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Link Juicer Review - Get backlinks


What if you had 19,000 friends that could all "digg" your latest blog post? And this was done on a gradual, steady, "natural" basis over a period of many months. And what if you had 1000 friends that were happy to take a 'guest posting' from you on their site, with a link back to yours of course? 9And you had the time to write 1000 posts!!) Link Juicer review.

The Link Juicer is a new link building tool, that operates on the premise that if 10,000 people have an account with a bookmarking site or content generating site, then each of those people would be happy to bookmark a colleague's site, in return for the same favour.


Operating as a community, each user creates a single account (no mass-account spamming) with a number of web 2.0 properties, and in a coordinated fashion, your chosen site is bookmarked and has unique content created to link to it. You pay for the "coordination". So on a daily basis, up to 50 links can be automatically made to your sites. And each link is from a genuine single account from a fellow participant. Unlike some of the other automated posting and bookmarking programs, you can be confident that a small footprint is left, the link building is natural, and builds up over time.

Main features of the Link Juicer

* web based backlinking service
* automatically builds backlinks once your campaign is set up
* drip feed of backlinks from actual accounts, very natural looking,
* the accounts will be months old, not ones created 5 minutes ago, they will have a variety of regular content bookmarked, and are therefore more valuable because they are active
* 5 campaigns at one time, 10 links to each campaign daily
* or 25 campaigns getting 2 links each day
* no setting up of new accounts on a regular basis
* Campaign straightforward to set up, web based interface
* You create content to be spun for posting on content sites.

* Turns your content into ebooks for posting to ebool sites.
* Everyone opens a new account at popular web 2.0 sites such as Ask, Delicious, A1weblinks and a whole host of others.
* The juicer automates the backlink building on a daily basis

Check out The Link Juicer's no-risk Free 30 day Trial (That's What I am Doing)

So the features are quite solid. I have used a number of the automated programs, and this is right up there. The key point of differentiation is that fact that it facilitates other people to bookmark your sites, rather than creating a whole lot of bogus accounts to bookmark your sites. I really like this aspect of the Link Juicer. I like it is set-and-forget.It has a 30 day free trial which of course makes it a no brainer to give it a go, with nothing at all risked.