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Perfect Sentiment

Perfect Sentiment specializes in creating custom photo cards. Stylish, classy, fun cards can be created for all of life’s reasons to celebrate: birth announcements, party invitations, holiday cards, thank you notes, wedding invitations, shower invites,

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It's Tuesday... Poor Tuesday is so underrated. It's not talked about like the dreaded Monday or Hump Day. It's not full of promise like Thursday or TGIF. Tuesday is just so very ordinary. But you know what? Ordinary is special too. Celebrate today: It's Tuesday!




Let's all support and help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. And also, may we all remember to love on those right around us as well. Have patience. Be kind. Love one another. John 13:34



My font addicted side loves this, although regular is totally good too!

~found here~

Better Late than Never... PS on Facebook!


Visit me on Facebook! I'm sharing my downloadable goodies, and updating more on over on the Perfect Sentiment page. Click on over and give PS a "like" and you'll be able to keep in touch! 


You don't wanna miss hearing about new products, specials and free downloads!
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What? Christmas Already??


We're already deliberating over here over what we're going to be dressing up as for Halloween. (Well, the kids are as I'm not much of a dresser upper, even though I married into a very Halloween-y family... Thankfully they love me anyways!) We can do that because it's now September, just a month prior to October. It's totally on schedule, right? But Christmas? Surely not... I really didn't just see Christmas ribbon and ornaments decking the halls of our local super store, did I? That's a tad early, and a bit coo-coo, if you ask me. I mean, the temperature still pretty much triple digits most days.I guess I've got a bit of the crazies going on too because I made (a version) of our Christmas card already! I guess it's not too crazy, seeing that's what I do, but if you look at my track record our card is generally the last one I get too. Last year, I actually had to send out a "Happy New Year" card because I was so delinquent. I decided to take our vacation photos and get after it. I'm also excited to try out some new shapes and designs I'm considering offering this year. So here it is... Let me know what you think!A funny, telling, little side-story: We took the kids to the beach one night in coordinating outfits with the intent of taking some photographs to hang on the wall. Our expectations were high and we let the kids know exactly how we wanted them to act. We were a bit intense, if we're being honest. And you know what? They. were. terrible. They were goofing off and not following our directives. We were grumpy. And gripe-y. And disappointed. But you know what? The pictures turned out great. I really couldn't be happier with them. Their little personalities showed through. They were acting like their little brother and big sister selves. He was pestering her, and she was in her motherly (bossy) big sister mode, directing him and positioning him. If I were not in such a tizzy, I would have seen how precious this evening was. We got back to the condo, looked at the pics and promptly offered our apologies to the kids. Then we headed to Dairy Queen for Blizzards! We definitely should have toned it down. No direction needed. Lesson learned.[...]

Daydreams v. Goals


I'm working on developing a rhythm for myself and our family during these summer months. All the while my head is full of ideas. I just need to sit down and take the time to realize some of them. I came across this quote recently and it cemented the deal:


Gotta make a date with me, myself and I to dome some action planning!
Do you have any goals for this summer?

Home-y Quote


I'm liking this little ditty quite a bit:


Have a good day!

A Quote to share... Grudges


Here's something worth making cute and passing along...


Such a good thing to keep in mind, don't you think?

Honey Words



Have a good one!

Speak Words That...


This inspired...


Trying to keep that feeling going.

Keep Bloomin'


My sister sent me this little sentiment and it was too sweet (and true) not to make purdy and share:


Have a great day!

New in the Shop


I wanted to share with you a few new items I recently added to my Perfect Sentiment Etsy shop:


I made a colorful new Fruit of the Spirit print. I'm loving the rainbow spectrum at the moment and decided to use it on my favorite scripture. It's a downloadable pdf file of a 5x7 print. With it, you get 2 bookmarks ready to print as well.

If you love the bookmark, but don't want to print it yourself, I'll mail you the readymade bookmark with a bright ribbon.

I also updated the "please knock" signs with a few more designs. I'm serious when I tell you that this still saves our precious nap time! Just hang it by or over your doorbell and nap time will continue as planned.

And finally I decided to offer a few printable Christmas card options for you. It's a simple way to get a custom card on the quick and inexpensive.

Check it all out and let me know what you think!

Tis My Season


I just finished my first Christmas card order of the season! Makes me so excited and really gets my creative blood flowing. I'm excited about my 2010 holiday designs!It also makes me bit anxious too... I know I talked about this before, but I am so not a business person. I love to create. I don't love to market myself. I get so excited to email out a digital sample to a customer. I do not like to charge money. I am all about the details for my products. I drop so many balls when it comes to taking care of business. Case and point: I just spammed my entire Perfect Sentiment mailing list by mistake. Those sweet folks who elected to receive updates from me just got an in box full of 6 of the same emails from me. ARGH. I don't feel entirely comfortable sending out a "choose me" newsletter, but I step out of the ole comfort zone a couple of times a year. I spent the better part of the evening setting up my holiday version, and then I sent it out s-i-x times. Ooops. I gotta work on the ins and outs of being a business-woman (Ha!) and mom-preneur (a fun new term I heard recently). In the meantime, I'm having fun creating my newest product, the notepad. One is a custom pad for moms. I got the idea at a recent birthday party where one of the gifts had a tag on it with the multiple choice boxes for each kiddo. I thought a notepad version would be a good thing to have on hand to jot down a quick note to send to school. The other version is a ready-made little guy with a unique quote on each sheet. I'm going to try these out at my booth at a local craft show next week. Then they might just show up on myPerfect Sentiment site and my Etsy shop.Right now I'm going to try to stop cringing at my spamming mistake. I'm sure it will pass.T G I F ![...]




I'm wondering how my days would be different if I didn't expect/see/prepare for the negative. So many instances can be seen in a different light depending on how I view them. Can you relate?

To Start It Off Right:



Happy next few days to you!

A Quote to Share...


Trying this one on for size...


If this quote is true, I've been quite interesting this week (very much so, depending on who you ask). With that being said, we've done good to keep the crazies at bay. I'm calling it a imperfectly successful week, even if it is only Thursday. (Seriously, how could it not be Friday yet??) It's all in your perspective, don't you think?

2010 Motto: Finally!


Okay, so we're over halfway through the year, but I finally found my motto for 2010! It's about time, eh?! I've been on the hunt all year for a set of words to live by. Last year it was a quote my sister shared with me. This year, I'm keeping that quote and adding on this one:


Right when I read them (on this wonderful photography blog), I knew my 2010 motto had been found. It's okay that it's already nearly August, because they couldn't be more perfect for my life right now. I'm going to keep these words tucked in my pocket and will be striving to use them to steer my daily frame of mind.

Any particular quotes/verses/sayings resonating loudly with you as of late?

Words To Inspire


Seems simple...

So why must I continually have to remind myself?

Don't Go Wastin' Time


This little nugget is a keeper:


Say Something Sweet


(found this sweet thing here)

Have a sweet weekend! Completing this challenge could only make it sweeter, don't you think. Me? I'll be spending mine with my sweet husband of 12 years. Away. Sans kids. How sweet is that?! Happy Anniversary Hon!



As much as I've been trying to be goal oriented, I'm thinking the in-between is what I need to be focussing more on. How about you?

Enjoy your weekend!

Finest Moments to Come?


Good Deeds



Book Kick



"What's the Measure of a Woman?"



What words would be scribed on your image?
Making me think...