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Cow Head ... art pieces and good luck charms ... :)


 Arrived at the boutique today these beautiful ... collectible pieces. As I unwrap and  lay them on the bench to figure out our display. Couldn't help calling up our supplier to get all the stories behind these. Aaah ! and what do I hear ... :)))))) ... ... apparently these painted cattle heads are auspicious pieces ... part of the Pongal or more specifically Mattu Pongal ... celebrations. Well ! the whole story is that ... during Pongal, the harvest festival ... these decorated pieces are part of the procession of the Kochira temple. As a thanksgiving to the cattle that are part of a good harvest ( day being marked as Mattu Pongal) ... not only are the cattle decorated ... but these wooden pieces are made in amazing colours and designs.After the end of festivities ... these pieces find places at home ... as a good luck charm. Now if animals are good luck charm and revered for that ... I am all sold to those thoughts ... :) and so glad my curiosity about why these pieces are created finally lead to a beautiful story being uncovered. Hope many of you who also may have wondered about them ... are as fascinated as I am ... :))If you are looking for a closer peak ... want to get a good luck charm for your home this coming festive season ... come right over ... we do have a limited stock before the rest of them arrive ... do drop by at  our boutique.                                  Rajee Sood Home                                 C- 42,Nirvana Courtyard,                                 Sec- 50, Gurgaon -122018                                 Ph - 0124 4005007[...]

Latest in Art ceramics at Rajee Sood Home ... :) A shout out to all collectors ...


 It was always a dream of mine to work with some of the finest art talent of India ... as we start with ceramic art at our boutique store. I have to say I am over the moon ... besotted ... and so completely bowled over by the art coming through our door. And the latest one to debut with us is ceramist - Shweta Mansingka. If you are a collector or looking to start ... her pieces are one of the best idea for your collection. Sure to be a pride possesion. We have with us ... her fruit creations done in the Raku and Saggar firing techniques. Pomegranates ... melons ... pears ... sphere's ... domes ...  her shapes are as appealing as is the thought behind her creations. In her own words ... " these ceramic pieces are lovingly crafted and fired in a Raku Kiln to let smoke and fire leave its markings on their skin, making each piece unique." We just arranged the pieces on our shelves and funny as it sounds the biggest of the art pieces did not even make it to our display ... barely out of the wrapping's ... it was picked up by a sweetest lil' fella ... for his Aunt. A Rakhi gift ... Wow! ... that's one lucky bua ... :)Loved the lil' one for all his confidence in knowing exactly what appealed to him ... and he was absolutely confident ... its got to be the red saggar fired sphere, off centered on our Guava wood base... na ... not the white Raku one for him ...  :)Well, lil' one hope you made your Aunt's day ... it was amazing meeting you ... :)Drop by if you'd like to catch a glimpse of Shweta's art ... at our boutique store ... just google us as Rajee Sood Home and maps is sure to direct you to  ...                                                          C- 42, NIRVANA COURTYARD,                                                      SEC- 50, GURGAON -122018                                          CALL US @ 0124 4005007 for any help with the directions                                  [...]

Rajee Sood, a Boutique Home Store ...


 We are soon to head into second month of our store opening its door's. And here's sharing with all of you ...  a few snippets of what we are like on any given day here at 42, Nirvana Courtyard, in Gurgaon India.Never to forget our roots ... we are so proud to pop in our social media credentials on our front window ... these days you will find us far more active on our instagram feed. Oh ! yes ...  I am as chit - chatty as ever ... with loads more of  in house chatter to share ... follow us and keep upto date on our everyday happenings at rajeesood4104 ... over at instagram. The reverse journey ... as most tell us ... from online to bric -n- mortar has been fantastic for our brand. I find, the veil of limitations that online has for products that we enjoy ... has been lifted and we suddenly are overwhelmed with the introduction to so many new genre's of crafts and artists. Adding to it all is meeting so many of you in person. Talking about our old products from the on- line store and get all excited about new comings ... into this store ... ;)  ... yes ... we did carry our Kantha legacy with us ...  but we also decided not to bring along many  of our old products ... ... certainly the candle light crazy lady has to have tons of white pillars at her store ... wee-hee ...  my absolute fav.  ...  and besides going nuts over candles ... we are all excited about having fantastic load of artists joining us... to showcase their collections ... We introduced ceramic art in our boutique and i think there is no bigger crime ... then not acknowledging the artist behind the creations ... so I must mention the pieces you see above are by Delhi based potter  ... Priyasha Bose ... her art ceramic pieces have been so adored  and loved ... she definitely sets the bench mark for all future artists at our store ... :)) and she sets it high ... ;) ... second potter being featured with us is Smita Suri Anand ... our very own Gurgaon based potter ...  her glazes and utilitarian ceramic work are stunning ... her red, that she achieves in a technique called reduction are sure to get your heart. ... we are also experimenting at the workshop with newer textiles ... our Chevron stripes and jali design coral cushions ... are so perky ... we now often have chat sessions at the store with loads of textile lovers and aficionados ... I am already feeling like an enlightened soul ... :)))the first bench that literally breezed through the store has left us so bereft ... we had to order a new one.Just figured talking as much as we do ... is so much more cozy on one of these ...  so next time you are thinking of dropping by ... come by ... would be great to meet you all finally in person ... :))))) if you google us or find us on the map ... our  GPS location should get you to ...                                                                                                                C- 42, Nirvana Courtyard,                                                         Sec -50,Gurgaon 122018.                                                         India                                                         Landline - 0124 -4005007P.S - In case the word India in our location is crucial to you[...]

To lovely new beginnings ... :))


Sharing one of the bestest news in a long long time ... :)))) ... YESSSS!!! ... we are arriving on the scene in a very exciting new avatar ... a real ... brick - n - mortar store ...:)

Ladies n Gentlemen ... Rajee Sood Home ... has its very first store, ready to open very soon ... in Gurgaon. It was a very nostalgic moment for me to be reminded by some of my regular readers, that this was a dream in the making for the last 7-8 years. Yes, it was ...a wee bit of an unnerving thought ... mentioned it in the passing once in an interview ... but felt very silly to say it aloud  ... :)

Today it is very close to reality ... we are busy at work ... putting together collections ... designing ... redesigning ... sourcing and ordering and finally ... waiting for the deliveries ... :))))))))))) Pretty sure we will take our sweet time to smoothen any kinks  along the way ... but what a lovely journey it has been so far.
Hope to reveal our opening date super soon ... till then ... do keep a look out ... right over here. We are just as excited to share it with all of you ... :)

A hello and hi I am back ...


Shout out to all of you all wondering where I am  ... well ! right here ... trying yet again to get back to old ways ... :)
For many of you dropping by from Instagram for a bit more on these vintage Vajri's is little more on them.
 A story that was shared with us, by one of our readers, couple of years ago ... when we discovered these beautiful pieces. I so loved the way it was written and sent to us that I have always shared it here, completely uncensored ...

This foot scrubber (vajri) comes from southern India and dates to the 19th century. Typically, women when bathing - to scrub the feet - used such scrubbers, something made necessary, as most users did not wear shoes.
These were of cast brass and comprised of a pedestal with a cage and a rough, scored base that is surmounted by a pair of finely cast birds (as shown in the pieces in the pics.) that is both decorative and also functions as a handle.
Small pebbles or rocks or tiny metal balls usually are contained within the bases of most such scrubbers. Bathing often occurred in a public space, perhaps by a stream, a pond or a river. When the scrubber was being used, the small pebbles/rocks/metal balls jingled, perhaps to warn off others in the vicinity that women were bathing nearby.
The quality of this example (as shown in the pics.) is underscored by the fact that the base contains not irregular pebbles or rocks but uniform spheres of metal balls.
P.S. 'Vajri' is not to be confused with Indra's 'Vajra'
Its a little detail that changes in your bathroom vanity tray. Don't be surprised, it is as good to use as the day it was probably first crafted for those women at the river.

Hope you enjoyed this share from the archives ... I am looking to get back to blogging and be able to share with you as we move to another phase. Please do note we do not retail online anymore ... ;)

Lighten up ... its a new day ... :)


                                                                       via Pinterest

For an enlightening moment when it strikes you ... you've been taking things ... a tad bit too seriously ... :) Nothing, tops a home ... like the one with a bit of sense of humor ... :)). Hope you too have a step back moment and shake it up a bit ... :)
Over here, at our end ... we've been loving this picture I found on Pinterest ... though the Designer in me peeks through and feels ... umm -hmm ! that entry point ought to be a wee bit lower ... you know anthropometry and all ... ;))))))))) No...noo ... its purely a professional  point made ... nothing to do with being hit hard by the 40's ... ;)

Being Inspired .... :)


Texture on texture ... layering the lights ...

                                                    A bit of whimsy and tons of passion ...

 I hit upon a lovely article ... it sort of spoke what I feel ... in terms of entertaining ... yes, I am not the tissue paper, plastic ware and disposable thingie's kind of a person ... and many of us have loads of reason why we love it that way ... a passionate dislike for plastic being quite there on the top of the list ...
 ... aaaaanyways ... I really wanted to share it with many of my like minded readers ... but then me being me ... I like to share my own images ... so a quick dig into my archives and here pop a few shots from a shoot at a project of mine.

Even though this was a display set up.But seriously who doesn't feel awesome sitting at a table the hostess felt like making special for the company.For all the yesss 's out there ... do pop by and have a looky at this article ... here. As the it reads ... How To Host A Magazine- Worthy Dinner Party. ... ;)... be Inspired.

An Art Exploration at Maihar and discovering Art Ichol ... :) Part 1.


A few months ago, I spent a beautiful week in Maihar, a quaint little town in Madhya Pradesh. Thanks to my dear friend and ceramic artist Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal ... being part of this  crazy bunch of women ... out on an 'Art Exploration' trip... has been one of  the most memorable time of my life.We were headed to Ambica Beri's ... Art Ichol. Let me share with you one of the most amazing destinations in India, today ... for an artist ... an experience one is not likely to forget easily :)(L-R) Suparna Arora, Rajee Sood, Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, Sangeeta Batra and Simran SandhuSo here goes ... :)An overnight train ride and we arrive at Ambica's home, the Maihar Haveli, a grand old heritage home, standing regal ... elegant and still in all its glory.The welcoming haliconias ... the ochre arches of  a trypical colonial Haveli ... I needed a bit of a push and a shove to move in ... cause standing tall at the entrance is the creation of artist Narayan Sihna titled 'Deviji' ... well ... there is lot more we'll talk about this artist soon ... cause I am floored by his creativity.                                                          'Devi ji' by Narayan SinhaVintage photographs ... ceramic art and murals ... paintings ... antiques adorn the entire Haveli Moving deeper into the beautiful home ... the veranda's around the inner courtyard make you realize what it is to be surrounded by art ... art to live with ... art to be one with.This place invokes creativity to go in an overdrive ...  :)Gallerie walls, adorned with art ... greens all around ... those bougainvilleas ... ah! there are murals ... and ceramic art pieces all over this property ... phew ! ...Show me a person in India ... who does not get all nostalgic looking at those colonial chairs on a veranda ... as for me ... the thing about such places is the sudden urge of going on a tea drinking binge ... as they say ... Chai pe ... chai pe ... chai ho jai ... ;)I fell in love with the way Ambica  used this old carved wooden pedestal to hold her urli ... the designer in me really does a cartwheel  ... weehee ... look at the details ... I couldn't contain my excitement ... everytime I passed by I'd click a few pictures ... and get all touchy feely with this fella ... ;))Ah ! my love for all things old ... my mind wanders off to all the stories it holds ... hmm ! wonder where it came from ... where it might have been carved and installed and then one day done away with ... blessed are those that find ... final homes like this ... :)I have no doubt Ambica's father was one proud dad ... what with all her contribution to the art world ... but to hear her talk about her late father ... it strikes an emotional chord with me ( I was always my daddy's lil' girl) ... all her stories about how he helped her restore this home and the important role he played in the making of Art Ichol ( we'll go there more in details in a later post)The works of some of the most prominent artists in India stare back at you from around the garden too ... works that they created while staying here in art camps ... retreats ... residencies ...  breaks ... vacations ... :)) ... well ! they all leave behind many beautiful stories too ... one can never have enough of discovering the treasures of art  ... :)The ceramic center at the Haveli ... is where we spent some crazy back breaking hours ... but then we were really on a creative high ... and the feel of unhindered hours of letting your creativity flow ... taking tie out for a tea break with other artists ... the whole atmosphere is charged.The sheer joy of letting your mind free to create and explore.On our days of exploring painting and sketching ... I infact found myself get b[...]

Makings of a new collection ... :)


 ... if its vacation time ... it means ... there is sure to be new collected pieces that'll find their way into our home ... something is going to be new ... may be quirky ...  may be cool ... or at times ... plain old ridiculous ... (ha-haa) ... but what the hell ...  its awesome ... for the simple reason ...  it reminds us of great times together  ... :)

We are back after a lovely break ... and believe me  ... by the time the collection finds its place home, the term  'conversation pieces' ...  gets very well defined in our household ... between my lil' babe and me, we'd have had some lovely debates  (ahmm ! ) about who found which pieces ... even the dad may pitch in to say he (disinterestedly) found some of the spectacular ones in the collection ... ;))

... gosh ! have you had the thrill of collecting and sifting ... washing and sorting and going all goo-goo-gaa-gaa ... over such  simple (??? ) pieces that nature created ... :) Bet you're nodding your head in that 'oh ! I know what you mean ' way or shaking it in  that completely 'disgusted with me' way ... wondering what the hell is an interior designer talking about ... Well ! hey ... its the lil' things that make a home ... and I just defined to you what all that ... designer jargon means ... 'conversation pieces' and 'statement pieces' ...  So I guess won't be too wrong to say ... nothing beats brand 'Nature' ... ;))
So happy collecting to you all ... and ... have fun filling up those display jars and bowls ... and ... many happy conversations ... ;)

A Vignette in cream ... :)


For a very long time ... this table top was just not happening, as I would want it to look ... ;)... nothing but the tribal neck piece is new ... but then ... moment I was looking for that right place to keep my new piece ... wala ... the whole look just fell into place ... :) ... my collection of creamware jar's ... feels just right with the shells  and the jute runner ... :)

I agree there is something very calming about creams and whites ... and life is not complete without some greens ... ;) ... I do find myself drifting towards that colour palette these days ... :)) ... Oh! yeah ... rest assure my family is in emotional turmoil ... experiment time is never easy on them ... ;) ...

Ah ! the rod lying there ... don't ask me why ... but yep ... my next project is lined up ... ;)
Hope this is a tiny bit of sunshine for all my friends ... who keep telling me I haven't been busy with my camera ... :))

Happy Diwali ... with our friends over at Gulmohar Lane... :)


      Istanbul Oval ChandelierI can feel its, Diwali ... its the chill in the air ... its in those twinkling fairy lights people have already started to hang ... but I do miss diya's twinkling every where though.The old charm of Diwali ... :) Nothing can come quite close to the twinkle of the flame of a diya in the wind ... :)And then I realize I am not the only one who loves the charm of the classic ... recently, the folks over at Gulmohar Lane shared with me what they were coming up with for Diwali ... am I thrilled, I am not the only nostalgic one.Adding to their already beautiful products ... they are now introducing a range of lights. Oh ! yes ... just when you are in the mood for perking up the home for Diwali ... an awe striking collection of Vintage Edison bulbs, Chandeliers and pendent lights ... :)        a few from the range of Edison BulbsSo as I introduce you to their new pieces ... I have to add a personal note ... I think Gulmohar lane, has really filled in what I felt was missing in the e-shopping fun ... 'classic and elegant'! Their products are not over the top variety ... but just that right exquisiteness that helps you create a home with effortless elegance ... :) ... I like that ... and if I like some thing ... I can be very patronizing... ;)               Istanbul Globe                   Duomo Hexagon ChandelierIf you hop over to their website, here ... you'll actually have a look at their entire range, in the lights section ...  its popping my eyes, making me smile ... I do have a few places at homes which are waiting ,till I find the right piece to hang there ... hmm ! who know ... some of their pendants are rather alluring ... ;)     Belgium Globe Pendant               Belgium Cylindrical Pendant        Jaipur Metal and Glass Pendant      Milano Metal and Glass ChandelierThese pendent lights are suspended with matching fabric braided chords ... for me as a designer, that is attention to details.I even love this table lamp ...     Bombay Desk LampTalk about vintage elegance ... discovering this lamp is sure to end  your search for the right detail on your table top. And since we are in the department of elegant, classy and the likes ... let me also introduce you to their next new editions ... Chesterfield Leather Collection 1Gulmohar Lane's new leather furniture collection ... with its supple tufting details and antique brass finish nail heads along the edges ... and ... the antiqued leather that goes through intense processing to give it that soft brushed appearance with that aged classic look . And of course, leather only gets more beautiful, softer and supple with age and wear.I look at their pieces and it is a delight to see that some of the classic designs like the Chesterfield ... have been created and crafted so authentic to the design. It is really a hooray! moment to see...' you want a specific design for your home ... you see it and that it'll look just that when it comes home' ... no more wondering if what your carpenter is trying to give you will look anything close to the  authentic design details ... :))So on a happy note ... for the festive season ... I'd sure say stop by their website here ... and do have a look through all the new design additions ...  tell me if you didn't go WOW ! ... :)HAPPY DIWALI EVERYONE  [...]

SOS ... lets help Friendicoes ... :)


When I first moved to NCR (for my readers out of India ... NCR is the national capital region) ... one of the most amazing things I saw was a Friendicoes Ambulance rushing through traffic. I was completely floored.Yeah ! sure we all have lots of compassion for other creatures ... but when those feelings make you stop and look at an animal in need ... you feel so helpless. Suddenly your world of options evaporates. Why I say so ... happened to me last week. And I found myself frantically calling all my friends I could think of ... and ... finally, thanks to a dear friend ... guess what came to help the dog that was in an accident ... my most amazing sight again ... a Friendicoes Ambulance from their animal sanctuary in Gurgaon.  So, when end of the week I see them post on their facebook page ... here ... that they...  FRIENDICOES UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS (please share this post) ... (yes, they are an NGO, right) ... it sure feels horrible ... and I do hope thay can get the 42 Lakhs they need by the end of 2 weeks ... to stay open. The latest update says they already have shut down the night ambulance service ... :(((My simple logic ... they are out there doing all that, what we'd personally love to do and stand up for ... so the least I can do is support them ... every little bit of financial help will make lots of difference to them. As I google to share some of their images ... these popped up and I do remember them from the Uttrakhand disaster time ... they were up there along with their sister concern ... Wildlife SOS ... helping animals in need... :) There is also a story you can find on their website about their work in Andamans during the Tsunami ... :) ... you know it feels good to see what they do.I loved to read the story of blindey ... the dog in the picture above ... who lives at their shelter in Delhi with many many of the other dogs that call that shelter their home ... I don't want to imagine the fate of these babies if they loose their shelter. You know what you should drop over to their facebook page ... here ... and go through their photo's to read about all the animals that come to them ... and their treatments ... adoption ... :)   I am glad they are there for those who may not be able to ask for help otherwise ... for people like you and me when we want to help and don't know how.While they are looking to raise the 42 Lakhs they need ... any bit that you feel you can spare helps ...  I  post their details below ... hoping this post helps  if possible. If you ever pondered over how far you every single Rupee will go ... this may be a great time to find your answer ... :)You can simply send over your contribution online ... find their bank details below ... doesn't get any more easier to do something good ... that makes a difference and gives a good nights sleep too ... :))Friendicoes - Their request post on the FB page ... FRIENDICOES UNDER THREAT OF CLOSURE DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS (please share this post) This post is not to create panic or to distress anyone but to bring the reality of the financial situation at Friendicoes to the public. Many times in the past we have faced financial crisis but this is the worst by far. If we do not raise some funds quickly Friendicoes ambulance service and shelter is under serious threat of shutting down services if not permanently then at least for a period o...f time. We just finished paying off the salaries for July. But we have 60 lakhs owed to medicine suppliers and another 12 lakhs to different food suppliers. That is a total of 72 lakhs plus a few more other odd bills. Luckily or unluckily the fuel station do not give us any credit[...]

Hibernating out the summer and finding my inspiration ... :)


Image Courtesy - PinterestThis time of the year ... I am as usual recovering from hibernating  with my lil' babe's. No apologies ... all else in the world can wait, these moments I can never capture back. Not that these words pop out confidently ... there is tons of what if's and what not's, that play havoc with my head as I chuck a lot of work to the curb side.But then what the hell ... lets move on ... and so as I live life of the domestic mama ... there is loads of fun ... looking at inspiration online ...;)) ... can't keep the fish out of the water too long can we ... :)But seriously, as I collect a lot of these amazing and oh! so inspiring images ... I must share them with you too. Recently, I have been talking a lot with folks around me as to what makes any space that special something ... :) ... did you say money spent on it ... ah! no dear ... it's the thoughts behind it all ... its the ' FEEEEELING ' that counts ... Any, one - interesting ... character defining piece ... and we have an amazing design. (Doesn't mean you don't look at the overall picture)As I travel in the mountains ... I pass by a lot of small towns which are major lumber sources for the city folks ... no :) ... not the wood ... but the leftovers ... always get me all droolly ... my current obsession had me peeking around for inspiration even more ...  Image Courtesy - PinterestOne of my fav. play on design is, piecing a collection together ... yep ! never the big one on matching ... co-ordinating is more my thingie ... :) So here's to exploring those special elements for our spaces ... making them our signature homes. There is so much fun I have over at pinterest ... drop by my reclaimed wood furniture  folder for having a looky at some of the pictures inspiring me ... :) ... right here.  Image Courtesy - Pinterest  Image Courtesy - PinterestHope you are inspired to do that ..." think out of the box  magic" ... dare to be different and put something together  on your own ... or at least ask your designer how you can get some quirky element in ... and ... hope you have fun doing it ... don't forget to pop by our reclaimed wood furniture folder at pinterest. ... I am pretty sure you'll have fun there too.[...]

Collecting ... Pottery ... :)


As an Interior Designer, I can state this as a fact and most probably you've heard this a thousand times. Its those little things we collect in our lives ... that really make our homes ... ' our home ' ... and do those things really have to make practical sense all the while ... :)) ... I for one will surely scream ...nay !!!
Sooo .. when I hear people ask ... at fairs and markets or an artist's show ... "so what do we do with it" ... " so what is it's use " ... :(( ... and then I am completely dumb struck by those who will very audaciously throw it at the artist's face ... " so what's the point of making something that has no use " ... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! ... Yeah ... oky ... if you hear that sound some where ... its probably me or my kind ... ;))
 But if you are a collector ... you know what I am talking about ... come on ... its about an artistic expression ... an artist's expression ... and it is about feeling a connect with that.

... last Potter's market at Anandgram ... while I was sitting at one of my artist friends stall, I experienced first hand ...  an interesting array of people ... and yes to hear all of the above comments too ... :)) But lets talk about those who are oozing passion ... they walk up ... pick up a piece ... and then there is that "I love what I see " look and you know that person may or may not be practical ... may or may not be judgemental ... but surely is a collector in touch with his passionate self.
If you relate to what the artists feelings were behind his creation ... wow ... that would be a bonus... ;)

 ...  so as I am falling in love with works of some of the pottery artists ... I am a complete novice to this ... but one thing I know is ... the reason I'd collect a piece is cause I just love it ... but then also since I do happen to know some of these artists personally ... love them ... love their style of working ... yes, I'd love to own something they created.
Hope to lead you more into this beautiful world  ... and also share the works of some very talented potters of our country ... :))
Till then ... happy time collecting ... ;)

Introducing Gulmoharlane ... on the blog... :)


 As an Interior Designer ... a design blogger for good 8yrs ... being someone in whom so many of you invest their trust when it comes to design aesthetics ... I have a lot of reservations when it comes to picking brands to share on my blog. But then, incidently... as I work with a dear friend to do up part of her home ... I find myself sounding quiet like an old harp ... ;)) ... constantly nagging her on the importance of investing and paying most attention to a great sofa ... :) And lo and behold ... guess who comes knocking on my virtual doors ... its the amazing team of  Saurabh Ailawadi and Shweta Mewara ...  the co-founders ofGulmoharlane . As I go through ... I have to say ... it is very exciting as a Designer to see the selection of sofas and chairs they offer. For a DIY 'er it is sure to be even more thrilling to finally find a destination where one can shop for the classic and contemporary designs. Infact they also offer an interesting range of coffee tables.  Its beautiful to read that at Gulmoharlane, they believe in using fabrics  made out of natural yarns like Linen and Cotton, which are at times handwoven.If they say..." anything natural excites us" ... they surely got my attention.... as you browse their website ... be ready to be even more surprised ... not only do you get to know the inside story of your piece ... they assure you of the techniques of sofa making being the traditional way. Afterall, being based in Jaipur ... they have some of the best in woodworking craftsmenship.You will even have the flexibility to pick your filling ... WOW ! really ...   The way Gulmoharlane understands the need to fill in the gap between fine aesthetics ... value for money and ease of shopping ... is commendable  ... but then  both Saurabh and Shweta  have design background that is applaudable.Saurabh (the founder and Managing Director), a NIFT graduate  ... whose who has been a visual Merchandising Head ... with brands like Steven Madden, Lee, Diesel, Nautica, Paul &Shark ... and brings in all his experience in handling design process... projects ... and sourcing furniture for these brands from India ... Shweta(Co-founder and Creative Director) at Gulmohar Lane ... has been working with brands like ITS Wills, Madura garments, VF-Arvind Brands ... and on many design projects. She has a fashion design background and so  ... but naturally a great flare for home textiles and print design.Ah ... Sooo ... well ! what all this means for you and me is ... we have finally a great place for picking up those most crucial pieces for our homes and interiors ... and there is someone out there who understands ... I don't just want to click on a picture and have it delivered to me ... wow! I get to make it all mine  ... bystarting right  from the fillings the fabric and  ... well you know what why should I ruin all the surprise for you ... pretty sure you want to go discover their website yourself. So go right ahead (the banner below my header will always make it easy for you to remember what we were talking about and take you right to their website) ... . Ladies and Gentlemen , presenting ... Gulmoharlane to you ... for you. [...]

Art I am loving ... :)


Just when you think I fell off the face of the earth  ... ;) ... I pop right back up ... well ! this time ... I just had to ... :))Pragati Sharma Mohanty ... (who has been following my blog for some years now) posted this series of her art work yesterday on facebook and wow ... wee ... it made my day ... :)   I did notice some time back that she was working on the theme of Anthropomorphic animals for the last few months ... and ... as I spoke to her yesterday... here's what she shared about her work ... so in her own word's this is what she had to say ... " Initially I took inspiration from various mythological stories, for example Ganesha being a fusion of an elephant head on a human I started exploring and reading about other references in mythological texts. A new book by Devdutt Patnaik called 'Pashu' is full of such lovely stories. Once I got the hold of the theme I started exploring by fusing any animal head on a human body. The results fascinated me every single time." You can see more of her older work on her website ... here or find her work here  and make sure you  search for Pragati Sharma Mohanty. Though ofcourse, her this series ... called the 'Lion Man' ... is so hot out of the oven that she has shared it on her facebook page so far .  And I already put the deb's on this one above ... ;)) ... and while we are all loving her  new set of work ... it's even more amazing to know that the coffee series was very spontaneous. It started with an accidental spill and then the creative process took over ... yes, in the exact words of Pragati ... :) Done on ... 11" X 15"  Watercolor Paper with Coffee and Ink ... the 'Lion Man" Being an enthusiast of history and mythology ... her words touch a special chord with me . And when Pragati says , "Surprisingly other world mythologies also carry very interesting parallels to Hindu mythology. Also folk tales like Jataka and Panchatantra, and their equivalents from Eastern European cultures, African etc are beautifully narrated in kids story books ... an inspiration can come from anywhere ... " ... I completely share her opinion and sentiments ... after all I am bringing up a 9yr. old and trying to share with her some amazing books on Indian mythology and draw parallels from across the world. I do hope you find her work intriguing and thought provoking too ... if you are looking to pick up art for your walls ... will surely say ... go for it ... there aren't to many pieces. As always, pick art for a connect you may feel and feelings it may stir within you.Thanks Pragati ... loved this series. Hope you create more wonderful pieces and stay inspired ... we'll all love to see more of your work.P.S - In case you can't get through to Pragati ... e-mail me at rajeesood(at)gmail(dot)com ... would be a pleasure to help you out.[...]

Happy Saturday and newest pottery piece ... :)


Had a very... very ... happy ...happy ... Saturday ..:) ...  nothing quite like a day lost in your work ...  the sweet sweet pain of arms hurting , back gone stiff ... :)). And the novice potter creates ... :)
... its my newest piece of pottery ... all hand built ... no wheel. And Sarah's reaction " my mum ... just loves to put pom-poms ... on her creations" ... ;)) ... baby doll I absolutely do. Its surprising she observed ... though I didn't quite perceive them as pom-poms ... but yep! had always wanted to try such an edging on some textile creation of mine... :)

 ... saving it from the rains  outdoors ... where I love to work ... its drying in the studio. Now comes the tricky part ... I'm getting a hang of working the clay ... but the glazing part ... :) ... Rajee Sood needs a few classes in that ... so I really hope I don't end up all disappointed once it reaches the finishing stages ...  :) Tons of all the best will be very welcome and thankyou's to all of you who shoot it my way.
Back to the coffee table styling series in the next post ... :)

Gloomy days call for some ... flower love ... :)


 The last time I did a post about Simi's home in Karachi ... I had a whole lot of readers signing in from Pakistan ... :) I was seriously bowled over by that.Over the last couple of posts its been fun watching many a sign in coming  from Tunisia ... A big hi to all of you out there ... Especially to Asma ... it's always great to hear from you ... :))  ... soooo ... this post may be more about, I love flowers ... I love white flowers ... and I have super crazy fun trying on the tone on tone ... texture on texture... arrangements ... ;)) But I am not trying to break the chain of thoughts from the last post ... we are very much still on the coffee table ... just a more in detail ... sort of way ... ;) ... the fun of arranging with the same fav. flowers gets an extra zing if  I try them out into something(as in an arrangement) with a new container ... whoever told you flowers only went in the flower vase ... well ! sorry puritans ... :)I am a person who loves to believe being organised is the way to be ... only I never remember where the hell I organised my things ... so if I use a lidded container it was not style to just have the lid over the side ... I knew I'd loose it if I put it away somewhere. But I liked it just the way in the end ... :)Looked like flowers just popped out and the lid slipped by the side ... ;)As for those of you wondering how we go about using a wide mouth container ...There are a couple of tricks ... in this arrangement I used the oasis ( the green color brick thingy) that you see at the florist's place.But I made sure I cover it all with the flowers so it really looks all  .... uuuh ! la laa ... ;))Back to the coffee table series soon ... and may be will share a bitty about that jute table runner of mine ... :)[...]

Oh! that thing about ... coffee table styling ... :) ... part -1


... as I was going through my pictures of all the shoots I've done in the last 7yrs of blogging ... the ones I love the most are usually around the coffee table. The one above is what my coffee table looks like these days ... :)Got me thinking ... oh ! yeah...  always looooved styling the coffee table. We all fig. out what we want with that piece of furniture that stands right in the middle of our drawing room. Some want it matching with the rest of the room furniture ... for some of us, its a love for a statement piece as our coffee table ... some of us like it bare ... and ... some of us (read me) ... loooove to have all that is so current in our lives ... our newest reads ... freshest flowers ... curio, that has my attention at the moment ... our latest collections of  itsy-bitsy thingies  ... gosh Sarah and I even love to see our latest rocks in a bowl at times ... :)When my coffee table looks dull and boring ... its a constant nagging reminder to perk up ... pull up my socks and freshen it all up ... I feel it tends to radiate in my life too ... :))So yup its not just my shoes ... my hair ... my car that reflect me ... hell ! even the coffee table says hello here is whats up with Rajee ... ;) Lol !... my very first coffee table in my first home in San Francisco ... don't have too many pictures of all that I tried on it ... but oh! yeah ... it had to be some thing as in ... SOME THING ... even though it was being put together on a  ... no budget. Three African pots and a glass top from Pier 1 imports ... and I cherished it as a precious possession.Styling a round table ... :) ... I can go on and on about it in circles ... ;) There are days you have the zing in you to try finding the symmetry ... the balance ... the focal point ... and days ... you go .. ' damn, it looks good so let it be' ... :))Have a peek into the pictures from my archives ... of all the styling that has happened around that precious table in our home ... over the years ... ah! even the tables keep changing and now, I may be looking to change this one  ... ;)... guess, we all define the status of our coffee table ... there is no two ways about what it is for and what you should do with it ... its yours and you fig. it out ... but one thing is for sure ... many a conversations do start from there ... :))This monday morning ... just figured I'd stir up some of your thoughts ... would love to hear what you do with your's ... leave me a message ... e-mails... or find us on fb and feel free to comment there ... always love to hear your views ... this is part one of this series on coffee tables ... more eye candy from the archives in the next one ... :)And while we are in the mood for talking and styling the coffee table ... drop by at our pinterest page and see all the inspirational pictures in my Coffee Table Styling, folder ... right, here.[...]

Here is where I am ... ;)


There are quite a few reasons I am missing from the regular heavy duty action, here on the blog ... guess on a sunnier day (my batteries are solar charged) ... ;)) ... I might have it in me to share more ... but in the mean while I know so many of you are mad at me for being M. I. A ... have to say I love all those calls and messages wondering where I am  ... Here is where I am at the Delhi Blue's Pottery Studio ... training in pottery and tackling clay which has been a freaky NO-GO- Creative medium for me.Drying on the window sill are a few of the pinch pottery technique pieces I attempted ... don't miss the first one on the left ... my very first introduction with clay ... falling to pieces already ... :)))  ... the lil' tweety bird lid makes it to the kiln firing ... but my maiden attempt at sculpture ...will not be making it to the firing stage ... lets just say...biiiiig learning curve... ;) ... though, I am in love with the thought of seriously taking up being a sculptor ... :))))Meet Bablu, the most creative help around the studio, he is a learn on the job kind of artist ... and surprisingly, at the studio ... no one can seem to function without him ... his opinions about all issues come very subtly and softly ... never interfering with the teachers ... you'd be as floored by his creativity as I was ... seeing some of the pieces he creates during low time at the when he offers to tech you loading the kiln for firing ... :)) you pack up all else and listen and learn ... :))))... scary part ... handling all the work ... (not mine) ... knowing all the love that went into making it by the artists  and the anticipation of how it'll turn out  ... will see the real results when I head over to the studio tomorrow... :)) ... ah! yes ... these two lil' birdies (mine) lets see if they make it through the first round of firing ... :) ... I had a third birdie too ... looks like he flew away under mysterious circumstances ... ;) ... :((I am learning ... channelizing my creative energy ... the internal topsy-turvy thingies are figuring themselves out ... ;)) But most of all THE SPRING is here ... :)))))))))))))))))))Its flowers all around ... my gardens shooting new life ... my camera is staring at me ... all the ideas are beginning to make me feel guilty ... soooooo ...  I guess, lets get back to business ... and I hope to come back with many posts that you'll all enjoy and be inspired ... :)))Thankyou for the patience ... thankyou once again for checking in on me ... :)[...]

A Good Morning Thought ... :)


Found this picture on Pinterest last night. Aaand it pretty much justifies a lot ... after my first reaction ... a sigh ! and a Hmmm! ... I figured ... Art really does make all of us Happy ... what I call art, may quiet simply be the plain white canvas hanging behind my sofa (which for some reason everyone is itching to splash with something or the other ... ;)) ... am I glad its my home and I have the ultimate say in what I hang ...:)) ... ) not  to forget the gigantic bamboo stick in my giant white  pot. I never like to give justifications for what I love having around my house ... but if I ever was to give one ... this picture would pretty much say it all for me.
Yes ...  we all have our own definition of what is Art ...and ... it makes us Happy !!!
Have a great day and love surrounding yourself with your kind of art ... :))

Lets talk flowers on a chilly winter morning ... :)


On a chilly winter morning like today here in Gurgaon ... a little talk about flowers can sure perk me up. Anyways, it has been sometime we talked about arranging flowers.
Bunch of green mums at my florists looked very attractive. And knowing my love for miniature arrangements around the house ... just one bunch and I had tiny lil' ones all over ... :) Ofcourse, not to say that I have a separate set of straight white glasses only for this.

Everytime I go on without the flowers or green ... it feels like something is not quite o.k around the house. And moment I get even a small bunch  ... hmmm ... you always wonder," ... now why didn't I think of it earlier ..." .... ;)
... and if it feels right to me ... bunch up a few glasses together ... why ... cause I can and I love it ... :))
Hope you are getting into the mood to experiment with some new variety of flowers ... or try some tiny arrangements like these ... ;) It sure puts you into a comfort zone and no calories to worry about either ... and incase you are going to be really happy and start snacking ... hey! join the gang ... :)))))))))))))))))))))))

Have a peek into the Pottery Bazaar 2013 ... :)


 Just got these pictures from Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ... from over at the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust. Thankyou soooo ... much Rekha ... I know you are right now swamped with tons of things  ... I should have shot some of these images myself, last year ... ;))But I was a kid at the candy store ... seriously forgot all about the camera ... and I am sooo looking forward to seeing all those artists again this year and hoping for so much more ... :))                                                   I am not going to say much over this post ... just that the place ... the people ... and its the best setting one can wish for. Hope to hear from all of you who'll be dropping by... :)See you all there ... and remember ... do bring along sturdy bags to carry back your treasures ... :)))                                               Rekha Bajpe Agarwal ( Delhi Blue Pottery Trust)And when you see the lady above ... SMIIIIIILLLLLLLLLE  AND WAVE , PEOPLE ... SMIIIIIIIILE AND WAVE ... ;))o.k so I am dead already ... :)[...]

The Potter's Bazaar 2014 ...


There is something about the winter weekends that we all look forward to ... a bit of warm sunshine ... a bit of green somewhere  ... combine it with loads of creative people and make the location something as amazing as Anandgram and we are talking about a lovely weekend.
For all the collectors  ... for all those looking to start a new collection ... or those wanting to have a peek at the amazingly creative potter's from around India ... DON'T ... miss the Pottery Bazaar 2014.
If you have already been there before ... well just imagine what awaits this year ... if you haven't ... well take my word for it ... I love it each year. And sure I'll be there too ... nooo ... not as a potter ... but as a passionate aficionado of pottery... hanging around to be bitten by the creative bug ... :)
Get the details of the event on face book here.

Thanks Casaviva ... :))


Since this image appeared on fb ... with me tagged by Ragini Singh Joshi (Creative Director Casaviva and Better Homes and Garden )... there has been an explosion of activity in my life(read fb life) ... ;)) ... I am going bonkers trying to make sure non of my dear readers or friends gets missed being thanked ... so in case I did slip ... THANKYOU ALL ... ;)))))))))))))) So having hung Ragini and Anuradha Varma (Editor Casaviva ) ... in the limbo for over a year ... I had to finally stop being jumpy and jittery about shooting my home and say 'Yes' ... gosh! I don't think I was so jumpy about a Yes ... even when I got married ...;)) ... ooops come to think of it ... he never proposed ... Wooh ! ... that is half a life time too late realising that ... Excuse me ... could you hold the line while I go confront Mr. Significant other ... ahhh ! on second thoughts I'll let this one pass. He'd probably show me his grey hair and tell me hasn't he's suffered enough ...;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Oh! ... men ... I tell you ... they never stop complaining ... ;)  ... well ! where was I  ... oh! yeah ... the home being shot ... so we pulled up our shocks ... shined up the shoes ... and tried putting our best foot forward ... ;) ... Ofcourse, you see my home in bits and pieces everytime ... a bit more, off and on in media features ... but this time its a LOT more than usual ... :))Since, a lot of my readers overseas asked for an e-copy of the story ... ladies and gentlemen ... this is best of what I could come up with ... :)I really did have a great time with the team while they where doing all the hardwork. Ragini ... Anuradha and  photographer Yashas Chandra ... guys ... thankyou ... you are wonderful professionals to work with ... would look forward to any collaboration in the future with loads of enthu ... :)[...]