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Preview: Grayson: a different shade of grey

Grayson: a different shade of grey

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Back to blogging!


I know it has been awhile! My pup is doing much better, but still on daily meds to keep her immune system in check.  It has been a really hectic and stressful beginning half of the year! 

I am heading across country with the pup in tow, since I still can't leave her and I really want to see my family's.  We head out on Wednesday, so I hope to be blogging about our motoring from Chicago to Arizona! Route 66
Hope you are all doing well and I I look forward to sharing and blogging again, to try and be inspiring!

Missed you all!

Off to see these lovekins! 

Let Them Eat Cake!


Well...Hello,  I know I have been missing for a few months.  It has been crazy with my dog getting really sick and then I got that nasty cold.  Which was hard, since I never get sick.  Being sick had it's bright side. I got to troll through Pinterest and found some pretty amazings pins!! found a perfect cake recipe:I made this cake today!Cake recipe: Blueberry Cake with Lemon icing, Alexandra 3 cheers for you. This cake was wonderfully tasty, light and fluffy.  I only made one change, in the frosting.  I didn't have cream cheese, so I made a lemon butter cream and added a bit of fresh lemon juice to have that tangy flavor that balanced the blueberries and sweetness of the cake.I also decorated with a lemon slice and fresh thyme leaves! mmmm the thyme leaves really added that perfect flavor to the lemon!enjoy!xxcallps I will be coming back slowly and hope to be back full time very soon![...]



"The night you kissed me, I left a poem in your month, and you could hear some of the lines every time you breathe out"
~Andrea Gibson(image)



Sorry, I have been missing! Your blogs, your creative inspiration and my time blogging.  This month has been seriously stressful
My pup has been extremely sick, and today she finally comes home from hospital! Sad news, I had to cancel my trip to visit family so I will be spending Christmas with friends thankfully!
I promise to be back at blogging and visiting your blogs very soon.  Once, I get Sass all settled back at home!



WISH LIST: Warm toes


I have not jumped on the ugh band wagon over the years! My first pair of uggs was way back in high school when I would go to the beach for surfing in the early morning, these would be on my beach towel ready for when I got out of the water to warm my toes.  So living in Chicago, I would dare walk in the snow with uggs like most chicagoans would.  But I have decided, I need a pair to wear around my house.  I want these for indoor: buy them here

AND I want these for outdoor: I totally dig the blue grey color!!! buy them here


WISH LIST: Prada pretty!


I am not much of a wearer of perfume.  I am very picky about my scents, but when I smelled this perfume by Prada! I have to have it!  Not sure why I love it so much, I typically go for more masculine scents, not ones with sweet caramel or vanilla.

Prada Candy **
sensual caramel & vanilla with a seductive musk & benjoin.  I really need a small bottle of this gorgeous scent!!!! Pretty please! someone get this for my for Christmas.


QUOTE: All in the details


Image: Lonny Magazine-Adam Straus

"The details are not the details, they make the design"
     ~Charles Eames

Seriously! Look at the detailed attention made on the framed sketch portraits! Simple black frames attached to aged silver framed mirrors.  Every detail thought through. The layering is perfect, with the gold based lamp, to the abstract sculpture and artwork that has just the right amount of color to be the center of attention!
      Seriously, loving this showcase of artwork!!!!



ARTIST: Portraits, styles


I have had a fascination with portraits since I was young.  Capturing the image of a person is something that falls under my obsession of documenting my family history.  Throughout history, people of importance were captured in this pieces of art; from royal and noble families to families of influence  and political figures.Commissioning artist to capture that moment, that moment in time to document forever.   I find them fascinating.  My imagination goes into over drive, thinking up stories about there lives. One of my favorite things to do is walk through a museum and find all the portraits so I can make up stories.I also have a small collection of portraits through out my home.  People that I know and some that I do not.... would you place portraits of individuals you don't know in your home?Everyone should remember this portrait of Sharbat Gula, on the cover of National Geographic Magazine.  In this image, someone has made it into a digital portrait.  The original photographer was Steve McCurry, I found the digital image here, but I don't know the artist to credit. I remember when this image was published, I remember her eyes. I always wondered what her life was like.... I knew it was a hard life, a life of war and being torn from her home. Her expression was so penetrating, haunting and yet so beautiful.In the 1780's Marie Antoinette was the subject of numerous portraits.  I found these 2 at this site.  During her short life of 38 years, many portraits were completed of herand this painting by Joseph Ducreux from wikipedia, age 13!  she looks older than the child of 13!Self portraits are another view of how an artist views themselves... like the emotionally filled portraits of Frida Kahlo. Portraits of a french singer, Suzy Solidor.  Her publicity stunt to be the most painted/photographed women in the world, The range photographs and painting of various styles, competed by artist such as Picasso, George Braque, Raoul Dufy, and most know Tamara Lempika. Photographs by Ray ManA posting of current time portraits, love this photograph of Johnny Depp! found herexxcallie[...]

WISH LIST: Freshen up water


I drink a lot of water.  I love water with lemons, water with limes, water with berries, and watermelon.  But citrus is my go to most of the time! So, when I saw this nifty little juicer, I thought how easy it is to add citrus to any drink! Whether it's a glass of water or a gin and tonic.... Perfect!
This would also make a great gift, with a bottle of gin and a bottle of tonic for a hostess gift!!! Get them at the online Umbra Store


DESIGN: Adam Bram Straus


Originally from the East Coast, Adam now located in Los Angeles has designed residential interiors over the past decade.  Each space is individual but has a common fell that let's you know Adam designed the space!  He is a master at blending elements from modern pieces of furniture to vintage accessories and rare antiques; giving each space a moody atmosphere.  The dark moody colours palettes remind me of the Edwardian period but updated and modernized with all the amazing portraits he finds for his spaces!  The unique way he has them framed and placed throughout the spaces pairing with small bits of curiosities, completely brilliant!

Here are a few of my favorites spaces he has design, that I could find... wish there was more.
       Tell me what you think! Brilliant, right!!
ps  I spy a portrait of a man in numerous spaces!  Then I found that this Danish portrait was also for sale!! Would  have loved to have added him to my collection of portraits.

Adam Bram Straus(image)

Favorite Snack: Kind


I am loving these bars right now!  KIND please feel free to send me some, the dark chocolate cherry cashew are the BEST of all!  yummy!


WISH LIST: Stacking Ring


Every jewelry piece on the Bliss Lau site is gorgeous!!!  I particularly love this bad ass stacking ring!!!!
See for yourself:

SEE!  Isn't it the coolest baddest ring ever!
What do you want for the Holidays?


DESIGN: Bedroom Inspiration


Lately, I have been really wanting to change up my bedroom.  I want to paint the walls a slightly darker shade of grey, add new white linen drapery, and a new bed with new bedding. I would also like to paint my mahogany american empire dresser black, it's a bit tired and needs a bit of freshening up.My dresser is similar to this one found online, but mine has a bow front.  I would love to prime it, and paint it black. I think it would look so much better in my bedroom.  I might just repaint the grey I have on the walls now since I have a lot of it left, which is very close to this color:and how perfect would that print be above my bed!!!                 I Rule! ha!With grey being such a wonderful neutral, I can add colour with throw pillows in any shade my heart desires. Here are some bedroom images that I have been pulling for inspiration:all images: apartment therapy Jenna Lyon's bedroom has been in my inspiration folder forever!Images below: LonnyLove the gold detailing on this dresser!Mixing of textiles will be really important in my bedroom.  I love the fur throw pillows with the wool throw over the silky orange bedcover.I will need to buy a new bed frame and I found this lovely piece.image: Sofas and Stuff siteUnfortunately I found this amazing bed frame from a store in the UK,  I just need to find one here in the US!Loving the frame shape with the modern edge.  More to come....... as I begin pulling an inspiration board together.xxcallie[...]

AUOTE: Perfect Space


image: Lonny Magazine
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make
 mistakes. Design is knowing
   which ones to keep."
~Scott Adams

I love this space.  Perfect for a getaways cottage on a lake backed up against the woods. Sitting in the enclosed porch drinking a cocktail.



MUSICIAN: Lana Del Rey


Music I am loving at the moment:  Lana Del Rey
        Now my life is sweet like cinnamon

With lyric's like that, how can you not love her music!
    here for lyric's     here for listening & watching      here for more information


WISH LIST: Mirror Ball Container


This circular mirror storage container is on my wish list!
How retro and cool is this simple thing, the reissue of Keiichi Ito's iconic 1970's creation..... I want one for Christmas.  Perfect for my bathroom to hide away all my hair ties (now that my hair is really long, again!)

Just wish it came in other colours beside yellow, but still if yellow is the only color! I still want one!
It is so very cool.


THANK YOU: Star Spangled Banner


allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

Thank you to all those who have served and those who are serving this country I call my home.
   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am truly proud to be an American.


Busy weekend, mending


I am going to take a few days off.... It's been a long weekend.  I have been packing my moments with as much as I can trying not to feel the ache I have in my heart.
I am tired, so very tired.

Back soon,

SIMPLE LIFE: Pinterest Sweets


Source: via Beth on PinterestThis summer, I did not get a chance to have the girls come over for my yearly tea.  This summer flew by and within one blink it was gone.  So, this year I think I will need to have an in house tea brunch instead of tea in the garden.So, Girls get ready!  Put on your pretty dresses and your best fascinator to enjoy some hot tea, and pretty cakes and treats.Did the summer fly by for any of you?xxcallieenjoy these pretty tea time treats, all from interestSource: via Liz on PinterestSource: via Beth on PinterestSource: via Morgan on PinterestSource: via Alexandra on Pinterest Source: via Saira on PinteresSource: via Katie Megan on Pinterest[...]

BOOTS: These boots are made for walking!


Head over to Shoe Mint right now!!!
These are my new favorite boots!



DESIGN: Office Area Inspiration


image for a blog post in 2010

I have been on an animal print kick lately.  My office space needs work and this timeless desk space is just what I am thinking.  Over the next month, my goal is to have my boring office area revamped to become a space of inspiration.  This photo is the inspiration!

First, I need to start with getting rid of all my extra piles of magazines. Then find a nice Cheetah print wall covering which I would like to place inside my desk hutch which I would also like to paint black.
Then on to the desk accessories.  So, be on the look out.  I am on a mission!  
What area of your house needs uplifting?


TRAVEL: The Wheatsheaf Inn


images My friends know me as the person who will travel to far off places just on an inspiration.  A shop, or pub that I must visit, explore and enjoy.  This place is on my list for just that!The Wheatsheaf Inn Brand Hill, Woodhouse EavesLeicestershire, LE12 8SS United KingdomJust look at this serene beautiful place!The owners have transformed a run down Cotswold local into an amazingly stylish and welcoming place.  With my obsession with portraits, it did not go with out notice all the wonderful portraits throughout the spaces. The food looks amazing, and how nice will it be to sit in the pub for a pint or two of ale!  This place is on my list!!Where do you want to travel right now? and what draws you to there?xxcallie[...]



Seriously, I wish I was in London right now!!To see the amazing photography of Brad Wilson.  His work is being shown right now at the Dionel Gallery, until October 27th.  So, if you are in London I would likely recommend you go.  His work is stunning!His book is also so sale at the event.  would love to own one of his large photographs, or at least his book! Which I am sure is much more in my price range. His portraits are amazing as well! He captures the essence of being and the beauty of each subject.  Just see for yourself below, and please go to his site and view his other work. It's just amazingly beautiful.xxcallie To think, that I had a mountain lion living in my gardens when I lived in Los Angeles.  He would bring me parts of dead animals on my door step and I would leave him fresh water about the garden.  I never thought he looked this fierce. [...]

PRODUCT: Boots and Winter


It's only October and my feet are already taking it's toll being encased in boots and shoes!  Winter is killer on the feet, giving you blisters in the beginning of boot wearing to callouses and rough feet!
Have no fear, this product is perfectly made for a healthy environment and for keeping my feet pretty!!!

This weekend my sister is coming into town, so I will be hosting a melaleuca party.  This is my giveaway to the person who comes with the most friends.  The perfect foot remedy, that I am loving at the moment!!!!

What products are you loving right now?  Please, share since I am always looking at great products!


DESIGN: Kitchen Inspiration


I have ben searching for inspiration for my kitchen.  I want to tear a few walls down and enlarge my kitchen, opening it up to the living room.  As I search, I always come across Plain English Cupboard Makers.  Then my mind wanders, to my lake house.  The lake house that I have designed in my head with hopes to one day build!
This is the style of kitchen I want for my lake house:

Simple, modern and very open!  I even love the use of the steel window and doors.  The Osea Kitchen is exactly what I see in my head!  
*sigh* such the inspiration.
Now, back to my house kitchen design!