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Preview: My Lil Toy Haven

My Lil Toy Haven

Updated: 2015-09-16T14:42:08.911-07:00


Updated version of Minion!


My updated version of Despicable Me's minion. A skinny version made last year and gave it to my friend as a birthday present.

Can't wait for the next installment of Gru and the ever adorable minions!!!



It's been so long since I last posted. I haven't stop crafting but posting wasn't in my mind. Just love to share my latest craze: duckie.

Small duckie on made with slight modification using Ana Paula's pattern and my own version was inspired by the huge inflated duckie docking in Hong Kong currently. Since I couldn't make it to HK, i made my own to enjoy!

Hope peeps who visited Hong Kong catch a glimpse of the duckie.



Inspired by Despicable Me!!!!

I have determined to create those little cute ones, thanks Auntie PS for your support :)
My little minions which have been adopted. Aren't they adorable :)

I'm back


Have not been posting any since June 2009. It's been a while, after moving to Singapore. Now I'm so motivated to make amigurumi again. Thanks to the cute lil minions from Despicable Me.

Yippie! Watch out for my next post on the cute minions.

Gaspard et Lisa


My latest addition to my amigurumi diary: Gaspard and Lisa. A lovely couple (not sure it's dog or rabbit) and friends that love to travel. The pattern was originally found in a lovely japanese blogger who share the pattern.

I used felt to replace crochet nose and the long scarf. Hope the scarf could keep them warm and comfy.




Crochet + Robot = Crobots

I am so excited and I want to share this wonderful book for those who are little bit geeky or just love adorable robots!!!


This book has 20 crobots for you to make and play with. The pattern is easy to make and they are all too adorable. All the crobots pattern contains difficulty level and also abbreviation used in the pattern.

Here's my first crobots, Ms. Mechanobot. Lady version of Mechanobot from the book.


Private swap - Baker dotee


Recently I did a private swap with Debra from USA, I am sending her dotee doll and she will be sending me some scrapbook supplies. As Debra love dotee doll and baking, I make her a baker theme doll.


This lady doll is a blondie with checker's apron and a wooden spatula (made from felt). I have fun making dotee doll for Debra and hope she will enjoy & love the baker dotee doll.


Earth Day at Ikano


I happened to drop by at Ikano Power Centre during the Earth Day celebration. While hunting for the organic cotton supplier for my aunt, I was amazed with the creation with all the household trash that is polluting our mother earth.

I guess that reuse and upcycling is the way to go. I am trying to cut down on buying fabrics and use up the old t's lying around and the scrap fabric i got from the streamstress. Though it's a big challenge as the fabrics are not so ideal for my work, I hope to resolve this problem by crafting based on the material and the fabric print.

Let's have a look at the exhibition in Ikano.................


I just love this bag, I guess the message the designer try to convey is to "Think before you throw away things" . If you don't like upcycling, then just recycle.


There's actually 3 upcycle items in this photo. From left: A chair made from wood pellet; a round table with Singer sewing maching pedler; and the last one I can't recall but i guess it's a resting station



Plastic Bag made from plastic bags!!! And a holder made from Milo foil.

And lastly an interesting tent by indie artist.



My boyfriend always has a thing for rabbits and has been requesting bunny handmade from me. Hehe, finally I am ready to make some bunnies.This is blu bunny derived from modified cup pattern of Ana Paula's (Refer to my Inchworm post). It's a cafe latte with a little red heart embellished on the drink.(Ana Paula's Cafe by me)Now the little blu bunny cuppa is placed in the car, accompany my bf to work.There's actually another bunny, a non-crocheted work and handsewn BitBit was born on my crafting table.BitBit with almond kissBitBit being stalked by unfinished sackboy (modified pattern of Moon's Creation)Unfinished sackboy lurking in my room. Beware little bunnies![...]

Inchworm aka Caterpillar


What is an inchworm?

According to definition:

"small hairless caterpillar having legs on only its front and rear segments; mostly larvae of moths of the family Geometridae"

Here in my little toy haven, I present you with my first inchworm amigurumi! Custom made for Eliza's little nephew.



Please forgive me of my messy table, i hardly can keep it tidy.


Little pointy tail of inchworm


If anyone of you interested in Caterpillar art for kids, check out Danielle's Place.


Here's a preview of my lil cup made with Ana Paula's Little Cafe con leche cup pattern.


Hegdehog fun!!!


After my fun with owlies, hedgehog fever is on!!!Seeing LollyChop create a pretty hedgehog name Hammie makes me itch to make one too! But to avoid the choosing n cutting of fabric and the whole sewing process, I try out a crochet pattern found online. Not too worry, I will try out Hammie too! (It's so irresistable, as I just love LollyChop's hegdehog)The pattern I referred to was Sammy the Hegdehog by Shirley Chen which actually comes in a shroom. For the fuzzy hair/spikes, I use Nicole's Feisty Fiber (Lot 2336348) and change to acrylic yarn of light brown color for the face.But due to the gauge of the two yarns, I end up modifying the face instructions to suit the feisty yarn!Well, here comes my little hedgie or "Edgie".Not forgetting this blue crochet hook given by my swap partner from Swap-bot, Sonia (Habubabu). Thanks a lot for the hooks.[...]

Swapping goodies - Received


Just want to post some of the goodies I received from my swapping partner from Swap-bot. I love swapping!!!

"D" dotee Swap




Extra buttons


Ogling Owlie II swap



Pictures by Olympus


Just got my first camera, is a Olympus m795. It may not be the best and user friendly camera but the supermacro mode are equipped with light to take a better picture. The water resistant up to 10meter and very durable would be a best suit for me as I am very clumsy and careless person.

Here are some pictures taken with the camera:




Spider Lily






Spotted : Fabric stash giveaway


I've just spotted a fabric stash giveaway at The Benner Daily run by Shealynn.


Those wonderful fabric would be great any crafty project. The fabric is also available at Lanie Jane's Esty shop. She has great collection of fabrics, I do love the Paula Prass, Flights of Fancy Eiffel Tower design.

So headover to Shealynn's blog to enter, the giveaway ends this Saturday 7th March.

Some new found fun !


I gotta say my love is still with felt. It is actually very easy to manipulate but it does have it's down side. But, I guess no harm in trying new things and materials.New found love : Perler BeadsBought these babies in Ikea kids section. All you need is the drawing, an iron, wax paper, beads and the board, you got yourself a lots of fun! I've made a Union Jack flag for my swap partner and a felt skull for her daughther in "We Luv Surprise" swap in Swap-bot. And some others like one-up mushroom, love shapies and etc.Union Jack for DianaBefore ironing:After ironing:1-up MushroomWeirdoLove shapiesThis is my first one, and the heat was too much and uneven, i melted most part of the heart.Perler beads are somewhat versatile, you can make them into coaster, frigde magnet, pendant or even earrings. Some even make into a card holder, spotted at Geek Crafts.[...]

Random photos


Here are some random photos taken with my camera phone/phone with camera.

Spotted a poor Garfield hanged on a big truck looking so bashed up. Can someone please report it to the SPCA, the cat was last seen on Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Well, to think that our life is so messed up and then looking at this cat, i think we should be thankful we are not him/her.


Spotted outside of SS15, MacDonald: A rabbit grazing on the small patches of grass. Is this cute rabbit a runaway or he lives in the neighbourhood. Let's hope it didn't turn up on someone's dinner plate.



Owlies fever


Introducing my owlies, three different version of owls1) Crocheted Geeky looking owl (pattern from a crochet doll book)2) Fabric (my design after being inspired by tonnes of owl plushies available online)3) Sock owlie (an experimental owl which originated from a sock cat design originated from a sock plushie book)and I am still undecided to send which owl for my swap partner, Claire. Well, I guess I will just make more owlies!!![...]

Owlies Hours


I've been missing in blogging for quite sometime. I've been crafting and collecting stash of fabrics from Ikea and Daisho for the past few days. But the most fun I had was searching for ideas for my Ogling Owlies II swap partner and making some prototaips. I am undecided which one to give to her. Maybe I should make a few more and keep them for a giveaway or sell them at craft show.

But anyways, there's alot of craftiness on owlies. Check them out at :

You gotta love Kwoozy's Owl Project, even it's has ended ages ago.

Manic Muffin Tote 's adorable design at Etsy

Some owl designs by wonderful Sakura Snow,

Or this cute owlie selling at Pottery Barn Kids,

Happy owling and stay tune for my handmade owlies.



I've just came across a great love candy, pointed by Pokety Patch. It's generating lots of fun and sweet candy. You can put any message that u like.



So head on to ACME heart maker.

Last Christmas


I've been wondering when can I post my lovely handmade for Christmas. As the holidays passes by and slowly I became a lazy bump but I would love to share them, so I finally manage to find the memory card and the card reader to extract my pictures.Well, before I sent my Kodama to my swap partner in the States, it was happily taking photos with some of the Xmas dolls that I've made. An experimental Santa and a few snowmans make a jolly Xmas. If anyone interested in adopting the crochet santa, i will be happy to give away.Santa wouldn't be happy without Rudolph and Christmas tree! So I added 2 rudolph instead of just a plain o' one.There's a lot of ideas of Xmas handmade posted by those wonderful crafty people has led me to my new christmas tree creation. In this felt tree, I finally started using ribbons and buttons, which usually quite hesitant to add them as it could be disaster if it doesn't match the handmade.I added a snowflake embroidery with gold thread and a greeting " Merry Christmas" at the back of the tree.But my favourite Christmas theme handmade would be the customized crochet snowman and gingerbread man for my friends. The requirement for the gingerbread man as follow: "custom made gingerbread man with half of his head eaten and also his leg" by Karu!Let's have a look at the baking of gingerbread man:With a bit of twisted mind, I almost added another droplet of blood at the broken leg.Finally, it's well baked and ready to go! A special custom made gingerbread man.And lastly, my first attempt on crocheting a snowman and it's a much larger size amigurumi I've ever made. As usual, my favourite tophat was added to spice up the gentleman look of the snowman and a blue polkadot felt scarf.[...]

Mr & Mrs Hippo


My first hippopotamus plushies!!!

Introducing Mr & Mrs Hippo, a pair of newly wed hippos for my friend's wedding gift to her newly wed friends. The bride loves hippo and purple, initially I want to make a Moomin plushie for her but the time is too short for me to figure out a pattern for it. Instead, I have referred to Tamiesnow's cute hippo for inspiration and guidance.


It was kinda difficult to write a pattern then trying out, as I couldn't achieve the effect i want with my pattern. So I decided to crochet and write the pattern along the way. It's a fun and exciting journey in making this pair of wedding dolls.


The dolls are made with acrylic yarn with some beads for the eyes and button for the nostrils. I added felt bow and top hat for the groom. As for the lovely bride, I made a pearly necklace and a simple veil with white flowers and a small rose corsage that made from an adjustable ring.


My favourite would be the top hat, as I always love to make top hat. Even for my snowman, I always put a top hat to keep them warm and looking sharp!!!

This is my first order for wedding dolls, hopefully more orders will come in. If you are interested, do drop me an email at



用了 3天 把“ 佐賀的超級阿嬤” 这本 很棒 的 书 给看完了 。


第一次 在 星洲日报 看 到 “佐賀的超級阿嬤 ” 里 的 文章 ,觉得很有意思 ,常常得空看报纸就翻看副刊 。可是近这几个月,家里的阿嬤视力不好,家里也就没买报纸了,就此把“佐賀的超級阿嬤 ”给忘了。

前几天 ,无聊中看到了 “ 佐賀的超級阿嬤”这本书,打算拿来打发时间,可是就从此迷上了这本书。 这本感人又有启发性的书是由岛田洋七著作,讲述他跟外婆 相依为命的佐賀童年。在城市长大的我,慢羡慕昭廣的童年,以大自然为乐园,每天都会有不一样的惊喜和玩意。爬树这门危险玩意是 on my mom's banned list,所以好羡慕乡下小孩的童年。

看了“ 佐賀的超級阿嬤” ,让我觉得生活再艰难,只要懂得动一动脑筋,思想开放一点 and just learn to appreciate what you have now and life isn't so bad after all !!

Lastly, 在这本书里头最欣赏的一句话 : “窮有兩種,窮得消沉和窮得開朗” 。

Welcome Year 2009!!!


Have not been updating my blog, as too much holidays in December, and I went on holiday in Singapore. I did some handmade for christmas, will be posting the pictures soon, as they sitting in the camera, waiting to come out!!

I have many plans for year 2009: more swapping action in swap-bot, (i've completed 7 swaps, one more coming); taking diving lessons; start selling handmade online and many many more.

Here's 2 swaps I've just sent out to my partners both in the US.

My first dotee doll, it a heart theme dotee, which means i need to include heart somewhere on the doll.


I hope Sara loves my kinda weird heart dotee doll, as it didn't really turn out the way i wanted but it's adorable. My very first dotee, hope to make more of it, as it is simple and easy to make and the best is you get to be creative with it.


And this my "Absolutly Cool Handmade Magnet" swap for Milly. Milly is a cat lover, so I've made a kitty magnet for her from felt. I have also made marble magnet , with a mushroom face and a "Hi" stained glass effect marble magnet. The last magnet is a magazine cut out magnet glued onto a piece of wood that I bought in Multifilia and gloss it with Modge Podge (from Art Friends).



In the midst of looking for button handmade ideas, I 've come across some pretty interesting button art and photos.

Here's a hug teddy stitched with buttons from Art of Housewives :


Some great ideas from Meringue Diary using buttons as art and photography :



Great button artwork by Lisa Kokin,

Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, waxed linen, chicken wire
41 X 29-1/2, 2004

Most Likely to Recede

Buttons and mixed media, imitation sinew, 31 x 31, 2004

There's more of button ideas such as rings, bracelet, necklace, embroidered onto bags and lots more. Creativity rules!!!! Anything from LED lights to steampunk accessories could be a piece of great artwork. Love to see more creativity peeps.

Kodama swap


This my second swap, a kodama (handmade swap of Miyazaki style from the film Princess Mononoke.). A kodama (木霊, 木魂, or 木魅) is a spirit from Japanese folklore, which is believed to live in certain trees (similar to the Dryad of Greek myth). Cutting down a tree which houses a kodama is thought to bring misfortune, and such trees are often marked with shimenawa rope.I have received mine from Jennifer from USA, totally love it. It is so adorable and so soft. Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful Kodama stuffie.

My Kodama stuffie from Jennifer

I have also made one from crochet for my partner Elaine from the states. Hope she like it as much as I love it.

My version of Kodama for Elaine

If you are interested in Swapping, drop by It's so much fun, I have done 4 swapping up to Dec 08. My third swap was "I Love Your Blog Swap".The blog swapping is so much fun where you get to visit fun blogs and get comments on your own blog too!!

Happy swapping peeps.