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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...


My sweetheart and I took a sunny, late aftenoon stroll yesterday... it was beautiful! We feel lucky to have such pretty places to visit within walking distance of home. There's a disk golf course in this park too, but I've never mastered the art of throwing a Frisbee. btw... did you know that Frisbee is a brand name? So is Band-Aid. How's that for digression? Now that's something I've mastered :)
I was so tickled when I saw these steps! The bright red paint looked quite charming in the middle of this little patch of woods... like something out of a fairytale. My fella smiled and rolled his eyes a little at my giddiness. That's him with the backpack, top left, waiting patiently for me :)

Vibrant tulips in beautiful colors... the little things in life can bring such joy, can't they? I hope you enjoyed this little walk through my neighborhood with me. Happy spring!

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From Blah To Ta-Da!


I bought a few of these 18" metal stars at Joann's a couple years ago. They were from one of those seasonal lines that doesn't stick around long and I got them at 75% off... about $1.25 each! How could I not buy what they had left? I started painting one white, but fell asleep half way through. Just kidding :) but I did want to do something more fun with one of them.{ok... this is actually quite nice, but that doesn't rhyme with ta-da}I made a wonky-triangle template out of file folder paper. There's only one shape... I just had to flip it for half of the pieces. I arranged some papers out on the floor in a pleasing pattern which I ended up changing completely as I started cutting. I was going for a scrappy quilt look. I quickly discovered that I need more floral paper and I have lots of polka dots! Here it is... my new, scrappy star :) I ♥ Mod Podge.Just for fun, I'm going to try something new and post this over at The Shabby Chic Cottage Transformation Thursday! [...]

Pocket Change Pastime


One of these days, I'll sync up with some specific days of the week blog posting criteria { Oh, such lofty aspirations I have! } but I haven't yet, so... today I feel like sharing some thrifty finds :) I've been on a window shopping budget lately, but last weekend I was in the mood to indulge a little so I headed to my local thrift store and this is what I found. The little things in life can bring such happiness... I find this to be so true!First of all... yes, I know that I use this quilt in the background of just about every photo that I post here lately, but I can't help it... I love it! Basically, if I really like something it will 'go' with this sweet, old quilt. Maybe, eventually, something new will come along sweep me off my feet the way this cutie has!I found an old hobnail chenille bedspread... twin size with just a couple small spots and lots of cute, twisty fringe. It has fun, lollipop style flowers, swirly vines and something that looks sort of like big tulips in tiny pots. :)I'm not sure how old this chippy, enamel pot is but I love the pretty color! For some reason the color is a little 'Dijon' in the photos though ~ lol  It's a happy, pastel yellow and I can picture it in a garden planted with red geraniums :) When I found it, there were still a few evergreen tree doo-dads in it like had been stored in a shed or a porch. I imagine that it may have been used to put up some beautiful, summer fruit or sweet, bread & butter pickles like my grandpa used to make. Imagined history or real, this one makes me smile :)  I also found a bright pink, linen skirt with little tulip flare at the bottom that was made by Banana Republic ... so cute and happy. I waffled a bit about the second skirt that I bought because I thought it might be too 'young' for me, but I decided I didn't care. I like it and life is too short to worry about silly things like that  ~ lol  I used this skirt in a photo for a listing in my Etsy shop. I think I love it and I think this outfit would look great with my orange converse! I definitely need to keep one these necklaces for myself :)Thanks for taking a peek at my thrift store finds! Have your found some treasures lately? I'd love to hear about them if you'd like to share!Cheers to junkers, thrifters and lovers of vintage everywhere! I hope you have a happy day :) [...]

Happy Easter!


So sweet :)
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Mod Podge makeover . . .


I keep a donation box in the house that I add things to as I find them, and when it gets full, I take it to the Goodwill. What comes back with me, well, we'll save that for another post. :) Sooo anyway, I had put these shoes in the box awhile back because they're not all that comfortable, I only wore them a few times last summer and I got them on super-cheapy sale so I was ok with the cost per wear. lol ~ I just made myself laugh because I also can keep a piece of clothing FOREVER. I was recently looking at some old Etsy photographs from about 3 years ago and I looked down at the shirt I had on and, yep, it was the same one I was wearing in the photo. A fashionista I am not ~ lolOk, so back to the shoes.I got this idea while I was trying to fall asleep one night last week. I've been scoping out the trends for this spring and summer and florals are everywhere. I LOVE florals, especially mixed with other patterns. I'm certain that it's for the same reasons that I love scrappy, vintage quilts. It's just such a happpy look :) Anyway, so I thought it would be fun to have flowery shoes and these were a perfect canvas for my experiment. And if they didn't turn out that great... no biggie!I have a confession to make. I had already started the project when I took this photo. The clouds let a little bit of evening sun peek through so I took a quick 'before' shot. The shoe on the left is actually already Mod Podged to the paper under it... I just added more paper for a consistent background. :)Here they are after their makeover... I think they turned out really cute! I wanted to use a pattern that was pretty forgiving as far matching the pattern at a seam and I had several pieces of this paper on hand. I completed them while watching a couple hours of tv last night. They're surprisingly sturdy, though I won't be wearing them on a rainy day. :) I might even make a pink flower clip to add on when I wear them with a skirt. Don't be surprised if you see another Mod Podge posted in the near future... it's such a fun and easy way to transform something ordinary. I'm already looking for my next project! [...]



While walking through the forest this morning I happened upon a wee gnome. He was whistling a happy tune as he tapped in time with his cobblers hammer. I imagined that he was doing a repair in exchange for a freshly baked pie or some new striped socks knit by the tiny hands of one of his gnome friends. He hadn't noticed me there and I didn't interrupt his work to ask but simply walked toward home whistling a happy tune to the tap, tap, tap . . .*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *Years ago, I found this little fellow while digging in the dirt. For the life of me, I cannot remember where. I wanted to post a simple, happy photo today so I posed him in a flower pot filled with a moss and weed 'forest.' The silly little story just sort of happened. It made me smile . . . I hope you like it too :) [...]

a vase only a mother could love . . .


* Updated . . .Lol ~ not really but I couldn't resist that title! Yep, I'm a nerd. Anyway, I found a handful of little bud vases packed away in a box today. I think they're pretty cute 'au naturel' but I thought it would be fun to brighten them up a bit!   I scrubbed them up with my designated craft toothbrush . . .and dried them off pretty well. I didn't want to thin the paint with water.   I poured some acrylic craft paint into a vase and turned it this way and that until the inside was coated. It didn't take much paint . . . but too little and it took forever for those little drips to travel around the inside of the vase. I poured out the excess and wiped the rim. Then I put them in a warm oven for a few minutes to dry the paint faster ~ very low heat & oven already turned off. I was worried that the paint might scratch off easily but it didn't ~ woo-hoo! I didn't have any little flowers to do a glamour shot with but I'm really happy with the way they turned out! If you have a moment, I'd enjoy hearing what you think of my impromptu project and I'd also love to hear what fun projects you've been working on . . . leave a link if you like!It's so nice of you to stop by :) Thank you!* A quick update :) As this was an impromptu project . . .  done on a whim and with no planning, I used the paint that I had on hand. These little vases still look just fine as I use them, but now I use enamel paints that are more suited for durability on glass when I do a glass painting project. [...]

Pretty bloomers . . .


My sweetie gave me this beautiful orchid for valentine's day in 2009. I'm happy, and a little surprised, to say that it is doing beautifully in its home by the kitchen window. After she blooms, that blossom stalk shrivels and turns red, I snip it off and voila . . . a new one grows! Easy-peasy! And that's a good thing because, while I love gardening outdoors, I don't really grow houseplants. I love a vase of fresh-cut flowers though! The light today is pretty murky for taking a photo, but I've convinced myself that it adds an artsy look to this just-opened bloom :)
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Going through boxes of 'stuff' ~ wheee!


I came across a box of quilt tops and blocks that I've made over the years. I'm not sure if they'll become finished quilts any time soon... it seems that I enjoy choosing the fabric, deciding on the pattern and doing the piecing. Adding the backing and doing the quilting don't really seem like fun in comparison. So I guess I'm sharing my unfinished projects. As you can tell, my life is super-exciting! lol... Well, I guess I'm just having fun going through these boxes and taking a walk down memory lane :) I was surprised to see that I'd left notes to myself pinned to this top. I'm so glad (and lucky) the pins didn't rust! I hope I can still decipher those notes. Cute spool pattern :)I really like the way black (and dots) make things pop!I can't remember why I made this top. Aw, I forgot how cute this lamb is :) There's also a dog and a cat but they looked a little amoeba-like so didn't take a photo of them.I don't like to iron unless it's absolutely necessary so the poor bunny has a wrinkly neck ( happens to the best of us ~ lol )My photography assistant :)I also found a box of old stuff like a little Ziggy doll dressed in a graduation gown and some old photos from proms and camp. There's me, probably about 1973-ish, I still can't resist playing in the flowers!Love these little painted rock shoes. They were always on my dresser in my childhood bedroom. I still like this mix... girly tomboy! That's me :) [...]

Good Morning!


We just finished this can of coffee and I thought my new primroses would look so cute with the great colors and graphics :) I think she's a keeper!

(image) (image)

Meet Buddy . . .


Today I went up to my studio/office to sort through some boxes that I brought home from my storage unit and couldn't resist taking some photos of my sweet kitty, Buddy. Isn't he cute? :) He's a rescue who came to live with us in August of 2008. When we brought him home, he hadn't been eating for a while because he had kennel cough which is common in shelter cats because it spreads so easily. As you may know, a cat won't eat if it can't smell its food. The poor little kid had a stuffed up nose and he was so skinny :( He was in such bad shape that they only charged us the required licensing fee but not the adoption fee. I think he was $7.00 out the door ~ lol ~ but we'll never tell him that! He's priceless to us :)Anyway, we got him fixed up with some good antibiotics and some high octane food. I kept dabbing the food on his nose so he'd lick if off at least ingest a little bit. Eventually he could taste it and, boy, was he excited! So were we :) Since then he's been eating like a champ! Maybe even a little too much but, whatever... he's happy and healthy :)  He loves to wrestle & play with dad and cuddle & just hang out with mom. He's a real joy to have around ♥He found a sunbeam to nap in today :)He was very interested in his own tail wagging ~ lolI love his little pink toes!It's supposed to be rainy here for the next week or so, so I'll have plenty of time to sort through those boxes. I think Buddy has the right idea... I'm going for a nice walk in the sun! [...]

Hello again! :)


It's hard to know what to post about when it's been such a long time since the last one. Seems like it should be something pretty fantastic, doesn't it? lol Oh well, I guess this'll just have to do! I'm glad to be back :)  I hope you'll say hello if you stop by! I had a good weekend. On Friday, I finally decided to tackle a project that I have been putting off for a long time. I've had a storage unit for about 5 years and I decided it was high time that I did something with its contents, whatever they might be! One less bill is always a welcome change too :) I took a few pictures of the bigger pieces that I haven't moved out yet, and some little ones too.My mom gave me that green table years ago. The long filigree looking things on the floor are from my grandparents home. They were removed from the porch before it was sold and I just had to have them! I love the oak leaf and acorn design. Hmmm . . .  I wonder if that's why I have a 'thing' for that motif :) That dresser on the left has a mirrored section in the middle that flips up. It was still duct taped down from moving so I couldn't peek inside yet.Isn't this a cute wicker table? It's a thrift store find that I'll probably end up painting. Maybe. I have to stop thinking about it now or I'll never finish this post! Oooh . . .  but it might look really cute in aqua, yeah?  lol Note the stack of boxes against the back wall ~ I think there about 35 of them. sheesh. That dresser on the left weighs a TON, has metal casters on the feet . . . and this is the mirror that goes with it. I really love that piece!A few bits and pieces from my old garden.My vintage, hooked wool rugs. I bought the bigger one at an antique mall about 5 years ago. The smaller one on top I've had for at least 25 years. Both of them need a little tlc to repair the backing but I think they're really sweet, flaws and all! I also had a vanload of goodies that I brought home to sort through. I've actually had fun doing this (so far) because I've forgotten so much of what's there . . . it's sort of like getting new old stuff! I hope my enthusiasm will endure ~ lol  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥The highlight of my weekend? I got to spend some time with my adorable mom :D She was in the area for a quilt show so we got to hang out for awhile and have dinner together. It was a real treat!Eek! Ok . . . hitting the 'publish post' button now . . . lol . . . hope it looks alright . . . bye! [...]

Just a quick hello :)


Hi! I'm sorry I haven't been posting to my blog lately... lots of other things going on in my life right now and, sadly, by little blog has taken a backseat for the time being. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your comments... my online friends are the best :D

I hope to be able to make time to start posting again soon and I hope you'll stop by again then!

Wishing you all a wonderful spring! xxoo


I'm feelin' just peachy!


I received a lovely surprise from Suzanne of :D A 'Just Peachy' Award! Yippee!


I'm so very happy to have met Suzanne... she's such a sweetheart ~ friendly and genuine and so talented! I'm sure that you would a enjoy a visit to her shop... her photography is gorgeous and her whimsical paintings are delightful! Her delicious 'Just Peachy' photograph was featured in a Etsy treasury that was on the Front Page today!


Her photo, at the bottom right, looks lovely there... doesn't it?

My heartfelt thanks, Suzanne, for thinking of me for this award! I think you're just peachy too! :)


A new start for this gardener...


I have always loved gardening. Growing up, my grandpa grew amazing tomatoes and carrots in his garden and beautiful roses and dinner-plate dahlias around his house. Home-grown tomatoes and carrots taste SO much better than those from the grocery store! I have some photos 'somewhere' of my grandpa's garden and I'll add them to this post when I find them. I loved spending time with him digging around in the dirt :) Even as a teenager I would wake up before anyone else and pull weeds while the birds were twittering away in the morning. To this day the evening and early morning are my favorite times to be outside.My last home was a sweet, old cottage on an acre of land. Enormous trees were on 3 sides of the property and a huge laurel hedge on the 4th. It was wonderful... like my own little world :) I never did plant a vegetable garden but I grew tomatoes and herbs in pots. There were originally uniform planting beds around the house, very narrow and linear, but I expanded them into big, curved beds filled with flowers and shrubs and edged the beds with bricks salvaged from an old chimney. I was at a yard sale looking at a pile of old bricks next to the house and a neighbor of the yard-salers, who happened to be nearby, told me he was taking down a chimney and I could have as many bricks as I wanted if I came over to get them. What a deal! I was so thrilled to get those bricks! It was a LOT of work getting them but well worth it.I was heart-broken when I had to leave my cottage home and it still makes me sad to think of it, but I am trying my hardest to make the most of the little outdoor space I have now. I brought some of the things that I could with me and, hopefully, they'll add some cottage character to my modern condo patio. I started dabbling with it last summer but found it hard to enjoy it with it's limited space and sunlight and was constantly distracted by the fact that it's overlooked by others' windows. Oh, and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself too :) I abandoned my efforts early in the fall but this year I'm starting early. Though I can't create the kind of garden that I yearn for, this is what I have and I hope to make the best of it... to enjoy it to it's full potential.Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.~Author UnknownThis is the start of my little garden.Isn't this gorgeous? lol! While I can appreciate a great tire and nice wheels, I'm hoping that a new home can be found for the spare this spring :) I added this laurel bush as part of an effort to create some 'bones' to this little patio garden.My bulbs are starting to come up... there's even a hyacinth bloom peeking out :) I kept these in their original plastic pots from last year. I have a variety of old, clay pots in different sizes that I'll pop them into when they're in bloom.My sweetie helpfully suggested that we could clean up the patio by removing the moss and scrubbing the bricks back to their original color. I'm not sure that he really understands why it appeals to me more in it's current state than if it was a blank canvas of turkey-frank pink, but he agreed to leave it as-is. I'm happy that I have brick paving and not concrete! Though I haven't named these sweet bunnies, they have been adding a touch of whimsy to my gardens for about 15 years. I suppose some folks might clean them up but I love them this way. Here they are patiently waiting under a chair to be placed in their new home.I bought this little girl's shoe 'planter' at a local farmer's market many years ago. It had a couple of tiny succulent plants growing in it then. Those bitty plants have since taken over this pot :)It's not looking all that pretty right[...]

One project down...


And 'several' more to go ~ lol. I finished my pillow project... actually, it's been done for about a week but I'm just getting around to posting photos. I have several of these quilt blocks but decided to start with just one pillow. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!I used fabric from a vintage, twin bedspread as the body of the pillow cover. I love the aqua color and the texture reminds me of vintage upholstery fabric ~ neat-o!After I had sewn the back panels on, I realized that the pattern was running the opposite way from the front panel. This is a happy accident because I like the way it looks better than if it was matching. I think it gives it more character.The block is made of lightweight cotton so I backed it with white fabric so the pretty colors would pop and framed it with vintage, baby ric-rac in black to complement to black embroidery. When I sewed the block onto the backing, I already had black thread loaded on my machine and I figured I'd be covering it with the ric-rac anyway ~ lol ~ that stuff is TINY! I'm calling the black stitching that peeks out here and there 'character' too :) The pillow cover is envelope style and I used the contrasting texture of the top edge of the bedspread fabric for the side of the opening that shows. I considered adding buttons to the closure but I think I like it the way it is :) Thanks for taking a peek![...]

Sweetest vintage fabrics on the block...


Before I blather on about my newest purchases *tee-hee* I'd like to thank those of you who voted on my little music poll! It looks like it's 7 to 3 in favor of adding some tunes! I think I will add a music player but I'll try to choose songs that won't knock you off of your chair when they start :)As usual, I've been doing some shopping for vintage goodies. I remembered these cute, vintage quilt blocks that I had added to my Etsy favorites but I couldn't find them anywhere... I figured that the listing had expired. I sifted through my memory, trying to recall where I had seen them, and my old brain cells suggested, "" I checked that shop first and didn't see the blocks currently listed or in her sold items. Then I visited BerryLane's sister shop,, thinking that maybe I found the ballpark but not the right field. Not there either. Hmmm. So I sent a convo to CottageBubbles explaining my search. Sure enough, Wendy told me that they were listed in her BerryLane shop but had expired and she would be happy to relist them ~ yay! I received them yesterday along with a sweet ACEO that I just couldn't resist and some delightful extras that were such a nice surprise :) Thank you so much, Wendy... you're a sweetheart!I'm not thrilled with the composition of this photo, but I'm excited to share these goodies with you! An adorable ACEO with a reminder to 'hold fast to your dreams' ~ so sweet! A lovely dressform tag with wonderful wallpaper bod ~ *love it* And last, but certainly not least, dee-licious pink grapefruit sea salt spa soap with a juicy, fresh scent and most beautiful pink color! What a fun package to open ~ I just love surprises! Thank you again, Wendy :DThese Dresden Plate quilt blocks are made up of charming, vintage fabrics and sweetly embroidered with black outlines. I really love the way a touch of black pulls together a confetti of fun colors! 'The Plan' is to make some charming pillows for my studio. I have yet to use the new sewing machine that I got for Christmas... nearly a month and 1/2 ago... that's, um, 42 days ago. I don't have a space to set it up right now. I'd have to move some things which would require some cooperation by sweetie, but I'm working on it :) I'm telling you this in hopes of embarrassing myself into getting off my tush and firing that thing up! Seems I've developed quite a talent for procrastinating. In any case, I love these blocks and am enjoying their cuteness, pillows or not.Aren't they yummy? I'm so tickled that I found these again! :)[...]



This is just a quick post to say hello and to say that I haven't forgotten about my blog! I think of posting nearly every day but get hung up on getting photos prepped. So, no photos this time :)

We've been a little under the weather here at the yippeevintage household so things are moving slow around here. My sweetie has been home for about a week and 1/2 with what turned out to be pneumonia but he is doing fine now. Before that he had a dislocated rib that was making him miserable. The doc said it was probably caused by a vigorous sneeze ~ ouch! Thankfully, I just got a bad cold that kept me down and out for a few days and I'm starting to feel better too. Luckily, we weren't ill at the same time... just a slight overlap.

Anyway... how's that for a ray of sunshine! lol

I always feel invigorated when I start feeling better after feeling crummy for a while. It reminds me that feeling good is, well, good... and I should use my time and energy to do the things I love to do :)

With that said, I'm off to do something fun!

It's a beautiful thing...


I just took a little trip around blog-land and I'm so touched by all of the kindness and beauty and friendships that I see blossoming before my eyes... all captured in wonderful words and delightful photographs. To those who may read this post and even to those who may not, thank you so much for sharing those beautiful (and, sometimes, not so beautiful) bits of your lives. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share in your experiences... it has truly enriched my life :)

Playing with buttons...


I'm sure there's something more important and productive that I could be doing today but I guess I don't feel like it. So... I'm watching old Andy Hardy movies on Turner and playing with my vintage button collection :)I had a wonderful holiday with friends and family! I hope you did too! My 'little' brother flew in from Chicago and it was SO nice to see him on Christmas day :) The weather has been snowy here in Seattle and our plans had to be rearranged a bit but all-in-all it worked out fine.On Christmas eve, I went with my sweetie and his mom to a family friend's house which is a tradition that I've had the pleasure of being included in for the last 6 years or so. This family friend is so sweet and fun and her home is absolutely wonderful :) Could be right out the pages of a Cottage Living magazine. Most everything is vintage and she loves and uses it everyday. Every year I think about asking her if I could take some photos of her beautiful home but I always feel a little funny about it so I don't. We draw names each Christmas for a gift exchange and she had my name two years in a row ~ lucky me!  Two of my favorite vintage pottery pieces were gifts from her :) One is the pink pitcher in my studio pictured in my post from Nov. 27th... cute![...]

Snowy, blowy weather...


I think we may have a white Christmas here in Seattle!

This made me laugh. I'd been meaning to take a photo of the bit of snow that had fallen on the pumpkins left over from my fall decor... but now the one on the left is under about 8" of snow. Sorry little pumpkins! I should have at least put bitty santa hats on them...


One ringy dingy... two ringy dingy...


This is just a quick post :) Here are a couple of fun rings that I just listed in my shop... a pop of color for a chilly winter's day!


This is where I play...


I finally took a picture of my studio space! No before photos... just imagine it without the cupboards either side :) I left the fronts off of bases because why close up a space where I can put more stuff! And I didn't put the plastic handles on the cupboards because I'm sure I can come up with something a little more charming ~ in the meantime, I just leave them ajar so I can open them. The left side is open so you can see how organized I am! Nevermind the boxes and bags just outside the frame of the picture ~ lol :) Sadly, the lighting in that room is pretty bad... there's one little skinny window that faces another building so really no there's natural light. I had to use the flash for this picture so everything that's shiny is reflecting the glare. I usually have a bare bulb hanging from the wire shelf above the table (and, yes, it looks as sad as it sounds ~ lol) but I have a paper lantern shade that I'm 'planning' to prettify to cover it. Maybe I'll do three! In my imaginary, creative world I have hours on end to make all sorts of wonderful things!Anyway, this is where I play :) I hope you enjoy taking a peek!That cutie-pie of an apron is a recent purchase from CoffeeKlatch.etsy.comI did a few close-ups of some of my favorite things :) My apologies for the light deprived photos... these are SO much cuter in person!Hey! There's my 'blah, blah birdy' magnet from misseskwittys.etsy.comFabulous greeting card from outonawhim.etsy.comOne of my first etsy purchases... from abelstudio.etsy.comThose cool pattern tissue magnets are from sushipot.etsy.comThat sweet 'cupcakes' sign is from pinkbuttercreme.etsy.comHelloooo Chuck :)[...]

Welcome home, camera :)


Lately I've been all excited about taking photos... I see things every day while I'm out and about that I would love to share here. SO, I decided to take my camera with me one day and what did I do? Forgot to bring it home. I left it at my sweetie's mom's house and there it sat for about a week while the wonderous photo ops passed by uncaptured... lol :) I have it back now after arranging a pickup at her workplace ~ yay! I've missed you little camera!

Hopefully I'll have time to take those photos of my studio re-furb over the next couple of days :)

Hey, hey Marie...



I've been awarded The Marie Antoinette Blog Award by southernladysvintage! Whee... my first blog award! Thank you, my dear southern, for passing it along to me ~ I'm tickled pink :) Please take a moment to visit her beautiful blog and I'm sure you would love to see her gorgeous shop on Etsy!

Ok, here are the rules...

1. Please put the logo on your blog

2. Link it to the person from whom you received the award

3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs

4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog

5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them


I am somewhat new to blogging and I must say that choosing 7 was a bit daunting... I thought, "How about 3... ok, 5! Alright, I can choose 7." Then there was, "What if they don't like awards, or Marie Antoinette. What if the Dauphine just isn't their cup of tea? They don't even know me... are they going to think I'm a weirdo for showing up out of the blue and plopping an award on their virtual doorstep?" Please, don't get me wrong... I really, REALLY am tickled to receive a blog award! I tend to be a worrier, bogged down in details, BUT I got over my worries and so I present to you ~ the lovely blogs that I've chosen to nominate :)

I truly enjoy each of these blogs and I hope that, if you have a moment to visit them, you will too :)