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Bruno Lubrano

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Something that is worth to watch, substain, and promote.


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There is a project that bring joy, entrepreneurial skills, and deep thinking back to the classroom!I think you'd really like what this team of teachers, scientists, and artists from around the world made: fantastical maps and guidebooks of the Common Core so teachers can feel more organized, parents can feel more involved in the classroom, and students can take charge of their learning.
I've already contributed to this awesome project. I hope you will, too!
Please, share this as much as you can!

Casa delle Passioni


Casa delle Passioni launches its second year of activity on Tuesday, October 6th at 5 pm and 9 pm at Teatro Tivoli, Via Massarenti 418 (bus 14) in Bologna.Casa delle Passioni is the place dedicated to all those who want to cultivate and share their passions by attending themed workshops.This year, starting from Tuesday, October 13th with a free trial, drawing, photography, theatre, aerial fabrics, diction and improvisation workshops will be at your complete disposal.As already done last year, I’m glad to lead the drawing workshop.For any further information, please, address your request to or leave a comment here.Everyone is invited!- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casa delle Passioni presenta il suo secondo anno di attività Martedì, 6 Ottobre  alle ore 17,00  ed alle ore 21,00  al Teatro Tivoli,  di Via Massarenti 418 (bus 14) a Bologna.Casa delle Passioni è lo spazio dedicato a chi vuole coltivare e condividere la propria passione frequentando laboratori a tema.Quest'anno a partire da Martedì 13 Ottobre con una prova gratuita saranno attivi i laboratori di disegno, Fotografia, teatro, tessuti aerei, dizione, improvvisazione teatrale.Sono felice di condurre come l'anno passato il laboratorio di disegno.Se desiderate maggiori informazioni, anche riguardo agli orari ed alle iscrizioni, per favore scrivete a oppure lasciate un commento su questo blog.Vi aspettiamo numerosi![...]



I wasn't totally happy with this as there was in my opinion something wrong, something not completely clear.

So, here it is the new version. I think it's better, and hope you think so too!



On the train back from Milan, where I went some weeks ago, this girl fall asleep on the seat in front of me. Actually every time her cell was beeping she rapidly answered, and more than one time I suspected she wasn't sleeping at all.

Later I couldn't resist to sketch at least one of her amazing pink and white shoe.



Work on my dummy goes on even if in a very slowly way: But thinking at my troubled last days, that's definitely better than nothing!
So here's page three, or the one that could be page three. 



A new spread for my book dummy.
This is linked to 



New amazing characters are on Hazel's way before the story come to an unespected  end.
For me these are the last five preliminary drawings. Next step will be corrections and colours.



For summer lovers or chilly people.

Many days cold and snowy this winter. It's good to remember that in a year there are hot days too!



I like this word that from inside a little rectangle in a picture of comic book has the strong power to remind us that not only is in our sight happens!
So, sketches from 'Hazel Phantasmagoria' for my new portfolio go on.
Meanwhile... I have started a reviewed dummy of my never end children's picture book.

Title, absolutely provisional, is 'Francesco, get yourself ready. It is time to sleep.', and these are the first two spread.



Here I am in the middle of my pencil work from 'Hazel's Phantasmagoria'.
Very soon, I hope, it will be time to complete with colours.
To get better consistence among sketches and to keep picture tale flowing, I have considered as a good thing to keep same characters size in every draw, and it is very small compared with my usual standards.
One more challange is to draw as much as possible ground or floor as if they are looked at from a not too much high parallel point of view. Very interesting and funny, indeed!

That's all.



The way some days are shorter than others to make everything you should do, is very strange indeed!
Lately most of my day are very short!

Anyway, Hazel's adventures in rude Aunt's country house go on and so my work does.

I'm quite satisfy about what I did so far even if some corrections will be inevitable;floors and furnitures, for example, are described filthier than what I sketched!

But on the whole, I think and hope, they look good!



Character design is one of most satisfying part in building a picture. Sometime character is caught at once, some time more schetches are needed! I'm often the only one who can understand what lines mean in my composition sketches. They are very small!These were done on a Canson A5  90g sketchpad And then the final sketch.  After some correction I'll use it for final inking and coloring work. This is for sale. Please e-mail me if you are interested.Pilot H-325 mechanical pencils 0,5mm and Staedtler Mars Micro Carbon Pencil Leads 2B and H on A4 paper[...]

Hazel's Phantasmagoria


'Hazel's Phantasmagoria' by Leander Deeny is definitely a good book to spend some of your free time. Even if you are no more a young adult like me!

I found the italian version in a big store. Actually I was there just to buy some food but the cover by David Roberts attracted my attention and so the book took place in my basket with sausages, vegetables, pasta and wine.
Anyway, a pleasant book can often be a good help to design new picture especially if, like me,  you need or simply wish to renew your portfolio.
Pilot H-325 mechanical pencils 0,5mm and Staedtler Mars Micro Carbon Pencil Leads 2B and H on A4 paper

The picture is for sale. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

A Toy for Christmas


This is the way I imagined the shop where the Gianni Rodari tale "A Toy for Christmas" starts. 

The journal of Riccardo - New Series


Very little time to made it this afternoon!!

Ink and watercolour in Daler Rowney Large Sketchbook

The journal of Riccardo - New Series


The journal of Riccardo is back!

Ink and watercolour on Daler Rowney Sketchbook

It's time to sleep.


One of the illustration for my 'It's time to sleep'.



One day a man wakes up, go to the bath-room, looks at himself in the mirror and yells: his nose is not on its place. His face is flat! ('The escaping nose' by Gianni Rodari)
Odd situation, isn't it?

Meet Francesco


Francesco is my favourite character I everytime call for help when I need to visualize on paper any image for my children's book work. He always is kindly free even if he knows he won't the hero of the story! 



I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Another one from a Gianni Rodari tale


'The blue traffic lights' is the tale by G.Rodari from which I designed the illustration.

More from Gianni Rodari's tales


Here are two more illustrations I'm working on for my exhibition starting next March 19. The previous one is from 'The path who led nowhere', the next one is from 'Pulcinella's flight'.

'It's time to sleep'


This is page 5 picture of my unpublished 'It's time to sleep'.
I' think I'll use this one too for the exhibition, which start on March 19, of some of my Children's illustrations.

From a Gianni Rodari's tale


From 'The Bells War' by G. Rodari
This is the second work I made from this tale. The first was posted on November 23, 2009.
All these illustrations are made for an exhibition of my children's works, mainly about Gianni Rodari tales., that starts on March 19 at Libreria Trame in Bologna.

From a Gianni Rodari's tale


From 'A lift to the stars' by G. Rodari