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hush and listen

Updated: 2016-03-02T23:59:19.896+08:00


Tres Años


Oh My God!

I actually almost forgot. Today marks this silly space of mine its Third Year! Whew! Yes! It has been three years or at least as the archive of this blog would suggest, I posted my very first article on this blog last October 04, 2004 and previously titled: Confessions of Cairo.

To be honest though, i didnt enjoy blogging way back as much I am enjoying it this year. I dont know really why. Maybe because I dont really anything about blogging (neither I think about it now anyway - lolz) back then. A friend of mine just inserted a blogging page for me to lined up all my poems and essays for the personal webpage cum portfolio that I am asking him to do. So this blog page is really accidental, so to speak. But hey, as I would always say, I AM SO PROUD OF THIS PAGE!

Fellow Bloggers, Friends, and Especially CRITICS - for and against what is posted here, makes me feel more and more proud of what this blog have become. From an accidental blog to a full pledge self sufficient and living blog that reaches to across the worLd (Oh Yeah argue with me with this statement) Hush and Listen, as I would like to believe, have reached its blog maturity. I am still awe by the figures and charts of this blog. Never did thought that people would actually read things written here especially mostly it is theme with melancholic thought, agony, despair and not to mention the poignant poems. But Hey, YOU GUYS are so fucking terrific! For that I will always be indebted.

and to my misery who have been my gasoline and conitnously fueling with the inspiration of sad thoughts, thank you for defining me everyday to be a better and bolder writer.

To all my friends who have been my inspiration in some of the Gay Eroticas (OOooopss! Better Scratch this one, they might not tell me their stories).

To All that have been and will be Finalist of The G* Spot Weblog Award, Guys You are the Certainly a GREAT BLOG, worthy of reading! Truly indeed you are all an epitome of true blogging!

To All my Co Authors at United SEA, Keep the Flame Burning!

And Most Importantly, To ALL my Faithful Readers,






HUSH AND LISTEN is now officially entering its Fourth Year. Better. Bolder. Sexier. Hard Hitting. So Watch Out!



(image) "I am Evolving."

Well, I figured I should explain myself before I go on and on with my daily post.

It seems like I'm losing all my readers. I know I have the few rich and famous who always come by and comment and then I have a few who comment every now and then but it seems like I've lost them all and I'm not going to just go back out and get a bunch of readers by being active. Because I just don't care that much anymore. Plus, I don't produce as fast as I used to and I don't produce things that people relatively relate to. Most of this community relates to love, lust, and sorrow and I don't exactly want to produce that anymore as of the moment. I think we all know that I only produce on my own terms usually.

I think I'm becoming less of a writer and I don't know why. But, I will write something if I deem it necessary. I have something up my sleeve that I've had for a while and got really close to doing it but I didn't want to do it because it goes against the morally right in the majority of this democracy that we live in. But I'll post it, sometime. I actually have to write it first. You get what I'm trying to say.

If you don't know or didn't read the journal it basically says in short: I'm not going to be around as much and goes more into detail of why. One main reason is health, then weight, then work, then other offline shit.

Other than that, it's melancholic and humorous at times, I think. Melancholic merely i think i am an effective writer when i am depressed. Depression have often serve as a gasoline for my pen and/or my keyboard, or whatever. But, while I like my works to be melancholic and humorous at times I also like to bring reality and truth to them. I sometimes like to bring harsh and blunt truth.

Hiatus? NO. I am just evolving.

Another Nomination


I just found out that Hush and Listen has been nominated for the First Ever "The Gay Dude Award for the Best Personal Blog".

So who the hell is Gay Dude?

He is one of the Greatest Gay Blogger of his Time, author of Voyeur Nation and one of the founder of the Must Read Gay Men Rule who passed away a couple of years ago due to cancer.

The Award is a tribute of an avid reader and co author of Gay Men Rule, Steve aka Diamondfistwerny to commemorate the late blogger and his writings.

So if you have time, do check out:

and cast in your votes!!!

To the Organizer, Thank you So Much.

Requiem for Ignoramus (Chapter II)


I supposed to at least write something good and light today of shring my experience on the White Party Celebration held in Malate, Manila. However, I got so distracted by a comment on one of my most recent post, "Requiem for Ignoramus"

A comment left by a fellow blogger and author of Berate My Blog to wit,

Look, if it's really that painful, you can get psychotherapy to change your sexual orientation. And pray. It might take years and some money, but there are success stories.

Being gay is simply a retardation of normal emotional development caused by failure of the person to relate to the parent/figure of the same sex during the first six years of life. In conventional emotional development, the person feels attraction to the opposite sex at onset of puberty.

Being gay is not irreversible, but you must help the doctor and try to love your dad as much as possible.

Now, about this blog.

Like what the Blogsite suggest, this blog entails reviews of blogs from the different spectrum. There are also some neat stuff where where the two authors tries to accomodate some people seeking a bit of interior decoration. Pretty Cool really.

I also have submitted Hush and Listen to their list for review and to be berated so to speak. And they did accomodate it and made one for this site which i truly appreciate getting an 8 out of the 10 supposed to highest point I think Hush and Listen did well. (So Hooray for that and my appreciation to the effort of the authors to actually take a look at my blog and berate it. So this is to clear the cloud that maybe my blog got junked or rated low that's why i am publishing this post now.)

But I think, Hush and Listen triggers something more from the two authors which marks the comment above. It is sad really that obviously the authors sees HOMOSEXUALITY as a form of Retardation that needs professional help from psychotherapist. It can really as a suprise that all along I thought it was truly a site that understands clearly what the LGBT Community is all about. Afterall, most of the sites that they are berating are actually gay sites, and please correct me if wrong that even the TOP Three Reviewed sites are by Gay Authors. SO it is rather vague that the authors have this sad views of WHO HOMOSEXUALS ARE.

Indeed, A Requiem for Ignoramus is in order.


Berate (verb) to scold harshly

Because of You


(image) "Thank you for being here."

I never did imagine this little space would go this far. This Blog has remain in slumber for quite a long time since it was originally done in 2004 with a banner "Cairo's Confessions" as part of my personal website hosted in geocities. Templates of which are meticlously designed by brew.

Honestly, I never took it seriously back then. Just look at the archive, Seven post on 2004 and twelve for 2005. (lolz!) not until the last quarter of 2006. Self Studied the html codes to personally design the templates. "If I am going to make this blog active, I want me in every little detail there is and that will definitely includes the template." I told myself.

Early this year i installed a webcounter for every unique visitors (IP Address) will visit this space. Today, Hush and Listen has officially reached its first 100,000 visitors! Pretty cool really! I mean even the geovisite statistics in exiciting me readers accross the globe and I think it is safe to say that I have now covered most of the continents. Not to mention the various reviews Hush and Listen is earning from Blog Critics and bloggers alike which truly boost this author's morale to better his craft.

And add these things to the nominations for the different blog awards, that most recent of which is in the "Blogger's Choice" (thanks to Ms. Eve). Didnt actually win anything yet, but the nomination itself and being part of the finalist is more than enough to make me feel honored.

At this point, Allow me to say my sincerest gratitude to All my readers and Critics alike - Maraming Salamat po, Thank you very much, Tosha, Muchas Gracias, Merci Beacoup, Grazies...


So much for the speech, now please enjoy the post under this one, "Revenue Martyrs"
A Short story still dedicated to June Pride Celebration. May it serve as an eye opener to the Mass Media (not generally of course) who have only see the LGBT community as "Revenue Martyrs"

Read On Guys...

H&L: Updates


(image) "I am Working on It!"
Honestly, the switching of Blogger into a new platform really gave me the headache, been wanting to move in to the new format but i still would like to maintain my three column format that i have carefully draft in the old blogger platform and for almost a week, i have been searchin all of the help i can get but i cant still figure it out. I am a "street smart" type of template designer and i am used of making it the old fashion ways but the newest widgets in the new platform are quite complicated. Thus, I would really need to transfer to the new platform for this.

But I guess you cant stop a street rat like me... I have out smarted blogger [at least i think i have] and voila! I am officially in the new platform and with almost the same template i used to have in the old one! Plus with some new widgets for my readers to have a much more easier grasp of the blog, so here are the newest things about Hush and Listen:
  • Drop Down Archive List (2004 to present)
  • Recent Comments Auto Posting
  • Post Link/Blog Reaction
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Language Translation
  • Labels and Categories
I am still working on the "the peak-a-boo" post. I got the codes installed but I think something is wrong, its still not working. So i am calling geniuses out there to help figure this out.

On the Other hand, i temporarily schew the tag board. So if there is something you need to tell me about this blog or even personal stuff, please use the comment page.

I am really excited about this and I am hoping that these new widgets will help me expressed accross to a greater readership what hush and Listen is really all about. The nine Language Translation for this blog would really be cool in helping me to achieved this.

Lastly, I am calling on you guys, to help me out in improving this blog. Tell me your suggestions/comments or whatever... I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Guys! Happy Weekend! I Hope you Enjoy, FLIP.

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free.

Isang Daan na Po


I have started this blog someone started this blog for without knowing actually what this shit is all about, it is just somewhere in october 2004 i had this urge of wanting to have a personal space where i can write about the things i feel, iam feeling and will feel. Good enough someone named Aian aka Brew, [his previous site was named brew over cigar, i know you hate it how i spell your name man lolz] agreed to do a template for my personal website that gave birth to Cairo's Confession and along with those templates design was also a personalized template for this space in blogger. He literally open up everything for me, even the account for the geocities and an account here at blogger. Username and password included. [lolz!]remembering the old blog design for hush and listenI am pretty much amaze with the design and the same time got pretty much interested with all these HTML codes. Pretty cool really!!!! Knowing me, i would want to learn the trick to it...So ive tried to catch on the things on how he had done it. His design back then inspired me to learn this craft and do it personally this time. And i think it did causes me some migraine attacks. But voila! I am currently using my latest design here, i guess it can speak for itself, if i have learn on not. What do you think?Back to the blog, from then on this has been my little voice box for those unspoken tales happening to my day to day life. It has played witness to some of my budding relationship and played a theraphy for those sleepless nights of break ups and melancholic saga. Of course, it also played part in a number of happiness with friends and foes alike.For two years now, this blog have is serving as a capsule for those memories of heaven and hell, love and lust. To tell you honestly, it is just recently that i am enjoying this insignificant thread in the internet that i call my own. I remeber a friend that would always tease about this blog of mine and the months that has passby and careless attitude of not updating it. He would often tell me that, "Your most probably in love now, that why your not updating your blog!" Yes it is true, i am someone whom you can call a sad writer. The writer that is IN is often awakened by sad thoughts and is in slumber when i am happy. But more than that, i would often personally surrender this space to save my "partners" from their insensible jealousy. Two of them in my past had brought in one or another this blog in one or some of our fights. Yes, i heard you its pathetic. But hey, i am in love what can i do. That was me then. It is just recently that i completely enjoyed writing more on this space. Most probably that would also explain why today only marks my 100th post considering the two years i have been here. Readers? I never did really expected that people really, actually reading my shitty things here. But Still, it literally amazes me that this little blog has grown... Never really expect people who i dont even personally know to read it since it's just a minute insignificant thread in the internet quilt, so small that it's always a surprise to have someone stumble on it. To date, my statistic tells me that i had 19,217 readers from accross the globe, ranked 3rd at the PLU Blog Listing. Generally, i guess this is what every writer's dream, to know someone is actually reading your shitty stuff. To know that somehow, even for just a minute of someone elses life, you have become a part of it and appreciating and dissecting your work and in return become a part of you eventhough their millions of miles away.To All of you who has been and is being a part of this world of mine, Thank you.[...]

The Verve Award


Hey guys and girls.

I just got this in my blog hopping.

It would be great if you could nominate me and your other favorites. Thanks!

We are pleased to announce our first annual Verve Weblog Awards! Nominations are being taken for 25 awards to be rewarded to the very best GLBT weblog writers. Everyone's invited to take part in the nomination process, so visit Lone Star Verve to find out how you can nominate and vote for your favorite GLBT blogs! Nominations will close October 27, 2006. After finalists are selected, voting will begin November 1, 2006. Good luck!

Best wishes,
Lewis Adrian
Editor @ Lone Star Verve

I am a Sexy Blogger???


Now this is amusing!

Anyway there is this thing called Sex Blogger of the Day, The site features every Gay Blogger in the World! and Shocks! I was featured in the said site last September 27, 2006 to be its Sexy Blogger of the Day!

Yes, I was named to be one of the world's sexiest blogger! hahaha.

Personally, I never thought I am sexy physically, so the feature really is quite flattering in all its sense.

To the author and group of the site, Thank you very much! Pretty Cool!



(image) What Am I Thinkin?