up as my edgeswere not totally symmetrical ; 0This is the back.The original one has a silver glitter fan back.  The original is on the right.Deck the Halls is new today : )Thank you for stopping by today : )I know how busy we all are.Winter blessings!Happy Birthday to Jane And Happy Birthday to myyoungest son!Hugs,Terri [...]

Holiday Tea


Hello All!Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! Tea time is restful time.This time of year it can be a festive time!Tea can take on a merrier theme.  (as I sat down my tea tray I noticed a visitor coming to join in...)The Christmas holiday to meis about being with and appreciating those you loveand care for... to take a moment and honor loving relationships... being thankful for hope and love.It is a time to share, to give.It is a time to be thankful for the Earthand all she has blessed us with all year.It is a time of year to have fun,and even if you are not a child,to let go and play. : ) A serene cup of tea for balance...Chamomile, peppermint, spearmint and plantain.(Besty soon joined in as tea is one of her favorite treats)A very pretty frosty cup...(a favorite I have shared many times) her swirls remind meof wintry weather. simply festive,and cheery....and speaking of festive and cheery...remember this hut I shared a while back,I said I would show you more later? Here is the tree lot a little further along... and almost done... this tree lot needs a sign.I had only just arrived to take pictureswhen it began to snow! ; )the workers managed to get the sign upbefore the storm really hit.(and the lights went out!) ; )Snow Valley is open for business,and Santa is waiting to greet you.there is a good selection of trees this year.the snow really began to fall in ernest!The wreaths are only $5! This is my kind of play! Thank you for visiting for tea today!If you are celebrating this monthI am wishing for you good timeswith family and friends!   Sending you all warm hugs of LOVETerri  I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,and Judith for Mosaic Monday.Thank  you for hosting ladies! Martha has posted Tea Cup Tuesday 290!Yay Martha!   [...]

Jane Austen Themed Trimmed Tree


Hello All!It is that time of year again,when I go down to the basement...and rummage through boxes....find things I forgot I ever had...and gather up arm fulls of nostalgiato deck our home out for the holidays.Yay! You can see the wintery cup I had my tea in while I decorated. Each year I bring out my Jane Austen tree,and each year she looks just a little different.This year I added silvery minty pine cones.  Here she is last year with additional adornments created by loving friends!Jane did not mind sharing : ) Here is my new 2015 Jane ornament!  My dear friend Suzy creates beautiful angel ornaments in this style,and I crafted this with Suzy's angels in mind.Thank you for inspiring me Suzy!   "Be Merry in the Moment" is written onone of her ribbons. It seemed like something Jane might say.  The artist is the English portrait painter William Beechey, and the woman he painted is Marcia Fox.   I believe this image was one of the firstportrait art used on a Austen book cover.She looks very Jane like to me : )    Do you think she looks like Jane?  Steventon was Jane's Childhood home.She wrote Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibilityand Pride & Prejudice, here but they were not published until later.This is a very easy ornament to create.2 1/2 x 3 1/2 card stock with glitter edges,Pinked edged imageA little lace, a little buttonand some glittered branches.This ornament looks a littler harder,but it is quite easy to make too. A Jane image of your choice,This one is not accuatefor clothing or hairstylebut the feeling for mewas very Jane like.   two ovals of cardstock 1/4 " larger all aroundthan your image.16 snowflakes, two kinds...6 " of ribbon,1 rhinestone, 1 large jump ring1 bead dangle.I used two kinds of glitter onthe snowflakes.The back piece is a print of a letter of Jane's.I did a short video of making one,and if I can figure out how to get it off my phone,lol, I will post it : )   *Most of the images I used can be**found if you go to all my Jane posts*HERE  Many of you are making all kinds ofamazing Christmas art!I love visiting your blogs and seeingwhat you are doing.   Holiday crafting is so much fun : )Whew!this was a long post and hopefully not overwhelming!  The most important part of Christmas is not crafting, decorating or shopping...(those these are joyful too...not the shopping priceless part of celebrating Christmasis the magic of HOPE and being with loved ones!Sharing here with you is wonderful! Wishing you all a December full of LOVE    Hugs to you all,Terri I am joining Sandi for No Place Like Homeand Bernideen's BTTCG party Martha is back posting for Tea Cup Tuesday!I am so thankful : )Yay Martha!  [...]

Last Autumn Tea...with Jane


Hello All!It is good to "see"you all again this week: ) I enjoyed visiting you!Yesterday was a brilliant day tohave tea outdoors.As you can see,the maple tree was still wearing her fall coat. The birch in front of her had long lost her golden glow.Today, the maple is almost bare after a cold wet and windy day. This time of year weather can change so quickly,and it reminds me winter is coming!Having tea outdoors...with Jane...on a gift of a day... Bliss full! "but for my own part, if a book is well written,I always find it too short.”Jane Austen I totally agree with Jane here. The Christmas season always brings Jane close to me.I do not know why...Her birthday is December 16,the same day as one of my own.As the weather chills...  ...I find myself reading my favorite stories all over again, Having a lovely tea cup to drink from?: )I forgot to take a pic of my tea.I enjoyed a cup of chai!  She is a pretty cup?Her shape interests me.Her roses are lovely. Her country of origin is Austriaand this stamp was in use from 1880 - 1925.* Do you have favorite stories youlove to read during December?I am very honored that The Jane Austen Center (click on name above to see) is sharing my Jane Austen themed Christmas tree in their newsletter and online magazine...There is a recent picture of me there...if you would like to take a look : ) Thank you for coming by for a visit today!I loved reading all your comments last week.You are all so kind!I do not know if Martha will post this week.Please...keep her in your good healing thoughtsand prayers.  I am joining Ruth, Bernideen, Sandi  for tea,as well as Judith for her Mosaic Monday. Thank you ladies for hosting!   Hugs,Terri [...]

Thanksgiving Tea Time


Hello All! Thank you for stopping by!Being back in Bloglandia has been a joy.Hearing from many of you...Priceless!This time of year,when the leaves burst into colorful expressionand the air has a certain chill,I find myself more reflective thanthe busy hot summer months. Tea is a perfect companion for you all know....*smile*Today I enjoyed a mix of some of my favorite herbs...ChamomileNettleSpearmint Peppermint in  a  sweet tea cup given to me by my friend Dianne Buckley. Thank you again Dianne!It is a lovely little tea cup,very sturdy and very comfortable in the hand for such a pretty cup. She is "Ming Rose"by Foley,a fine company. I sipped my tea while working on the card above,it is almost done.Creating holiday cards for family and friendsis a loving task,I was able to focus and finish my cards. Yay!I felt so thankful for each loved one!How lucky are we to have those in our liveswho know us and love us!How precious love is!I started writing a list of all I was thankful for...You all here are on it!There is so much to be Thankful for!Every single day!I am thankful for Martha, Dear Martha is going through a very challenging time.*Send her as much love as you can*Wishing you all...where ever you areand in whatever circumstances...JOY****************** ( I have put up my Jane Austen themed tree!I will share next post)Hugs to you AllTerri I am joining Judith for the first time for Mosaic MondayI also am joining Sandi for No Place Like Home,Bernideen and Ruth for tea!Thank you for hosting ladies! (I am sorry about the tiny font! I can't seem to fix it!)   [...]

Time to say Hello!


Hello All!(It feels so good to say those words!)Happy Autumn!I am so thrilled to be back with you all! The ATC above is an older one,but my sentiments are the same...Colorful falling leaveshave a musical magic all their own.   I have been away all year long,and I have missed each one of you very much.It is time I return to Bloglandia.We have had many ups and downs, and have been so thankful for all your good thoughts,prayers, cards, e-mails and handmade artand even Skype chats!Thank you all!Many times you have comforted and cheered me : )on exactly the right exactly the right time....Don't you just love how that happens?Thank You! Many times I was not able to respond during the past year,and have hoped I have caught up with everyone by now.Please forgive me if I missed you somehow!  When November first arrived,I knew I would be posting before the holiday.(which surprised me as the day before I thought it might be ages yet!) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in many ways...Not the history, but the idea of having a day that everyoneknows is a day about giving thanks. That does it for me! lol, During this past year I have been able to dosome creating here and there,and it seems I am getting a little more done recently.Yay! I needed a blanket for my bed...One large granny square!No concentration needed!lol! Emma and Betsy wasted no time in snuggling on it from the moment I first began to crochet it! I made a new glitter "house"...a tree lot....this is the little sales hut in it's early stage. Here is the hut with a frosty roof and new wreaths waiting to be adorned.I will share how it all came out closer to Christmas : )I took an interesting painting class with Will Kemp, he is a wonderful teacher.This is one of my attempts at his lessons.There have been days I was able to visit many of you and see the amazing art you have been creating!Wow!You all really inspire me! And...the many gorgeous tea times! Martha, thank you for hosting Tea Cup are a lovely host.My thoughts are with you! I hope to visit you soon for tea : ) I look forward to visiting as many of you as I can.Thank you for visiting!See you soon! Hugs, and hugs,Terri [...]

New Year-New Chances!


Hello All!I want to thank each and everyone of youfor all your visits these past years!Thank you also for all your lovely encouraging comments! You are all so dear to me,I can hardly believe how lucky I have been to meet you! You have taught me so much, and spread so much love!I have totally enjoyed these past 5 years on this blogand joining in all the tea party fun too.This year, I am having to focus my attention on health.I will not be hosting Tea Cup Tuesday for the foreseeable future. Boo hoo!But, I will pop in as often as I canto Martha's Tea Cup Tuesday party : )And I will hop around when I can and visit YOU. As soon as I can return, I will be back!"No matter how challenging life can be...It is still Wonder Full every single day!"Hugs to you all!Terri[...]

Tea Cup Tuesday-Tea and the Creative spirit


Hello All!Welcome to the last Tea Cup Tuesday of 2014 with Martha and me!It is almost time to say "good-bye" to 2014 and "hello" to 2015. I am thankful for each and every day I experienced this year, and I look forward to all the possibilities of this coming year. Thank you all for your loving thoughts and prayers for my family andmyself  this past year.I really truly appreciate it!I wish for each of you, daily presence, moments of clarity and heaps of opportunities for JOY!I am sharing here a little tea joy from the holidays...I brought out this sweet little winter berry-ishset for Christmas eve...These cookies, and the cookies above, are  traditionaltreats for our family during Christmas. This very simple set is lovely in candlelight. The silver trim takes on a warm glow. It is by Syracuse China, made right here in America.Harmony, is a sweet name for this pattern,My Jane Austen tree rests in my art room window.It is a lovely spot to see in the morning sun.Since I took this image, the tree has been filled with ornaments from friends here in blogland. I am amazed at all the gorgeous and lovingart you all have shared with me!Thank you again!I cherish each one and will take pictures! This is my latest little creation,the Pink house. It is hard to see......but there is a snowman and a bird bath in the front garden.I used the Picture Window pattern for this one.  I have been enjoying this simple creative craft of mini houses,and have just about finished a Christmas tree lot! lol! Pure fun : )How are you exploring your creativity? Are you having fun?Even though we go through some tough things here at home,I make it a priority to have some true fun as often as possible.I think it is the elixir of life! ********************* Thank you Martha,for keeping Tea Cup Tuesdayweek to week all year long!Thank you for stopping by to visit!Happy New Year! If you would like to join in just link up your tea cup post below.Martha and I would love to visit you too : )Hugs,Terri [...]

Miss You!


Hello All!
I am going to be away from my computer for a bit
and I will miss you all very much.

When I come back I will visit and catch up.
Thank you so much for all your visits,
and your kind comments. 
I have enjoyed every bit!
Enjoy your tea and your creative art!