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{pendant lights} I almost forgot how to blog



Dearest friends, I understand it's been a very very long time. I know there is no need for explanations but I've been pondering a few how and if writing here can compliment some of my other ventures.  Life is too short..which means I've got to shimmy and readjust those things that will help me feel efficient and purposeful...that is the angle I think will work best pressing forward.  Anyway not to bore you.  How are you all?  It's been fun to keep track of some of you all on my Instagram.  Speaking of Instagram I shared my new pendant lights and had a few inquires as to where I purchased them so how about I just put it out there.  Originally when I set out to get lighting for the space I immediately thought that I wanted something like the Urban Electric Globus pendant but the price point was a deterrent.

Here is what the inspiration pendants look like:


I then sourced globe after globe pendant and happened upon the below half frosted half clear globe which happens to be from a to the trade lamp parts store  If that is not an option then they can also be purchased at the retail price here.  Finding these were a major stepping stone to completing the pendant scenario.  And what did you know the glass globes were even 12 inches in diameter (I didn't want anything smaller).  The next step was either build the fixture from scratch or buy a fixture that was already assembled with a 6" fitter.  I gave up my dreams of making one from scratch when I noticed that the Harding fixture from School House Electric was on sale.  Once I picked out the natural brass finish we were in business.


One more picture:


It's coming along.  I love love how custom the pendants turned out.  Now onto picking out the hood and that backsplash.  I think I'm onto something.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support.

All squished together (DIY hardware)


Oh hey!! How are ya??? So you know how I am renovating a home?? And you know how I have triplet boys that came into the world all squished together?? Well you can't all of a sudden just unsquish them when me their Mom has to keep a close watchful eye on them hooligans. Which only meant that the best option was the room right next to my bedroom. Don't worry the previous owners had that room sound proofed..they really did. Interestingly enough it is the only room in the home that they had sound proofed and they didn't even have kids..weird but it made for a win win situation for me and the noisies. So the boys new room isn't actually all that big but it did have one wall that was about 15 feet long. It all was coming together...3 boys..a smallish room...built in bunk beds. It sounded so efficient so we went with it. The estimate to build the bed was doable..especially after I presented the plan to my husband as being cheaper than buying 3 new beds..let's be honest though I withheld the IKEA bed plan this time and may have embellished a worries though I was on a mission of love and comfort for my boys...always boys first me second;) Who cares about design and a Pinterest dream anyway??? Hey at least I made the hardware on their beds a DIYer. Apparently I am not the only one who makes things out of plumbing parts because after I posted a picture of the hardware on Instagram a few of my design buddies chimed in to let me know that that had used the same concept for their curtain rods. In case you are interested here are the materials needed to make the hardware:1 - 12" black iron pipe3 - 3/8" galvanized floor flange3 - 3/8" 90-degree black iron street elbow fittingI wanted mine to look like brass so I use the above Rust-oleum metallic spray paint in the brass finish (it has the best color){resources - builder of the bed Jason Millar (all you locals need to call him because he is so good and can build anything..leave me a comment and I'll give you his contact info)/// color of bed Benjamin Moore "Little Falls"///lights from here}P.S. - So far the only thing I would have changed or better planned out are the depth of the stairs between the bed.  I'm currently trying to devise a plan on how to execute the best bedding plan so I don't go crazy making or having the boys make their beds every day.  Making the beds on bunkbeds is not always ideal.[...]

{life happens more on instagram} for now.



Life is happening.

A little too consumed with renovating a home on a major time constraint....I don't care for things that are all too consuming unless it's peace and love.

For now how about life through the eyes of Instagramming ( case you feel the need to follow along):

The kids made it through their first real hike.  I decided to show my excitement through posing.

It took me 15 paint samples to settle on the original paint color that I picked out for the boys bunk beds. Paint is so darn win some you loose some.  You guys the beds are coming along and are so cool.

I secretly was a little sad to see the yellow paint in the master bedroom go bye.

Kids had their very own Thanksgiving Day eating station.  I kind of want to do Thanksgiving again next week.

Beautiful ch ch ch chard makes me happy.

Made some hardware out of galvanized plumbing parts.  Spray painted them brass.  It is really working for me.

Apparently marketing does of my kids in particular has asked for every single thing they sell on the toy infamercials.  I sold out and bought Stompeez..shhh.

Kids up to making a ton of art projects..including the installation of the paper hearts with black electrical tape.  The best was when they took the scissors to their bedspread.  When I asked the boys why they had scissors in their room they told me that it was in case they had an art project to do in the night...well there you go bedspreads are the next best art projects.

Finally we are hoping for a Christmas miracle.  It could happen you know..especially if our kitchen decides to be a little more advanced than in the above photo.  At least there are some cool wood beams.

What else you all???  Any words?  I am excepting?

For now all I can offer is loves.

risky business (the boys built-in bunks, blue and Dimore Studio)


(my boys built in bunks progress)Do you ever have a little battle going on in your head when decorating?  I do!  Here is the deal... I like a little visual tension and I like to take a little risk but when it is my very own money I get nervous and the conversation in my brains starts to say that it would be best to play it safe and go with the more neutral choice.  Then I can not fully rest because that may not be what I really want to do.  For example in out new home we decided it would be best to keep the boys together in one room and so it made sense to have some built in beds to make the space more efficient.  The wheels were set in motion and when it came down to picking a paint color I would close my eyes and see the  Then the feedback came rolling in saying the beds needed to be more neutral, as in a mushroom, taupe or tan.  One of these said people delivering the feedback is the guy fronting half the funds so you see there is pressure and then questionings pertaining to my ability to pull off the vision.  Then my sister reminded me of Mr. S. R. Gambrel because he uses the color blue in his designs like it is never going out of style and his stuff is SO good it hurts.  Then that same day I came across a space in Architectural Digest France and it made me feel so inspired and gave me that little boost that I needed to at least go out and get 15 samples of paints leaning toward the blue side. The below space as designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran who make up Dimore Studio.  The space really fuels my vision to go ahead a take a little more risk (I love it when that happens).  I completely understand that this space is not realistic for most people and their everyday place to dwell in but to me it is art, very inspiring and so chic.   So many different elements that could be translated into a space that works for me and my home.  What do you all think?  Are you a risk taker?(all images from my issue of the September Architectural Digest France)[...]

having a moment with a hexi and an octi...



I can not get the the above hexagon/octagon shapes off my brain.  I'm dreaming of floors, ceilings, moldings and light fixtures.  Then again I have also been dreaming of a husband who won me 5 toys from the toy grabber machine game even retailing for $10.64..dreams these days.

How could one not be happy after having thoughts of a toy grabber machine.


images 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10

{exploring flooring}



Hi there,  I really love all of the different flooring options that Ruthie used in a home that is featured in the latest issue of Veranda. I still love that little cube number tile in the bathroom (wish I could see more of the flooring) and I love that she had the floors painted in that bedroom...hmmm.

Anyway I have flooring on my mind in a big way. I need to make some decisions and it is not as easy as I thought it would be.  I am having to stretch and get creative to find something that is both pleasing to myself, my husband and our bank.

Well if you follow me on Instagram (full_house101) then you may have noticed some of the below tiles I snapped a picture of while I was out and about. I still am loving the concept of cement tile but boy oh boy some of those hand painted porcelains are gorgeous.  So I must admit that I had a 14 year old young woman that I get the teach at church set me up on Instagram...I am too illiterate for Twitter and too overwhelmed by Facebook but this whole Instagram speaks my language.  I really have enjoyed using it.  Do you use it?

Oh and how was your weekend?


{weekends are meant for girls to throw leaves in the air}


As I drove away from my home this weekend I thought, "Hopefully something doesn't happen to me because it would be a darn shame for some help to arrive and observe my home in such a condition"..BUT then again on the flip side using my positive thinking skills I thought about the fact that if a robber were to get in while I were away they would probably turn around and raid the neighbors house because mine already looked like it had been ransacked and looted. Either which way the mess was going to have to wait because I wanted to give my girls the moon and the stars. Without any planning I booked a cheap hotel and we hit the road and made it just in time before the orionid meteor shower showed itself. I had never been to the Lowell Observatory but I knew I wanted to go so what better opportunity than to share it with 2 little girls who thought it was the most magical thing to look through the 5th largest telescope on the continental U.S. We were the very last people to look through the telescope that evening. After we were through we took our shivers over to get ourselves a hot cocoa..nights are cold this time of year in Flagstaff. As we took the scenic route home I asked the girls what their favorite things were that we had seen and they both noted that they loved a quirky old mining town named Jerome (next time we go we go back we will bring the boys and pan for real gold with a skinny man that has a beard down to his belly button..true story..the town feels like it has characters straight out of a movie).  I myself loved it because it had a shop that sold all things was so unexpected, quaint and charming. If I had a little extra money to spare I would have taken some of those gorgeous copper bookends or sculptures home with me. When we were in the shop there were lots of talk about the hippy artisans and one in particular who lives in his VW Bus and makes things out of copper when he feels the notion. As we made it down the road Maile asked, "What are hippies?" Try answering that question to a little kid without making hippy-ism sound like the best thing ever. I tried to explain that real hippies usually like minimal work and minimal worries..SEE what I mean. Then all of a sudden I spotted a few walking in the streets and said, "Look girls there are a few examples of a hippy". Maile then said, "Oh they don't like to wear shoes when they walk in the streets just like me" I then felt it necessary to talk about the whole concept of contributing to society......I know, I know all hippies are not created equal.Anyway hippy or not here are a few discoveries that made us feel like celebrating fall:Fresh pressed apple cider in Oak Creek Canyon. (I dare you to link over...the photos are beautiful)Beautiful colors from Sedona to Flagstaff on highway 89A.A fun pumpkin patch by Prescott (Freeman Farms)Pumpkin macaroonsBig coats and boots needed to observe the moon, Jupiter and over a million stars in the skyI hope where you live you can gather up an armful of leaves and throw them up in the air...Have a most happy week![...]

{cement tile}


Hi good morning!!!  The call has been made.and the samples have been sent out.  I can't wait to return and report about my endeavors to have some cement tile placed in my home.  The above tiles may feel very modern but the style has been around for a very long time.  I just love the way they look and feel.  I am feeling partial to that french cube number but when I found the tile that looks a little more free and marbled I just about ordered up tile for my whole house on the spot;-)  When I was reading about the marbled cement tile this is the note that was attached:NOTE: THIS IS AN TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE OF CEMENT TILES, ALL TILES ARE PAINTED BY HAND BY POURING COLORS IN AN IRREGULAR FORMAT SIMULATING MARBLE VETAS, DON'T EXPECT TO FORM AN ESPECIFIC DESIGNYES PLEASE!!!!Could you go with a flooring that was a little more bold and graphic? You know how there is such a thing as compromise...well that is what happens in our home and that is why such a floor like the above is subject to only happening in our laundry room.  I am certainly working on doing a say I might let an animal head mount come out of the garage and into the home in exchange for my choice of flooring in the living room.Anyway, HAPPY WEEKEND!![...]

I love to pet stone {quest for white countertops}


The above are just some cool pictures of slabs that I took with my phone on one of my outing last week...Did you know that petting stone is very therapeutic?? Anyway moving on to operation white stone countertops...{The above image from here}In the kitchen my preference is to have it light & bright with preferably white countertops (refer above to the alternative white countertops found here). Don't worry there are plenty of white surfaces to choose from..I just happen to prefer natural stone and more specifically marble. I love the movements and patterns found in marble. I have friends with kids that have marble in their kitchens and it has worked out for them. Sure their counters had some character marks in the the form of etching, staining & scratching but they said they were fine with it. I then planned & plotted my purchase of my very own marble slabs. Those slabs were then going to be honed and fabricated into something fabulous. Once in place, the kids were never to bring anything acidic or oily around and I was going to keep plenty of poultice around. Most stone slab places were against these plans. Then one day I found some quartzite slabs at three different places that were so beautiful and almost as white as marble. What I loved about them is they mimicked the movements of marble but were almost as hard as granite. I was sold. In fact I ended up going with what is called a calacatta quartzite. Want to see a sneak peak...I also found more quartzite slabs that I loved just as much called white macaubas. I only decided not to go with them because the were 2CM as opposed to a 3CM. I found out that the calacatta and the macaubas are actually from the same quarries..same coloring but different veining patterns. Here is the one we almost went with:Even though the below quartzite is not as white I aslo really loved the look of the below:Have you used marble or quartzite in your kitchen???Any particular findings you would like to share???I kind of love that we can be in this together.  I especially loved all of the input on the last post.  Thank you!!FOR THE LOCALSSome great stone places with the best selections of marble and quartzite:Cactus Stone(50th St. & Washington)401 S. 50th StreetPhoenix, AZ 85034602-914-22028am-5pmArizona Tile Scottsdale(101 & Frank Lloyd Wright)14700 N. Hayden Rd.Scottsdale, AZ 85260480-991-30667am-5pmArizona Tile Tempe(I-10 & Warner)8829 S. Priest Dr.Tempe, AZ 85284480-893-93937am-5pm Bedrosians Tile & Stone(32nd St. & Broadway)2946 E. Broadway Rd.Phoenix, AZ 85040602-268-20008am-4pm Aracruz International Granite(I-17 & Buckeye Rd.)2310 W. Sherman St.Phoenix, AZ 85009602-252-11718am-5pm P.S. - We've had other outings going on as well.  Kids have been home from school for over a week..Apparently it is called October break.  We went on a field trip to the train park in Scottsdale.  Have you been?  My kids love it there.  Usually I am a loner when it comes to taking kids on outings.  Somehow I managed to gather up a bunch of lady/sister friends to accompany me.  That there below is A LOT of kids.  Surprisingly it was FUN.  I don't want to shock the pants off anybody but as much fun as we had and as much as I loved lazy bosom is filled with much joy & excitement with the prospect of all of the items of business I can get done with all of the kids back in school.P.S.S - Speaking of sister friends. I have just discovered that cutting bangs makes me the younger sister...which is a good thing when one is the oldest sister and not 24 anymore. Just thought I'd know because yesterday a nice man at the grocery store stopped me and said that he had seen my "older sister" earlier that week. I might have made a fist pulled back my elbow and arm and s[...]

{raising the roof}



Here's the deal.  We are about to raise the roof..literally.  We bought a home.  We are currently renovating.  The above kitchen is now a white box.  The old floors have been torn out.  I think we are going with one of the wood floors pictured in the top photo.  I also have decided against marble in the kitchen.  Don't worry I have found quite a few options that will give me a similar look and of course will be sharing with all of you dear readers.  In the meantime I'm a little bit scared coupled with excitement.

I read over here that making it through a renovation is sort of like trying to catch a fly with chopsticks. If you can make it through that then you can make it through anything. I too now believe it to be a stressful thing.  In fact selling all of our stuff and buying a home not on prime land on Maui has never sounded so good.  Did I tell you about the time one of our servers over on Maui told us he had just purchased a 1800 square foot new build home 20 minutes away from Paia..for $280, is true..and I've pondered that thought on more than one occasion.  I also ponder about the fact that all earthly possessions do not mean that much in the end but that it is also important to have ones surroundings feel good.  Anyway I guess my objective is to remain calm while doing this on a budget.  I just hope that I can pick out things and achieve a certain look that I will still like in a decade without spending much more than a couple shiny nickels;-).

Alright, pls. confess if you have done a renovation..did you survive?  Any tips?

precious glossies {international style}


Do you still like grey walls and herringbone wood floors...cause I do. Do you have a split design personality..cause I do. I find myself very attracted to international design magazines. The above images come from this months Architectural Digest Spain. Let me tell you it is a pretty darn good issue. I feel very inspired to think outside of the box when I see some of the spreads in these international magazines even if they would not exactly translate to things I would do in my own home.You owe it to yourself to at least buy this months online copy of Architectural Digest Spain. Found here.  Doesn't take much for me to convince myself that I owe it to myself to by a magazine...such a major weakness.  In fact I recently had a friend text me with a picture of her large very organized collection of magazines with the following:"With Pinterest and etc should I be hoarding all of these mags?  Feel guilty throwing them out.  But will I ever find the ideas I need out of them"Within minutes I then shot her back the below image..there were no words needed. I am just so thankful for kindred spirits who make me feel normal about certain tendancies.I do not know why it is so hard to get rid of all my glossies.  Anybody else have this problem?P.S. - I especially love the color of the above herringbone wood floors.[...]

fabric commitment issues {inspiration for girls room)



Uh oh I just bought a substantial amount of the above Paule Marrot fabric. I have commitment issues with fabric.  Its a done deal though because it's making it's way on over from the east coast.   Hopefully we can work this one out.  My little girl told me her favorite color was green and that fabric looks like green exploded all over it sooo....

Currently the room has been painted and the bedding has been purchased (as seen in the last post). With the ever changing mind that I have..I now find it necessary to ditch the faux bamboo headboards and aquire a pair of brass beds. I know I surprised myself with that one too..but I have it in my head that there needs to be brass beds..not like Grandma's brass beds but some really cool brass beds. Now I could change my mind again on this one due to budget issues but I'm thinking Craiglist will come through. (will you pls, join me in using the secret on this one)

I'm not set on any one of the above items..except the fabric because like I said it will be here any day this week.  Another notable is that I really wouldn't mind if there was a hint of art deco and a dash of chinoiserie going on without looking too fancy.  The above etagere is on Craigslist and I think would look great all painted and such.

WORK IT it out.


{fleeting sunlight and quarters glued to the sidewalk} Happy Monday!



It's not quite cool enough to really get the full effects from a Sunday afternoon stroll. I did however notice while we were on our walk how the fleeting sunlight lit up the kids hair (wish I could bottle that one up), the many gorgeous established trees (I think I took 12,000 pictures of trees when we were out), a quarter glued to the sidewalk (we fall for that trick every time), a cool black and white feather, a dreamy treehouse and some really cool architectural details. There is a particular home in my neighborhood that always gets me dreaming of a place we used to see on our walk from Santa Monica Blvd. on up to grab an ice cream sandwich at Diddy Riese in the historic Westwood village.  Historic Spanish cottages and ice cream sandwiches are a good combination.

I scored love points on the life-o-meter today {Happy Friday}


I am usually way too uptight for my liking when it comes to our morning routine...perhaps my neighbors have heard me hoopin and hollerin at my children while I attempt to get them corralled into the car so that we are not late.  I can pretty much count on one of my kids in particular to make our family high risk in the tardy department.  This morning I could not get that kid going.  I was annoyed but then I felt so strongly that this would not be the morning to let her know of my strong feelings.  I also knew that in order for this little girl's twin sister to not be late we would have to all get in the car even if she was not ready.  Usually if I think that there is no way we would make it to school on time I would make the other twin wait because why would I want to make two trips to take kids to the same exact school.  Well this morning Maren came home with me after we dropped off sissy.  In the end it turned out beneficial for both of us.  It gave me a chance to hang out with her in her room at a much slower pace as we continued to get her ready.  While we were in there I looked around the room and many of the things that usually bug me seemed to all of a sudden strike a different chord.  The girls room is always so cluttered because they save every last thing and they like for all of these items to be displayed. In fact I think all of my thumb tacks have disappeared even though I have told them to stop using the thumb tacks to hang every single paper and handout on the wall.  This morning though I saw bright happy artwork that gave character and when I saw Ramona Quimby displayed ever so neatly next to the Brave doll I saw and felt love.  All of their other treasures were telling me so many great stories this morning.  I especially smiled when I saw that Maile had saved some leaves and flowers that a little boy had given to her on the bus...they were beautiful.  I really was just so touched by what my kids add to our home.   You know what...I think that if anyone is holding anybody back it would be me and not them.  It's interesting because from the outside I am sure it may appear  to some people that my kids are the ones holding me back when in reality they are the ones that are helping me to advance further in this life than I could ever do without them. I guess I just love life today..and can't help but get it out I 'm just going with it.PEACE & LOVE!!!P.S. - I think it is very fitting that Maren is wearing her heart shirt that she made out of bleach.[...]

{reach for the stars}



I really love the look of star wallpaper on the ceiling.  Today I am considering either buying paintable wallpaper and painting my own stars or just buying a stencil and forgoing any wallpaper and just go to town with some paint.

UPDATE:  Reader alerted me to some really cool decals found here.  Thanks Ashley!!

Below are a couple stencils I am pondering.  They can be found here & here.


On a nother note I am off to find some treasure.  Do you shop consignments shops?  I recently picked up this little number but in a different color.  Apparently I got a good deal considering that they are kind of hard to find and considering that on 1stDibs I couldn't really pick one up for less than $10,000.   I'm thinking that the $250 that I paid isn't too shabby.


P.S. - I love the idea of a room with built in wall to wall beds. Erika Powell did such a great job designing such a space.

{pretty color palette}



Completely inspired by the color palette of the Still, TORRI, Paris Installation by artist Landon Metz.  The above color combination has to rank as one of my favorites as of late.  Just a little tidbit but Landon Metz is from Phoenix, AZ.

If only we could all go to Paris to see the art in person.

Speaking of color palettes, according to Martha Stewart the above paints are what she recommends for super neutral decorating palettes and projects.

{pendant lighting}


Let's see..the latest thought on my mind has been pendant lighting...for say like over a kitchen island or bar area. I have lots of children so I am envisioning something with 5 barstools where I can quickly serve them up some snacks while we talk about all of the important things in life. Of course there will a great countertop but the thing I look forward to choosing and installing the most is the jewelry of the kitchen AKA as pendant lighting.My latest obsession for pendant lighting is the "Lucille" from Bradley Hughes. The J.Crew shop in San Francisco just installed a handful of that very same lighting over their cash wraps. I need to find the price point. In the meantime I'm showcasing a few pendants that have caught my eye..some even are at a very inexpensive price point.I also have a lighting pinboard right here if you'd like to see a little more.1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14[...]

ponderings for the weekend


It is my weekend wish that every single one of us are as happy as kids at a free splash pad. I am absolutely crazy for the above pictures that my sister took when we got the cousins together this summer.  I am also absolutely crazy for my kids dialogues.  In fact just this morning two of my boys were reflecting upon and discussing their tea that they had the night before.  One of the boys was telling the other boy that he went back and and grabbed the honey to put more in.  Wells (one of the before said boys) then said, "Hey I did that too but it made my tea too sweet and I didn't like it anymore".  Other brother then said not mine it was so much better with more honey.  They kept going back and forth until their big sister Maile decided to intercede by saying, "guys everyone doesn't have to like the same some people eat tripe and like it...Mexicans like to eat tripe and it is good for them..other people do not like to eat tripe and that is ok..we all like different things"  She then said "but I think most people in the world like to eat ice cream though".  Seriously out of all that comparisons.."tripe"????  Oh and she did make sure to educate the boys to the fact that tripe was cow these days!!!Whenever I can feel summer winding down I always seem to feel a charge of inspiration take over in the form of decorating, crafting, finishing projects, cleaning and cooking.  The following are a few things coming and going through my fall focused mind.Remember a year ago when I covered an ikea malm table in faux snakeskin? Well I started pounding in the upholstery tacks and never finished. It will get done this weekend if it is the last thing I do. I just used fabric and an upholstery staple gun, It has held up well. This week I came across some really great instructions on how using Modge Podge to cover a table with fabric. Go and visit Emily to get the shake down. Isn't her styling just great??Below is the mother of all snakeskin upholstered pieces..found here.I can't get shoulder patches and fabric studs off the brain. I feel a DIY coming on.Ok and speaking of fall and pumkins, I think Jaimee Rose and her mother made a cool version of a decorative white pumpkin. I'd copycat for sure. Jaimee has been blogging on her newer website and in fact updates us quite a bit with things that outta make one excited for the change of seasons. A little bit obsessed with the color of the below dress and the backsplash in Lilly's kitchen as featured in this months Lonny.Pretty blankets for when it gets chilly. Found here and here.The below has me inspired to find some pretty plates while on a tour de thrift.  Photo found here.I will make a wreath this year and it will look like the below.  I also want to use more brown craft paper in my life.  Perfect for hosting a party.Happy happy weekend!!![...]

deep dark blue in the kitchen



Today I have kitchens on the brain.  I love white kitchens but dark deep blue cabinets have been making special appearances in my thoughts.  Even if a deep dark blue does not make it into my next home don't worry because you can almost 100% count on cement tiles making the cut.  I am so loving cement tiles..we can save that for another post though.

above tiles found here.
above paint colors are BM Hale Navy and RL Lancaster Blue

redneck tendancies



Every Fall I like to display a big elk antler that we dragged home from the in-laws elk ranch...yes they used to ranch these elk when there was a market for their antlers in Asia.  Supposedly there are some medicinal properties in the antlers when they are in the velvet.  If you didn't know this already, elk naturally shed their antlers every single year and grow new ones.  Anyway the in-laws ranch is stocked with more antlers than one knows what to do with.  As I placed the large antler upon the piano I was pondering my home.  I was thinking such things as "does my home represent my design aesthetic or how much am I influenced by what I see online or in magazines but don't really love the look?"  I started feeling bad because when I looked around it wasn't exactly how I wanted it to look...AND then I thought "bad Christina".  I do not want to ever fall victim of not being grateful for what I have or feeling like things have to be a certain perfect.  Every time I think I have mastered the concept of replacing gratitude for negative thoughts or feelings, I really haven't completely.  I'm afraid it will always be something I will have to work on.  I feel like I am much better at it in my more experienced life but still....Besides I should feel happy that I have worked over my home on one of the tightest budgets and that is something to mention.  In fact my husband should thank me profusely.

Speaking of mentionables and husband and a budget I may also need to discuss the time I decided to buy a toilet tattoo.  Have you seen 'em?  Seriously why would one ever put one up on the check out stand right next to the latest Elle Decor and feel good about it.  Oh I had big plans I tell you.  I snuck that thing into the home, placed it on husbands toilet (which happens to be mine as well) and waited.  I only wish I could have seen his face when he went to use the restroom that fine evening. I didn't hear him laugh and he didn't give me any kind of reaction but I am convinced that he must have been amused on the inside..he just had to have been.  I finally couldn't handle it anymore so I said to him, "did you um like the new toilet tattoo..I was thinking about you and your love for nature".

Always thinking of him and not me.


P.S. - My home is looking a little too traditional.  Time to mix it up.
P.S.S - If you are thinking of a toilet tattoo I must mention that it is best to have one of them small kind of toilets.

trimmed out walls {Carolina Herrera Baez's apartment in Spain}


Well hello there folks.  I'm thinking that I may hit up a discount trim store today and see what I can find in the .65 a yard and below range.  I have always wanted to trim out a small space and I think this will be the year to actually do it.  I've saved images before of trimmed out walls but when I saw Carolina Herrera Baez's space in this months Elle Decor I was reminded of how cool it could be.

Here are some other spots in her home.  I am especially drawn to her bedroom with the canopy and striped fabric.

{Kubus and a fun bargain find}


(I have loved Pierre Frey Kubus ever since I first laid my eyes upon it. In fact I immediately sent out for a sample. I thought that with my budget I could stretch and someday make a small pillow..but probably not until Christmas 2016:-) Unlike my budget Lauren Santo Domingo was able to make a whole lot of Kubus yardage happen when there were multi panels that were necessary to drape her home..(necessary is the key word..and I don't disagree..except for if it were in my home...because I am sure Pierre Frey found all of my extra coins needed to buy the before said fabric and had them melted down to use in his dear Kubus fabric...there is some metallic action going on in the fabric..Once I got over not having any metallic action in my fabric then I found out that it made much more sense to use Annex by Robert Allen for Dwell Studio. Besides I had in my mind that it would work best for my little boys room and the least expensive the better for a space like that (as a side note I'm still trying to get smashed cereal bar out of their fairly new rug). After seeing the fabric in person I made a deal and placed an order but then cancelled because at my local fabric retailer they still wanted a pretty penny plus $25 for shipping and in the interim figured out that I could go here and get it for $18.95 plus $4.99 shipping.  It still is not quite the fabic of the Kubus but thought that it gave me a similar look, BARGAIN!!Have you found any bargains you feel the need to share? If so I would love to hear.(The above space was designed by Francois Catroux for Lauren Santo Domingo and was just featured in the Sept. issue of Vogue. Photos courtesy of enterloop.)[...]

{local love} A Sonoran Desert Beauty



I think one of the reasons this home makes it to the blog is the fact that the designer made sure to off-set or balance such a rustic farmhouse style with things that are straight and modern. If you notice many of the lines on the light fixtures and cabinets are on the modern side. Secondly I love to find designers that don't have the typical "Sonoran Desert Style". To see more of this home go take a look at David Michael Miller's portfolio.

On my color radar {BORDEAUX}



Hello there..with being on the cusp of September I find my mind wandering to deeper and richer colors for fall. I really think things can be a little heavier and deeper when the temps start to cool down. That is why I think I am currently attracted to shades of bordeaux, maroon and burgundy. I think this season I wished I had saved my classic bordeaux colored penny loafers from the 7th grade.

{large image 1 via Lonny (JK Capri), 2 - Rita Konig home, 3 - AD France}

Get some trim and then do the splits



Today is your lucky day if you happen to be as obsessed with trims as I do.  If you are savvy with your trims then you know that great trims can be pricey.  Well being that in my mind everything needs to be trimmed out then you can imagine my joy when I found a little shop that sold pretty trims at $4.00 or less per yard.  The last few years I have slowed down on buying things even if they are a good deal because I don't want a repeat of 2006 when I was almost borderline trim hoarder...

Anyway I have been mixing a ton of blacks with blues and so when I found the above trim for drapes then I felt quite satisfied.  In case you were time in junior high a girl told me that her biggest pet peeve was when people mixed blue and black.  Funny how that always stuck out in my mind all these years.  Seriously 20 years later I have this inner thing inside of me that wants to deny mixing those two colors.  Well I am happy to report that after intense therapy I am finally ok..ok to mix blue and black that is.  Seriously though Windsor Smith said it was ok..I asked her..and I really like her design eye.

Speaking of eyes I've heard another good way to to mix blacks and blues is to punch someone.....or have killer dance moves like me and somehow knock you eye on your knee..I know weird.

So I wasn't planning on sharing this but I just felt I needed to illustrate that fact that my body moves.  Something about a girls weekend creates this intense desire to do the jump splits even if it has been probably 20 years since the last attempt.   Did I just share that..well yes I did.


Oh and back to the trims.  You can find them here.