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"Home Sweet Home" at Highland Yard Vintage


As I shared earlier in the month, I am now a vendor at Highland Yard Vintage, a monthly market that takes place in Chandler Az. I am thrilled to be in the company of so many extremely talented designers, junkers and all around vintage junkies! This months show starts tomorrow, but I thought I would give you all a sneak peak of some of my favorite photos and vignettes from the upcoming show.I could take all of this home with me!!!I love this cabinet so much!I spy a couple of ironstone pichers that might need to be added to my collection!!!I love how my friend Debbie added these industrial feeling chairs to a traditional style farmhouse table. It makes the whole setting so current and fun!!I sure wish I had a place to add this huge vintage scale to my collection!!  Its times like this, I wish I had a second and maybe third home to furnish!!! Is this bedding not to die for??? I swear, "The Sheet Lady" makes me want to completely redo my bedroom every month!!Ummm.... yes please!!!I wish you could see this dresser in person. It is sooo cute!This is my space. :)You should have seen how excited I got when I found this vintage buffet on legs. It is sooo pretty now that its all fixed up!!I cant believe I put this vintage scale in there, instead of keeping it for myself!!!  This chair is sooo pretty in person!Well, I have to go finish painting and getting ready for the show! I hope you enjoyed this very small sampling of the gorgeousness you will find there this weekend.If you are in Valley and can come out and see us, stop by and say hi!!![...]

Artful Blogging Magazine


 I bet you didn't think you would hear from me again so soon! This must be some kind of record or something!! LOL!
After my last post a couple of days ago, a package arrived in the mail. I'm kind of embarrassed to share it with you since I have been sooo remiss in keeping up my blog. But really I am more excited and honored than anything. I got an email a few months ago from Artful Blogging magazine asking me if I would like to be in one of their upcoming issues! Uhhh. Yes, please!!!

 I knew exactly what my article would be about and how I would start and finish it. You see... back in 2009 , before I started my blog, I had picked up a copy of Artful Blogging on the newsstand. I didnt even know what a blog was, but the pretty cover attracted me and soon as I started visiting the blogs I was reading about, I was hooked! I knew I had to start a blog too.

So, now everything has come full circle and I am in the very magazine that got me started and I am receiving emails and messages from ladies who were inspired by it and want to start a blog of their own! Seriously, how cool is that?????

I am always so thrilled when I can inspire people in one way or another, since I am constantly inspired by others.

Have they started cloning humans yet???


No, really... have they?? Cause I neeeed one! Seriously though..... You may have noticed my lack of blog posts lately. I know, I know. My News Years resolution was to do more frequent posts. Well, any one who's made one of those pesky resolution things knows how hard those are to keep!!!I have been a very, very busy lady. And something was bound to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately it turned out to be my much beloved blog.Fortunately my lack of time is caused by something I love to do. Junking, painting, creating and decorating!My space at The Tattered Nest is still going strong and I love filling it with vintage goodies and items I both find and create. Here are a few more pics of my just redone space there at the Nest!So, finding and cleaning and painting and making all takes up alot of my time!So what did I do??? I decided I needed to do a second location, and am now participating in a monthly vintage market in Chandler called Highland Yard Vintage!(Seriously, what was I thinking?? LOL!) But truthfully, I am having the time of my life. Being a vendor/designer at two places in the valley is the hardest work I have ever done, but also the most fun!!The space at Highland Yard is much smaller that my space at the Nest so it makes it a little more managable, but I trully am working 7 days a week to try and keep up.And that brings me to another little thing...After much contemplation and arguments with myself I have decided to take a short hiatus from the Where Bloggers Create party this year. (Many of you have probably already figured that out since it's mid July and there has been no party announcement.)  I just dont think I can take on another thing right now. I dont want to let anyone down by not being able to give my all to everything I do.Thank you all for understanding and sticking with me through these few and far between posts. As always, I will try to be better, but now you know the reason I have been away!Take care my friends!!! Hopefully I will see you soon! :)[...]

Springtime Decor


Springtime is the time of year I love to freshen up the house with a good cleaning and a new look!I've never really been in love with the mirror that backs my china hutch. Until I can change it, I decided this vintage white shutter would do the trick and give me more of the look I was after.This  cute vintage piece was garage sale find. I already had a similar piece in the house that I left the wood alone, so I wanted to paint this one. The top was actually in really nice shape so I left it alone and opted just to paint the base. It makes a nice little cabinet for napkins and extra serving pieces.I made another fitted table cloth from a fabric shower curtain I found at Goodwill. I just loved the grey and the pattern breaks it up just enough to be interesting.This black iron cloche was the top of a vintage birdcage. I had it in my shop for a while, but no one bought it.  Sometimes things work out for the best because I just love it on my dining table. The bunnies were also earmarked for the shop, but never made it in there. They are vintage flocked bunny banks and remind me of my childhood. When I unwrapped them after my trip I fell in love with them all over again and decided they belonged on my table instead. They will probably stay there all the way until Fall.(That really happens way more often than I would like to admit!!! ) LOL!Adjacent to the dining room is my living room and this is where I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee in the mornings. It is the brightest room in the house during the day. I put my twine wrapped eggs in a wire basket  on the coffee table. If you want to see how I made them, you can find the tutorial here.I know its already after Easter, but I will keep these on the table until Fall as well.I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring where you are. The temps are already up into the 90's here so summer is not far away!!!![...]

My New Coffee Bar


I have wanted to set up a cute coffee area for quite some time now. Recently I was able to acquire this wonderful galvanized 3 tier stand and I knew it would be perfect for what I wanted to do.

I had a lot of fun finding things in the house that would give me the look I wanted as well as be functional for its purpose. I found this reproduction tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby (I have a love/hate relationship with them) but it was just the right backdrop for the vignette.

I love how it looks there now, and I have a place where I can put together my delicious drink every morning. :)

For the table, I always like to have fresh flowers. They make me happy and they cost less than $6 a week.  For spring I filled this vintage bowl with some ceramic eggs I found at the thrift store and used shredded music sheet paper for the nesting grass.

This is my view while I stand and do dishes. (Yes, I do them by hand every day!) 
They days are warming up now so I usually have the door open and can hear the birds singing and feel the fresh air.

I think I'll go have some coffee now!!

An Entry Way Update


 Early this year I decided my entry way desperately needed a change. I had actually been feeling that way for quite a while, but it never found its way to my priority list until recently. I wish I had a photo of the before, but I'm not very good at remembering to do that before I start a project!

Basically it simply consisted of the singer table you see in this pic, and a large landscape painting. The painting was lovely, but it just wasn't what I wanted there any more.

I had the little cabinet in my studio for quite a long time. It needed painting and I just wasn't inspired to do anything with it until I realized how perfect it would be in the entry!

 I used a baby bed spring that I had found somewhere and wired or tied the items onto it.
The crate in the lower right corner is perfect for keeping things like sunglasses in it.

On the table sits an old typewriter that I got in California when my sweetie and I went the Rose Bowl flea market many years ago. In it is a piece of paper with one of my favorite quotes...

"When you follow your bliss, doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors" 

I see evidence of that in my life all the time. :)  I hope you are following your own bliss!!

Yeah!!! A new sofa for me!!!


Happy New Year my friends!!! It's gonna be a great one don't you think???Last October I made the plea to my hubby that we needed a new sofa. The one had was more than 20 years old, and although it had a slipcover, it had seen better days. The cushions were shot and it hurt my back to sit in for any length of time. To my extreme amazement, he said yes!! (Even after I told him approximately what it would cost.)You see... I knew exactly what I wanted. I had already done the research and really,  the Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa with the rolled arms was the only sofa that fulfilled my wish list. (almost)I knew I absolutely had to have a slipcovered sofa. With a husband a two dogs living in the house, there was just no other option. I also wanted a sleeper sofa because we do not have a guest bedroom and I got tired of making guests sleep on a blow up mattress. I also wanted a shape that was very similar to what we had.My next decision was what fabric to choose. I dreamt of a lovely white denim sofa, but unless I wanted to wash it every week (not!) that wasn't going to work. My choice was this lovely grey cotton twill. It looks fabulous in the room and so far shows no signs of dirt.That brings me to why the sofa was almost perfect. Pottery Barn does not make ruffled slipcovered skirts (Only straight skirts) So... I improvised!! I cut a dowel the width of the seat opening. I then sewed a pocket for the dowel and gathered the hemmed fabric onto it. Then all I had to do is tuck that dowel right under the front cushions!It serves 2 purposes beautifully.  1. I get my ruffled look without actually having a ruffled slipcover.2. Its easy to take off and wash frequently as my dogs like to lie right at the base of the sofa. To top off the look I made this patchwork pillow. I used the fabric from an old linen tablecloth as the base. It is so soft and perfect for hugging while I'm sitting on the sofa. I also bought 2 pillows from a wonderful seller on Etsy. Her business name is artanlei.The quality of the pillows was excellent. Clear crisp graphics and sewn to perfection. Plus she has a huge variety of patterns to choose from!I love the way all the pillows look of the sofa. :)Since almost every single piece of furniture in my home is second hand, it was wonderful to start out the New Year with a new sofa designed just for me!!!![...]

Christmas Home Tour 2016


Well after many, many computer problems... I am finally able to share with you my 2016 Christmas home! (Sorry it took so long)This is in the dining area of my kitchen. This vintage rocking horse is one of my favorite Christmas decorations but this is the first time he has been in the kitchen. He usually sits under my tree.The saloon doors are a new acquisition and perfect for blocking some of the morning sun that beats into the windows. This is the family room. There is no tree in here this year. We got rid of the flocked one last year because the flocking had turned yellow with age. Normally I like a little natural patina, but not in this case! The mantle is different this year than in years past and I am loving its simplicity. No simplicity in my garlands though!!  I fill them with handmade ornaments and love to see them dripping with beads and crystals.Thisphoto was in my last post, but I am so in love with my angel, I'm showing her again!!I love my collection of ironstone and every year and Christmas it gets dressed up with real greens. They don't last very long because the air is so dry here, but enjoy them while I can.This is the family room looking into the dining room. There is a sneak peak of my new sofa, which I will share in another post. :)The dining room all dressed up for Christmas. I love these little preserved boxwood wreaths. I bought them at Target. They are Smith and Hawken and after all the discounts, were only about $15.00 each. That's a really good price for boxwood!I have a new centerpiece this year. The dome is the top of a vintage birdcage. I just love it. This is the living room. It is is the brightest room in the house during the day, and where I sit every morning for breakfast and coffee. In fact this is pretty much my view as I sit in my chair.This is my tree. Most of the ornaments are handmade. I tried to get a good shot of it, but this was was the best I could do. It may be time to up my photography skills!! My bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  These angel wings come out every year for Christmas and often stay for several months before I put them away. This fireplace surround is new. It was made my Bruce and Debbie Bjorna from Use-2 bee's Creations here in Phoenix. When I heard they were making them, I immediately put more order in! I have wanted a fireplace surround for this fireplace for about 15 years! (You can see what the mantle used to look in this post from May of last year. ) I needed the mantle done right away, (I'll tell you why in a minute) and they came through for me like champions! I love it. It adds so much drama to the room and looks great with the old doors headboard.So... why did I need the mantle right away?? Because Staci Dumoski (the editor of Romantic Homes Magazine) and her photographer were coming out to shoot my home for next years Christmas issue!!I was blown away and so honored to be asked. So, needless to say... the pressure was on this year for sure! Thankfully, the shoot went wonderfully and I could not be happier. I cant believe I have to wait almost a whole year for it to be published! (Patience is not one of my virtues!)I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. May you all be blessed with loved one around you this holiday season.See you in 2017!!!! [...]

Found Object Angels


 Perhaps some of you are wondering... "where the heck has she been???" (or maybe not)
In any case, I feel bad that I have neglected my precious blog for so long.  My New Years resolution is to be better. :)  I think I put too much pressure on myself to have fabulous pictures and/or wonderful things to say, and just need to let that go and enjoy sharing things with you all.

And so on that note... I would like to share with you the talent of my wonderful hubby. He got an idea on Pinterest, (Yes, I am happy to say he has become a Pinterest junkie!!! LOL!) and decided to create his own version from found objects.  Aren't they fabulous??? 

I kept the top angel because she was just too wonderful to part with...
This one is just as fabulous, but really... who has room for 2 giant angels??? LOL! So she is hanging in my space at the Tattered Nest waiting for someone to bring her home.

Now I know why hubby saves all kinds of things that I look at and think, "Great... more junk to store in the backyard." But he always finds uses for the things he collects. 

Here is my angel hanging in the family room. She makes me happy every time I look at her.

Very soon I will share my holiday home tour and some really cool news as well.
I promise not to be gone so long next time.

How my $5.00 Thrift store find cost me $150.00!!!


If you know me, you know that I love to go junkin. It doesn't matter if it's a thrift store, a garage or estate sale, or an awesome flea market. I am a junkin junky! Last week I was at my local thrift store when I spied some delicious linen ruffles hanging amongst all the other polyester shower curtains. I ran over and grabbed it up so fast it would have made your head spin! (Thankfully, no one was injured in that epic "yoink!")I looked at the label. Yep, Pottery Barn. Not that labels matter, but it does show a certain amount of quality. Then I looked at the price. My heart was pounding! $4.99!!! What???? That shower curtain is a hundred bucks at Potterybarn.comI brought it home, washed it and hung it. Heavenly. That is the only word I could use. There was only one problem... The wall color. I wish I had a "before "pic to show you.  The walls werent terrible, they just werent "me".You see, we have this peach tile all over the bathroom. When it was my sons bathroom, we did everything we could to counter balance all the peach. We settled on blue because there is a tiny bit of blue in the design in the sink. After my son moved out I decided not to fight the color anymore and painted the walls a peach color thinking that if I just embraced the color, I would grow to love it... NOT!So the shower curtain was the catalyst to finally paint the walls again and go back to one of my never fail  and beloved whites. The beige color of the shower curtain actually looks really pretty with the peach tile. I love this room now. It doesn't get used much except as a guest bathroom, but I see it every time I walk down the hallway.And that brings me to why the $5 shower curtain cost me $150....You see.... I loved that hall bathroom so much I decided to redo my master bathroom, which I have hated since we moved into our home almost 20 years ago! It is tiny and has a very ugly step down shower in it. What was necessary for me to love this room too?? You got it... another Pottery Barn shower curtain. Unfortunately, this one was NOT $5.00!!!Once again I tried to embrace the color of the tile that I was stuck with and went with a creamy yellow, grey and white color scheme. It actually matched my bedroom quite nicely! In addition to the new curtain, I painted the wood cabinets and added door casing around the mirror. And of course... I have to add pretty vintage details and architectural salvage to every room in  the house! I am beyond thrilled with the results and still get a smile on my face when I walk into either room![...]

Thank you!!!


Since this years Where Bloggers Create party is now over, I thought I would show you all a pic of what the studio usually looks like when I'm working on a project. This isn't even as bad as it gets. I've just started creating the trees that I will have for sale at my shop this year and as I progress the studio will continue to get messier (and more sparkly!!!)

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this years party. It was small (as I thought it might be) but no less full of gorgeous, creative spaces and abundant inspiration! I would also like to thank everyone who left a comment while visiting all the blogs. You have no idea how much we enjoy those comments!! Myself included! I tried to leave a comment in every space I visited. If I missed you, I'm sorry. I also hope I responded to everyone who left a comment for me! (Although I suspect I may have a left a few of those slip by me too.)

It was so much to visit everyone this year! 
Thank you all!!!!

Where Bloggers Create 2016- Welcome to my studio!


 Hello my friends and welcome to another Where Bloggers Create party! One of the things I hear most often from you is how the party has been the catalyst for you to clean, fluff and organize your studio spaces and for me this year was exactly that. My studio was a mess a few weeks ago. Mostly because I had seriously outgrown my space and had no where to put things.I have a hard time working in chaos, so I hadn't been doing much of anything in my room. That needed to change (I really missed being in there) so I did a major purge of anything that hadn't been used in a few years. I know that there are a lot of purely decorative things in here, but they make me happy so most of that stuff stayed! One of the things I removed were the 2 paper storage cubes that used to be under the window. They held scrapbook paper and since I don't do that anymore, I rarely needed to get into those boxes.I had a 2 tiered table that was going to go into my shop, but it found a new home in my studio instead.It is easily  movable and can be placed beside me at my work table to offer an extra surface for supplies while I'm working on a project. I love my vintage dress form. (One of those things that serves no real purpose other than making me happy) This was, (I believe) an old microwave cart. I picked it up at a garage sale for $5.00. All it needed was a coat of white paint on the wood top, and it was perfect for my studio. Because its a pretty small room, I like things to have wheels so they are easy to move around and out of the way.Inside the cart is an antique basket that for some reason did not sell at the shop. I brought it home and it fit like it was made for it! Now it holds Christmas trees waiting to be turned into something glorious!Inside this sweet little cabinet are all my glitters and glitter glues. I also love using vintage shakers to hold some of my favorites. This little cabinet holding the vintage suitcases in a new addition. I have all my encaustic wax and soldering supplies in one, and some of my Christmas stuff for making my trees and other holiday goodies in the other.The cabinet above it holds assorted supplies and the little opening below it holds my seam binding on rolls perfectly.I call this my bling box.I assume it held hardware and tools for some guy years and years ago. Now it holds all kinds of blingy treasures for embellishments or jewelry making. My workspace... I like using a non stick sheet and a piece of poster board to protect my table. (That's because I am a messy crafter!!!)  Embellished jars hold all my tools and this wall cubby is perfect for holding already antiqued and crickled seam binding. Another addition this year was this vintage ironing board.I painted the top to match the table. It provides  much needed extra work space for holding things like my trees as I finish them.My fabric stash is pretty much at its max, but I keep buying it when I find great pieces! You never know what you are going to need for a project right??? This is probably my favorite piece in the studio. The card catalog holds all kinds of metal doodads and the cubbies above are full of vintage lace. I'm pretty stingy when using it. Its so pretty I find it hard to cut up or let go!!! Cheese boxes are great to hold small pieces. Plus... I just really like the look of them!!! More stuff..... I think we all know where this came from!!! I wish I would have bought one of the cream ones when they came out, but I didnt. It holds more embellishments for the Christmas trees. I'm getting ready to go into full on production mode very soon! If I dont start now, I wont have enough time to make all that are needed without going crazy!!!And last... (but definitely not least) my swee[...]

Monet's Garden in Giverny, France


 Today I have some eye candy for you. I wish I could say I was lucky enough to have photographed these myself, but alas no. All of these gorgeous photos were taken in Monet's Garden in Giverny, France by my very talented Uncle while he and his family were on a dream vacation to Europe. He kindly allowed me to share these gorgeous photographs with you all, so sit back, soak up the beauty and dream.... [...]

Where Bloggers Create 2016 will be in July!!


We are gonna do it!!! I have been debating with myself for quite some time as to whether or not I would host another Where Bloggers Create party. The number of participants has been steadily dwindling over the last few years and I thought maybe every one was "over it"But I have had several emails from some lovely women asking about this years party and it made me realize, it's not about the number participating, but the number of women who enjoy the party and find inspiration by having a place to look at the wonderful spaces that ordinary woman create in.And so.... the party is on!!!! It does help so much when you guys take the button, put it on your blog and even do a quick post letting your own followers know about the party. After all the more people who participate, the more inspiration we will have. :)We will be doing a link party again this year, since it seemed to work so well last year. With a link party, everyone does their post first and then comes over here to link up. You do not need to contact me to let me know you are going to be participating. (although I would love to know that you will be) Just come on over on the 15th and add your blog post to the list. If you are unsure of how to participate in a link party, click here for full instructions. (It's really easy)So the rules are as follows... (It's a short list, I promise) ********** 1. On or around July 15th do a new blog post that shows off your creative playground. Please do not fear that it is not good enough. There is always a wide variety of creative spaces to be found during the party and yours will be loved and appreciated by all of us. 2. On July 15th, come over here and link up your post. (again if you need help, the instructions can be found here) 3. Please do not link up if you are just trying to advertise something or if you are not sharing a place where you create beauty of some kind. I will remove any blog or website that does not comply with this. :)  4. If you plan to participate PLEASE grab the code under the button for the event and put it on your blog. (It's in the top right sidebar.)  If you would do a short blog post to let your readers know you will be participating that would be wonderful. The more bloggers that know about the event, the more participants we will have and the more inspiration you will have! If you want to visit last years attendees, click here for last years party post and links to last years party goers. Don't forget, it doesn’t matter if your space is big or small, it’s yours and that makes it special!!! I hope to see lots and lots of you on the July 15th!!!PS... (If anyone wants to get a pretty new look from Valentine Design for their blog before the event....there's still time! I am offering a 15% discount for anyone who is joining the party. Shoot me an email and I'll get you on the list!)[...]

My Spring/Summer Garden


The summer heat is in full swing here in Phoenix. However, until last week the mornings were still a delight to be outside and that is where I have spent every morning for the past 4 months having my breakfast and coffee.Because we have such terrible soil here at my house, I solved the issue by using containers instead of planting in the ground.I try to find unusual containers to use, as well as glazed pottery and even some painted terra cotta.Sometimes it's hard to find what I want because I'm very specific about the colors I use out there. No red or orange for me. They are just too darn hot! I try to use cooling purples, pinks and blues and of course lots of white!! I love the sound of water and so I have water fountains tucked here and there. The sound makes me happy and in the heat somehow manages to make me feel a little cooler.This is spot under one of the trees that gets morning sun and dabbled shade for most of the rest of the day. Most plants here in Phoenix like that the best. It's also a perfect spot to hang one of my watering cans. You will see them spread about the garden. Another one of those things that make me happy out here. :)This is a good example of the variety of containers I like to use. You will see and old wheel barrow, a galvanized wash tub, glazed posts and a painted terra cotta one I did a few years ago that is getting wonderful chippy and crusty. (If you want to read that post, it's here.) Because my hubby and I are both junkers and love old crusty stuff, we started collecting vintage license plates to hang in the garden as well. I like the older ones (pre-1960) the best, but if it has a great color nice graphics it usually comes home with us. This is a cool old advertising sign I bought a few years ago. More rusty and crusty!!And here's my little helper Cooper. He is 6 months old now and he LOVES to play in the water. I cannot be outside watering my plants without him sticking his head in the water sprayer or standing under the hanging plants while the water drains from them! He and his sister Jasmine make me laugh every single day. :)[...]

Introducing the newest member of our family....


I thought you guys might like to see one of the things that has been taking up sooo much of my time lately! I would love for you to meet Cooper, a Welsh Springer Spaniel, and the newest member of our family. :)(This is Cooper at just 12 weeks old when he first arrived home)Here he is on the ride home from the airport where we picked him up from his first human mommy.He took no time at all adjusting to his new home and making a place for himself on the couch.Our first attempt at a selfie!! He has loved exploring the backyard. I wish I had photos of him running around gleefully playing with whatever stick or branch he could find. It is truly a joy watching him absorb all the sights and sounds of his new home.This was his favorite place to be for the first month or so that he was here. He was so little he could fit comfortably in this chair in my studio. It was wonderful because he really stayed out of the way while I was painting in there on the floor. He is too big to fit in the chair now, but he still keeps me company in the studio and somehow knows to stay out of the paint!I just love this photo. I caught him making a nice little place for himself in my rag box!! LOL!He is about 4 and 1/2 months here and you can see some of the "baby" has left his face.He has been a joy to live with and has filled an empty hole in our hearts after losing our sweet boy Rocky to cancer back in September. I was afraid to get another Welshie because I was worried he would remind me too much of Rocky, but their personalities are so different it hasn't been a problem.It's funny... as I look at all these photos, he looks like such a serious puppy! He is not. :) He is silly and playful and really just a big goof ball! I think that serious expression is a Welshie trait.I am going to go hug my babies now, and spend some time training. The weather has been gorgeous lately and will continue to be so, for another couple of weeks. Gotta go enjoy it while I can!![...]

Pretty Things for my Booth


 I feel so blessed to be able to do the things that I love. As you know, junking is one of those things. Repurposing or bringing something back to be loved by someone else is another... and of course, decorating!!I get to do all those things everyday in my space at the Tattered Nest Vintage Marketplace. Here are some photos of the latest version of that space!!Love, love, love ironestone and little white pitchers!!I think this is my favorite piece in the shop right now.I made some pretty jars like I have in my studio. They are great for holding pens, scissors etc...It looks dark in the photo but that unit in the back is actually an awesome cubby shelf from an old hardware store. I love old worn boxes with great graphics! This is a french wine crate!This bed cover is Gorgeous!(with a capital G):)It is cotton and handmade. It is perfect with no rips or stains. Those are hard to find!!!Does anyone know anything about this vintage cage?? It looks just like the vintage hat stands I have seen, except there was a cage on top instead of a ball. In any case it was begging for a nest!!In my next post, I'll introduce you all to Cooper. The newest member of our family!![...]

Springtime Nests at the Nest!


 I've been busy as a momma bird making these Springtime nests!
 I had so much fun making the Christmas trees in silver plate containers for the Holidays that for spring this year I decided to try something new.
 They are so much fun to make and I enjoy working with all the natural elements. (Although I will admit... my studio has never been as messy! This stuff goes all over the place!)
Each one is different and embellished with the requisite amount of bling!
I hope you all are beginning to enjoy Spring as much as we are here in Phoenix!

A Fresh Start for 2016


 Back in January I decided to leave my home at Rusty Saturday and begin anew down the street at one of my favorite shops in the valley. It is called Tattered Nest Vintage Marketplace and I could not be happier that I made the move. I love being there. The reason I have not posted in soooo very long is that I have been so busy trying to keep up. It is a wonderful problem to have and I am very grateful. I thought I would show you some pics of the space as it has been evolving over the past month.This antique open hutch was one of my favorite pieces I have ever had.  Filling it with vintage goodies was so much fun.I hung these antique farmouse chairs on the wall and used them as shelves. You probably cant see them very well, but the bottles inside the strappy galvanized bucket are antique ceramic ale bottles from Scotland complete with marks.I made this cool hanging shelf using an old fence panel and real books for the shelves. I thought I had a photo of the painted Ball jars holding pretty Spring daisies but I couldn't find it. :( I love these nesting tables, painted white with the gold design showing through.As things sold I rearranged and added in new things.   I brought in fesh plants and used old pages to fill the gap between the pot and the container. This is the most current view of the space.  This armoire/dresser is so pretty in person. This is another of my favorite pieces. I used anaglypta wall paper for the drawer fronts.This sage green chair is stunning. It is in like new condition and sooo comfy!I love this chandelier. I would have kept it if I had a place for it in my home. This is a cool piece. The top opens up to create a nice wide serving area for food or drink! Okay... another one of my favs. These two shelves were made from old shutters and are perfect for a cottage or farmhouse look! I adore vintage mirrors. They add just right the right amount of shine and sparkle to a room. One more great find... This cool table. It has a wonderful shape and the legs have their original chippy patina.Well that's it for now!!! I have more posts ready and some cool news about our family coming up soon!!![...]

Christmas Decor in My Desert 2


 Here is my little family room all dressed for Christmas. Since I started only putting up one tree, I switch back and forth between putting it in the Living room and the Family room. I love my cozy chair by the fireplace. It's great for reading or watching TV. The tree I use in here is flocked. I added burlap ribbon to it this year and I love the way it looks. Unfortunately it just doesnt photograph well with the light I have. My fireplace mantle is definitely the focal point. Vintage toys we have collected and saved from childhood go under the tree. It helps to keep the child-like wonder of Christmas even when there are no children in the house. (Unless you count my cute hubby!)I love the graphic nature of this sign I got a few years back. I enjoy bringing it out every year.I probably will not post again until after the new year. I hope you all have a very joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!![...]

My Desert Cottage in Romantic Country!


Remember about 6 or 7 months ago when I shared with you all the amazing experience I had when Fifi O'Neill and Mark Loehman came to my home and did a photo shoot for Romantic Country??
(If you missed that post, you can find it here)
Well... it's out on newsstands now! I have been searching every week to find it I finally did. :)

There are 10 whole pages and beautifully written article. I almost can't believe it!

They did such a nice job. I am very grateful for this opportunity and experience. 
If you are interested I found my issue at Walmart, but Barnes and Noble carries them too!

See you in couple days for more Christmas pics!!!

Christmas Decor in My Desert Cottage (pt.1)


 I thought I would go ahead and share a little holiday decorating with you all. I'm gonna start with the dining room, because for some reason it is my favorite room this year! I just love the way the garland looks on the china hutch. I have been trying to pair down the Christmas decor just a little bit (much to my hubbies chagrin) because I'm liking a slightly simpler look these days.  This garland has nothing in it but the lights and pretty "BELIEVE" tags that I embellished and I am perfectly happy this way. I would love to be able to use real greenery but it is so dry hear that the real stuff only lasts about a week or two before it is dropping needles and dries up.This is the living room. It's where I spend my mornings before the day gets started because it has more light than the family room. I kept the decorations pretty simple in here too, except for the garland which I love and go all out on.Unfortunately its really hard to get a good shot of it. It has tons of snowflakes in it, as well as many that hang down and sparkle in the sunlight. This was the best shot I could get!! I also love the look of tons of glass ornaments of all sizes just piled together wherever I find space. These are in the hanging scale in the corner of the room. And these are in a glass cloche that looks like a terrarium.This just a sparkly snow covered pick with a nest that I bring out every year. After I took this photo I realized it needed an "egg" so I put a vintage glass ornament in it. :)I hope you are enjoying the season and having fun with your own decorations!We'll visit the Family room next time!!! [...]

My first product review! Firmoo Glasses


Several weeks ago I received an email from a company called Firmoo. They are a global company that makes eyeglasses. They asked me if I would like to receive a free pair of glasses and in exchange I would write a review on my blog about my experience. I have never done this and at first I was going to say no, but the company assured me that they wanted an honest post... good or bad. To be honest, they caught me at a really good time because I needed new glasses and holy cow, they are expensive in the stores!

So, I cautiously said yes and went the website to order my glasses. The process was very easy and actually fun. After I created an account, I got to play with all the different frames. I uploaded a photo of myself and "tried on" lots of them!!!
I picked one that was close in size to a pair that I had worn previously. (It's on the inside arm of the frame). They recommend that to be sure you do not pick a pair that is way to large or too small for your face. Ordering was very easy. If you have your prescription you can just fill out the form.

A couple weeks later I received my glasses in the mail. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with them!!! They are the lightest, most comfortable pair of glasses I have ever worn, and script is perfect.

 Here I am with my new glasses!! I like them so much, I am going to order more from them. Seriously, these glasses would have been less than $50.00. A pair from an eyeglass store would have been 3 or 4 times that. They even do bifocals and progressives
(which is what I will be ordering next. )

So if you need new glasses, I would say, give Firmoo a shot. I was very pleased with my experience. (no kidding!!)

Glittery Bottle Brush Trees


The Christmas season is about the only time of year I really get my glitter on! From about October 1 until the end of January the floors in my house reflect exactly what is going on in my studio! There is glitter and mica everywhere!!! These Christmas trees are what I have been working on for the past couple of months. I love making these so much. It really is hard to let them go and put them in my shop at Rusty Saturday. All year I search for and collect little bits and baubles that will find there way into one of my Christmas trees. Sometimes I bleach the trees completely, and sometimes I like to leave a little color in them.I use silver teapots too. This year I added some altered bottles into the mix as well. I've sold almost all the ones I made, so I think I'm going to need to make some for myself now!!I made some more baby shoes too...  One of my favorite things I made this year was this WISH* banner. It almost didn't make it into the store!! Hope you are all doing something fun for the holidays. I cant believe Thanksgiving is just over a week away! [...]

Faux Brick Wall Tutorial


I had a wall inside my space at Rusty Saturday that just did not make me happy. I didn't like the color or the lack of texture so I decided to change it. I love the look of old crumbling brick walls so I thought I would give that a try. Here it is all finished inside Rusty Saturday. I am really happy with the way it turned out and I thought some of you might enjoy doing this in your own booth space or even on an accent wall in your home. I started with panels that I purchased at Lowes. This is what they look like and let's face it... they aren't very attractive or real looking. I laid it out on a drop cloth on the floor. I needed to complete the panels at my home and then install at the store. If you are doing this in your house, and are going to need more than one panel width, I would recommend putting the paneling up first, and then painting. I just used the paint I had already at home. One was a semi gloss and one was a flat. Both worked fine. I think you will want a light creamy color. I also used black and old ochre (because that is what I had in house) but you will only use a tiny bit of those colors.I painted a couple of rows with my light colored paints including the "grout" lines. Then I used a damp rag to remove a lot of the paint......and a dry brush to soften the lines left by the rag. As you are working your way down the panel, take another rag and further remove some of the paint on random bricks so that more of the red shows through. Let it dry. (It dries REALLY FAST) Then I got out my black and ochre colored paints. I started at the top of the panel again and added the black paint to random bricks. Then I used the creamy white or ochre to blend it a little bit.I did the same with the ochre color, adding it to random bricks to give more variation of color.Once the paint was dry again, I started adding the joint compound. You can find it at any home improvement store.  I used a putty knife and just started smearing it randomly over the bricks.  Use as much or as little as like to get your desired effect. It's messy, but it cleans up really easily. I even used my hands to spread some it. This is the panel all dry and ready to be put up. The joint compound dries much whiter than it looks when it is wet. After I hung the panels in the shop (with the help of my darling hubby) I decided they were too white and cool looking. I went back the next day and sprayed coffee all over the panel. Light in some areas and heavier in others. You can see the areas where I sprayed it on the left side of this photo. The water in the coffee made the joint compound soft again, but after it dried,  it was nice and hard again.As I said, I am really happy with the finished results. If you decide to try this, let me know if you have any questions.I'm happy to help if I can![...]