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Jant's Art

Art, Knitting and general babbling

Updated: 2014-10-05T01:25:53.693-04:00


Poppin in to say hi


(image) Busy getting ready to tie the knot on Tuesday. Feeling a bit frazzled but very happy. Have been knitting sporadically as my hands allow. I am working on the "Percy" handbag by Cheryl Niamath. The pattern can be found on or directly at
I have reconnected with my buddy Mary Lou after many years and that makes my life even fuller. She has promised to help me get over my fear of knitting socks... :-)
This is the Percy when started - I jumped up a few needle sizes to help my hands. Cheryl is an awesome designer. I can't wait to see how the bag comes out.

Violet is near


Just finished a blanket for my grand niece who will be named Violet. It took me some time to knit (a few rows a day). My hands aren't cooperating - oh wait this is a no whining zone...
The pattern is NMCRS Basketweave Blanket pattern by Cathy Waldie. You can find the free pattern on

It's Been a while


I feel like I fell off the face of the earth for a while... I haven't blogged in so long or done anything creative in so long. I'm just getting back on board. Change of address, change of circumstances, relationships and the loss of my Dad have knocked me down but not out. I'll slowly get back up to speed and not stress out doing it. I get to look at the ocean every day and dipped my feet in today. Can't wait to start swimming again.

Just about finished with my second scarf to send off to SCARVES FROM THE HEART for this month's April event. The scarves requested were to be a simple lace. I used the pattern "One Row (Reversible) Lace Scarf" by turvid see the blog for the free pattern.
This the first I had done.

Finished some knitting


Finished a wee sweater for my coming great niece. My first sweater complete actually.
It is the Fantasy Naturale top down Baby Cardigan. I found the pattern on Ravelry of course.
Finished a bunny too - no photo yet.
I just started a sweater for myself - no kidding first ever knit object for myself.
The pattern is Miss Honeychurch by Cheryl Niamath. The pattern is published in the latest Summer 2009 Issue.

Bi-Fold ATC sent for May


I'm always running late on my ATC swap. This last month's theme was bi-fold. The wee girl on the front is me at I'm guessing 4 or 5 years old.

knitting yellow


working dilligently on the "sunkist cardi" in yellow merino 5 of course. I guess I'm about 40 percent along.

Project Spectrum more yellow



Continuing on creating and photographing all things, yellow, east facing, wood, etc.

Project Spectrum weekend


Finished the Amanda Hat that was one of my Project Spectrum knits. See more details on Ravelry. The day rounded off with lots of hail and rain but I had my knitting to console me :-)

Knitting for Grand Nephew


My niece Corinne gave birth to a boy just recently and I made a few things for him. I love making the blanket buddy bunny.
I haven't seen Z yet but am looking forward (image) to it!

Project Spectrum


I am really enjoying Project Spectrum this year. Right now Compass point East, yellow, wood, spring, air... ahhhh...
I am currently knitting a hat using the Araucania Aysen which is a pretty blend of soft yellow, golds and other compatible colors (so soft)...



Giveaway at very cool site - colors, yummy art and did I say cool stuff? Go visit this extraordinary artist blog.



This is a mosaic of pictures from my yard for the Project Spectrum 2009 - East
colors, yellow, east sky picture of double rainbow. The snake is my pup's new buddy.

Went yarn feasting - umm shopping


I traveled to Wild & Woolly in Lexington, MA last week. I will be sending out to my follower winners hopefully this week. I am so darn slow to get things done in this beautiful weather :-)
LOVE W & W in Lexington - super selection and I lose track of time when I'm there...

Follower giveaway closed


Will Leslie, Aunt Kathy, Nat RedKnits, Mitzi and Redraveler please all send me your snail info so that I may send you a gift via USPS. You know I can't just choose 2 people - so not me...
Jan (Jant)

Do you follow blogs?


It's so sad to add a new feature (Followers) to your blog and see it empty... Okay so it's only been 10 minutes. From the first 5 persons who follow my blog, I will choose two (including the 1st person) to receive a gift. Make sure to link to this posting on your blog so I can see what you might like and get your particulars on where to send. Have a safe and happy weekend! Jant

Win A FAB Giveaway


The Spotted Sparrow BEAUTEOUS art/paper, etc... site is having a giveaway - go visit and see all the very lovely things there (tutorials, ideas, yummy things to buy and look at)...

Spring photos


(image) (image)

Photos taken for future painting projects and for Project Spectrum 2009 "North"


More Green for Project Spectrum



(image) For the "Project Spectrum 2009" group I have been knitting various green items that are helping me hold on til spring actually shows itself...
The diamond lace scarf of Rowan damask - so soft, approx 4 leaves so far knit in various material samples I received from Sage Gifts and Yarn. Also I finally knit a pair of "Fetching" fingerless gloves. The pattern is from Cheryl Niamath - found on

Planet Janet Knit along


(image) I recently finished some smaller projects using green yarn of various materials. The drawstring bag was made for the "Planet Janet" knit along on

The multicolor beads in the yarn make it fun.

Asian Theme ATC


(image) I sent out my trade for the ATC theme this month. One is based on NE India. The verses are "Amazing Grace" in Garo. The stamp from a friend from ASSAM mailed from Guwahati. This card is 2.5 " x 3.5". The other cards are made from elements of a card received from China for New Year greetings and silk upholstery material (2 x 2 inch) that I love. (image) The simple Chinese is "CAT" for my friend Cat. That card is 1x1 inch... (image)

Lighthouse painting finished


(image) (image)
I'm thinking maybe I'll do a portrait next... Not sure yet. I did enjoy this one as it went quicker than I'd thought it would (I'm usually pretty slow).

and of course more knitting


a new sweater for Ayla(image) (image)

Basic handwarmers in 3 rib stitches for looks and fit (a gift)


Diamond handwarmers for Dolly - pattern from Ravelry.
Yarn Harlot's Pattern(image) for One Row Scarf also on Ravelry.



(image) These are the two "Woman" themed ATCs I've sent out.

multi media tasking



Working with different mediums and subjects has health benefits for right brain me. I have been back to my painting classes with thanks to Auntie.

This is a seascape I'm working on day 2 - still aways to go.

Knitting Addiction


Yes I knit pretty much all the time and I carry it with me almost everywhere. I made a few of those cute Lion's brand Bunnies (100% cotton) for various wee grandnieces and nephews.

I don't sew on the faces but leave them blank - on this particular bunster you can see a slip knit mistake that happens to almost look like a nose. I wasn't about to go back and fix it - yikes...

I need to take more pictures of finished items and new yarn stash. For everything that is posted it is primarily found on