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Notes from Wisconsin

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18th Bday


Today is also a big day in our home for another reason. Sid, the cat, is 18 years old!!!! In cat years,(according to, he is 69.7 years old. Sid had a great bday and had a treat, lots of napping, and lots of playing too. He acts like a little kitten sometimes and other times he looks old. The Vet said that they could not believe how old he is due to the fact he is so fit.
Happy Birthday, Sid!!!

Regional spelling bee results



Today, Abby competed in the Regional Spelling Bee in West Bend, WI, at Silverbrook Middle School. She did very well. She placed 4th place in the Cesa 6 region. Her parents and school are very proud of her. This was the second year in a row she competed in the regional and that in itself is hard to do and something for her to be proud of. I know she feels very disappointed at this time, but I hope she will look back at this and realize that she did a great job and we are very proud.

Long Weekend But .....


This has been a long weekend but has been fun. This weekend was the basketball tournament for 6th grade at our school, St. John. Ian's team did very well. All of their games were close (I hardly had a voice after each of the games.) The games were so close and stressful. Ian's team won the first game, lost the second game and the final game ....... they won~!!!!! Giving them third place in the tournament. They won the final game in the last few seconds of the game. They had one play and one chance to execute the play and they did it!!! They are playing so well and have learned so much this year. They are playing like a team and that is certainly making a difference this year. Way to go, Ian!!!!
Abby also started Forensics this weekend. Forensics is a form of speech giving, or reading poetry, telling stories etc....Abby is doing storytelling. This is her third year in forensics and each year she has done a different category. For her first meet, she did exceptionally well (again). She got first place in both rooms (you perform twice) and she got a bronze medal which they give to the exceptional pieces performed. She almost did not have a voice for her performance because she woke up that morning with frog in her throat. Thankfully all went well and she excelled!!!!
Way to go, Abby!
I did somehow get to quilt a bit. I started on a table runner for Valentine's Day. It is made with Moda fabric. Here is the top done. It just needs to be quilted and bound. Wish me luck on getting this done before the 14th. TTFN

Spelling Bee champ


On Thursday,January 26, my daughter competed in the school spelling bee. The winner of this spelling bee goes to the regional bee in two weeks. The each class from, grades 5th-8th, select three competitors to represent their class. Abby was chosen as one of the 8th graders. I am proud to say that Abby was the winner of the Spelling bee. She won with the word, "bequeath". She will compete on February 10th in the regional bee. Way to go Abby and Good luck next week. TTFN.

January Project Done!!!


(image) I am so excited!!!! I actually finished a project for one of the challenges I am participating in this year.
It is the one project a month challenge.
I decided to use some of my "stash" and make this bag. It is called a
"Smart Bag". I found the pattern at a local quilt shop a few weeks ago. It was sew easy and fun to make. The bag is lined in the polka dot fabric and there are white buttons holding the straps up. The other photograph is batik HST. (Obviously) I signed up for a swap that involved making these. I will have to make them over again, however. I made a little mistake in the directions and thought the finished project was to measure 3" and it actually was to measure 3 1/2 ". Oh well, I am sure I can find something to do with these HST. I have already started on my February project with some Moda fabric I bought last year for Valentine's Day. For me the starting the project is not the problem, it is the finishing. Keep warm and have a great day. TTFN



(image) Today at my children's school, they had the school Geography bee. It is open to grades 5- 8 and a test is given in each class to decide who gets to participate from each class( two from each class). The Syron family was blessed to send both of their children to the bee. The consisted of many rounds going from ten, to four and then the final two contestants. Guess who they were???? I am sure you figured it out. My children Abby and Ian competed for the top spot. And the winner was/is ...........................................Ian. Ian will now compete at the regional level and test a written test for that competiton. As you can see from his smile, he was eleated and proud. Craig and I are so proud of both of our children. We are so happy for our son, Ian, for this great accomplishment. I just had to share. TTFN

Shopping this weekend


My parents allowed me to pick out something for myself for Christmas this year.(along with some other goodies) I went to our local Quilt shop and found a couple things that I liked. I Love Jim Shore figurines and could not resist these when I saw them. There is a little ornament kitty and the larger figurine is called cool cat. I also could not resist the Candy Cane fabric that they had on sale (30% off). It was definitely talking to me.

Other Projects finished ..


(image) I got into a little stitchery the end of 2008. These are two of the projects I finished. The one is called old Santa. I did not like this pattern as much once it was made. I was making it as a gift and then did not like it as well and so I just kept it. I do love the frame I found at Kohls. Christmas clearance is so great!!!
The other framed stitchery is called "when it is dark enough, you can see the stars". i made this for my parents. I loved embellishing it with a little extras like the extra stars and words on the bottom. I loved this pattern and think I may do it again.
I want to finish and draw your attention to the snow flake above. Click on it and check out other blogs and enter to win giveaways. It is called whirl into winter giveaway.
It is very icy in Southeastern WI. I feel that we may just stay home and wait for it to melt. TTFN.

Cat picks


I just wanted to share a couple of photos from Christmas of our cats, Sid and Hermione. They of course enjoyed their Christmas treats including a little catnip from Santa. The first is a photo of sid. Now doesn't he look enthusiastic about the new toy I made him. He has that look like what do you want me to do with that. He did however play with it after a little coaxing.
The second photo is of Herme. She is enjoying herself in the trash paper box. We could not get her out of there!!
Enjoy the picks and Have a good day. TTFN



A long time has passed since I last blogged. My mother has been saying when are you going to add something to your blog....... Well, here goes.
First, Happy New Year to all!! I have been quilting a little more and I have above a couple of my more recent projects. The top one is an Art to Heart pattern called attitude gratitude. I love Art to Heart. (because they are cute and fast to make)
The bottom is a table runner that I made. It was supposed to be a gift, but I did not finish it in time so........ it may have to stay in our house or I will have to give it next year. (then I will be one present ahead) (He he he) I think this is a good start to blogging for the New Year. Don't worry Mom I will blog again.



(image) This is my baby girl looking more and more like a young lady. She wore this to a recent dance she attended. She was beautiful as always. She had an awesome time with her friends.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for both of my kids. They have been counting down the hours since Monday. ( Yes, I said hours, not days). I think they are looking forward to the upcoming Summer. They both had an awesome school year and excelled in all of their school work and activities. I am very proud of both of them.
As of noon tomorrow, I will have a 6th grader and a eighth grader in our home.

Flowers are in Bloom


Here are some of the first blooms of my flowers. I did have tulips and Daffodils earlier, but forgot to take photographs. I have been working hard on my gardens and have started two more areas. They are WIPs( work in progress). I will show those gardens at a later date( before and after ). I love gardening. I love the flowers and their fragerance. My house smells of lilacs..........I cannot wait for the peonies to open!!!!

First dance


(image) Hello again

Again a long time since I have had time to write. Abby is going to dances now. She went to one last Friday. I am not sure if I will get used to this. She was with some close friends and had a great time. Dancing the night away..........

Aaron Shust - My Savior, My God


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Long time since I have written, I know.

I am posting this song because it uplifts me. I am a bit sad. My family lost a great person today, my Great Aunt Ruth. She was one of the kindest and sweetest person I had the opportunity to know and was lucky enough to be related to. I will always remember(and can almost taste) her gingerbread cookies.I know that she is with her Savior. The goal for those of us who are Christian. I pray that God will be with her family.

Snow day



These are two happy children. Today, December 11, 2007 was their first official snow day. The have played outside(so far) for three hours. They only came in to eat lunch because I made them. They are both making a fort. Their hope is to use the fort for protection when they have a snowball fight later.
Their hands were freezing when they came in the house!@!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the snow if you got it. I think I am ready for a break shoveling. ttfn

Monday night football- Go Pack!


It is Monday night. Packers are off their bye week. Yeah. Craig will get to watch the game. Craig was chomping at the bit because the Pack did not play last week and he had to wait until Monday night to watch his favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. Craig is not like the typical fan. He has stuck by his team no matter how good or bad they have been during his entire life. When it comes to watching the game, he prefers that he is alone with a couple of brewskies in the basement of our house. (unless he is at the game of course.) He usually listens to the radio broadcast and watches the game. ( In Wisconsin, the Packers are always on no matter if they are sold out or not.) I am not allowed to watch with him because I may talk too much and at times he has blamed me for bad plays because I was in the room with him. I give him the time to be alone with his Packers. Their opponent was the Denver Broncos whom they had not beaten to date. When the game went into overtime, I sat down and thought this would be a nail biter overtime and will have to hold my breath during each play. Boy was I wrong!!!! Sixteen seconds into the overtime, Brett Farve threw a bomb of a touchdown to Gregg Jennings to win the game. Score 19-13. It was a great game. It is going to be a sad day in Green Bay when Brett is no longer QB. Go Packers!!! [...]

It has been awhile- Happy Halloween!!!.


Hello. Yes, it has been awhile, but I guess life just got the best of me and it was hard to find time to do this. Yesterday was the day we went trick-or-treating. The kids had a lot of fun. Abby walked around with her friend this year. She did not want any parents with her. This was a really hard descion for me to make. I am very overprotective. I will admit it. This year is definitely turning out to be a challenge when it comes to our daughter, Abigail. ( more of a challenge for me than Craig.) She went again as Queen Amadala from Star Wars. I was very brave and let her go with her friends around the neighborhood. I am so proud of myself.Ian was a clone from Star Wars. (Yes, we love Star Wars in this house) Craig was Dumbledore and I was just a witch. Ian and Abby received many items of good things to eat. Abby even got some tricks like a rubber rat!!. Abby and I also did some crafty things!! We made a spider and a skeleton which Abby named Buster. We decorated the yard a bit and had a lot of fun making them. They were both easy to make and we are already looking into what we can make next year. We definitely had a good weekend with lots of fun. I wish for you a Happy Halloween.[...]




Some people would say these creatures are cute and adorable. I, however, am not one of the some people. This past week my husband informed me that he saw a mouse in the basement while watching some late night television. I was concerned but not too alarmed at that time. I went to the store and got some traps and set them in our furnance room. The next day, I checked the traps. I caught three!!!!!! I thought to myself, my problem is solved there could not be more than that.
Later that night, while waiting for Craig to get home,(he would be the one disposing them), I spoke to Dad and he gave me some pointers on how to clean up the problem. I thanked him and showed the mice to Craig. There were now FIVE mice caught. I felt my heart pounding hard and Craig saw a look in my eye and he just hugged me. I knew we had a bigger problem than just a couple mice. I went to the store and got more traps and other things to dispose of the creatures. I started to clean and set the traps today. I found two more mice.
TOTAL MICE=7 I also found the reason for our creature visit. The were having a great feast. Last Christmas we made two small gingerbread houses with tons of candy and frosting. I found the tin foil wrapped cardboard with nothing but mouse turds.
Two OF THEM. EMPTY!!!!! AAAAGHHH!!! To say the least, the room is now full of mouse traps and clean of the mouse presents and I will never be saving gingerbread homes again!! Have a good week!!

Our Anniversary is Today


Fourteen years of marriage.
That is how long Craig and I have been married.
It seems so long ago.
I look at pictures of our wedding and can remember the fun we had on that day with our family and friends.
It was the time of our lives. We have come a long way together and at times it feels like longer than 14 years and other times it feels like
I am falling in love all over with him.
I thank God that He has given to me such a special man to share my life with and look forward in sharing many more years with him.
Happy Anniversary,Craig. I love you.

Praise You In This Storm


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Here is another song that I have found uplifting. Another song group I enjoy listening to. Casting Crowns.

Bring the rain


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This is one of my favorite songs right now. When I am down and wonder what else can go wrong, I just remember that no matter what, He is here with me through it all.

Pitched for the first time


Look at our lefty................
Ian Syron.
Ian pitched for the very 1st time last week. He did an awesome job!!
He pitched 2 innings and struck out five of the six batters he faced. He started out a bit nervous and walked the first batter, but got composed and pulled it together to help lead the team to a win. Ian plays little league baseball. Craig is the head coach of the team. His team's name is the A's. Ian usually plays second base and sometimes the outfield. He and his team are fun to watch.
Way to go Ian!!!!!!