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Normally It's Not a GOOD Thing to Reanimate Your Lunch...


It doesn't sound right does it?

Now that I work from home I don't eat lunch out very often. It really has made me realize that lunch in cubicle-ville is more of an escape than a meal. Now I really have no need to get away because my work environment is peaceful, fun and my soundtrack is snoring kittens.

So when I do go get something it's because I really want it.

Last week, I really wanted Chipotle. I can't even remember the last time I ate there - years and years ago probably. And I do love their food.

My fave is the carnitas bowl. No beans, corn salsa, guacamole. MMM.

So I ran out and got this fave meal and brought it home. But I became quite distracted in the car by the bag - it's ADORABLE!!

It has these fun, quirky drawings on it that sort of have the whole circle of life on them.

Some of them are so sweet.

I couldn't bear to throw it away, so I added a few strokes with a white gel pen, a greeting from Perfect Pennants and a little twine and glimmer paper.

It's just sweet. Thanks for the yummy food and the art break, +Chipotle Mexican Grill! :)

Making Faces


I really admire people who can draw. I am not among them. I have taken many classes, but alas, I believe I started too late in life to really be a master.

So any time I can find a way to add at least an element of a drawing with a little trickery, I'm all for it. Maybe that's why I like stamping.

I had been playing around with my Pan Pastels this week, which I LOVE, and I realized a perfect way to get a good face for an art journal page - with my Artograph LightPad and my Pan Pastels!

It took about 7 minutes and an old copy of Smithsonian magazine, saved from the recycle bin, to create a pretty decent, monochromatic faux drawing.

Here's the result.

Here's the "drawing" with the original advert.

And here's the quick video tutorial on how to do it. Hope this helps you create some fun journal pages!

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="420">

Thanks for stopping by!

Thorougly Modern Millie


I went to a wedding shower for my neighbor's daughter not too long ago, and the shower invitation was SO cute that I've had it sitting on my desk since the shower. And as you know, I don't need anything extra on my desk.

It was on a watercolor texture paper, and the sweet image looked like watercolor as well.

When I saw today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast to create modern art, I knew exactly what I had been saving her for.

I carefully cut out the cute little girl image and then put it onto one of my FAVORITE reanimations - a piece of paper I use to clean my brayer on while I'm gel printing.

Half the time when I'm printing I think that my brayer cleaning sheet is prettier than my prints! Probably because it's not planned and coordinated - it just happens. I loved this piece because the flame colors so perfectly matched the girl's hair.

Simple & cute - no stamping. Hard to see here but there's glitter in the center of the flowers and on her headband. The original invitation is from Bella Ink Designs.

I decided that she is indeed, thoroughly modern art.

Thanks for stopping by!

You Know My Name (Look Up My Number)


I have that song on my Ipod. Sorry for the earworm. But it's a great song. :)It's also perfect for today's reanimation, which uses the amazingly archaic phonebooks that continue to be delivered to my door. Yes, in 2013. Phonebooks.Every time they show up, I recycle them into art. Not garbage. They are a wonderful source of nice, thin, collage-worthy paper with beautiful, finely detailed text.Today's MIX-Ability challenge on Splitcoast - MIX6 is the keyword if you upload to our gallery - is to use gesso and newsprint - the most perfect combo in the world!I used Trudy Sjolander's new release - Swirly Bird - since she is having her blog hop today! Her little bird looks so sweet tweeting people's phone numbers! :)This was actually a really quick project. Here's what I did.I painted one page of the phonebook with gesso and let it dry. Then I cut a 4 x 4 square to form the background. I rubbed this with Tempting Turquoise, Orchid Opulence and Pacific Point ink from Stampin' Up! I used a sponge to dab white acrylic paint on this after it dried for the clouds.I cut two more 4" wide strips of the gesso'd paper and hand cut the hills out of them. I sprayed these with Stephanie Barnard Banana and Spearmint sprays and then rubbed Memento Pear Tart ink over them. You just have to experiment until you get the color you like.Then I dotted red acrylic paint on (I used Golden Fluid Acrylics for this) for flowers onto the hills.The hardest part is waiting for everything to dry before collaging.I put it all together with matte ModPodge. Word to the wise - I was using water based mediums so the Mod Podge will transfer those. However, if you just keep a wet paper towel handy you can keep any colors from bleeding permanently.Want to see the rest of the hop?Check out all this amazing talent!Trudy SjolanderAllie GowerSean Fetterman >>>>> Lydia Fiedler <<<<

Imagine the Possibilities


Imagine the possibilities...

Imagine, for example, if your crafting space was NOT complete chaos, and the first version you made of your card for the Challenge Chicks  March challenge wasn't lost somewhere in it, never to be found.

Then imagine all the laundry and dusting you could have done while you re-made the card for today. 

Well, that's just ridiculous, because I can't imagine choosing laundry or dusting over anything, much less stamping.

Anyway, today's challenge is "It Ain't Easy Being Green," which I took in the reanimated direction.

After creating this project with my stamping class last month, I had many, many sheets that held those gorgeous yellow flower stickers left over, since each student got three flowers. 

Here's where not cleaning your desk very often really comes in handy! As these empty sheets I couldn't throw away hung out in my scrap pile, Anna came up with our green challenge for this month and BOOM - I had an idea. 

I trimmed four of the negative spaces left by the flowers into a square, added some rhinestones and one of the leftover stickers, a greeting and I really, really liked the result!
Still feeling crafty? Avoiding laundry and dusting? Head over to my papercrafting blog for an adorable twist on the All Dressed Up framelits, an awesome video and a big wish!

More From My Retail Church


Remember my last Whole Foods Bag Project?

Well it's the holiday season and I'm back with their new GORGEOUS holiday paper bag.

(photo courtesy of Whole Foods ATX)

It makes stunning, punchy cards I just love.

I did three versions, all from one bag. Just glue, a few rhinestones, punches and on one card a sentiment stamp from Word Play in the shockingly matchy matchy Poppy Parade and I had beautiful, graphic and sharp designs.

Joy to the world - recycling is pretty! :)

Now go forth and reanimate!

Join me on the Titanic


So I'm back with a little more fun from the great CitraSolv experiment of 2011.

I took some of the scraps, smooth 4 x 4 tiles, and some gloss gel medium and I made coasters! I think they're really interesting and pretty. These would make fabulous, unique and inexpensive gifts or craft fair items. 

The blue one I call "Titanic." It looks like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea to me. 

The second one I'll call "Curiousity" because it looks like the surface of Mars.
This was a super easy and quick process. Try it and let me know what you think!

Oh - This Old Magazine?


I'm really having more fun than humans should be allowed with my new favorite technique.

I decided to use this technique for two of this week's Dare to Get Dirty challenges, and I just loved the way it turned out. 

Can you guess the technique?

Stamps: Loving Thoughts
Cardstock: Whisper White, National Geographic
Ink: Black StazOn
Accessories: Citra Solv, Foam Brush, Rhinestone, Tombow Multi

Well now you probably have after reading the supply list.

It's the Citra Solv technique with a National Geographic. I bought the magazine for $1.00 at Half Price Books and the Citra Solv I got at Central Market.

Not only is it a blast, but when you're done, you're pages smell amazing!

Here's my technique video - I hope you try it!

allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Feeling Green...


I love bold, woodblock print designs.I also love Whole Foods, and we just had a store open about five minutes from my house, so I'm in heaven! I think I'll eat spaghetti squash every day for a week to celebrate the amazing produce department. And then there's the bakery....Aah but I digress.Since it's their opening week, they're donation a portion of their proceeds to a different local organization in the near-in community every day and today the recipient is one of my favorites - Austin Pets Alive! - so I decided to get my grocery on and help them out at the same time.After I got home, I wanted to get crafty, but I wasn't feeling the mojo. Well, until I walked into the kitchen to eat a newly purchased Ranier cherry and ponder creativity and I spied the bag from Whole Foods.These bags are GORGEOUS!! Why have I never made a card with them before? I love the primitive woodblock design and the vivid, saturated greens against the kraft.So out came my scissors and a few Sizzix dies and I was off to the races.Paper: Whisper White, Whole Foods Grocery BagAccessories: Sizzix Westminster 1.5" Hexagon Die, Sizzix Tim Holtz Reindeer Flight die, scissors, glueDon't you love those bold designs? I liked them so much I didn't add any greetings - I think the boldness is enough on its own.Thanks for stopping by for this reanimation. Look around - what can you do with what you have? border="0" frameborder="0" height="60" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: none;" width="468">Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to visit my paper arts blog, please head on over to[...]

Can Do


I read a lot of graphic design and packaging design blogs because I'm obsessed with graphics, especially marketing and logo graphics.

I know some people remember where they were when Kennedy was shot or when the moon landing came on TV, but I remember things like where I was when I first saw my first Absolut Vodka ad, or more recently, when I saw that STUNNING new limited edition white Coke Can.

I love how bold and clean and pure the design is. I think I held my breath for a while when I saw the concept art for it. Stunning.

I normally only drink fizzy water and tea, but I had to get my hands on that can.

After a yummy and rare icy Coke, I carefully cut the can open, and ran it through my Big Shot with my new Framelits Label die from the upcoming Occasions Mini catalog.

It cut through the aluminum like a dream.

I cut a second, larger piece with the next biggest framelit from red glimmer paper.

And in a move completely unlike my non-traditional approach to holiday colors, I added some teeny, delicate, Lucky Limeade organdy ribbon.

The sentiment is from Grateful Greetings.

Don't those gorgeous, ghostly bears just make your eyes happy? I love that the design is built just with negative space.

Stunning, Coca-Cola, just stunning. I will miss this packaging when it's gone.

I'm off to see if there's something I can do with the similarly beautiful box.


Bottle Cap, Bottle Cap, oh Bottle, Bottle Cap!


You know, sung to the tune of Lollipop! :) I guess I'm feeling musical today.I saw some ADORABLE bottlecap ornaments on Pinterest (of course now I can't find the link, so if you saw them, please let me know) that had a little bottle brush Christmas tree inside and they were so cute!I wanted to see if I could make something similar without buying anything new - always a temptation, and I came up with a few I like.What you need is a bottlecap, a pipe cleaner (I like the metallic and iridescent ones), a 1" circle punch (or you can print and hand cut circles) and small die cut shapes, stickers, or stamp images and ephemera, mini glue dots and liquid glue, and an optional large plastic silver or gold bead. Start by "training" your pipe cleaner so that it is easier to hold and assemble. Trust me, it will get a life of its own and spring from your hand in an unexpected way if not properly humbled. You also need to train a circle from another piece of pipe cleaner to line the inside of the cap if you want. When you are done training, your newly obedient pipe cleaners should look like this.Leave yourself four or five inches of pipe cleaner above this crook for a hanger. See the little bent part at the end of the crook? That's important - that will secure the pipe cleaner at the end.Next, run a little glue around the inside of the edge of the bottlecap and put a 1" circle of paper inside - this can be anything. I chose the First Edition designer paper because I wanted a text background.Next, run a line of glue around the inside edge of the paper - this will secure your little circle of pipe cleaner to the inside.Apply glue to your little die cut or image and glue that to the center of your paper, adjusting position if needed. The die cuts in mine are cut from the Merry Details Sizzlit.Put three glue dots on your bottle cap - one on the very bottom and one on each side. With the bent end of the crook at the top center of the bottle cap, press the pipe cleaner to the glue dots to secure.Hold the little bent end against the straight stem of the pipe cleaner hanger and slide the bead down until it touches the top of the bottle cap ornament.Bend the end of the pipe cleaner into a hanging hook and you're all done!!Today, I found some things that might make this even more fun. 1" circle epoxy stickers and some blank bottlecaps in various colors. This could get addicting!!Happy Reanimating! Thanks for stopping by! border="0" frameborder="0" height="90" marginwidth="0" scrolling="no" src="" style="border: none;" width="728">Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to visit my paper arts blog, please head on over to[...]

Animal Crackers In My .... PURSE!


That's right - not in my soup - in my PURSE!I got this idea from my brilliant sister-in-law, who found a cute designer box of animal crackers at a convenience store and thought they would make a cute purse.I went out immediately and bought my childhood faves - the Barnum's Animals - you know, the ones with the little string handle.And I made this teeny little purse. And I'll tell you right now - if you want to make this, you have to eat not one, but two boxes of animal crackers. :) Poor you. Now the wax bag that the cookies are in is glued in several places to the inside of the box, so after you eat the cookies, remove the bag carefully from the inside of two boxes. The reason that you need two is that the flap that closes these boxes is not only undecorated, but it is also glued to the inside of the box, so it's pretty unattractive. So you will want to take the lid from your second box, and trace it onto the front panel of your second box. You're trying to get the design from the front of the box onto your lid flap.  Here is my original box, with the two parts of the other box and the eventual feet of my purse. These are Tim Holtz Hitch Fasteners. After you cut out the second box front to match the lid, glue it to the lid flap of the first box.Then I took a piece of  black wool felt, cut it into a "T" shape to match the inside dimensions of my box, and I glued it to the inside, being very careful to glue down all the top edges. I did a little trimming to make sure it was perfectly aligned with the top of the box. Then, I didn't want to leave that cardboard not matching the inside of the box, so I painted it with Apple Barrel black acrylic paint. I love painting paper and cardboard mostly because it dries fast and I'm impatient. Then I took my wide grosgrain black striped ribbon and ran it all the way around the box for a handle. I made the cut ends meet on the bottom so you don't see them, and I attached them to the box with Sticky Strip.After that step, I made holes in the bottom for the purse feet. I started the hole with my piercing tool, but finished it with my eyelet setter, because it's nice to get a nice clean cut through the felt for your hardware, and the eyelet setter does a great job of that. After I screwed in the little feet I ran around showing it to everyone for a while. :) This step is optional.I added a strip of magnet sheet to both the box front and the lid flap to keep it securely closed while people admire my cute purse. Here's a side view. I would have loved this little purse when I was little and never seemed to go anywhere without a box of animal crackers. Now go check out my sweet friend Micki, who did a little reanimating of her own this week! Thank you for stopping by! If you would like to visit my paper arts blog, please head on over to[...]

Look around...


And I promise you'll see something very pretty in an unexpected place.


Don't you LOVE that they have completely new and adorable gift card designs every few months? Sometimes I get distracted and forget to order because I'm pawing through the new ones.

This spring has been no exception. A friend gave me a gift card that I couldn't bear to part with after the balance was zero. It sat on my desk for a really long time until I had what I considered to be a pretty brilliant idea - to cut it up with my Big Shot.

Yeah baby.

I ran that sucker through my Big Shot after carefully aligning it on my Circles #2 Die to be absolutely, positively sure I had the cute-most part inside the circle and voila!(image) Bam! Adorable!! And it happened to coordinate with some cardstock I had on my desk - BONUS.

How fun is that for a birthday card - especially when you can give the recipient the matching gift card and really blow their minds??

Giving new life to unexpected objects is fun, no?

Who's Laughing NOW, Cow?


Ahh, if only cheese had everlasting life! I love all things dairy, and every now and then, I grab some of my fave little low calorie cheese snacks from Laughing Cow. French Onion is my favorite.

And one of the coolest things about Laughing Cow cheese is their packaging. Their brilliant little triangular wedges that you can zip free with just one little motion, and, of course, that irresistible round cardboard box.

Well who can resist a round cardboard box? Not THIS crafter!

I painted my little box with a Ranger Shell Pink dabber, and then applied matte gel medium to the top. I attached a 4" circle of Stampin' Up! Candy Cane fabric to the gel medium, swiped a bit more of the medium on top, and then sprinkled that with Dazzling Diamonds glitter and set it aside to dry.

Then I colored my sweet little Starving Artistamps Juniper Elf (new holiday release!) with Copics, and attached teeny pearls to her outfit.

The greeting is attached with silver cord to two circles - one punched out of Candy Cane DSP with my 2.5" circle punch, and the second cut with Nestabilities™.

(image) The box is filled with this year's yummy find that I've enjoyed crafting with :) - Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark squares - they are half peppermint bark, half dark chocolate.

That's darn near as good as cheese! :)

Hope you enjoyed todays reanimation!

All Washed Up


Got a toolbox in the garage that's filled with small pieces of hardware you'll never use? Or, do you have washers and hex keys and all sorts of stuff left over from those Ikea bookcases that you can't bear to toss?

Well make jewelry out of them!
(image) I made these washer necklaces back in December for a special project and you'll just faint when you see how easy they were!

First, measure your washer and the hole in the center of it. Then find two circle punches about those two same sizes. Punch the smaller hole first, then center the larger punch around that hole and punch the larger circle.

Paint a thin layer of gel medium onto the washer and gently place your paper on the washer, smoothing it if necessary.

When that is dry - and gel medium dries quickly - seal the necklace with a clear dimensional glaze - I used Stampin' Up!'s Crystal Effects, or you could use Judikins Diamond glaze or something similar.

I used a japanese book page from a book I got at Half Price Books for one, and some designer paper from Stampin' Up! for the other.

You could make about a squillion of these for a dollar.

Since we have a handmade only rule for Christmas gifts in my family, I gave these to the girls for Christmas.

Give it a try! It's great recession jewelry!

Password Book Tutorial


I know - it was only the first project EVER on this blog, but finally I have a video tutorial for my Password Book!

And I'll be back later this week with an AMAZING transformation on an old dictionary, so don't stray too far...
(object) (embed)

Take care.

Happy Birthday and Thanks for all the Bills..


NOT. But speaking of junk mail, there are a few things you can do with it.

After you're done being mad about your bills, look at the inside of the security envelopes. They're all different. I got some super interesting ones this week. Not bills, envelopes.

I thought I'd use them for a birthday card for my friend Lisa. (image)
Stamps: On Your Birthday, Musical Score Paper: Graphic 45 Communique, Whisper White, Kraft
Accessories: Big Shot, Embossing Folder, Butterfly die, Butterfly punch Ink: Basic Black
To purchase Stampin' up! supplies, click here.

She's the one who sent me the GORGEOUS Graphic 45 paper the butterflies are made of.

I punched circles from the envelopes to serve as the backdrop for the butterflies. The larger two were cut with the Stampin' Up! Bold Butterflies die for the Big Shot. The smaller one was punched with my Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

To read more about Lisa, click here. Happy birthday, chickie!!

Foofy Phonebook Flowers


Say THAT three times fast!!

Anyway, I'm enjoying both scrunchy and foofy flowers lately - even some fabric flowers, but more on that later.

I've been really mad about my junk mail lately. I don't understand why my trashcan gets smaller and more expensive, and why we are all supposed to drive glorified tic tacs and quit using hairspray, but companies can still fill my mailbox every day with pounds of unsolicited garbage that I have to throw away. (image) And PHONEBOOKS. Who in the world uses a phone book? And why are they dumped on my porch when I certainly would say no if I were given the option?

But I'm not. So if the world gives you phonebooks,(image)
Stamps: Vintage Vogue Ink: Summer Sun Paper: Kraft, Whisper White, Phone Book
Accessories: Sending Love epoxy brads, Vanilla satin ribbon, Sizzix takeout box die

give the world foofy flowers. Hmph.

I saw a tutorial for these here, so I won't recreate it. Hers is beautiful.

(PS - I do NOT have the shredding scissors - I just used regular scissors!)

Make some. Foof it up!



This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. If you don't see a video player, click here.

(object) (embed)

If I Missed You Enough...


Would this bring you home?(image) It's a suitcase, with a map of land and sea, so you can get your bearings. When you get closer, the little flower, which you can learn to make here, is a map you can use to find me.(image) Stamps: Stampin' Up Old World Map Ink: Chocolate Chip Paper: Kraft, old atlas
Accessories: Big Shot & Bigz Box #2 die, Scallop Punch, Brad

Who needs a Tom Tom or Magellan, when there is such beauty in these paper routes?

Shimmery Russian Trees


I love my used Russian dictionary so much it's hard for me to use big pieces of it, so I went small with this one, but did something very fun for this week's 2S4Y.

First, I took a piece of the page and painted some Stampin' Up! shimmer paint on part of my dictionary page. It was sooo beautiful and didn't obscure the print, just made it all silvery and frosty.(image) LOVE this look.

Then I took the three little trees fromDoodle Factory Into the Woods and stamped them on my silvery text and cut the tops out so I could paper piece them.

The rest of the card is made with specialty Stampin' Up! brushed metallic cardstock, Basic Grey patterned paper, a Stampin' Up! rubon, punches and ribbon.(image)
Stamps: Doodle Factory Into the Woods, Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Paper: Basic Grey, Stampin' Up!
: Eyelet Border Punch, dimensionals, Square and Round punches

One of the things I really like about the DF images is the amount of white space they have - great for filling with patterned paper or security envelopes or book pages. Perfect reanimation stamps!!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!



Hallelujah! I made a tag! :)

This is an often neglected part of my holiday preparations, for some reason, so I was determined to make tags this year. This is a Nativitag! :)

I wanted a light background for the little scene, but the white was too stark against my pretty metallic paper, so I went with a magazine page instead and I think it works nicely.

It's my fave reanimated magazine - Food and Wine - because of the matte paper it's printed on.

(image) Stamps: Doodle Factory O Holy Night, Sentiments Christmas Nativity
: Stampin' Up! metallic DSP, Whisper White, Magazine Page Ink: Copper Memento, Memento Tuxedo Black
: Copics, Copper Embossing Powder, Stampin' Up! Ribbon Originals

I need to re-subscribe to a few magazines - my supply has dwindled! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

It's all About the Gifts


Tis the season of gifts, right? Well today's card started with one of the best birthday gifts I've ever gotten. My friend Lisa gave me a little bag of antique findings she had had for many years. There were beautiful, one of a kind buttons, quilt squares, a gorgeous old pattern, and several varieties of vintage trims, including this one.(image) I hated to even take it out of the package, with its fun retro typography and beautiful yellow label, which I carefully saved. But I promised her I would use it, so I did. It is black and stretchy fine mesh organdy trim, with the most delicate and interesting scalloped crocheted edge. It is a work of art.

It inspired me.

Great, thoughtful gifts like this are so rare and wonderful. Since it tis the season, I thought about three gifts in particular for a special baby boy. I thought I would do a little piece where the givers were not the focal points, but the gifts.

(image) So I took the new O Holy Night set, and colored the wise men in shades of grey Copics. The only color on them is on their gifts, which I carefully glittered.
(image) It's hard to photograph, but they are brilliant and sparkly, I promise.

I added the vintage trim under their feet, and put it all on some Graphic 45 Communique paper. I stamped the Noel and sponged it until the colors blended with the paper.

Remember this holiday season - it's the thought that counts!!

If You're Like My Family...


We went through this phase where we all bought the same books for everyone at Christmas. One year, everyone got 4 copies of The Firm. One year, Into Thin Air. One year, Little Green Men.

It was hilarious. We'd open copy 1, copy 2, copy 3. We'd redistribute to anyone that hadn't gotten the ubiquitous book of the year, but then still have extras.

If this has happened to you, I suggest you make cards out of the book(s). :)

Here's a little Christmas ditty made out of books as homage to the Blakley conundrum.(image)
Stamps: Patterned Pines Ink: Perfect Plum Paper: Very Vanilla, Book Page Accessories: Glitter, Sponge

PS - We've solved this by eliminating all Christmas gifts that are not either regifted - something you already own, or handmade with things you have on hand. Best Christmases ever!!

What are your holiday traditions?

For Jaimie


Thank you for stopping by. If you are stopping by on the Spread the Love Blog Hop, since I'm pretty far down the list, you already know why you're here, and thank you so much for visiting me, and thank you to Denise and Erin - the wonderful women behind this.

If you came here another way, please click here for the first part of this story. I hope this hop inspires you to make a card and send it to Jaimie.

I chose a few things that might make a little girl happy. For the background, a reanimated Hardy Boys Mystery, which I was reading at about Jaimie's age. There's nothing like a good mystery to transport you to another place. Then, I added lots of pink, courtesy of Basic Grey's Indian Summer and Stampin' Up!'s Melon Mambo Ribbon.

The hedgie I chose for its symbolic contribution - most things that seem prickly on the outside can turn out to be sweet and soft and surprising on the inside. I hope that something awful turns into a positive and sweet life for little Jaimie.
(image) This adorable image is from my new favorite Etsy seller - Niko Art. Nicole is an amazingly talented designer and her images are adorable and perfect. I hope it brings a smile.

If you want to help more, please visit the special blog that has been set up for this effort.

It's people like Denise and Erin that really put joy in creating art, and making sure that art connects us to people and not things.

Say your prayers for little Jaimie, and if you have time, send her a card.


Your next stop on the hop is the lovely and talented Amanda Newton.

If you'd like to start at the top of the hop, please click here to see Katharina's Card.