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First Word - written in February, 2013


Last week I took Thomas to the Pediatrician for his 15-month check-up.  Yes, my baby is now a toddler and growing up way too quickly for his Mama.

All the routine measurements were taken...height, weight and head size...our little guy is within the 75th percentile in all categories...healthy and growing.

Then of course there are the routine growth and development questions...eating habits, agility, understanding simple commands and words.  Well, I started to be concerned when they asked how many words he can say..."does he ask for a 'cup' or say other simple words?"

"No, nothing specific like that but he makes lots of sounds and jibber jabbers all the time."  The Pediatrician asked what sounds and I told her he makes the sounds of a sheep and cow when I read his Old MacDonald book and the "vrmmm vrmmm" sound when he plays with his cars and trucks or when I read him his book about transportation. She then said she felt a bit better as long as he was understanding and making sound association to the items/pictures.

So, being me...the worry wart, I left his appointment feeling like I had failed my child. I know I'm doing my best and most likely he'll be a motor mouth like his Mama in no time but I still can't help but be critical of myself. Thomas' first word was "Ma" which he said to everything...including me. It's amazing how a simple word can bring so much joy. It's also amazing how a simple word can make you roll your eyes and laugh when he's banging on the bathroom door and repeating "ma, ma, ma, ma..." making sure you know he's there and that he wants to come in. Who knew they started doing that so young? Just another reminder of how quickly he has grown. I look forward to more days...more words and more "firsts".

Time - written in November, 2012


Today was unusually warm for the end of November, so I took advantage of the sunshine and got to work outside. Baby Thomas (now nearly 13 months old) was waddling along the driveway while our dog Lola jumped beside him and then would run around the yard and scatter leaves. It's nice living in a culdesac because I don't worry about traffic zooming by our house and the neighbors are very considerate when coming and going.

I was sweeping the porch when I noticed one of my neighbors leaving her home and heading towards her car. Her husband recently died and I had been meaning for quite some time to offer my condolences. I would see her husband every day come home from work. He was a quiet man and he kept to himself. He never looked up when I drove by and waved. I never heard a hello from him in the 4 years we have lived here. At Christmas time when I'd knock and bring a plate of goodies, it was  his wife who answered and she would always ask me to remind her of my name. That was the extent of my conversations with both of them for the most part.

I'm much closer to all my other neighbors and converse with them regularly. Over the years we've become quite fond of them and have enjoyed living by each of them. I always felt bad that I didn't have more contact with the older couple but had been told by other neighbors that it was normal for them to keep to themselves.

I smiled and waved at her, she smiled back. I felt the urge to go across the street and visit with her but thought it best to let her go about her business.  Then Lola suddenly noticed her and bolted towards her. I ran after her but by the time I reached the two of them, Lola had already jumped several times  and nearly knocked her over. I apologized for Lola but suddenly found myself face to face with her and I couldn't just walk away without speaking about her loss. She was gracious, soft spoken and very kind. As we ended our conversation, I hugged her and as I was about to return home she reminded me to enjoy my little one because time is so precious. I was grateful we spoke.

Memories of Lucy


Yesterday, my Mother-in-law came by to help watch Thomas and as we were chatting in the kitchen, a large black butterfly suddenly appeared at the back sliding glass door, it was a "Lucy" butterfly!Since last week, when we said good-bye to our dear sweet girl, we have had two butterfly occurrences up until this point. I first saw a large black butterfly immediately after our final goodbyes outside of the vet's office. Then, on Memorial Day, my Mother-in-law had one in her back yard fluttering around.When my Mother-in-law saw the last one, I remember being disappointed that I didn't get to see it but also a bit sad that we didn't have a sighting here. What a special moment for me to then see that "Lucy" butterfly stop by for a visit here at home.Seeing these butterflies is like getting a little reminder that Lucy loves us and wants us to know she is ok. Here at home, she used to spend time on that back porch just soaking in the nice it's been to see these black speckled butterflies which have given comfort and stirred up fond memories of our Lucy.[...]

Our Lucy


Yesterday we said farewell to our sweet Lucy. Although TJ is deployed oveseas, it has been a heavy burden on both of our hearts to see her health decline so rapidly.

My in-laws have been a blessing, watching over both of our girls while TJ has been gone. They willingly gave Lucy the full-time care that she needed (especially going above and beyond with lifting and carrying her everywhere when she couldnt walk anymore) which would have been next to impossible for me to do alone while caring for baby Thomas.

We are so thankfull for their sacrifices. I'll never forget when I found out that for months, my Mother-in-law had been sleeping on the couch downstairs (while my Father-in-law was working nights) because she didn't want Lucy to be alone and she couldn't carry her by herself upstairs to the bedroom. That's only part of their sacrifices and I know there is so much more, much which I may never know because they have never complained. They too loved Lucy so much.

My heart also aches for TJ who is far from home and didn't get to say his goodbye in person. I know he would have wished to do that, but his concern for Lucy's well being and comfort was put before his own wishes. I am so proud of him, I know this isn't easy.

What a sweet dog our Lucy has been. I will never forget the day we found was on TJ's birthday four years ago. There was a terrible storm and it was raining heavily. We were headed to the airport and as we approached the on ramp to the interstate, we saw her. She was frantically zig zagging headed towards the highway. We did the only thing we could do, rescue her!

It took some great driving by TJ to get around cars suddenly stopping and swerving to miss our dear sweet girl but once TJ opened the back door and yelled for her to get in, she did as told.

That was our first time meeting Lucy, dripping wet she gave us slobbery kisses all the way to the airport. I missed my flight but it didn't matter, it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship for us all.

The day we met was very stormy but the day we said goodbye was sunny and beautiful. My emotions could not be held in as we turned to leave our sweet girl. As we walked outside, I felt overcome by my sadness and could not hold back my tears. But in the midst of my grief, a large butterfly suddenly appeared and flew close by my face and I stopped crying as it caught my attention and then it flew up into the sky away from my view. My Mother-in-law said, "You know what they say about butterflies?" No, I didn't and I asked her what she meant. Her answer gave me comfort.

I found her words interesting and had no idea about the symbolism of a butterfly and death. How the butterfly symbolizes a loved one departing and communicating that they are okay and have gone to the other side. It was very befitting.

We were so blessed to have Lucy as part of our family for she truly is a very beloved member who will always hold a special place in our hearts. She was a good girl, our Lucy.

Another Year


As the year comes to a close, I look back and can easily recollect so much to be grateful for...especially family and friends.

First, our own little family. Baby Thomas has already brought so much joy and love into our lives. He is now two months old and growing so quickly. Yesterday at his check-up he weighed in at 11 lbs and 11 oz! About 4 lbs gained since birth! As for his weight, height and head size...all in the 50th percentile for his age. We feel so blessed that he is healthy.

Our families, extended family members and friends...what a year it has been! Many memories that we will cherish. Especially with the arrival of Thomas, we are indeed grateful for the selfless acts of service and kindness shown to us.

Another year is on the horizon and we know it will be full of challenges, especially with TJ being deployed...and yet there is great hope and joy in the many experiences to come, memories to make and sweet reunions to will surely be another blessed year for us...and baby Thomas!

Our Family Has Grown By 2 Feet!


On Halloween night, our precious baby boy was born and that was just the beginning of so much change! I will give details in my other blog but it's safe to say that our lives will never be the same again...but we knew this was the case (for so we had been told) but nothing better than our own actual experience to slap us on the back (and in the face) and shove us down the path of parenthood.
Not one regret when I look at that sweet angel face...even when he is screaming all through the much love that I never knew I could feel and so I sit here sleep deprived and yet so grateful for my little one. We are so blessed to have Thomas Joseph Scheide IV join our family.

A Special Day


Today we are scheduled to go to the hospital in preparation for the arrival of our baby! 9 months has certainly flown by and we are expecting quite the treat for Halloween this year...the birth of our son!

It hardly seems real but I am sure I won't be saying that once I go into labor! We are so excited to welcome this little boy into our lives and can't wait to meet him face to face. He is already so loved and we look forward to holding him in our arms...soon!

Showers, Earthquakes and Hurricanes!


What a crazy couple of weeks we've had here on the east coast!  First we got pummelled with downpours which affected a baby shower that my friend, Emily planned.  The entire party was enjoyed in candle light...very memorable.  But that only led to a series of major natural disasters. 

An earthquake of a 5.8 magnitude struck followed by Hurricane Irene a few days later.  With such disasters, we feel so blessed that we along with our family, friends and neighbors were watched over and protected. 

Summer Time Blues


In the past two months, both sides of our family have had Summer Vacations but unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy them as we would have liked to.

In June, my side of the fam got together in the Outer Banks for some fun in the sun in an oceanfront beach house for a week...too bad my hubby couldn't go.  It was wonderful to see my family and even my good friend Nikki flew in with her son, Cash for the week...but I still missed my TJ.  It just wasn't as enjoyable without him.

This month, TJ's side of the fam met up on Fenwick Island in a gorgeous home on the bay...too bad that he had to go alone for 1/2 the week and the other 1/2 was spent worrying and dealing with dog issues.  Our poor Lucy woke up very ill the day we were to leave so I ended up staying home with her while TJ met up with his family.  The next day was Independence Day and I spent it alone with the dogs.  Again, another vacation separated...not fun.

Thankfully Lucy recovered.  An exam from the Vet discovered her ailment and she was immediately put on more medicine (just add those to her basket of pills she already gets) to help her get well again.  We thought once Lucy was better that we'd finally be able to enjoy the last three days of vacation together...but wouldn't you know it...our devil of a dog, Lola did not want to cooperate with the dog-sitter/house-sitter. 

My Mom says that Lola is in her "teenage years" and is just rebelling.  I'm in doggie teenage hell!  The worst part is that she has no problem listening to TJ...she seems to have a problem with me (and other women).  I'd be lying if I didn't admit to some serious thoughts of getting rid of in, giving her to someone else to deal with.  My growing baby belly and this pregnancy is not making it easier to deal with a very naughty dog.

So, there you have it.  Our far.  I hope it gets better...soon.

It's a BOY!


Time to decorate the nursery in blue!



Well, the word is out and yes, we have a baby on board. I just started my 2nd trimester and TJ and I couldn't be more excited to share our news.  I'm finally letting all of you in on my pregnancy if you dare!  It's called, "my hips don't lie" and here's the link:
click on the title of this post.



He's thoughtful and charming
he's witty and sometimes alarming
he's honest and true
he's probably better than you
but one thing is for sure
this man I simply adore
and thankful I am
that "we" certainly began
I won't bore you with details
but this much I'll say
he's one of the best
and his birthday is today!
Yeah, TJ!
I love you.

I Think His Tractor's Sexy...


...or maybe I just think he's sexy...

...yes, it's him...

...or maybe...

...I just like the "John Deere Green." But it's gonna need a good wash now!
My hubby enjoying his new "toy" this evening. I'm sure he'll argue with me on that one, "it's not a 'toy', it's a man thing"...well, I've heard that one before. Men and their toys...puhleeeese!

Run Rabbit Run!


TJ has said for over a year that one of these days, our dog Lola was going to catch a rabbit. Not that we promoted it or even wanted it to happen but nature has its way of handling those situations.

Last night, TJ and I stayed in and rented a movie. We were right in the middle of a very intense part when Lola started whining to go outside. TJ hurried up to let her out the back door and moments later at the exact time the movie had my heart already racing, TJ yells, "NO!" I jumped!

Lola had caught her first rabbit. I don't know who was more frightened, me, Lola or the bunny. Probably the bunny.

(Lola and her stuffed bunny back in the day)

Don't worry, the bunny lived through the ordeal. TJ scared Lola so much when he commanded her to "LEAVE IT" that she immediately dropped it and it hopped away to freedom.

I must say that I think Lola got lucky. We have so many wild bunnys that run through our back yard but TJ said that the bunny took a wrong turn and ran smack into Lola.

When she was a puppy she used to love to sleep with her "bunny" (a stuffed toy from IKEA) but as she started chewing we went thru about 4 of them and decided that bunny had outlived his life.

I honestly don't think she meant to harm it, she just doesn't know how to be a gentle giant. She walked around the yard and back to the house with the most ashamed look on her face. We had to console her that she was a good girl but needed to steer clear of the rabbits. I don't think the advice sunk in but we'll hope for the best.

Love These Doggies


I love this picture of Lucy...coming to investigate why Lola is laying down on the floor near the front door. Her gray covered face is just too lovabale.

After several laps around the back yard, and drinking all the water in her bowl, this mighty racing doggie needed to cool off...her favorite spot is on the cold wood floor near the front door...ah, relaxation.

Calvert Cliffs


This past weekend, TJ and I took our doggies on a trip south towards Solomon's Island. We decided to go on a hike to see Calvert Cliffs. The nearly 2 mile hike in was well worth it when we saw our destination, a beautiful beach sprayed with pieces of shells and fossils. The view to the north of the cliffs was absolutely stunning. We arrived at nearly sunset with just enough time to get back to our car before sundown. What a way to end such a gorgeous day.

In Loving Memory


Albert "Al" Schutzman
September 1, 1915 - February 3, 2011


The day before Grandpa passed away, my daily calendar had a quote that said, "A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart." The following morning bore news of his passing.
We've just now returned from Brattleboro, Vermont where funeral services were held for Grandpa Schutzman on Friday the 11th of February. It was a very simple and yet quaint service where memories followed by laughter and tears were shared.
Funerals are not something that you look forward to but it was nice to be together with family and to be reminded how precious life and our relationships with one another are.
Although his departure has been a sad time, knowing that he has been reunited with Grandma is of great comfort.

Favorite Commercial from the Super Bowl


(object) (embed) <a href="" target="_new" title="">Bridgestone: Karma</a>

I love the beaver! Yes, I said "beaver" not "bieber". The Bridgestone karma commercial gets my vote this year. Too bad the clip adds another commercial at the end...not my liking.

Baked & Wired



Who knew that one cupcake could have such an effect on me? Well, I'm sure you didn't have to let your imagination run too wild. So, sorry all you Georgetown Cupcake new love is Baked & Wired! I had "Karen's Birthday" cupcake, a delicious combo of fresh chocolate cake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting...I had no idea it was "Karen's" birthday and I didn't even buy a gift...but boy oh boy did her cupcake taste scrumptious!
Thank goodness they parked the bike out front for me...gotta burn off those calories (but oh sooo worth it)!

Me Crêpe Amour


I had my first Georgetown crêpe! Oh how I have missed these savory delights that make me salivate! I came upon this shop located in the DC area with my friend Emily as we were seeking some place to satisfy our taste buds over lunch. Good find!
"The Mayflower" was on the menu - a tasty combo of smoked turkey, swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and cranberry sauce.
D-lish! Hint: Click on the title for a quick link to their website.

Snow Time!






The new year has brought snow! Lola loves to run, jump and eat it up! Lucy would rather stay indoors where it is warmer these days.

A Wonderful Christmas


I meant to post this before the new year started...but enjoy anyway.
We spent the Christmas holiday in Maryland and spent time with T.J.'s family. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed making more wonderful memories with everyone.
Of course the year wouldn't be complete without T.J. getting me some sort of gift that pertains to cleaning. Even when we were dating, out first Christmas he bought me a dirt devil (note: I also received a Coach hand bag). Some people may take it as rude or insincere but I can honestly say that I LOVE it! He knows that cleaning is something I love (truly)...or maybe it's not the cleaning as much as the clean result. Regardless, I've enjoyed my dirt devil, my steam grout cleaner and I'm sure I'll enjoy my new clothing steam cleaner!

Birthday Surprises


My husband is so thoughtful! He has planned fabulous trips for each of my birthdays since we’ve been married (nearly two years). Last year we began with New York City, hitting Broadway to see Wicked, visit the Statue of Liberty and tour the town. This year we kept it country as we road tripped to Nashville, enjoying cabin life in the hills of Tennessee and kayaking at Rock Island. I have so many wonderful memories. I look forward to many more (memories and birthdays)!
P.S. Did I mention that he bought me a PINK kayak!? It came with my friend Kassidy in it!







My Husband


This Summer has been so wonderful to T.J. and me. I'm especially proud of him for passing his test to become a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force. He has worked so hard (and continues to do so) to continue in his career and be successful. I truly feel blessed to have him in my life. He has brought so much joy to me and I'm thankful for his family who have shaped him and shared him. ;) He has such a great influence on me for the good and makes me smile when I think of him. He is a loyal friend and he draws people towards him with his love and open arms. Children flock to him (especially our nieces and nephews) and that's a good sign of someone whose character is true. I love him.

Hello Crab Salad!


I recently went to see the nutritionist and got some great advice on doing, "what I used to do" before I got married...eating lots of SALADS! Maybe the reason why we as women change our good habits is for very good reasoning, but in the end it really just cuts us short and bites us in the butt. My reasoning was that I wanted to make my husband happy and make him yummy dinners every night and so rather than waste money and effort on making two meals, one for him...and one for me...I just decided to eat what he likes. Bad idea. He is such a meat and potato boy and carbs seem to be his friend. However, this doesn't seem to work for me. I suppose rather than biting me in the butt, the carbs like to sit and gather with their friends there. So here's to more salads in my future! Too bad I have to say good-bye to a few of my favorite treats, but I'm sure I'll be happy in the end...uh hum...and my "end" will be happier too!