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DHB Design Studio

Updated: 2016-09-08T00:34:36.834-04:00


DHB Design Studio Summer Bazaar


 Lots of stuff happening with DHB Design Studio this summer...many changes that have been in the works for months now.  We are hosting a SUMMER BAZAAR that you will not want to miss!  We have been gathering, crafting, and finalizing all the goodies...home decor, candles, furniture, accessories and more...take a look at just a few of the items we will be offering!
(image) (image)
Stay tuned for more details!  Happy Wednesday!!!


New Year, New You


Well, I am feeling a bit rusty here...looking back over the last year or two of this is obvious life has been a bit chaotic!  I have much I need to say and catch up on...but not today!  Today, I simply want to post a few images of what's happening in my world - doing a lot of soul searching, examination of where I am going in 2013!  Happy Wednesday! A series I am going through during the month of January by Lara Casey...if you desire to change your 2013 and don't know where to start - go HERE! I picked up my crochet needles after many years...many...remembering what my grandmother taught me as a young girl and learning a few news things too...if you like this one, you can purchase in the right hand column!!! Sweet encouragement from a friend...there is nothing better than doing life with people who believe in you...especially when you haven't found that belief for yourself yet!!! New Chalkboards from DHB Design Studio...I have two sizes available - look for the purchase icon coming soon! My precious blessed by these three!  I can't even believe God would allow me to shepherd and lead blessed! And last...I think this summarizes what God has been doing in me over the last two years!  Internal change, external change...moving me to where He wants me to be!!!  Looking forward to 2013 and all that it holds! [...]

Is it really June???


Hello June!
I am REALLY behind on just about everything...including updating this little blog!  
So, please come back...changes are a comin!!!
Happy Wednesday and enjoy some random images from my computer!


It's February already???


Happy Valentines Day to all! Well, as I type that, I realize January has come and gone AND with it my deadlines for several projects!!! On the "to be completed" list...some of which has not been in my control (urgghh!)
  • Putting our house on the market...deadline was January 31st...BUT that didn't happen because...
  • We JUST got most, NOT ALL, of our home repairs complete last week from storm roof, gutters, siding, etc...we still have one issue left and we will be ready!!!!
  • New website/blog up and running for DHB design studio...this has been totally a TIME FACTOR for me and somewhat difficult to finalize! God has been placing so many changes on my heart about the direction of my company, my family, my ministries...that it has a been a process to weed certain things out and to feel like the end result is exactly how I want it to hopefully, SOON!!!
  • Need to clean out the kid's closets...again - why do they have to grow so fast???

I'm sure I can add lots more to this list...but I keep telling myself one thing at a time...Here are a few things I have been up to in the month of January...enjoy!

(image) (image) A few design boards from a recent client me for E-Design services!!!
Then there is this fantastic company that my husband and I got involved with called Advocare! Amazing products, amazing company, amazing friends that have given us a great gift!
This product alone has saved my life, ha! (image) If you haven't heard of AdvoCare, you soon will...and if you want to know more then email me at . Or you can go to to see more. We are about to start a 24 Day Group Challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone reach their health goals!

(image) These babies keep me going...they grow so very fast and I find myself trying to slow that process down by being present - mentally and physically! I love the quote by missionary Jim Elliott..."Where ever you are, be all there!" I am trying to practice this daily!

Happy Tuesday, Happy Valentines Day, and have a blessed week!!!


Yes, I'm still alive....


It has been soooo long since I've last has just been - changing!!! I've got several things in the I'm hoping to get things more settled this month! One obvious change is the look of this's a little bit chaotic but please hang in...I'm attempting to make some changes all by myself!!! Another big change is my DHB Designs website...which if you click on that little tab on the right, you will quickly find it is not there - changes in the works there as well so if you need my design services, please message me here or email me! LOTS of changes for 2012...good changes - changes I believe the Lord has been placing on my heart for some time now...guess I better quit fighting and just get on board with Him! Happy Wednesday! (image) (image)

Hello again!


height="344" src="" frameborder="0" width="459" allowfullscreen=""> Hello again! It seems I just haven't been able to get back into a "blogging" groove since little Maggie arrived! It's hard to believe she is 6 months! Today I am posting for a blog friend...whom I don't know very well but she is on my heart today! Praying for you sweet Tracie!(image)

Random happenings....


I know I've dropped the ball on this blogging thing...trying to get back in the groove so here goes! Random happenings...
  • my husband just got a new teaching job in a different school system after being at the same high school for 15years...bittersweet in many ways and big changes for him! We are all very excited though - especially knowing he will now be in the same school system the kids are at!!!! Go Tornadoes!
  • (image)
  • Maggie is now sleeping through the night - hooorahhh!!! She started sleeping until 6am about 3 weeks ago - talk about great! I actually feel human again!
  • Olivia lost her first tooth - David and I have never seen anyone more excited - she was giddy!
  • Braxton - my almost 9 year old - convinced me he needed to try out contact lenses...mainly because "as a baseball catcher, I need to be able to throw my face mask off during important plays", we are giving that a try this week!
  • working on some changes for DHB Designs...
  • snagged a pair of Henredon Wing chairs in near perfect condition...more to come on those!
  • David and I joined a company called Advocare....David is starting the 24Day Challenge this week and I am started some other products to see if I can't get my self back into some kind of shape after baby number three - my stomach muscles are shot!!! Go check it out...fantastic company, email me if you are interested in any of their products! Go HERE!
  • Joined about addictive!!! But I am trying to convert all my images saved on my hard drive over so I can free up some space and as a bonus, my images will be super organized and that will save me loads of time when I am designing for a client!!! Go here to check it out!
That is all for now, hope you have a blessed Monday!!!


Long overdue!!!


Hello to anyone who is still tuning in here...I know it has been such a long time, but what can I say - being a mother of three has been an adjustment!!! I feel like I'm finally coming out of the fog here so I thought a quick little post would be nice! (image)
So...introducing our newest addition: Margaret Grace Baumann...we are calling her Maggie for short! Born March 18th, 2011 at 9:18pm weighing 8lbs 5oz and measuring 21"long. She's perfect in every way and looks just like her big brother with her big sisters crazy hair!!! (image) (image)
These next two photos melt my heart...seeing my two oldest children with their baby sister has been such a blessing! They adore her and it shows!!! (image) (image)
She's already grown and changed so much...going on 7 and 1/2 weeks hard to believe! Be back soon to share more photos and changes going on here at the Baumann house! Happy Tuesday!

Count down!


Well, it has been a long time since posting but that's the way it goes in the last month of just get by! We are now on count down...less than a week and a half - unless she decides to arrive early - which is a good possibility. My husband is going for Thursday of this week...I'm thinking it might be as early as Wednesday - guess we will find out soon enough! So happy Monday to all...not sure when I will be posting again...your prayers would be much appreciated in the next week or two!!!(image)

Happy Birthday to me!


Happy birthday to me....I am 36 today!!! I must say this last year has been a up and down year. Many changes, the biggest one being I am about to be a mom of THREE - something I had not planned it has been a year of "leaning" on the Lord and trusting in His plan instead of my own. God is good and I am blessed beyond measure when I think of all I have. Right now I'm sitting at home with my two wonderful of which is "cleaning" my house for me because she said "it's your birthday and you shouldn't have to clean on your birthday" sweet five year old girl - she makes me smile!!! My oldest has some big ideas about the two of them baking a birthday cake for me...on their own - we'll see how that goes :) My daughter keeps asking me what I want for my birthday...I told her just to be with my family and chill out tonight - which wasn't an acceptable answer so here are a few things on my wish list, plus a few more things I'm saving up for: Some new sunglasses since I just broke my $5 Target pair....they lasted a year which is pretty amazing - mine typically don't make it through the summer! I'm also loving FRESH from Sephora...this "High Noon" bronzer would be fantastic since I'm looking pretty pasty white! This Ikea Lack series bookcase in white...need it for the new nursery/playroom...and the Gulliver Crib from Ikea to finish the room off!and last but not least these are a couple of things I'm saving up my Christmas and birthday money for...A Kitchen Aid stand mixer - my fourteen year old hand held is on it's last leg! And last but not least...this Canon 50mm 1.4 lens! Happy Wednesday to all and thank you to all my family and friends for the wonderful birthday wishes! [...]

Looking back...moving forward!


Please forgive my absence...we've been juggling a lot of things over here (9 weeks before our new addition arrives - or at least I pray she waits that long) and spending time looking back and moving forward into the new year. I will probably be taking more time away from this blog in the coming month as we prayerfully consider changes that we want to make in 2011...including changes to this blog! So many wonderful books and sites that I have been using to help us in this journey - looking forward to sharing those with you soon! I hope you have a wonderful week - we are snowed in here and loving it! Happy Tuesday!(image) Family Christmas photo 2010(image)

Christmas Day!


"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a SAVIOR has been born to you; he is CHRIST the Lord...." Thank you Father for the gift you gave...may we always remember this in the hustle and bustle of what this season has become! Merry Christmas to all!(image)

I've been a busy bee...


Hello to all! It is Thursday and I am so very glad! I've been one busy bee for the past week with design work (which I am very thankful for!) So here is a glimpse of what I've been working on... A FEW DESIGN BOARDS FOR E-DECORATING SERVICE...(image) (image) Also decorated a house for Christmas with the help of a sweet design friend, Amanda...we really had fun and it turned out beautiful - will share those pics when I download from my camera! I am going to be taking some time off to enjoy the holidays with my family...I pray that each of you will take the time to remember the true meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!(image)

A little problem over here...


I think I have a little problem over here at my house...I've been SOOOO busy over the last few weeks that I having NOTHING wrapped and placed under the tree! My problem is five year old has resorted to picking up random objects around the house and "wrapping" them (which consists of a little ribbon, glue, random boxes she finds) and placing them under the tree! In fact at this very moment I spy one of her baby doll cradles being used as a "box" for a present which is actually a book she pulled off the shelf in the playroom,ha! Gotta love kids! Be back soon!(image)

Baby it's cold outside!


We awoke to snow falling this morning...not enough to keep anyone from school or work, but it was so beautiful!!!! Here is a run down of my day.... Started off with some laundry in my new washer and it wrong to say that you are "in LOVE" with an appliance? Can I say this just might be the BEST gift I've ever received! Next, I had breakfast with this lovely little kitty cat...I even had to feed her the milk, ha...notice that "bed head"...she just crawled out of bed to get ready for school! Next stop after dropping off at school was Joann's in search of trim for a client's window treatment...but I have no pictures because I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of craft stuff!!! Then I made a stop at a shop that has really beautiful items...only most of it is out of my budget as well as my client's budget, but I love to go in a look....this is what I found - a mirror that would be PERFECT for a client's master bedroom (we've been searching for a while) only it is out of the budget - FOR now...we'll see what else we can find! This is a snapshot of a sofa that I'm dreaming family room walls are about the same color of the walls you see and this fabric is a stain resistant Sunbrella (outdoor) fabric...if you could see my existing sofa you would agree that it needs a major makeover - this fabric would do nicely!!!! After my dreaming session, I dropped off some used books, cds, and dvds at McKays Bookstore - gotta love this place! And last but not least...I decided to pickup my eight year old early from school today and surprise him with this... okay, so two of the donuts were for me - but the others were for the kiddos!!! Happy Tuesday...and I promise I will be posting for the ONLINE BAZAAR soooonnnn!!![...]

Happy Friday!


So this week has flown by...I've spent most of the day loving on my kiddos and it has been wonderful! Sorry I have not posted anything else for the "online bazaar" but I will be making a trip this weekend to my storage unit and will be taking LOTS of pictures...may find another way to post these items all at once - perhaps in the "Shop the Boutique" section on my website here. I have a few items left of the items already posted, so if you are interested, shoot me an email at . Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...we are heading out later this evening to look at Christmas lights, Happy Friday!!!!(image)

Love these!!!


It's Wednesday and I'm posting a bit late in the day, but here goes...continuing with the online bazaar...we have these lovely little wall baskets..."envelope wall baskets" by Aidan Gray...very similar to the larger magazine basket posted on Monday (which by the way, there is only one left) (image) It measures 16"H 8"W 6"D perfect for holding your incoming/outgoing mail - would look so smart with a cute label tied to the front!!! Retail $36.00 plus tax and shipping DHB Designs $18.00 plus shipping...I have six in stock!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!(image)

Moonlighting Decoupage Plates


It's rainy and very dreary here today...perfect day to stay in and get some work done!!! So take a look at today's featured item for the ONLINE BAZAAR: (image) (image)
A Set of 4 Moonlighting Decoupage plates! Perfect for a kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room! Colors are rich and bright - very French Country in style!
Retail $60.00 each (bringing the total to $240 for the Set of 4)
DHB Designs $85.00 plus shipping for the Set of 4
Here are a few ideas of what you could do with these.... Start a collection and hang them in a group as a focal point... (image)
Love this arrangement in a dining could also group them with a painting - hanging to plates on each side!
This photo is of John Derian's shop in New York...he is the decoupage king! Go online to look for a large scale platter or tray to hang with the set of 4!
If these are for you just email me at can even send me photos of where you are thinking about hanging these pretties and I will give you some direction! Happy Tuesday!

Backyard Bazaar


So, a few MONTHS ago...I had a grand idea of having a backyard bazaar to unload about 8 plus years of design "stuff" that I have in storage - well, Fall weather has come and gone but I still need to unload my storage facility!!! So, this is the plan....I will be posting items daily for the next week here on the blog and on DHB Designs facebook page - if you see an item you just gotta have - shoot me an email at and we will get payment and delivery set up!!! So for today's item/s.....I have these lovely magazine wall baskets from Aidan Gray Home, only two in stock...perfect to house all those design magazines or to use for filing paperwork in your home office! (image) Dimensions: 15H 20W 4D Finish: light brown, dimensional texture - powder coated, rustic wire basket style (no rust), mounts flat to the wall Price: Suggested Retail $63.00 plus tax and shipping DHB Designs $49.00 plus shipping (or free delivery/pickup if local) Happy Monday!!!! Don't forget to check back daily this week for more goodies!!! Fabric, mirrors, accessories, and more! (image)

Happy Thanksgiving!


I have so many things to be thankful for this year..

  • for God above and His son, Jesus Christ
  • a husband who works very hard
  • healthy, happy children...and a precious baby girl on the way
  • our home
  • family and friends
  • financial provision from God above
  • a brand new washer and dryer that is making my life SO much easier
  • and this, playing, and preparing for a wonderful holiday weekend!

Happy Wednesday to you all...and Happy Thanksgiving!f




Thankful for these two today....
Happy Friday!

Take a look!


Go take a look over here at this lovely blog....
she is doing a fabulous giveaway!!! Happy Wednesday!

What I'm doing today...


This is what I'm doing today:
  • "picking up" the house...our busy week has left it looking like a tornado struck!
  • began cleaning out and organizing my office Monday...still working on it, almost there!
  • and finally...this
(image) Olivia and I are just about to start some cinnamon rolls! We made some dough on Sunday with the book "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day"...we've already made a whole wheat sandwich bread so we are gonna try something SWEET! Let you know how it turns out!!! Post edit: The book is Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a is awesome and has gluten free recipes...I know my local library had it so I imagine you could check the Knox County Library...I purchased my from Amazon and have not regretted it! Good luck ladies!!!


A few things on my wish list...


I cannot believe it is November...this year has really flown by!!! The holidays are fast approaching and I'm trying to get organized and ahead of the game this year! Our schedule is about to hit hyper husband coaches high school basketball and that officially began last week - I'm feeling the pinch in my schedule!!! I've been fighting a cold for two weeks now and I am today I am spending most of the day getting my house in the spirit of getting clean and organized, here are a few things on my wish list (does Santa do cleaning supplies???) Loving these clear, lockable bins from the container store...could use these for soooo many things I've also been eyeing these Rhino Trunks for the kids...with a little one on the way we are gonna be converting a playroom into a nursery soon if our house does not these would be perfect at the foot of their beds to keep all their favorite stuff!!! I like these glass canning jars but not for canning...I'm actually looking for clear storage containers for my office to organize all the little crafty things floating around!Oh...and this little item - The Shark Steam and Vac or the Bissell Steam and Vac....not sure which one I like more - but my Swifer Vac is on it's last leg and I would LOVE one of these to vacuum and steam mop my floors!!!! Love these Pyrex glass food storage containers....I'm trying to do a little "batch" cooking to have some meals stored away in the freezer and these would be perfect because they can go from freezer to oven!!! Happy Monday!!!! [...]



Missing in action...that's what I've been...definitely a lot of action in the last week or two! Which is probably why I came down with a little cold, but I think I am finally on the mend now! I last posted on my trip to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta...can I just say - I was really disappointed! Did anyone else go??? What were your thoughts? I only found a hand full of vendors that really stood out and were unique - other than that, I'm not sure I will be going back! Yeah, it was that disappointing! Oh well, I did have a nice trip with my mom so it wasn't a total waste! So, that's it for today - exciting I know! Happy November!!!(image)