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Preview: sparkly green knickers

Sparkly Green Knickers

Sparkly Green Knickers

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(image) My lovely sister knit me this gorgeous green Gaptastic Cowl. She was originally making it for herself, but I subtly planted seeds of doubt in her mind ("That colour is too bright for you, but it's perfectly suited to me!").
(image) It's like wearing a warm hug.
(image) My girl child was quite upset when I refused to share it with her, so I've quickly crocheted her a Calm Cowl. I used a few balls of Moda Vera Mousse in grey and brown on a 4.5mm hook. It's a little more dense than it should be, but that's what happens when you hook from the stash.

Autumn #2


Good weather for climbing trees

Tea Thyme


Tea Leaves Cardigan knit in Tosh Vintage Thyme.

Knit in only 35 days! Woohoo! I feel like a friggin knitting legend!




(image) (image)
(image) I do love Autumn.
Melbourne has turned on some beautiful autumnal days this year.
The boy has been loving all those leaves.
He also loved meeting his dad for the first time ever.
I'm still processing it...

Snow Flower Wall Hanging


(image) We live in a small house, Ollie's bedroom is actually the dining room, with double glass doors adjoining the lounge. For nearly 3.5 years we have lived with brown paper on the glass doors to limit the amount of light that streams into his room in the evenings. Today I got sick of looking at that bloody stylish paper, so rifled through the stash and found a Snow Flower panel that has been waiting for the right project. I sashed the panel in some Kona in Meringue, and the binding is possibly Kona Coal.

Much nicer.

(can't believe I waited so long!!)



I don't know about you, but when I'm making something for someone I tend to think about them a lot while I'm doing it. It's part of what I love about receiving handmade goodies made especially for me. I imagine the maker has thought about me a lot whilst creating something just for me.


It's now been 5 months since my dad died, and I've set about working on this quilt again, made from his shirts. I started it about 3 months ago, but I needed to take a break from all that thinking.

(image) I hope to have it ready for hand quilting in the next couple of days. Then I'm going to burn myself a cd from dad's extensive itunes library, and sing along while I quilt it. No doubt with a box of tissues at my side.

Circuit Board


(image) My sister calls this the Circuit Board Quilt. She has her eye on it, I know. Made using blocks created for me by members of one of the first quilting bees I joined - Bee Addicted 3. It's a work in progress - I still have two more rows of four to sew on, then a border, before the top is finished.

Remember these fabrics?

Cast on


(image) Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa La Barre

Tosh Vintage in Thyme

Sashiko quilting


(image) I bought a few indigo fabrics from a riverside market in Takayama, Japan, last year. I've made them into a simple strip quilt top and backed it with a Kona solid in indigo. I'm slowly hand quilting it in a sashiko design in white. I so love the contrast of the white on the indigo that unfortunately I don't even look at the japanese fabrics on the quilt front any more. No doubt when it's finished, though, I will flip it from side to side to give both sides their time in the spotlight.

Grandmother's Garden progress


Remember this? I'm pleased to report that it has grown considerably, and now measures about 53 inches by 61 inches,about 135cm by 154cm.
(image) I still have a fair bit of sewing to get it to a queen sized quilt, but it feels achievable! It became the perfect project to do when I felt my creativity waning, as I could sit down and baste a handful of hexies if I only wanted to do a little stitching, or sew together a bunch of hexie flowers if I had more time (and motivation). The more it grows, the more I want to work on it, too.

First Day of School


Ollie is attending school for the first time today. Wow, where did that time go??

Last night I decided he needed a little mama-made bag tag so he could easily distinguish his bag from all the others. This little mini quilt seemed like just the thing for my dog-obsessed boy!



I'm not usually one to spruik on my blog, but I've just come across a super sweet Japanese-inspired book for my Japan-obsessed Ollie.
(image) (image from Booktopia - see link below)

by Annelore Parot (which can be found here - check out some of the inside pages) is so sweet! Although it is mostly about a handful of Japanese girls in their kimonos, I think Ollie will adore it. There are a few boys and men pictured in traditional clothing, so I may even be able to convince him to wear something Japanese-y. Definitely one for his Christmas stocking!



was an awful one this year. Two days after returning from Japan, a close family member passed away. So November has pretty much been a write off.

We did have a couple of birthdays to celebrate though. My beautiful Ollie turned 5 on October 27th (when I was in Japan - that was a hard day for me, but he had a great day!), so we celebrated with a yummy chocolate cake. He's very excited to be a big 5 year old. One of the highlights so far has been Prep orientation. He's had 3 one hour sessions at his new school, and was so excited and proud to be standing amongst all his new class mates.

My birthday passed fairly quietly (and not without a few tears). I was just happy to have family around me. I did splurge on my gift to myself this year (with some help from mum) - a Horn sewing cabinet, purchased on ebay, and in near mint condition. Previously, my sewing machine was set up on a very messy little table in the corner of my lounge room. I'm so excited to be able to put it out of sight when I'm not using it, knowing that it's so easy to bring out again.

(image) I've been completely lacking in creative motivation since I returned from Japan, so I was hoping that this would be just the thing to get me sewing again. As you can see in the bottom right corner, today I've been working on the French General Flying Geese (FGFG!) quilt from Fat Quarterly eZine, Issue 1. Slowly getting there...

Japan - It's all in the details.


One of the many things I loved about Japan was the attention to detail. These were just a few of the gorgeous manhole covers we saw on our travels throughout Japan:
(image) Miyajima

(image) Hakone (technically not a manhole cover, but still beautiful)

(image) Takayama

(image) Arashiyama

(image) Takayama
More to come!

Images of Japan


I'm back! Here are a few images selected from the many hundreds I took :)Jo-sanBamboo Grove, ArashiyamaBamboo Grove, ArashiyamaTakayamaShinjukuImperial Palace TokyoI really enjoyed Japan. The people are absolutely lovely, so sweet and helpful; the public transport system is easy to use and oh-so efficient; and all the places we visited to were so clean and tidy. Stay tuned for more detail.[...]




10 days, and counting!!



With only 10 more sleeps (not including day time kips) til I fly off to Japan, I thought it was high time to get some Japanese holiday sewing done.

I bought some beautiful Nani Iro double gauze on Etsy a couple of months ago, and searched high and low all over the internets for the right pattern for it. I ummed and ahhhed for a good few weeks over the Summer Blouse pattern in Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing, but wasn't overly happy with the shapelessness of it. Eventually, I came across this tunic that Bec made, and I bought myself the pattern that night. It's the Schoolhouse Tunic by Meg from Sew Liberated.

It finally arrived yesterday (things always seem to take longer when you're in a hurry to receive them!), and I got stuck into pretty much straight away. It's a very easy pattern to follow, and I had good intentions to follow it to the letter (a rarity for me!). When it came time to try it on, though, it was too big. Only a size or so too big, but it was feeling a bit sack-like.

I spent half the night unpicking and resewing, with a few extra modifications along the way. For example, I've made the pleats larger, I've crossed over the front bodice sections where it joins the skirt (mostly to stop the gaping), I've taken length off the bodice, and I've added darts onto the bodice back.

This morning I unpicked the hem, and took both sides in about 2 inches, re-hemmed, and now I have a tunic that I'm really happy with. It fits perfectly, the fabric is so soft, and I don't think I've ever made a garment for myself that I'm as happy with as this.(image) I'm off to Spotlight now to get some black thread for the overlocker so I can get stuck into Version Two.

More Bee Blocks


Please excuse the muddled order of photos - blogger was not being helpful tonight.

Have I shown you this block made for Jen?
(image) It has now been embellished and is ready to post. See the last 2 pics for embellishments.

The following 2 blocks are for an 'I spy' quilt my friends and I are putting together. More on that when I have more to show.
(image) The star is for Tacha of Busy Bees. I used a free pattern found online for this one.
(image) As promised, Jen's embellishments. Some cute little buttons;
(image) and some colourful and sparkly ric rac.

Urban Home Goods Swap


Once again, I took part in the Urban Home Goods Swap (hosted on flickr). As the name suggests, it is a blind swap involving any hand made goodies for the home.

For round one I was fortunate enough to receive some gorgeous place mats made by Isa of Denmark. Would you believe, for round 2 I received even more goodies from Isa! This time she created some super sweet pot holders made from a mix of linen and blues, as well as a large quilted tea cosy. Isa sews so beautifully, and her choice in fabrics is spot on. Thanks Isa!

I had a tough time trying to work out what to make for my secret partner. In the end, I went with a Space Invaders cross stitch hoop.

I googled Space Invaders to find some images, and found plenty of screen shots to use as a guide. I drew up the different game components on some graph paper, and got stuck into the cross stitching!

I spent way more time on it than I expected, but I love the results!

(image) I also threw in a crochet heart garland (so hard to photograph a garland or bunting, don't you think?). Hopefully my partner likes it all!

Sk8er Boy


That title probably makes me very uncool as a mother!

Ollie has been spending some quality time on his scooter at skate parks in the last few weeks. Miss J has even taken to dressing him up as a skater boy (think skinny jeans and shirts).
(image) He's such a tough little thing. He has the occasional fall, but picks himself up quickly and gets on with it.

(image) I was initially wary of the bigger kids (and men) on skateboards and BMX's, but they've shown themselves to be totally cool with a 4 year old on his scooter, even if he does cut in front of them every now and then.
(image) Today a young man on his BMX even reached out his hand to pull Ollie up to the top of a ramp. Ollie was absolutely beaming - he was one of the boys!

I, of course, wanted to run up to the guy and gushingly thank him for being so kind to my boy, but stood back and let Ollie have his moment with the big boys.



More bee blocks - forgive my laziness if you've seen some of these before - I can't be bothered checking old posts.

Big blocks for Sheridan:(image)
Smaller blocks for Liz:
Orange blocks for Amber:

The Japan plans are coming along nicely. The airfares have been paid for, accommodation booked (just waiting on my tax return to pay that off), and we start learning Japanese through CAE tomorrow night! Only 57 sleeps til departure :)

My Multi Tasker


Although I had seen these around the traps, I hadn't thought of making one til Annabel from Perle 8's got her hands on an old copy of Mixtape that featured a tutorial.

Annabel (very nicely) supplied me with the op-shopped placemats and blanket pieces required to make up the tool (as well as some sandpaper and vinyl that I didn't end up using).

Amitie provided the fabric (at a cost to me, of course!!), Spotlight the felt. (I had just admired a different colourway of the fabric at Perle 8's on Thursday before finding some at the Amitie sale for 50% off!)(image) When closed (as above) the multi tasker may be used like a mini portable ironing board.
(image) When opened, it reveals an A4 sized cutting mat on one side, and felt on the other side (which I imagine will be helpful when laying out cut pieces of fabric).

My end product is slightly different to the one in Mixtape as I've omitted the vinyl (or leather) and sandpaper, and used felt instead. I really have no idea what the sandpaper and vinyl would be used for, so I think using the felt works better for me. To see a multi tasker made according to the instructions, check out Annabel's.

Details (totally taken from Annabel): Multi Tasker Tutorial, devised by Kirsty from Kootoyoo, found in Issue 11 of Mixtapezine.

Fabulous finds


The quilt store gods were smiling down on me today - I found some lovely hard to find fabrics in a local quilt store!

(image) Prints Charming bubbles

(image) Heather Ross Gnomes
(image) Heather Ross Mushrooms
(image) Summer in the City Birds

Hand Quilting


Goodness me! Twelve months ago I blogged about constructing this quilt top.
(image) Today I can happily report that I've started hand quilting it. I haven't hand quilted a quilt before, but I've been inspired by the likes of Andi and Annabel from Perle 8's.

Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't take me another 12 months to finish it!