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One woman tries to prove that life and knitting are not mutually exclusive.

Updated: 2017-01-06T02:37:13.124-08:00


Blog issues


I've moved my blog. Apparently, changing your email account can cause issues. Please go to String Theory for the most up to date version of my blog. sorry for the inconvenience. Mikki

Punny Sox


Okay, so I've been absent. Sign me up for a spanking. I've been knitting. Sox and hats, mainly, plus a sweater. Oh and I saw the Harlot at World Forestry Center. Where I scored some special yarn. With which I'm knitting a pun. Knitters Without Borders = Jaywalkers. Get it? (Yeah, I know, back to the needles...)

How to put a folded hem on toe up socks


I like toe up socks for many reasons. I also have recently become enamored of folded hems at the cuff of my socks. Difficult to do from the toe up. Either my bind off/sew off is too tight, or too loose. Anyhow, I figured out how to do it. Be warned, there is grafting involved. I have included photos, please excuse their quality.You will need one sock in progress, and extra set of circular needles in the size you are using.First work you sock from the toe up as you please. When you are ready to knit the cuff, knit the front and back of each stitch.Then you drop the working yarn, and get an extra needle. Slip the stitches for the first half of the sock as follows: stitches knit on the front leg of the stitch on one needle, stitches knit on the back leg of the stitch on the other. This will place the stitches for the front half of the sock on two needles.Repeat this process for the back half of the sock. You now have four circular needles on your sock, two on the 'inside' and two on the 'outside'. Ignore the inside needles for now. They will be used later, but for right now are just holding the stitches.Using on the the 'outside' needles, knit your hem. For a flat folded hem: knit 4 rows purl one row (turning row) knit 3 rows. For a picot edge hem: knit 4 rows (yo, k2tog) to the end of the round knit 3 rowsSee the 'inside needles sticking out? This is correct.Turn you sock inside out. You will now graft the 'inside' stitches to the 'outside' stitches. A great grafting tutorial is here. Use the last stitches from the back half of the sock to start your grafting. Graft the front half of the sock. Move the last stitch from each needle to the back half of the sock, and continue grafting.When your reach the end, secure your ends and turn the sock right side out.Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any problems with this pattern.[...]

I found my yarn!!!


When we left our intrepid explorers, they were preparing for interviews in Portland, OR. At the time, we were deciding if we could really get that new sweater, a pair of socks and a shawl finished in a week and a half. Really, I actually thought about it, even calculated how many hours it would take, and decided the socks would do nicely, as meals/work/sleep were not optional.
Trip was fabulous! A week later, 4 job offers. Accepted one (no need to get piggish). A week later apartment found. Time to plan the move.
Tempers flared, we don't pack the same. I'm from the get-it-into-a-box line of reasoning. DH is from the clean-and-sort-the-crap-out-of-it , then pack it camp. These two approaches do not coexist peacefully. I need a schedule, he doesn't remember the schedule. It's actually quite funny, in hindsight.
I actually have a craft room in the new apartment. Oh, by the way we moved last week. Did I mention that? No? Oh, sorry. Mom says I have my priorities screwed up, as I am unpacking my craft room last. I argue that food and sleep are priorities (according to Maslow), and I know where my current pair of socks is, and can put my hands on them, so it's all good. Again, different styles.
I have another 11 days off, to finish unpacking, figure out the transit system, and get my new driver's license. But that's another story....

Let me 'Splain....


I left home over 20 years ago. No secret there. In all of this time, not once in my recollected memories has my mother actually sent my Xmas box to arrive before the aforementioned day. It's fun actually, I get gifts twice every year. Today I got an email from her:

Yep, you got it! Today, I mailed your Christmas gifts. You know, yesterday was Orthodox Christmas, so I am really only one day late. Or something like that.

So, do you have power yet? If not, you aren't reading this email. lol

My box is on the way!!!! And yes, we do have power again, thanks to PG&E, who supplied power to the shopping centers first, then the residents and hospital of Chico, CA. Some people in town don't have power yet, and another storm is coming in tonight. Thank the Goddess for flannel sheets.

I call a 'Do-Over"


Happy National Do-Over Day!!! (otherwise known as New Year's)

All things that happened last year that were less than stellar are over. Mistakes past. Angry words, gone. Today you have a chance to change it all. Sounds like a commercial, doesn't it? Well, maybe it is. Maybe you need a Do Over. You remember those, when we were kids. Call a Do Over. May the new year a beautiful one, full of promise and joy.

Just Do Over, differently.

Mikki and the rest of Snuzzleheim

Yes, I'm still knitting


Frantically, in fact. Unfortunately, most of it is for Yule, and can't be posted yet. My family sporadically checks my blog. I will post photos in a couple of weeks. And then there is the birthday surprise for my little sister! She will, in fact, cry. This project is a joint mission, paid for by me, pulled off by my mom, and being delivered by my not-so-little brother.

On the AWWWW front:
One brother is home from Iraq, just a couple of days ago. It was his second tour, and was extended this time, so we were kind of holding our breaths about whether he'd actually come home. Welcome Home Doug!!! Your kids and wife need you. We all are getting why you're spending the holidays at home. I think a nice quiet Xmas is in order.
Little brother Brad is home from the Marine Corps for the holidays. (Grab some Kleenex now, I'll wait) He only told two sisters that he was coming home. Em picked him up at the airport on Tuesday night around 11pm, and drove him to his fiance's house, who only knew a surprise was being delivered around midnight. Emma sat in the car to see her reaction. Apparently, Becca practically tackled him on the lawn. The next morning (Wednesday) my unsuspecting mother was leaving me a message on my phone telling me Jake's chest measurement and how surprised she was about how big babies really are from numbers standpoint, when she dropped the phone and disconnected it as Brad and Becca walked in the front door. She called back a little bit excited. Happiness all around. Hooray, my mom has no children in a war zone this holiday season!!

Hope your holidays are just as special. Blessings from our house to yours.

'It's prettier', and other musings


I went to look at laptop computers yesterday and a big name store. When I approached one of their 'Nerds' to ask what the advantage of Vista was compared to XP, I was told 'it's prettier'. What kind of answer was that? I don't need a 'prettier' operating system that uses a ton of memory just to run. I was also informed that I could have XP installed, but that it would cost me $350 more. I'm left wondering what this scam is, and if there will be compatibility issues with components of my new computer and it's XP OS, because I just flat out refuse to install a 'prettier' OS. Prettier indeed. What part of a short tomboy haircut, ripped shirt, old jeans, no purse and no makeup/nailpolish says I give a rats bitty backside about 'prettier'?

I ended up in Tucson last week. With a long list of things to do, and bit to wait until stores opened, I called my mom to chat for a bit. Ended up she was sick, dangerously sick, and home alone with my grandson. I made a few calls, got her to the ED and J to my sisters for care until E came home from her 2nd day on the new job and hopped a plane. I spent 3 days caring for my 62 year old mother and 5 month old grandbaby. Not a bad experience all-in-all. Mom's doing better, no longer dehydrated to the point of dizzy and passing out. She's still doing tests to figure out what was going on, but she's better. I think she needs to lose her waste of a boyfriend, but that's something she'll have to come to on her own. And J was just the best baby, not a bit of trouble, all smiles and new tricks. Wow.

I've been knitting up a storm, not that I can post any of it. Yep, Yule knitting season is upon us at Snuzzleheim. DH just stays out of the way, and brings tea/juice/hugs when needed. Socks are this year's theme, although there are a few baby sweaters thrown in for fun. I've been informed that J needs hats/mittens/socks as well. We've all heard about Stephanie's "IT", well I had mine under control. I was even on schedule. Then new projects kept cropping up. Where do they come from? They just add themselves to the queue. I'll post photos as soon as I can.

Growing older is like owning a car


In the beginning, everything is great. The parts all work, and everything is covered by warranty. About the time you pay it off, the warranty expires.

Then you start to notice things. The suspension is shot, everything jiggles as you go over the bumps in the road. The trunk starts to smell bad. The engine won’t run on the cheap gas anymore, it requires high octane to get any sort of mileage. The muffler begins to drag. The headlights dim everytime the radio gets turned on. The radio give you nothing but static anymore. The paint is worn. There are scratches and dents everywhere. The tires are bald and have no traction. The engine runs, but it takes a while to warm up, it doesn’t just ‘jump off the line’ anymore, and it idles rough. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it needs a bit of coaxing. The clutch slips. You have trouble finding reverse, and when you do, you can’t really see where you are going because the trunk doesn’t quite shut. Your steering isn’t what it used to be, and it’s hard to keep in alignment. Everytime you take it in for service, someone tries to talk you into body work, engine work, or after factory upgrades. Trouble is the parts aren’t available anymore, as your model has been discontinued in favor of the sleek new model.

The upside is, the payments have been made and this baby is all yours. The insurance is cheap. And you don’t have to worry about locking it anymore, the kids down the street wouldn’t be caught dead it anyhow.

Down the Rabbit Hole (photgraphic proof)



Sorry it's been a while. I've been promising photographic proof of my Cat Bordhi Sockitecture progress. Here it is:

But wait, there's more:

(image) (image)

Okay, so the lacy ones aren't Cat's pattern, but pretty nonetheless. They are my STR pattern Summer of Love in Watermelon Tourmaline. The STR yarn that came in the August kit has been used to make a pair of Corialis. I'll photo them when their washed next time.

Now on to Yule knitting. Busy finger, busy fingers.

Marine Corps Graduation


The boy graduated from basic training on Friday. We drove down to see the event. While we were there, we took the opportunity to corrupt our grandson.

(image) (that's my Blue Moon rub on tattoo from the August kit)

Now for the graduate.(image)

Then he walked into the water. Apparently without fear, but with much bravado, especially after he dove in and belly flopped onto the bottom of the sandbar.
socks to follow soon.

Lost in Socks


Sorry, it's been a while. I bought the new Cat Bordhi book. For those who haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I've knit 2 pairs of baby socks (trainers) and 2 full pairs of adult socks, plus 1 sock for a third pair. All from STR yarn. All are beautiful. I do suggest that if you fall into this rabbit hole, take the time to do the master numbers for your feet. I've never felt socks that fit this well. They look a bit strange off the feet, but they are perfect on. Must photo soon. Not today, I have to go earn the hot water. Hopefully it will be better than last week.

In the mean time, look at this little boy. Three more weeks and I get to see him. Yippee!!!

Owl Post


My owl from my Hogwart's Pal was delayed. Apparently, he took the scenic route. My package was well worth the wait, though. Fleur is a wonderful knitter. My Ravenclaw socks fit perfectly!! I will be wearing them to work tomorrow night. I've put the soap in my sock drawer, and the stitch markers will be used very soon for a lace piece I'm starting (Triinu's shawl). I absolutely love Crystal Palace needles. She also generously included a skein of yarn in a colorway that is perfect. I'd never seen this yarn company before, will definitely check them out.

Thank you Fleur!!!

I've been busy



First an FO from a few weeks ago, Mimm recieved it already:

Next, Yule gift preparation has begun!!! Here are Pink Granite Monkey socks, for my sis.

I'm going to see part of my family at the end of September, when my brother graduates from USMC basic training. I'm planning to take Yule packages, all wrapped, with me, with a note that say not to open. Hee, hee, hee.

Lastly, I need some help. My mother chose this colorway (Algae, from BMFA). Now, don't take this wrong, but I don't like it. Let's start with the 70's green and go from there. My problem? I can do a pair of socks in a weekend. It took me 8 hours to do this. I just don't like it. I'm looking for a pattern suggestion that will complement this yarn. HELP!!! Just to add some fun, I've got sock yarn for whoever has the best suggestion.



Dilema solved, I finished the book. Just let me say that when.....and then.....and I ....... and well, it just floored me when..... Just read it yourself. Wonderful, Masterful, Incredible storytelling.

Harry Potter or Knitting?


It's Tuesday. I don't have to work tonight (({{( happy dance )}})). I've worked the last 3 and I'm off. Now the dilemma:

I've got a pair of Loksins, that I am knitting according to the instructions even though I prefer toe up and short row heel construction, out of STR Love in Idleness. I highly recommend this pattern. It is clear, and lovely. My yarn access drastically decreases when I work (like none at all, except may be a casual pet on my way out the door). I'm feeling the withdrawal. I need wool.

I am on chapter 15 of the new Harry Potter book. Fascinating reading. Wonderfully crafted. Again, greatly interrupted by what I have to do to support my hot water habit, and my wool habit, and that food thing. Oh, and then there's the whole roof issue. (as in needing one, makes the sleeping much more pleasurable). Hubby's almost done with it. This is the first time in our marriage that he has finished a book before me. My honor is tarnished!

Do I read, or knit? No I can't do both, I'm working a gusset with a patterned stitch. I can't even watch the Tour de France and knit this one.

By the way, stop on over to see Thomasina. She's got a great idea, perfectly executed I must add, for creating a sock with a lacy cuff that hides the ribbing to help keep it up. I've gotta try this!

Monkey, Monkey, Where for art thou Monkey?


Anyone know what happened to Yarn-Monkey? I've been checking her blog regularly for Sock Wars II signup info, and it seems her blog has been deleted. Any information greatly appreciated.

Lost in ACLS


It's been a while since I've posted. I've been trying to convince my job to let me come back. Not happening until the 21st. Since my medical leave was not caused by a work related injury (unless you count the strict diet of fried food that the night shift is on...), I cannot come back until I am fully released, including the ability to lift patients. Nevermind the 6 or so pregnant women on our floor, they can't lift either, and I know their medical conditions are not work related (if they are, we have other problems!).

In preparation for my return, I am studying for my ACLS recertification. They've changed the rules, and I now have to have it all memorized. Still working at it.

I've also started Yule gifts - teddy bears and stockings for the grandson and DH's nephew. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm impressed with the pattern so far. Bobbi Bear rocks!

My latest trip to the desert - and what I knit there


The only good thing to come out of gallbladder surgery is that when doctors decided my grandson needed to be birthed, I was able to be there. I'll spare you the horrid tale of getting there. Suffice it to say that if I have my way, I will NEVER fly again. Apparently, paying these people (airlines) your money does not mean they have to fulfill their end of the contract. (Read: I drove from Phoenix to Tucson, because they gave my seat away, because I was late, because their connecting flight was late)

This little boy was well worth the wait:

(image) Meet Jacob Nathaniel, born June 19, just over 7 lbs, just over 20 inches, and full of love. He's a snuggler. I spent a week there, just holding him. Funny, I usually don't do babies. This one is different. When Em (his mother) was born, my mom told me that some people have a gene that makes babies smell good. I thought I had missed that gene, now I know I was just a late bloomer. (Yes, he's a little jaundiced, Em's milk came in and it's all better now)

Keeping with my vow not to fly, I took the train home. It meant I spent the night in LA. Fortunately, Sweeny and Carmella were happy to let me crash on their couch. On the train, I knit, and knit, and knit. It helped the empty spot left by this little boy.

Here's what I managed in the trip from Tucson to Chico:
(image) Three pair of socks. Then I wound the last of my STR skeins, as it turns out I will be off for another three weeks. More knitting time!
(image) I am, however, in danger of running out of sock yarn. I will have to remedy this situation, soon.

World meet BABY


The String Attack family wishes to announce the arrival of it's newest member: Jacob. He is a bundle of love. More to follow soon, if you can get me away from holding him.

Vicodin and knitting are mutually exclusive


I've been on a lot of Vicodin lately. Apparently, there was a wrestling match involved in the removal of my gallbladder - previous scar tissue got in the way. This means lingering pain of the unhappy sort. I tried driving yesterday - 4 whole miles!! That was it.

Back to the knitting. I can turn toes/heels on Vicodin. I cannot successfully execute involved sock patterns. Lace shawl is right out. The sweater I was prototyping went well until I three needle bound off two pieces - no real movement, must take that out (it's a surprise, I'll show you when it works).

I can knit soakers. So I am. By the way 3 cm, 70% effaced, and lost mucus plug. Any bets as to whether I can get there in time? Not contracting yet, but she's further along than I was with her.

Soakers it is. Are their butts really that small? Oh, I remember, small and cute.

I feel like I've been kicked in the belly by a horse


Surgery happened yesterday. The gallstones came out. Actually the whole darned gallbladder came out. Fortunately, Dr Wonderful was able to do the deed laparoscopically. Four little holes. Apparently it was still inflamed and the stones had to be broken up a bit prior to and during the 'wrestling match' that was the final removal from the body cavity. On the up side, it is out, and can eat fat again. That was the most satisfying PB&H I've ever had. There is something to be said for a doctor who will add you on to his list for sugery on the day he is to go on vacation, and wait patiently for the OR to open up (we started several hours late), and can still cheerfully tell you he got tired of waiting and went home to pick fruit before coming back to operate. I can't sing this man's praises enough.

Now on to the healing. 6 weeks of not being able to lift more than 20 lbs. No work. Consigned to knitting. Oh woe is me. At least I'll be able to take off for Tucson if the Girl decides to pop. No holding legs, no laundry. Just sitting in the corner holding my grandson. I can hardly wait.

The Boy Graduates


Last week was spent making our way to graduation. Bear won't fly, so we drove, 2200 miles roundtrip.We started in LA. I was going to take sock pictures, but I was afraid the smog would affect them. Our friend Frodo and Bilbo have a gorgeous house that is a little slice of heaven, complete with overproductive peach tree and waterfall/pond with koi. Heaven I tell you. Two days of relaxation, conversation, fun and yarn crawl. There is just something about having a non-knitting friend that will drive you to yarn shops because it's what you like to do. We also went to the fashion institute's student store, where I scored a bunch of bobbin lace and a cone of lace weight yarn. Hideous color, unknown composition, but perfect for that design project you're not sure is going to work and you don't want to ruin good yarn on.Then it was off to Tucson, to see the Boy graduate. The relationship to the kids is complicated. I gave birth, but my mom adopted and raised them. I'm more like a sister to them and act accordingly. As previously discussed, I am to be a grandmother. It's official. I'll be called Mimi sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Here's the proof:We got to meet the Girlfriend of the Boy. She is sweet, intelligent, driven and knows what she wants to do. She even sticks up for the Girl when the Boy is being mean to her (as brothers often are). We also attended graduation. Boy submitted more out of self-preservation than desire to actually walk. He doesn't see the need. He could just show up at the office the next morning and pick up that stupid piece of paper. My mom wouldn't have it. So he walked.The cheesy grin says it all. He leaves June 11 for the Marines. We wish him all the best.After we left Tucson, we decided to go to Vegas for a honeymoon. On the way was the Hoover Dam.Other photos were taken for color purposes, I see some hand-dyed sock yarn coming. The colors of the mountains were breathtaking.On to Vegas, where we stayed at the Luxor, in a pyramid spa suite. There is something decadent about a hot tub in the room that overlooks the strip with one-way glass windows. Massges at the spa there, Nurture, we wonderful and much needed. Cirque show 'O' was fabulous, though devoid of the actual story which I've come to expect from Cirque d'Soleil. And the seats were to small. Other than that and the smoke, it was wonderful. At least now we can say we've done Vegas. In the future, if I want to see Cirque, I think we'll go to the City to do it.[...]

The unwilling vegetarian


The trip went well. More on that later. First we must discuss the unwilling vegetarian - Me!

On the way home I developed my first (and hopefully, last) gallstone attack. If you have never experienced this, it is pain unlike anyother. Worse than childbirth, even. Breath sapping, unwilling to move, unable to sit still, piercing through to your back pain. I endured this for six hours in a car on the way home (at the time hubby claimed it was my way of getting out of driving, he has since appologetically recanted).

Upon arriving home, it had calmed a bit, enough so that I believed that this was merely constipation or something. The nurse in me had indeed already palpated Murphy's point, but we were ignoring her for the time being. I woke several hours later starving, and had peanut butter toast. Bad choice. This lead to a trip to prompt care, who scheduled an ultrasound and gave me drugs and instructions for a low fat diet. The next morning I had the ultrasound - gallstones- and went home. There I had the last of my chicken pizza (no cheese) and commence the pain cycle once again. When the chills/rigors began I went to the ER. They rehydrated me, suggested surgery (non-emergent - apparently pain doesn't qualify as life threatening) and a no fat diet. Here is the dilemma: no fat. What follows is a partial list of what I cannot have:
gravies, sauces
ice cream
peanut butter
salad dressing

Any other suggestions? Any ideas about what I can eat? I've got salad with beans, no dressing; fruit; rice cakes; malt-o-meal/oatmeal.

This is boring folks. I need help in a big bad way. Don't get me started on finding a surgeon - that seems to take an act of God.

Knitting at the Movies, and other things (Mimm, this is for you)


We saw Spiderman 3 last night. Good enough flick. Poor knitting choice. I knit through movies at home all the time. Apparently k2,p2 rib is far more challenging than I realized, especially in the dark. Is it a sign of a problem that I took off for a few minutes (missing a plot important fight), not to use the loo, but to correct the dropped stitches in my sock? Priorities, it's all about the priorities.

Furitive cleaning is occurring here in Snuzzleheim. The trip is upon us, and our cat sitter is coming over tomorrow night. I'm almost finished with her socks. One leg and cuff, then to knit a matching sock-shaped sachet from the leftovers, and I'm done. I'm working on my choice of projects for the trip. I've got it narrowed down to two pairs of socks (must make copies of patterns) and this:
Lady Eleanor for Madam Mimm, in the colors she chose.

And this is for Mistress Hollywood.
Let the packing begin!!!