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G&T Creations the store for the avatar that knows what class is, Male and female clothing, shoes , jewellery, shoes and costumes. We design mostley formal and try to make always a perfect match with shoes and dresses and tuxedo with gown to make a

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White sheer lace wedding lingerie


Wedding or not, white is Always class and cant stay behind in your inventory, on request  i created today this set in white

Black lace sheer lingerie set with Omega applier HUD


Black  lace set to  mix and match,
wear the panty on the moment of the day, go to work , go  out for a romantic event, with this set you have the right intimates for the moment of the day.

New Omega applier HUD for the mesh avatars , more options as default and 1 quick dress applier to give a full set in 1  applier.

black widow halloween costume


Mesh corset and attachements, stunning breath taken costume  wear it with Halloween and use the lingerie set after .

Shades of Grey Mesh dress


Lovely Mesh dress in 7 shades of grey
Easy to use HUD with 7 choices for the tweed skirt and 7 for the shirt
if that is stil not enough than you can go for the full color HUD
wish make this dress more as 50 shades of grey.
choose a full color or  decolor the shirt, skirt or belt.
The compleet outfit for the working girl in  SL.

Jungle fever mesh outfits for him and her


Mesh tuxedo with shoes for him
Mesh dress for her with  shrug and flexible trail
HUD to choose  out of 7 colors.

G&T Creations mainstore


Maitreya Mesh Avatar Lara Invisible Bra


A few days ago i got introduced with  a mesh avatar from maitreya, and i  must admit i was  impressed.

I had a request from a custumor to make a invisible bra she could wear to cover the bits that not supose to show .

I did release it and added  a lovley free lingerie set as gift.

Hard work to get used with the appliers, edit the scripts , than notice something isnt right so edit all; scripts again , but to be hunust, this avatar is worth the time you spend on  her.

i proberly wil end with  make all kind of aplliers from  my collection and add with new .
But for now we show you the invisible bra and see if its a wanted item.

available in mainstore  and on  marketplace.

Valentine 2015 Unique Love quote necklace for him and her


Can you imigine a nicer way to  say : I love you?

Yes you can with this  lovley  necklace for him and her.
16 love quotes with a simple click in a flip HUD
24 colors  gem stones choise for the  birth stones.
choose silver gold or red gold,
shining, glow and or full bright on of and resizable all with  same HUD

My life my happiness my love
My heart is and always be yours
Live..Laugh..hope and love
For me there is only you ( and my pet)
I'd hug you all day if i could
Togheter is a wonderfull place to be
I love you more today than yesterday
Friends yesterday, Lovers today, Soul mates forever

the  other quotes are them behind the button on the right side reading up to down:

You got the key to my heart
My heart is beating for you
Where there is love there is life
For me there is only you
I hope you always find a reason to smile
I'd cross the world for someone like you
In love we can conquer the world
I love you to the moon and back

Simon and simone Sequin and mesh outfits


Lovely mesh cloths with a color HUD to choose out of 12 colors
not 1 day wil be the same, always match  with your parnter or in a color full event.

Trendsetter Sheer and Lace Mesh outfits for him and her


New releases, Lorenzo and Gabriella
Dare to dress, sheer lace  evening gown for her and a style full  outfit with a lace jacket for him

Can be worned as full lace or with skin tone colours in a easy  HUD.

I  wont say to  much  about those outfits  you will understand when  you  say WOW!
Dare to show those body's but keep style.

G&T Creations 

Gabriella and Lorenzo

Adorable easter costumes


Yes we made it just on time,

Easter on his way and with the success of the love hunter with valentine days we made on request of many a new Hunter and gazelle,

This time the hunter go  find his gazelle with a fishing rod and a mega chocolate egg, will she bite????

And if she do, yeah we go for a picking basket with a  bouquet of flowers for her, balloons with a poem and off course a sparkling glass champagne with a special easter quote.

His outfit comes with  a fishing rod, face tattoo, sculpted ears, shoes, pants and shirt, and off course the famous pick nick basket.

Her outfit comes included face tatto and ears and mesh  wedges,
Lola appliers included, a adorable  spring umbrella with  pose
cute mesh  baby chicks attachet on the belt and shoulder decorations, system  clothe layers for the shirt and pantys,
cute gloves with ruffles and  oooooooooo, you better go see them  , 75% discount for G&T group members.

G&T Creations

Symphonia Music Outfits for him and her


G&T Creations Symphonia outfits

The ultimate gown and Tuxedo for the SL Artist and or music lovers.

A mesh  tuxedo for him with 2 style of formal pants,
exclusive created  fabrics.
This outfit can be  worn  with a normal system  trouser if wanted. 3 styles Mesh bow-ties with a sparkle , diamond , Treble chef jewel. 2 styles pants , 1 full black and 1 with  gold trim on the bottom.

The Gown  we made in black and pink, and its 1 mega eye catcher
wear it with the  roset flexible skirt or choose the slink skirt.
Only the collar is Mesh, all prim object  are re-sizable

Lola applier included.
and a microphone with diamonds and animation added as free gift.

G&T Mainstore

G&T Marketplace

Classic Beauty's Mardi gras themed tail coat suits


Some like it hot
some like it cool.
some like new
some like old.

We made a new classic designed tuxedo
Mardi gras themed.
deep black  with Mardi grass color add on.

Choose purple, green or yellow,

wear it with  jacket or waistcoat only, top hat with balloons or plane, rigged liquid mesh  mask or plane mesh mask

the choice is yours e but the style is G&T Creations

Promo sale on to Mardi gras

Mardi grass Costumes


Mardi grass costumes ,

Participially Mesh fantastic feather costume for her
with  bright green / yellow feathers
A MESH Corset in 5 sizes ,
Flexible feathers and top hat with hair included
Shoes and jewels to  finish the outfit ,
Options to wear a hat or only feathers or use you're own  hair
you decide but its adorable and  the men not stay behind  in this release

We made for him a full tuxedo  in the  Mardi grass colors,
Mesh  tuxedo  with sculpted add ons like a jester hat, a mask and jester shoes,

Mesh Western themed outfits for the men with adventure


Full mesh  outfits western rodeo themed,
Use it for you're wedding or any formal  event, or go casual with a jeans everything is possible, but  you wil  like them.
Availeble in G&T Creations Mainstore and SL Marketplace

Guardian Angels and Birthstones Jewelery


Valentine on his way  againa day  we show are love and friendship to  all people we care for."May you always have an angel by your side" We made new jewel sets for him and her  single and couples and all transferable.Guardian Angel and birthstones and specials for the pets lovers with  a  paw inscription."My angels have paws and fur" Post card couple  necklaces  as a set to say : I  love you, sets for him and her, her and her and him and him with key to  my heart symbol. Optional personal engraved messegesa adorable belly piercing with  same options as the necklaces, 24 gemstones ( 12 birhtstones) choose full bright on or off, choose shiny setting and glow, alll in a  easy to use advanced HUD.As Valentine gift we have a freebee for all, the belly piercing in silver with a ruby heart gem available on marketplace and in world store.SL MarketplaceG&T Creations MainstoreG&T Creations[...]

Peacock, Lace, feathers and gemstones


Peacock Illusion,Cute minidress and a stunning lace gown with matching jewels and heels.Matching  set for  are men, with a trouser and a sheer shirt decorated with gemstones.A special Lola applier top is available separated , this is  a extra top special  made for the lola's so it has  less stretched fabric as the most  added plane  tops .The shoes and jewels  be delivered with a HUD to choose out of 10 colors for the gemstones,bright on or of, set shiny and or glow.Unlimited skin colors and 20 nailpolish colors.A very high detailed  heel with a unique peacock design .As group gift we have  a pair of matching ice skates with a  simple AO.and a special sale on the jewel set for the group, you buy the full box and you only pay  for 1 set,  G&T Ceations Mainstore G&T Creations[...]

G&T Creations Wedding boquets and boutteniers


Choosing your wedding bouquet is a very important decision Your wedding bouquet is a special part of your big day You want it to be perfect These special flowers will accompany you on your journey down the isle and take pride of place in your wedding photos and wedding video Unlimited colors options to match perfect with any Gown Full sculpted flowers with a easy to use Advanced HUD You create the colors and optional  settings. Unlimited color options.ResizableAO With hold pose toggle on and off with touch and build in  pose for the brides maids flowers choose:Shine, Full bright and or  Glow if you  prefer Included: • One Advance HUD to create you're perfect Flower color (no mod - no copy) • One bridal bouquet with bridal AO (no mod - no copy) • One bridesmaid bouquet with hold pose (no mod - no copy) • One Deluxe  Groom Boutonniere (no mod - no copy) • One Groomsmen boutonniere  (no mod - no copy) Single items for sale separately G&T Creations Mainstore G&T Creations Marketplace G&T Creations[...]

Wedding glasses


Drinking from wedding flutes seals the promise of a lifetime of love and it's wonderful to have the finest looking wedding bubble glasses in hand at the toast.
Our wedding toasting glasses come in a wide variety of styles and colors, our wedding crystal collection can be personalized and engraved with names, initials and other designs, to lend a personal touch to wedding champagne flutes on that special day.
Our glasses will drink 3x and than detach automatic
They show a message in world when be attached and when they detach, those messages can be personalized if wanted.

G&T Creations Mainstore

Tiara and Crown from G&T Creations


Unique Design, Ultimate HUD use for unlimited color diamonds, and 28 gemstones
5 colors gold,  choose shine, glow and bright settings.

The full crown  wil have 1 crown with bling and 1 crown  without  bling
if wish the bling can be disabled with the HUD to.

250  prims for the tiara and 500+ for the crown.
high quality  textures and unique design.

The crown  use a dubble attachment  .

There is 1 tiara available to buy without the HUD made in white gold and bright diamonds

If you  wish to buy a tiara in 1 color only we make it for in the colors you wish,
just contact inworld to get the perfect color to  match you're outfit

In World Store

Marketplace Store

Let the good old times Roll


Vintage and Rock and Roll 50's 60's  , good old days return to SL in a new modern look.Polka dot dresses  in 3 nice warm colors and a original  Sailor dress.The sailor dress be deliverer with  5 colors hair and  sailor beret, cat eye sunglasses , handbag and necklace with ear studs.A full Box  to dress your self up  in 1 minit.The hair we made  with a exclusive beret and vintage feathers to  use with  other outfits or if you prefer a more special hair color.This hair comes in 24  hair colors, 7 rose textures in warm  dark silk colors and a white color to  use with the unlimited Color HUD that wil color the rose and the  pearl hair clip6 beret textures and a lace  on the front wish can be hided with the  HUD.Myrte is a must have if you are a vintage style lover.Then  we get Peggy Sue, this is a follow up on G&T Creations famous  black polka dress but with a different top  and  more detailed. 2 skirts , 1  with and 1 without petticoat , over sized beads necklace, bracelet and ear studs and a  fashion flower attachet on the  chest.Flair over the boulevard or jive in the club , this dress is just  a must have.Peggy Sue  has her own hairstyle and can be bought  separated  1 box  with  14 colors hair, the hair is made with braid and had flexible parts, each hair color comes in 2  different textures, 1  more transparentness  as the other, just up to you what you  like most to wear that  moment.Matching shoes you wil always find in  G&T  Store.Demo;s  of hairs available.G&T Creations MainstoreG&T Creations SL MarketplaceG&T Creations[...]

Romantic Valentine Special


We love Romance and not only with Valentine day  but trough the whole year.

We created valentine specials wish  give you  fun for all romantic events and days.

Welcome to the Love Hunter and The Love gazelle.

For her a  Very high detailed top hat, Mary Jane shoes, sculpted puff sleeves an skirt with  doves hold the ribbon, cute butterfly's,
Ribbons and flowers, shoulder decorations with Doves and flowers  and many  more, this  outfit is so adorable you want wear it each  day.

The Gazelle be hunted by are Love Hunter outfit, his outfit is complete with  boots, hat suspenders and  extra add-ons as a bow and arrows, sculpted  trouser attachments, sleeves collar and a  hat.

He hunt his lady or his man  with a romantic pick-nick  basket, filled with pink champagne , love balloons and a love Rose which  say  nice Love quotes when touched.

Click you're basket and choose which object you want receive to give away to you're gazelle and make her you're Valentina.

Both outfits are  available in main store  and on marketplace,
and now the biggest  suprice is :


G&T Creations Mainstore

G&T Creations Classic carriages


Vintage style classic carriages , with  2 horses,
carriages availeble in  black and white, cuddle pose and driver pose,
drivable with a simple menu and  great decoration for youre sim.

You can win one just by enter the contest before  9 februari.

Valentine Gift for all players


Valentine day on his way  again,
We made a gift for you all, him and her .

G&T Creations Imperial Crown


Very advanced  Crown , full prim and unlimited color options for the gemstones,
5 colors gold , blings on and off,
extra crown  with animation for the perfect role  play,
necklaces and pin

Choose the letter of you're name and start rule the


or  go get it in world on the jewel floor.

G&T Creations

Its possible to get this crown without the HUD and made in the colours of you're wish , just contact me in world.

G&T Creations Crystal Evening Gown


Love the Crystal details on the white sheer body,
Soft  lace flexible  skirt with a hip decoration
Flexible collar and  lace gloves, jacket layer with  lace collar,
and the Tiara is included.

G&T Creations Mainstore